Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: New Shoe Brands

new shoe brands

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: New Shoe Brands.

Some of the fun in my mother-of-the-groom journey has been discovering new shoe brands for my very funky feet.

I really appreciate each and every comment on these posts…you have been creative and understanding.

Understanding in the sense that I have very curled, hammer toes that create pain and shoe buying challenges.

Reminder that the wedding is the end of May, so I still have time to revise decisions on some of the mother-of-the-groom wardrobe.

But, the new shoe brands I discovered have shown a light of hope on my feet.

So, let’s get going with the options…..


new shoe brands

I noticed the Jack Rogers shoe brand some time ago at Dillard’s, but since it was a new shoe brand to me, I did not linger on the shoes at that time.

But, a friend said…no, you need to check them out…very comfortable, lovely shoes.

So, over the recent President’s Day Sale Weekend, I ordered these velvet bow Heidi flats from Jack Rogers….and they are amazing.

The color is called Midnight…a deep blue.

This is the best shoe so far as a wedding shoe that is comfortable to walk in, gives room in the toe box, and still fits my feet!  

Often to get a bigger toe box means the shoe is a little too big in length.

These look lovely with the blue dress that is the top contender for the formal wedding and they are so comfortable that I could easily leave them on the entire night.

new shoe brand

Since I did not know they would be that comfortable, I also ordered these fun Lia Glitter Sneakers to change into for dancing…in the same sale.

They are also super comfy, so I will keep them even if I do not change into them for the reception.

I love this new shoe brand…it’s new to me any way.

Now that I know the fit and quality is the best, I am also looking at the Rosie Ruffle Ballet Flat in either platinum or midnight.

Spend some time on the Jack Rogers website…they also sell lovely sandals, boat shoes, loafers and ballet flats.


new shoe brands

In early February, after my trip to Cabo, I introduced Fiesta Feet to you in my shopping strategy post.

I was looking for a more comfortable version of a shoe which originates in Mexico, and that is actually how Fiesta Feet got started.

The creator wanted to design a more comfortable version for her Mexican mother.  She also wanted a brand that would support a foster home for abused girls in Guadalajara.

The name originates from San Antonio, because that is where the business is located.

I promised to report back to you when I received the shoes.

new shoe brands

These are the Bon Bons, and they are very comfortable and perfect for casual styles.

They also design shoes for the entire family…even toddlers and kids.

But, warning,  April is literally their busiest season because of Fiesta.  They have pop up stores throughout the 2 week event.

I do not plan to wear them at this time for official wedding events, but may just wear them during Fiesta and throughout the summer with casual events.


new shoe brands

Vionic was a new shoe brand to me just a year ago, but now I look to the brand when I need a comfort shoe.

I know there are some of you who are still horrified that I might wear a sandal (a flip flop no less) to the rehearsal dinner and I do understand what you are saying.

The main reason I would wear a sandal to the rehearsal dinner is to take the dress I am planning down to a more casual style.

Sadly, because of my hammer toes any sandal must be a flip flop style.  Other styles are not designed for curved toes.

This is the second pair of Vionic sandals I have shown you.  These are more comfortable than the first pair.

I found them at Dillard’s: The Vionic Karley Metallic Geo Print Thong Sandals.

I also found the Vionic Bella II Flip Flop at DSW and think it would be cute because it has the color of the dress in the print.  But, I am not sure.

Or I could try that Rosie Ruffle Ballet Flat I mentioned above by Jack Rogers.

Here is another option:

new shoe brands

I ordered this pair of Fit Flops in pretty gold sparkly metallic because I knew I would wear them with almost anything through the summer.

These are the FitFlop Lulu Ombre Glitter Wedge Sandal and honestly, they are the most comfortable of all!  But, they are the most casual of all.

I have ordered and returned so many shoes, ladies.

I think Dillard’s and Nordstrom wants to send out an alert on me!

But, all of these are keepers for different reasons.  I just need to decide which shoe will go with the rehearsal dinner outfit...remember the venue is casual and people wear just about anything to go there.

Finally, here is important news for a few of you….

new shoe brands

Not a new shoe brand, but many of you have seen these Talbot’s shoes on me and asked about them.

They were sold out and gone for a very long time.

But, when I looked in the recent Talbot’s catalog…VIOLA…there they were and offered in lots of fun colors.

I really like these shoes.  This is the Laura Tassel Metallic Leather Loafer in soft gold.

I wish I didn’t need so many other shoes …I would be adding these in navy or a brown.  Great shoes.

Sorry that you had to look at my feet for an entire post.  Let me know if you have questions on the new shoe brands or even comments on the sandal vs. ballet flat dilemma.

It is so much fun to take this mother-of-the-groom journey with you!



By Pamela Lutrell

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new shoe brands




  1. I love all your new shoe finds. I do like Vionic for comfort. Alas no flip flops for me. My husband absolutely hates even the idea of them. I love the metallic stuff but have had a hard time on pulling the trigger on them. I see them all over, so I may jump on that bandwagon. Thanks for sharing the journey.

  2. I wear metallics often and love them! Gold is my go to. Just get one pair and give them a try in your wardrobe!

  3. i have a pair of Jack Rogers booties, which I found by accident but was looking for an olive pair of booties and they fit the bill. They are fantastic shoes and so comfortable, So glad to see them mentioned here. Of the flip flops my favorite look is the Vionic pair. just wondering for the ballet flats, how the velvet would be for the wedding, they seem more of a fall or winter shoe and seem they might be a little heavy with the dress, if they were in another material, I think they would be great. the look very very nice on you.

  4. Great post and so timely for me! Something for everyone to love. I saw some nice looking — no idea on comfort – shoes are J. Crew with removable bows. They’re a higher heel.

  5. I think I might be less traditional than some here, but I love the Vionic sandals for the rehearsal dinner. It’s a casual venue in a colorful city, and your dress is breezy and somewhat whimsical. For my son’s rehearsal dinner, I wore gold sandals because I needed foot surgery (ditto at the ceremony), and with them I wore pants and a silk shirt from Chicos over a tank. Just about anything goes nowadays at a rehearsal dinner. The Jack Rogers flats are perfect for the wedding. I’ve always found the soles of that brand to be too hard. They have been around a long time, and I believe were a favorite of Jacki O. when she was hanging around in the Mediterranean (so you are in stylish company!). The soles on the Fitflops make them look a little too much like poolside sandals in my view, but if you think you will get tons of wear out of them, go for it … nobody is going to really look at your feet very much.

  6. Maybe they have upgraded the soles. These are very comfortable and no hard soles!

  7. Hey Pam. Check out a brand called sole bliss. I was just reading about them. Made for wide feet and/ or folks with bunions. Uber expensive sneakers ($289). But Dame Helen Mirren swears by them. My birthday is the 14th and I may ask for them for my present. Happy shopping.

  8. I have looked at them on line, but not tried them on. Next time I need a sneaker I will check them out! Thanks

  9. Oh how I miss having a Dillards to shop. I do like the original sandals for the rehearsal dinner but I think you found another option with the ruffle flat if you decide you want to cover your feet. So fun and versatile.

  10. The second choice has more padding for comfort and no matter how pretty a shoe may be, I have to go the direction of comfort these days….so sad.

  11. I’m a Dillard’s shopper so I will check out the Jack Rogers shoes. Glad you modeled them, much easier to decide on what to buy. Also the Talbot’s shoe is one I will check out as well. Glad you are sharing your mother of the groom journey.

  12. I adore your new Navy Velvet Bow Flat!!!! All your shoe choices are fantastic!!! I was in your position 8 years ago so I really understand what your going through!!! I LOVE your choices!!!!

  13. I LOVE the Fiesta brand shoes you featured. Have a pair in my cart but wondering about sizing. They suggest sizing down for half sizes. What was your experience with sizing?

  14. Many of my shoes are 9 1/2. I got these in a 9 and they fit well! I like them!

  15. Hi, Pam. Those deep blue flats are gorgeous! I think you will have lots of other looks to play with them next fall or winter. I can see jeans or slacks with open sweaters or your boho tops, etc. I love looking at all the gold shoes, and now have the urge to find some in bronze for my personal palette. You have so many wonderful shoes lined up! Bring a few pairs in a lovely tote and decide what suits you when the dancing begins! You have this handled!

  16. LOVE all of the shoes today, especially both pairs of Jack Rogers! The Heidis would be perfect for the wedding. I had bookmarked the Fiesta Feet website when you featured it a few weeks ago, and was just waiting to see how you liked them. I love me a good hurache and will have to order a pair of the Bon Bons. Vionics are also great and a go-to for me. I was out all day and didn’t see yesterday’s post until late, but I had to tell you how much I like your blow-dried hair. As a curly-haired lady who normally “tames” my hair every day, I know how much work it is, but it would be nice to style it that way sometimes, especially since Mr. B likes it. So enjoying you sharing your mother-of-the-groom journey with us. Have a happy day, Pamela!

  17. Jack Rogers also has a comfort sandal. The style makes me think San Antonio!

  18. Pamela, I just got an email from Rothy’s about brand new styles for special occasions and I immediately thought of you!

  19. I think you’ll be very pleased with these gold metallics. Dress for where you are. You know that best.

  20. Hi Pam, I enjoyed your shoe post as I have always had a passion for shoes. Wondering if you have looked at a Mule style shoe to dress down your outfits. They are very comfortable and would cover your toes and still be appropriate.

  21. Just ordered the Jack Rogers via your links in the gingham. Can’t wait! Thanks for looking for and introducing brands we may not have heard of nor seen.

  22. I love mules! Sometimes they are difficult to walk in and since these events may have a lot of walking and standing I am looking at other options right now. But I own and wear mules occasionally!

  23. I am glad to see you trying Fitflops. That is the only brand I wear due to metatarsalgia. Please look at their website,, to see all of the styles they offer. You may find another style that is less casual. Sadly, they do not sell a lot of dressier styles, especially thong sandals with a backstrap, but the Microwobbleboard sole is pure heaven for your feet. But definitely go with comfort….in that beautiful blue dress, no one will notice your feet.

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