Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Bridal Gown Fitting

mother-of-the-groom wardrobe

Happy Monday, friends!  Time to return to my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey with the bridal gown fitting.

I have been sharing with you my shopping journey for the Mother-of-the-Groom wardrobe.

My desire is for a vibrant mother-of-the-groom wardrobe that leads to a big smile of confidence with each event I attend.

This past weekend, my future daughter-in-law invited me to join her and her mother for the bridal gown fitting.

We had a great time at the fitting and then lunch in the beautiful spring weather afterwards.

So, here are the details, plus I need your thoughts on one more decision.


mother-of-the-groom wardrobe

Recently I shared with you a local boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique.

She has her own collection developed with a designer who utilizes Italian influences.

This collection is perfect for my Mother-of-the-Groom wardrobe…it is flattering, cool, modern, many colors, and can go elegant or casual.

The dress fitting was really more of a casual event and on a day that began a little colder than normal.

That’s why I tossed on a denim jacket and flats. 

The necklace features a Mexican medallion that the bride and my son brought to me when they went to Mexico City.

As I said, I love the collection, so I actually brought home one of the dresses in a deep forest green; and some palazzo pants with a top by the same designer in a lovely wine color.

I am thrilled to have these pieces featured in my Mother-of-the-Groom wardrobe.

My apologies that I cannot link to these clothes, but anyone near or coming to San Antonio should visit Elizabeth’s Boutique.

This same design is in skirts and tops…I call them magic…so light and flattering.

This was an extra outfit for this mother-of-the-groom.  But, I feel like right now I am almost ready for all events.

I felt great in this today and though others in the bridal area where dressed very casual, I believe I made the right decision.


Mother-of-the-Groom wardrobe

Of course, as I finalize the outfits in the mother-of-the-groom wardrobe, I must make decisions about my hair.

Let me get this out of the way first…my hair up is just not an option.

My neck is covered in sightly age spots and has areas of sagging…I do not feel confident with my hair up at all.

Now, let’s move on.

Mr. B said last week that he prefers my hair straight and misses me wearing it straight.

I like it curly, but I decided to go on a little quick field trip to one of the locations of the blow dry bar.

All they do there is wash and blow dry and fix.  It really is a brilliant concept for so many different types of needs and is a national chain.

The stylist has professional women who come every Monday to get their hair done for the week, and many who come on Fridays for the weekend events.

I just wanted to see what she would do with me…and this was the result.

Mother-of-the-Groom journey

Mr. B loved it and wants me to wear it like this most of the time.  

That means more work for me…especially during high humidity time.

The curly hair…I wash, put in some product and go on my merry way.  Very easy.

But, I am the one who always writes that looking our best is worth the effort…busted!

So, ladies…what say you for wedding events and the big event…curly or straight?



mother-of-the-groom wardrobe

In Texas, we have a small chain of five designer boutiques throughout the state called Julian Gold. 

This is one of the go-to retailers for luxury, high end fashion. 

San Antonio’s store is lovely with a large bridal area featuring some designer gowns for as much as $10,000.

But, rest assured,  the bridal has been much more frugal than that and selected a lovely gown for reasonable costs.

mother-of-the groom wardrobe

Of course, I am not going to show you the dress, but these shoes are part of her bridal wardrobe.

She is petite, so selected very high heels…my son is tall…to wear with her bridal gown.  These are the Badgley Mischika Tess Block Heel with Poof.

mother-of-the-groom wardrobe

The skilled seamstress worked diligently.  Our bride has lost some weight and needed the bodice to be fitted properly.

Of course, after some careful studying…it was done.

mother-of-the-groom journey

It was an honor for me to be included…to see her bridal gown (not this one) …and to look at a plethora of beautiful gowns.

There is just something about the beauty of bridal gowns that brings such joy and anticipation for the big event.

mother-of-the-groom wardrobe

This day was a fabulous day with near perfect weather, so we sat on the patio of a favorite restaurant, La Fonda on Main.

A few of you have been so fascinated with my life in Texas, so I thought you might like to see that we really do eat cactus.

This is the Nopalito Salad.

Nopal is a prickly pear cactus used for treating diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hangovers.

We did not order it for any of those reasons, but because this salad is fresh and delicious.  Very simple nopal, tomatoes, feta, and a vinaigrette.

There you have it for another entry into my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey.

I will have more discussion tomorrow about the mother-of-the-groom wardrobe.

But, now…put in your vote on my hair!

I appreciate everyone who has helped me through this journey….have a wonderful day…and by all means….


By Pamela Lutrell


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mother-of-the-groom journey


  1. Good morning Pamela – my vote is to go with the one Mr. B likes and since he likes straight that is the one I would pick. It looks fabulous by the way. I recently found a product that helps with humidity – Color Wow Dreamcoat. It has helped me tremendously in my humid new home in Florida and it might help you too. Thank- you for taking us on your mother of the groom journey with you.

  2. Can’t wait to see the palazzo pants outfit.

    Since you don’t like to wear your hair up, having it blown straight is another way to have a little extra polish the day of the wedding. I think it will look v nice with the dress.

    And doesn’t the gown on the mannequin remind you of Grace Kelly in High Society?

  3. Good morning Pamela !
    I love your hair curly. I think is gives you a fun, modern look. I also have curly hair and I have worn mine both straight and curly in the past. But for years now I only wear it curly because I’m confident that it will continue to look good during my day. When it’s straight, besides the work of getting it perfect, I’m always worried that the humidity will cause it to look weird. I suspect you feel the same way. I think you should wear it curly so you will feel confident and pretty. Perhaps you could straighten it occasionally for a date with Mr B.
    I vote curly !

  4. I think straight for the wedding does look more polished and formal, but keep the curls for everyday ease!

  5. I vote for straight. While I like your curly hair I think the straight look is more elegant for the wedding!

  6. Good morning! I love your curls. They are so individual and add to your personality. On the other hand, I think you look lovely with your hair straight. It would look very chic with your gorgeous gown. You don’t have to give up your curls forever. Some of your outfits and you look so perfect with them! I know that your daughter must have an opinion (don’t they all?) even though she is not the bride here . What say she? I think that the straight hair will look elegant with the gown that is hanging in your closet.

  7. She agreed with Dad! It might depend on weather. The straighter hair is high maintenance in humidity or rain.

  8. I think wearing your hair wavy and natural most days with the straight style saved for special days is the way to go. The less we fuss with our hair as we age the healthier it tends to stay.

  9. Your hair looks wonderful blown out like that. I too have curly hair and have only recently ( the past 5 months ) started to blow it out into a long bob type look. After the hairdresser showed me how it would look I was energized for a new look. I went out and bought a dryer with a large round brush combination and after blowing it dry upside down for a few minutes, I then use the brush dryer to smooth it out and am amazed that it only takes less than ten minutes to finish completely. The brush attachment is the large 2 inch one. I like the new sleek look most days now… who knew after all these years. That is probably why I would vote for the straight look for a nice change.

  10. Hello Pam,
    I rarely post anything but have been following your journey for awhile now so today I just have to tell you how much your straighter hair flatters your face. It ticks your adjectives of CURRENT and POLISHED. Love it!
    The blue dress and beige jacket are also very slimming and make your weight loss quite apparent.
    Thank you for all you do for us more mature ladies!

  11. Good morning Pam: I too have curly wavy hair and live in Virginia so I totally understand humidity and the havoc it wreaks on our hair. I too straighten mine every day with a round brush and hair dryer. HOWEVER, my hair dresser carries a product called CBD Instant Frizz Remedy by Leaf Flower. All I can say is it works! My hair remains soft and styled the way I want it to. I have to say when I saw it was CBD it concerned me but after using it I am all in. See if you can find it and if not email me and I will buy you a bottle and send it to you. Hope this info is helpful.


  12. TEAM CURLY HAIR here! I think most women our age may be a tad bit jealous of your ease of styling and naturally abundant hair, I know I am. It suits you and your style adjectives. We often over complicate our lives and imo that is not necessary here. Be beautiful YOU!

  13. Straight!! It’s a much more polished look for the more formal polished clothes. (and looks pretty, too) And, you know what? If it starts to go wavy and curly throughout the day, so be it………….everything else will get more relaxed throughout the day, as well. Go for straight.

  14. I also have curly hair and live in a very humid area. I prefer a straighter look myself but just wanted to let you know I appreciate the additional effort. Ultimately it’s what makes you feel comfortable and achieve your adjectives but I thought the straighter look was very flattering on you.

  15. That’s a really good point, Carol about what could happen overtime. I am confident now with curly hair. That was not always the case. But you are right if it goes curly..,so be it!

  16. I agree with Mr. B about the straight hair for the wedding, but your cute curls are perfect for more casual days and events. I love Elizabeth’s Boutique, too❤️

  17. Personally I prefer you with curly hair, plus it expresses your personality better. Of course Mr B’s opinion is worth a lot more than mine. 🙂 But I agree with Beth, straighten it occasionally for Mr B, but the rest of the time wear it curly. When I was young I spent countless hours on my hair, wish I could get some of that time back, ha.
    I wouldn’t want to spend extra money and time on a hairstyle I didn’t prefer.

  18. So glad you have discovered Elizabeth’s Boutique as well, Tina! It is such a well curated boutique!

  19. I’m with your husband, Pam. I have always liked your hair straight but never had a voting chance. It is attractive curly but you look much more polished with it straight. I know that’s not an adjective of yours but it works for you, witness that white blouse you had on, and the more tailored shirtwaist dresses you have been trying, like that toile print.
    My hair is actually curlier than yours and I have straightened it for years. I would never allow it to be all over curly, I look like little orphan Annie, not a good look for a 71 year old woman. Sometimes I brush it, blow it almost dry with a diffuser and some product and get a halfway curly look that is ok. You have done that before too. I find if I straighten my hair, it stays nice for three days before I have to do it again. It’s about the same length as yours too.
    I saw a beautiful coral Ming Wang dress online and thought of you. If you need another dress you might check it out, it seemed to tick all the boxes.

  20. The blown dry hair is polished and more “formal” for the occasion. Ditto on the WOW product.

  21. Actually polished is one of my adjectives! They are polished, creative, joyful, approachable and current. My polished adjective keeps my creative one under control..and vice versa, creative keeps my polished from boring. Thanks Susan!

  22. Hi Pam! I like your hair smooth, like Mr. B. It is a polished and sophisticated look and I think it makes you look younger as well! Curly is great for more casual, carefree days, but this occasion is not either of those. I get a smoothing treatment for my curly hair as I prefer the smoother look for every day. Whatever you decide though, I believe you will be beautiful, confident and enjoy all the festivities!

  23. On the hair, I’d vote straight. It seems a little more polished for a formal event. I remember how you used a hairband once and that was such a great look, very youthful and flattering. Maybe that would be an option too, for a different look. I love the white shoes with the tulle bow – too cute!

  24. The blow out look is much more sophisticated. I would like to see it with the bangs styled to one side or a split bang. The curls are OK for a run to the grocery store, but for an occasion, the blow out shows you put effort into your look. In an earlier post you mentioned flip-flops. An absolute NO! There are enough shoes out there for “mature” feet that I am sure you can find the right pair. Have you looked at Viviana? I think that the dark red lipstick is aging. I like to go to the MAC counter when I feel that I need an update. While the people who work there are generally young and experimenting with wild colors, they are good at selecting flattering colors, even for us mature ladies. Good luck!

  25. I vote curly even though both looks are nice. In my opinion I would go maybe “slightly out of the box” for fashion but keep to my hair style so I still look like me. Maybe occasionally straighten it out for other times. You have great taste so I’m sure you will look perfect no matter what. Can’t wait to see what you decide on for all the events.

  26. I absolutely love your curly hair and feel it’s much more youthful than the straight hair (I myself have gone natural, but mine is more waves than curls). That said, I like a wedding to be a special occasion, so I think straight for that day (especially with the distinctive neckline of your dress) would be the way to go.

  27. When both my children were married, part of the fun was having my hair and makeup professionally done for the big day. My hair is naturally wavy and ‘difficult.’ Having it blown dry and styled presented a stylish, polished look for the occasion and was one less thing on which I had to focus. I definitely vote straight – you look lovely!

  28. Thanks so much Tess. The bride already has those professionals set up for the wedding party and I will take advantage of it. It will be a wonderful day.

  29. For the wedding I would choose the straight hair because it does look more polished and elegant. I love your curly hair that says you’re creative and natural but for the special event let the professional stylist create some magic!

  30. Thanks Linda…at first I thought, no to the professional help. But after going to blo and getting this blowout…I have now warmed up to the idea.

  31. I want you to wear your hair straight. I like how they blow dried it. It looks fantastic! For everyday, your curly style is good. but for something special, like this, you should go straight. I agree with you, you should not wear it up. So many times we see brides or the bridal party with fancy hairdos that you never see them wearing again! Sometimes the bride does not even look like herself! I can’t wait to see all the dresses you have chosen! I know which one was my favorite for the wedding!

  32. Thanks so much, Linda! Our bride looks lovely with her hair up, so it is a great option for her. She found the lace to her veil in Mexico and the veil is being refined here. She is going to be stunning. I am glad that you get it though for me…so updo here.

  33. You look great both ways, but I agree that the curly hair seems like a more casual style. The straight style looks more polished and special.

  34. Pam, your curly hair is beautiful, and you could wear it curly for the bridal events. But, on the BIG day, you could wear it straight. It would be a nice touch and look a bit more “special ” for the actual wedding day. You look wonderful both ways, and it’s fun to have choices! Love those bridal shoes!!!

  35. I would vote for straight hair for this event, perhaps with one of the products mentioned so that it will stay straight all evening long and you can forget about it and feel confident. I agree about not putting it up. If I may, I might suggest wearing it about two inches shorter so that there is some air between your hair and your garment. In the straight hair photo, this hairdo curls around in front to your neck and in my opinion draws attention to it. A cut just below the level of your chin would be attractive on you whatever the style, but that might be a little too short for your comfort zone.
    Suggested with respect for you and your openness to share this process with us.

  36. Have you thought of a compromise between your “au naturelle” curls and a blown out straight style? Your stylist could tame your curls and make a more intentional and sophisticated style.
    Just a thought…

  37. Hi Judith, thanks for joining in. I will think about it, but my longer hair also hides those ugly age spots!

  38. I love your curly hair but think I’d go with straight for the wedding and other special events. Blow drying is tedious and it’s bad for your hair as well, so I wouldn’t make it a permanent look. It’s polished for sure, but that’s just one of your adjectives, and the others all say curly to me. I love the dress you wore for the fitting. I was looking for MOG dress in a bridal shop several weeks ago, and the moms there were well dressed.

  39. Straight gets my vote…slimming and youthful.
    Would your hairdresser consider adding some lowlights (darker strands) and what they call a “root shadow” to give it more dimension? I fight the southern humidity as well and a couple of things work for me: getting the hair bone-dry…not a hint of moisture. Step out of your humid, foggy bathroom to dry it. The Revlon one-step dryer/brush will finish it off quickly after it’s mostly dry…pulls the hair nice and straight. They’ve recently come out with a smaller brush.
    The girls at Sally Beauty were raving about a product (Ion Blowout Shine Crème)…not expensive and does an amazing job! YouTuber “Glam Girl Gaby” is a stylist with lots of ideas for 50-plus hair. She put me on to using Velcro rollers for extra polish, shine, and lasting power. A little extra (but easy) step to elevate the finished look.
    Anyway, you will look fabulous in that elegant dress (love it).
    From personal experience, after the rehearsal dinner concludes, the emphasis is on the happy couple…the mother of the groom can then relax and enjoy not being the center of attention!

  40. Thanks for all of the ideas. Believe me, I am not trying to be the center of attention at any of these events. I just want to be confident and joyful…and comfortable. This is my third wedding as a mom and second as MOG. I only want to look and feel my best. The wedding couple will be stunning and shine!

  41. Pam, I love your hair straighter! It’s much more flattering for your face. I would encourage you to at least wear it like this for the wedding, if not all the time. I, too, will be a mother of the groom, but not until 2024. I am enjoying watching your travels through this process.

  42. Thanks Carolyn! I was so nervous about my overall wardrobe in the beginning, but now I am having a blast. This journey has been so much fun!

  43. As someone who has set my hair in hot rollers nearly daily for almost fifty years, your curls are so enviable! Now that your hair is quite a bit longer than when you transitioned to the curls, it makes the straight style quite different from the straight bob you had when I started reading your blog. That look was quite professional, and cute. The recent curls have been more carefree, and the look is very approachable. This longer and straight look is lovely and reads as even longer since it has been blown out. Most gentlemen appreciate length, and I recall you saying before that Mr. B was hoping you would grow it out a bit longer, which you have done. To decide for myself, I would take two snapshots of myself in the exact outfit I planned to wear, each with the two different hairstyles. That would give you the truest side by side comparison, as you would be dressed for the big day.

  44. Great memory and great idea, Connie! Mr. B would love me to return to my long locks and maybe someday I will…though someday is getting shorter all the time! I love your idea of taking a photo both ways! I will do that before final decision is made.

  45. Like you, I have naturally curly hair. I wear it curly most of the time, but love the blow out look too. My husband also prefers straight hair 😉 Thank you for mentioning Dry Bar, what a treat! I think I will use it occasionally for special date nights.

  46. Hi Lisa! They are a great option for a date night. My regular stylist is always booked up so a spur of the moment blow out is rarely an option.. but this place was a perfect answer. I do recommend it!

  47. I like your hair both ways but for the wedding go straight. Most of all wear your hair the way you feel most comfortable.

  48. 👍🏻 Straight. (I like the style. Would like to see a tad more movement/lift on top, a little less controlled.) Do quickly get the WOW Dreamcoat!!! True game changer for frizzy hair.

  49. Love your hair straight. This style really shows your face and joyful expression. I live in humid NC and my hairdresser does a treatment on my hair to stop the frizz and it lasts a few months.

  50. I think you look pretty with both straight and curly styles. I do think that a straight style fits in with your sophisticated MOG gown. I’ve been MOG two times and both times I had my hair blown out, the stylist used products to seal my hair against humidity and I did not think about my hair for the rest of the day. Thank you for sharing your MOG experience with all of us. It is truly a special occasion!

  51. Sorry Mr. B., I’m team curly. Straight hair, especially if a lot of product is used to keep it straight, can look like the dreaded “helmet hair”. I love the look of beachy waves and care-free curls!

  52. I love the smooth hair for the event and your curly hair for most days. Perhaps you could go once or twice a month to have the blowout and the mister could pay for those visits. Otherwise I love your natural curly hair.

  53. Sure, it is a Conair 1000 and comes with two interchangeable round brushes and 2 settings. There are more expensive ones for sure, but I wanted to try one and it works great for me. The barrel is easy to hold and turn to keep a smooth outcome. I take the brush off at the start to blow out most of the moisture, then add the large brush and finish quickly.

  54. You look lovely with your hair straight. It is youthful and current. Mr. B. gets my vote.


  55. Oh Pam, I can totally relate to your post today. I have thick, curly hair (very similar to your color and length) and have worn it long, short, curly, straight, up and down. I recently purchased the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush — it has been life changing (and came recommended by my hair stylist). I love wearing my hair straight but could only do so with a trip to the salon … until now. The Revlon brush makes it so easy for me style my curly hair to straight. It comes out smooth and soft and I love it … although unlike Mr. B, my husband prefers my hair to be curly. At least now I have options and both are easy to attain.

    ps — I think you look lovely either way.

  56. Thanks Beth! My mother use to roll my hair with orange juice cans to straighten it!

  57. I vote for the straight hair style. It really makes you look younger. And the brides shoes are adorable.

  58. I agree with most everyone else on the straight style for the formal event. It is a more polished look. Perhaps the stylist who did it can recommend a product to help with the humidity worries. Your curls are great, but maybe you can do the straight style for special occasions to please Mr. B. From what I have seen of Mr. B, he is as stylish as you are, & you make a great looking couple.

  59. American Crew makes a line of styling products for men. They just happen to work for anyone with curly or wavy hair that tends toward frizz in humidity. A little goes a long way. I don’t use it every day, but it’s nice to be able to have a sleeker, more polished look. I relate!

  60. Team Straight for the wedding. I have wavy, frizzy hair and so I use a straightener (Babyliss) with a spray product that I purchase at Nordstrom Rack which is a Dry Bar brand to protect my hair. That usually lasts 3 days. In between I use the blow dryer that has the round brush like someone else mentioned. Love watching your Mother of the Groom journey.

  61. Team straight for the wedding. Maybe not going so heavy on the bangs so you can see more of your face. Just a thought 😊

  62. Love the straight hair. You always look nice, but the straight to me is one of your adjectives-polished. I have been following your mother of the groom journey with interest. I am the mother of a son who was married 26 years ago to a beautiful woman who had given me four wonderful grandchildren. You will be beautiful at all the events leading up to the happy day.

  63. Thanks Cheryll! It’s my third wedding..,first two gave me six amazing grandchildren! All six are in this wedding. It will be special!

  64. With fullest respect I feel the straight hair option is ideal for both your beautiful dress and a formal event however from observation of current shoulder length hairstyles, most seem to either have just a light wisp of bangs or a portion swept to one side revealing more of the face so it might be something you wish to consider that would only require a small tweak. -Brenda-
    P.S.: If forehead age spots are a concern, a little makeup concealer might be the answer.

  65. I always vote for ease and never pay attention to my husband, my body thing, but I must vote for the blow out. I would vote for four inches shorter too but I know you like long! If the weather makes for some curl so be it but straight seems to go well with that gorgeous dress that I’m hoping you choose. You really look fabulous in it

  66. Straight for the wedding because it just looks more formal. But I really like your curls it just seems to fit your personality.
    I have curly hair and can wear it both ways. So do what feels best on a given day. That’s the luxury of curly hair.

  67. I am just now appreciating how great it is to have both options! Thanks Paula!

  68. Curly or straight hair — you look great in BOTH of them! Please wear it the way YOU love for the wedding.

  69. I like the straight hair. It looks more polished for a formal affair. Maybe wear the curly do for less formal gatherings? I have really curly hair and use an electric curling brush after shampooing. This brush is wonderful! It also does a great job of quickly taming curls in the morning. Enjoy the wedding!

  70. I’m thinking of the occasion–your son’s wedding. If you normally have curly hair, that is how your son thinks of you. A fancy hairdo just for the wedding won’t look natural. You won’t look like ‘Mom’ to your son. The pictures will be around long after you are gone and should reflect how YOU look. My vote is for the more natural look rather than a ‘fancy’ look.

  71. Don’t know if you’ll see this but I love the straighter style. Sometimes very curly hair can take on an out of control bushy look that over takes the face. I have a tip for your home styling. I have wavey hair and was spending way to much time trying to straighten it. Decided to try the large blow dryer brush style. Even in my chin length hair It works great and fast. No more hot irons. You have time to practice. It is a little heavy but after a few times it’s easy to handle.

  72. I think you are a lucky woman that you have good hair and it can be worn either curly or straight.
    If Hubs likes it straight then do that for the wedding with all it’s photos.
    As long as you’ve been married I feel pretty certain that he also loves you when your hair is curly, so give your locks a break in and from the heat and wear it curly for less formal times.

    I liked the dress you wore to the luncheon, it looked good when we saw it earlier.

  73. Pam, so happy you started to update your hair style for the wedding. Because your dress has a print and elegant styling, the straight hair style compliments it so well.

  74. I bet you’re sorry you asked! Some like it curly, some straight. I think you’re curls are much more flattering and lifting to your face. Mostly I would say that the wedding is no time to start a new hairstyle. If you’re going to go straight, start now so that you can tell which products and techniques will last through the events, and which will be flat as a pancake after a couple of hours. I write this from experience.

  75. Not sorry at all, Theresa! I still love my curls and will wear them most of the time…so easy. But, for the wedding I am going to straighten it since my family prefer it that way. I will let the professionals do it for the wedding.

  76. Late reading this — straight for wedding and occasion, but otherwise gift yourself the daily curly hair — it looks natural and cute – also healthier for your hair. I have not as nice curls but very messy-wavy hair… I now refuse to daily blow dry and just be myself, but happy for salon to do for the occasional special event!
    That way it gives me time for working on exercise, fresh air and even more of payback than daily blow dring.

  77. I really like your hair straight Pam!! It looks very polished and chic! I know it’s more work as I have to straighten mine all the time, but I feel that it really better looking for me. Did I miss your mother of the groom dress? I am going to be grandmother of the groom next week!! We’re very excited. First wedding for our immediate family in quite awhile. Of course my daughter is mother of the groom so we have been shopping for our dresses for quite some time. Hope to see your selection!!

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