Spring fashions at JCP with Leigh & Me

spring fashions at JCP

Happy Monday…happy Spring Break for some…and welcome to seeing Spring Fashions at JCP with Leigh & Me.

Leigh Ann and I headed over to JC Penney’s recently to try on spring dresses.

But, alas, there were no dresses designed in the middle ground where we need…you know the space between too matronly and too young.

They may exist online, but they were not found in the largest JCP we have in San Antonio.

The good news?  We always find clothing at JCP that impresses us and today we want to show you our picks for spring fashions at JCP.

After we entered the dressing rooms, the store got really busy (good for them!) and there was a line for the dressing rooms.

We needed to go with what we had in the dressing rooms and try not to make employees mad when we started taking pictures.

I wanted you to know that, because I had several items that were too big on me and I could not go locate the smaller sizes for this reason.

But, again there are some great spring fashions at JCP for really affordable prices.

Also, they do have a sale in progress….20% OFF with the CODE RESTYLE.

You can save shipping costs by picking up at the store, or by spending $75+.

So, let’s get started!

Spring Fashions at JCP: WITH ME

spring fashions at JCP

Let’s start our picks with spring fashions at JCP with the Ryegrass Collection.

Typically, the Ryegrass designs are for the very young, but after looking over the collection, I would say any of us could wear the styles.

I am wearing two pieces I really like…..

First, in the Ryegrass Womens Split Tie Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt (I am in Maritime Navy, but autumns, look at the beautiful brown glove color).

I have no idea why someone would label this a t-shirt…it is not a t-shirt…perhaps more of a tunic.  And a great top for $28!

The bottom half ….the Ryegrass Womens Mid-rise flare leg jean in ecru….they feel and look great.   It was a nice surprise at $44.80.

I could’ve have sized down in both of these pieces.

I am wearing an XL in the top; and I tried on a size 18 in the jean because I really thought they would size small.  But, a 16 would fit me better.

spring fashions at JCP

The majority of spring fashions at JCP that I tried on were Liz Claiborne.

I have on the Liz Claiborne Womens Denim Skirt in Apricot Sherbet.  This is a size 14 and it is a very comfortable skirt.  The blue appears to be sold out.

I tried it on with this fun camp shirt in six options….I have on the Liz Claiborne Womens Short Sleeve Regular Fit Button Down Shirt in Coral Peach Stripe.

There is one of these shirts in the same Apricot Sherbet color on line.  It would be really cute with the skirt!

spring fashions at JCP

Also, in Apricot Sherbet….one of the Liz Claiborne colors for spring fashions at JCP, are these shorts.

I have on the Liz Claiborne Sara Mid Rise Bermuda Short…you will see Leigh Ann soon in this short.

I tried it on with the Liz Claiborne Womens Round Neck Short Sleeve Blouse in Apricot Floral.

The shorts are great and I may add a pair…since I only have one pair of shorts right now.

spring fashions at JCP

We were hiding in our dressing rooms for the next two pictures.

I easily could have sized down on this top…to a Large. 

This is the Liz Claiborne V Neck Elbow Sleeve Blouse…and it also comes in the apricot color.

This is a nice easy warm weather blouse for just $24.64!

spring fashions at JCP

For the finale of my part of the spring fashions at JCP, I am wearing both Ryegrass and Liz Claiborne.

This Ryegrass Womens Long Sleeved Blouse is featured with a much better fit and tucked in on the model.

However, I wanted to show you that as a tunic it would also look cute oversized with leggings or jeggings.  It is a very cute top.

I so wish you could see the jeans better…they fit great and felt great.

I am wearing the Liz Claiborne Womens Sara Mid Rise Slim Fit, Skinny Leg…and I cannot believe you can get these for $27…

I was very impressed with the jean and it is offered in eight colors…and I am wearing the dark Brooklyn Wash.

Spring Fashions at JCP: WITH LEIGH ANN

spring fashions at JCP

While looking over the spring fashions at JCP, Leigh Ann landed in the petite department for the Worthington collection.

We both were so impressed with this top and hoped it came in more colors, and, great news…on the website, it does…but it looks like petite sizes are sold out.

She is wearing the Worthington Womens Split Crew Neck Short Sleeve Blouse.  I like the valley forge tan color…and this is a perfect style to wear with wide leg pants.

But, let me offer an alternative with a similar Worthington top that comes in petites and in four colors….Worthington Womens V Neck Short Sleeve Blouse.

Leigh Ann has on the navy Worthington pant that we also saw in several colors…the Worthington Womens High-Rise Modern Trouser.

spring fashions at JCP

As I stated above, Leigh Ann also liked the Liz Claiborne shorts.

She has on the Liz Claiborne Sara Womens Mid-rise Bermuda Short in the Flax color.

She styled it with the Liz Claiborne Womens V Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse in White Floral.

Leigh Ann understands her sizing much better than I currently do!  She looks great!

She did take more in the dressing room, but did not believe the other styles were worthy to be seen.


spring fashions at JCP

As we left the dressing room and women pounced on the availability, we saw a department we had not noticed before…but liked what we saw.

First of all the Frye Collection has a lovely color called Green Ivy Wash.  The color looks washed out online, but is vibrant…as you can see here.

spring fashions at JCP

I cannot find the pieces we saw in the display online, but if you are interested, ask your local JCP sales associate when you are in store.

Thanks for shopping Spring Fashions at JCP with us…for these prices, there are items worthy of consideration during the sale.

Remember the code is RESTYLE for 20% off. 

Let us know if you have questions…have a wonderful day…and always….


spring fashions at JCP

I almost forgot!  These tops by a.n.a. would also be cute with wide leg pants or crops.  

a.n.a. Womens Round Neck Striped Top


Pamela Lutrell

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spring fashions at JCP



  1. Just wanted to quickly say I really love the navy coloured tops on you. They appear to bring out the colour of your hair. Is this colour in your autumn palette?

  2. Our JCP here is a mess, like Kohl’s. I know what you mean about the dresses. Very matronly, no middle ground, at least not here where I live. Lots of body-consious on the other end of the spectrum. JCP used to be a place I could always find nice dresses, but that’s no longer the case. Since inventory is so extremely low, dressing rooms a disaster area, I no longer shop there. You found some nice things; I especially like the denim skirt in the lighter color. The flare jeans are a color I’m looking for (in straight), and they’re cute as flares, but my goodness would they get dirty in a hurry with the hem covering the foot. I know flares are supposed to fit long, but when they drag the ground in off-white or white, they’d show the dirt in a hurry. I miss our nicer Penney’s that closed a few years ago! Looks like yours still has potential!

  3. Right now, this JCP is kept very nice. But I went into Kohls yesterday and left quickly. I am pleased with what we showed here today. Good quality for good prices.

  4. Thank you for going over to JCP. They usually have a lot of not so expensive work clothing for men and women. I hope you got the shorts, both you and Leigh Ann look great in those. The tops all look cool and comfortable.

  5. Thanks Babs. Leigh Ann and I saw several pieces of the Worthington collection that would be excellent for office professional wear!

  6. You and Leigh Ann both look terrific in the Bermuda shorts outfits- really cute! Pam,you look so slender in these and in the skirt! Wow! I’m so impressed in what I’m seeing.
    But several of the pieces are clearly too large for your new physique. I didn’t care for the long striped blouse – for some reason it doesn’t seem like a Springtime piece. It too is clearly the ncorrect size. Happy week ahead!

  7. Hi Paulette! Hopefully you read the post where I explained why I didn’t go for smaller sizes. I know in some places the blue & white stripe would work for spring, but not so much in San Antonio. It is a challenge for me right now with weight loss to reach for those smaller sizes. I am so accustomed to being larger. But I need to start doing it!!

  8. I have been very pleased with the a.n.a. ecru jeans you recommended last year, and the St. John’s Bay tees are a staple in my travel wardrobe. I honestly prefer better brands (I find the zippers, buttons, details, stitching better), but JCP seems to be a good value for the money. If those pants are dragging the ground like that on you, they would be downright hilarious on my 5’5” frame. Even though my height is dead on average, now that ankle pants are on the wane, it seems I will need to go back to hemming everything.

  9. I have on a size too big, Linda, so the correct size on my might not be this low…I like these pants…they would be worth hemming.

  10. I was in J.C. Penney’s over the weekend. Purchased the Liz Claiborne Sara midrise jeans in the color walnut. They fit really well. I might need to order other colors. Thanks for showing shorts also. I always enjoy your reviews of Penney’s. Last year I purchased some ecru crop pants that were just wonderful.

  11. I have been really pleased with my purchases from JCP…everything has laundered well and still looks great. They are impressive with an excellent price point. Thanks for sharing Sue.

  12. Disappointed to say but it looks as if JCP has gone with more old-lady clothing choices!!

  13. Can you explain, Natalie? What makes you say that? Please tell everyone what that means to you when you look at these jeans, shorts, etc. I really want to understand.

  14. My mother is a JCP retiree, so I was raised to shop there, but it’s been hard the past few years. I agree with you on their in-store selections, especially dresses, but you girls found some cute pieces. Most of those tops look too short to me, but I love the blue slacks Leigh Ann has on in her first photo. I will follow those links later to see what other colors, etc. may be available. I’m trying to slow down my spring shopping, after quite a few things from JJill lately. As always, thanks for braving the dressing rooms for us so we don’t have to!

  15. Blue and white is always a hit. I’ll agree with you on dresses for women 45-70 it’s hard so many are styled for teens, young women after a certain age you don’t want a mini dress, all ruffles, poofy sleeves so it’s very hard to find something. That last item the stripe linen top by A.N.A I liked it.

  16. I can’t speak for Natalie, but I had a similar reaction to the pieces you modeled for us. The dreaded f word (frumpy) came to mind. When I see a blouse or top that has a lot going on at the neck, or many sleeve embellishments, or embroidery -or maybe all three together- it looks like that piece is trying too darn hard. On us older types, it looks we are trying too hard. And yet that is what fast fashion seems to be targeting us for. It is difficult to find the simple pieces, like the cream top and navy pant, that Leigh modeled. Those are the pieces that allow me to be confident and timeless. I thought some of the Mexican pieces you showed us some weeks back offered this other way to personal style. Hope this helps.

  17. Thanks Margaret, what it confirms for me is the importance of dressing with style adjectives. Your simple, classic style is different from someone with more bohemian, creative style and each woman might think the other is frumpy. The reality is that neither is frumpy when they are dressing their confident best. FYI…when we do these try on sessions, we most often are dressing for other women to see options and not for us. I personally would not wear a couple of the tops but know others might like them.

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