Sunday mornings at home

Sunday mornings at home

Good Sunday morning, friends…and welcome to Sunday mornings at home!

The Sunday mornings at home posts often include a little bit of everything…fashion, beauty, cooking, healthy living…all that is going on my world.

This past week was very active and the week ahead looks the same.

However, after losing an hour of sleep…I always struggle with touches of fatigue the week after.  I so wish we would stop messing with the time!

Enough of that…let’s get our morning beverage and a cozy spot and have a little girl talk during Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday mornings at home

I am a huge advocate of shopping local when possible, and these sandals were an unexpected surprise in a local consignment shop last week.

The consignment shop is excellent and called Too Good To Be Threw.

These are Anthropologie platform sandals.  Because they were slightly worn, the comfort level is higher …they are in “like new” shape and I think will work well for the rehearsal dinner outfit.

They are comfortable and cover the toe issues best.  Check out Anthropologie shoes…so many cute styles.

I am very excited about these…results of a local treasure hunt.

Sunday mornings at home

I continue to stop by and shop at my new favorite local boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique.

I found a gorgeous green version of the dress I wore to the Bridal Gown Fitting (click this link to be reminded) with a separate matching top.

I now own three of these dresses and am so excited about each one and how versatile they are in my spring and summer wardrobe.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Here I am wearing the green top with my JJILL wide leg knit pants…I have owned these for a long time.

My Johnny Was silk scarf goes perfect with this top.  I found similar Johnny Was on Amazon…plus one extra I thought was lovely and is much less:

The photo at the very top of today’s Sunday Mornings at Home is an outfit I wore to the mall last week featuring an Italian washable silk top I have owned for awhile…originally found at Dillard’s.

I paired it with my very affordable white denim a.n.a. jeans from JCP.  JCP also has those available in plus sizes and talls.

I purchased them last year and pleased to see they are still offered…yes, it is frayed at the hem, but I really like the jean.

Make sure you join Leigh Ann & me tomorrow as we go shopping at JCP.


Sunday mornings at home

Recently, I told you that my nail tech and I have been playing with different styles.

This one is called Cat-Eye.  The polish has something in it, that a magnet pulls out to create the shiny line across the gold.

This is fun.  First she painted my nails with the gold polish, then she takes a small magnet and waves it over the nail to create an artistic design.

I like having gold nails for a little while.  

Sunday mornings at Home

The audience spoke and I listened.  A smoother hairstyle won over curly for the wedding.

Since, Mr. B wants to see it more often, I decided to take reader advice and ordered the Revlon 1100 Watt 3 Heat 2 Speed Pro Hair Dryer and Volumnizer.

There were several who recommended the WOW products.  I tested the Color Wow Dreamcoat for Curly Hair.

Sunday mornings at home

For my first time with a brush like this, I think I did ok. 

I decided I need to purchase some large clips to separate the hair and handle smaller sections…thick hair is such a challenge when it comes to drying it.

Every stylist I have ever gone to always starts off the first day by saying, “oh my, you have a lot of hair.”

Thoroughly drying it is a challenge.

Sadly, I was not impressed with the WOW products.  I think I prefer my Kerastase products and will try them for this next time.  I always use them for the curly hair.

Really though…thank you for all of the ideas.  I am now confident that I can smooth it out and wear it more often…but will leave the wedding hair to the professionals!


Sunday Mornings at Home

One of my struggles since I began to work out with the trainer has been fatigue.  

After about 15 minutes of strength training, I begin to wane.  Big time!

So, my trainer began to quiz about what I was eating before I work with her around 11.

When I went back on Weight Watchers recently, my favorite breakfast always included fruit.

Well, she told me to stop that and begin the eat more protein.  She said to still include fruit but not first thing in the morning.

So,  for two weeks I have been eating a breakfast bowl concoction and it has made a difference in my energy levels.

My bowls include a hard boiled egg, a leafy green, about a half cup of whatever bean I want (today is black beans and that is why you see dark liquid), a roasted chicken breast strip and either a chopped tomato or fresh salsa.

The spices you see include garlic salt and Italian seasoning….sometimes I use Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb.

On the fresh leafy greens, I put a little fat free balsamic dressing.

Then right before I go to the gym I drink a protein drink…local HEB brand…with 30 grams of protein.

Trainer was right…I have more energy now in the mornings. 

Thank you for spending Sunday Mornings at Home with me!  Please leave any comments or questions and I will respond as soon as I can. 

Tomorrow come shopping Spring fashions at JCP with Leigh & Me (sale in progress); and Tuesday, I take you Fiesta shopping in San Antonio!

Now, go out and have a wonderful day…I pray it will be full of blessings…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. So glad I stayed up late enough to see this installment right when it dropped. Coming in from a long day of sitting with my mother in the hospital your cheerful, positive post was just what I needed! Yes and AMEN to struggling with the time change. I can’t stand to lose even an hour of sleep right now, so this one is going to be especially hard. Maybe this will be the year our legislators figure it out and leave it on DST all year. Where’s that hour in December when we can’t find our cars in the dark after work???
    So many great new options you’ve found for your spring events. I know other commenters will disagree, but I think you’re right about the Anthro sandals being appropriate. I loved the gold ones and would wear them to a more dressy occasion, but this is San Antonio and you know your crowd. That teal top in the first photo is gorgeous! I like more traditional nails, but love how much fun you’re having with yours; just one more way you’re living up to your “joyful” and “creative” adjectives. You’ve inspired me to re-order the JJill “barley” pants in a longer length with the frayed bottom. I’m really going to try, but they will probably end up hemmed like the shorter ones I turned into capris. I’ve wanted that color forever, and you inspired me to spring for them. (no pun intended!) Thanks again for being a bright spot in our Sunday morning internet!

  2. So much fun, Pam. Shoes (what a perfect find for you), hair, nails…just what a gal needs! Love the breakfast bowl idea. I will work on that. Looks yummy. Just what I need to bolster my walk.

  3. Good morning Pam! I’d say you had a lucky find with those Anthropologie sandals at consignment! Really cute!
    I agree with your trainer in starting the day with protein at breakfast. If I may ask, what time are you eating this breakfast before your 11am workout? I may try something with the variety you’re showing. Looks delicious!

  4. I eat early, Paulette from 5-6. Then before I go to the gym, I began last week to also drink a little protein drink that has 30 grams of protein. Together it seemed to help!

  5. Pam, such a positive column – perfect for the start of a cold-warm, snowy-shiny, typical New England mixed up weather week. They’ve been talking out here about changing ‘Eastern’ to ‘Atlantic’ time — one hour earlier. They’ll do it only if all New England states agree, and they don’t. I’m already 3 hours ahead of my son on the West Coast: 4 hours would be awful. It’s called Atlantic because it’s in the ocean. Who thinks these things up? Love your breakfast salad and will try it when it gets warmer.

  6. Hi Pam! At first I scrolled past your gold nails but after reading about the method used to create the design I am definitely intrigued and am going to talk to my nail gal about this – is there a specific type of polish used? I too really appreciate your positive outlook and look forward to your blog 🥰 hugs from Houston!

  7. Nice score on the shoes, Pam! They’ll look great for the wedding rehearsal and I’m betting we’ll see you wearing them on several photos this summer. Your energy does amaze me! You are taking care of everyone when you take care of yourself. I agree with the respondents today regarding not messing with time! I wish it could come to a public vote and we’d all know if that is the majority opinion 🙂

  8. I always have protein at breakfast … a whole egg plus an egg white, scrambled with lots of vegetables, and a piece of whole grain toast. Fruit is nutritious and good for immunity and fiber, but it’s low in protein compared to vegetables. My brother is a serious weight lifter and always eats a tablespoon of peanut butter prior to working out. He says you need fat, as it’s sustaining. Maybe you could add a small piece of avocado to that delicious-looking breakfast bowl. You may recall I’m in Camp Sandals for the rehearsal dinner. I love your sandals … great find!

  9. Pam I also have one of those Revlon hair brushes. I have curly hair and it does dry it smoother I feel because it dries the hair from the roots. This seems to dry it smoother. I’m also going to try the hair products you suggested.
    Looks like a good recipe again another one to try.
    I know what you mean about the time change it’s hard.

  10. Love all your finds on today’s post, sandals, 2 piece outfit abs really love your blown out hairstyle! So flattering and sleek! Thank you for such a great way to start our Sunday!

  11. Your breakfast bowl sounds delicious and easy ingredients to keep on hand, too. I prefer a savory start to the day anyway, so will give this a go. Incredible that you now have three of those lovely dresses! I picked up a sundress this week on a whim in anticipation of my Mexico trip, then did a pre-pack session last night and realized I am taking four dresses and a skirt, and only two capris. I guess I’m feeling the love for dresses, too. Happy Sunday!

  12. That Revlon one and done has been my dryer of choice for years. ❤️ So surprised the WOW Dreamcoat didn’t work. It was a game changer for my thin, fine, frizzy, curly hair. My hair no longer looks like cotton. (Haven’t tried any of their other products) I use a clarifying shampoo then when partially dry I saturate the hair (not dripping) then dry with the Revlon. The instructions say not to use any other stying product with this application. OK there after.
    Love the shoes.

  13. When I was blow-drying my very thick, curly hair, I would use the brush as you are doing and then finish it with either a large barrel curling iron or a flat iron or both. It is hard to get curly hair completely dry with the brush, and the irons give it that glossy finish.
    Thanks so much for including us on your journey to the wedding!

  14. Thanks Cynthia…actually, that is exactly what I practiced this weekend and it does work better. I used the straightener for years so I am more comfortable with it.

  15. It may be because my hair is thick, Suzi. But, I am going to pass it along to family so no loss there.

  16. I am so sold on these dresses…for the fit and the cool feel in our warm climate. So glad I fond them. I am going to show you a skirt tomorrow that I may pick up in the JCP sale.

  17. Your sandals will look perfect with the rehearsal dinner dress. What a great find! My doctor advises eating protein with each meal. Most of us don’t eat enough protein, myself included. I agree about daylight saving time. I am hopeful that the latest bill will be enacted, & we will finally be done with this clock changing nonsense.

  18. I am weary today, but still enjoying a glorious Sunday. We actually went to church today…joined new friends for breakfast…and now I am listening to the birds singing.
    Thanks Paula

  19. I eat a lot of peanut butter…could not do this diet without it! I usually add whatever I have on hand for the breakfast bowl and one day I did have avocado…it was so good.

  20. I do like it when we have longer days, but I think that would happen any way if we would just leave the time alone!

  21. Hugs back to Houston…lived and worked there for a couple of years out of college. My nail tech has a series of colors called Cat Eye, so it must be available. See what you nail tech thinks. I like it!

  22. I try to eat protein with every meal. Now, that I am back in the gym, it is a must! Enjoy Your day, Becky!

  23. Pam, your Mediterranean bowl inspired me, as I seek filling non-traditional morning meals that energize. Quick market trip early morn for chicken breasts, baby spinach and pre-boiled peeled eggs, then salad bar for tomatoes, edamame, mushrooms, olives. Always pantry of beans, yay! Another fabulous protein I’ve reordered online is Natural Catch brand white albacore tuna filets, 3 oz is 22g protein, 40% vitamin D. Far exceeds supermarket tuna, gorgeous slices in couple of flavors. I buy only on sale and in cost-effective quantity.
    Liked the Revlon brush dryer to smooth my waves, however it died prematurely and I won’t replace, as reviews echo my experience. Love when you experiment with the smoother look. Fabulous for your style adjectives!
    Your sandals from consignment are a winner in every way!

  24. So happy you were inspired! I eat the same tuna but a different brand. Love my tuna and chicken! Enjoy your bowls!

  25. The green dress would be great to wear during the wedding events!! Young & hip!!! You look great in that dress!!!

  26. Perfect pick on the dress. The color is really good with you, and I think of the various ones you showed us that this is the best for you.

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