Spring picks at JJILL

spring picks at JJILL

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I am going to share with you my spring picks at JJILL.

This was my “size down” trip!  Due to a little weight loss, I was able to finally go down a size in almost everything I tried on there.

And I was pleased with these spring picks at JJILL and ready to show you some fun.

So, let’s go shopping!


spring picks at JJILL

Let’s begin on top of the jeans first.

My favorite spring pick at JJILL is this wonderful, lightweight Wearever Easy Care Trench Jacket in navy.

I have looked for a long time for a lightweight jacket I could wear comfortably in warm weather ….here it Is.

One comment was negative because it said you can see through this jacket…I humbly disagree.  You absolutely cannot see through it.

I paired it with the Wearever Easy A-line tank in navy blue midnight garden.

spring picks at JJILL

Now, let’s discuss the High – Rise Trouser Jeans in the Rio Wash.

I like these jean and may purchase a pair in the future.  I like the wider leg and the casual (yet nice) touch they give to an outfit.

I recommend them for a spring pick at JJILL.  One of the few wider leg pants I have tried that I like.


spring picks at JJILL

If you like a little bohemian, you might like this Embroidered Clip-Dot Tunic.

As always, JJILL offers several new arrivals with floral prints.

The Pure Jill Embroidered Knit Tunic is lovely, but I did not see it in store where I was shopping.

That bluegrass/dark dragonfly is definitely my preferred blue.

spring picks at JJILL

This is a cute casual top in a lovely color called Fern.

It is the Ottoman Knit Top and very comfortable.

I also like the Tweed Doman-Sleeve Sweater in green grass.


spring picks at JJILL

I really like these pieces.  They say casual chic to me…not too over the top dressed up and not too casual either.

The pants are linen and I liked them.  Though linen, the look was not out of control wrinkling.  I would agree with the commenters who said they run small…they do.

These are the Linen & Cotton Herringbone Pants.

I paired them with the jacket and black top they were hanging with so you could see the look together.

This is the Linen & Rayon Curved -Hem Jacket in Flax.

spring picks at JJILL

I really recommend these Luxe Supima Pleat-Back Tees in six options.

They have a cool, luxurious feel to them ( I think the tencel adds to that) and are very comfy and fit well.

spring picks at JJILL

I also tried on the cobblestone color…a great color for us Autumn ladies!


spring picks at JJILL

The fern color is throughout the store and is a lovely spring green.

This little dress is great for those of you who like dresses to throw on and run errands during warmer weather.

It is the Jardin Dress…it has pockets and also comes in black.

spring picks at JJILL

These pants are my top pick for fun pants in the spring collection.

These are the Essential Cotton – Stretch Pants and I am considering ordering them in white.  Great fitting, comfortable pant.

Yes, this color is Fern.

Another favorite color featured in my spring picks at JJILL is dandelion and I liked it in the Linen Tab-Sleeve A-Line Shirt.

I tried on several other pieces, but decided these were my top spring picks at JJILL.  I was also happy to see several shorter jackets.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions, for more looks go to JJILL SPRING COLLECTION.

Thanks for shopping with me today, every one…now….


By Pamela Lutrell

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spring pics at JJILL


  1. It’s helpful to see what’s in store… their catalogs aren’t coming out as often as they used to. I definitely have to try on at JJill because of their sizing. Everything tends to run so large, not sure if it’s vanity sizing or what, but I’ve tried to buy online and always have to size down, so shopping in store is a must! I like their Easy A-line Tanks that you are featuring, and have them in all the basic colors. I like the flax colored jacket you tried on, just kind of dismayed by all the drop shoulders. It’s hard, really hard, to find set in sleeves. Oh well… I do buy their linen button down shirts and wear them constantly in spring and summer over tank tops, as toppers. Always looking for new colors. It seems in the past few years these shirts are featuring tab sleeves which I don’t like, but that’s an easy fix. They do have a lot of nice linen. Thank you for the preview…I need to get to the store and try some things on!

  2. Thanks Karen! I was surprised to find a few items which were sizing smaller because I agree with you that many have been oversized. In consistent sizing is so frustrating. Thanks for sharing. My favorite pick is the navy Wearever jacket.

  3. I do well for a piece or two at Jjill in the spring, even though I am a dark autumn. You can wear more vivid colors. Thank you for the timely style show. The dragonfly blue top my be my nod to boho. Did you happen to see the yellow linen dress?

  4. I saw it, but they did not have it in a size I could try one. Looks nice though and I wanted to try it!

  5. The first outfit was dynamite on you! I love J Jill , but they have moved out of our shopping area.
    The jeans fit you well, and the jacket and top were just a great look.

  6. Thanks Julie. I am still thinking about the jeans. They are fun and would be a different addition to the wardrobe, but I own more flattering pants…some from JJILL.

  7. Like Karen I need to try on at J Jill. I’m short at 5 ft 3. Their sizing can be unusual at times. ( waists are small with certain pants I’ve found. )
    Love all the looks you’ve tried on! I need to replace some layering tees and do like the pleat back tee!

  8. Everything you put on in the photos makes you look younger, fun, and vibrant. You look good in the wider leg jeans and pants. Very flattering on you. And the green color, dress and top, lights up your face. Thank you for showing us what is at JJill stores. It’s a treat to shop vicariously through your blog.

  9. I really like that tee. The fit is so much better and fabric is cool for warmer weather!

  10. JJill has some really nice things. I’ve always like their clothes and the style. I really like the first outfit you showed us, it’s a hard pick as they all looked good.
    Congratulations on the weight loss. I can tell!
    Is it still WW?

  11. Thanks Paula! Yes…it is a combination of Weight Watchers (still use the app every day) and returning to the gym. I feel better and love wearing smaller clothing…but I still have a long way to go to get into the truly healthy zone.

  12. Haha, loved Arlene’s comment–“buy the jeans now”! You’re looking so good, Pam!

  13. They are great jeans, but I disagree that they would be the best pant on me. I am still considering the purchase. Thanks Kim

  14. Pam, Alison over at Wardrobe Oxygen did a post today about flat shoes for dressy occasions.

  15. Doesn’t it feel great to know that all of your hard work has paid off and you can size down? You are an inspiration and you look amazing in all of these outfits! May I ask about the gold sandals that you’re wearing? They look different from the two gold “flip-flops” that you featured the other day. Thank you.

  16. I liked the jeans too. The jury is still out for me on wide legged pants, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. As an apple shape, the slimmer pants showed off the slimmer part of me :). I did buy some straight legged ones from NYDJ as a way to dip my toe into the concept. I haven’t worn them yet; they just sit in the closet. I’ve returned to JJill the last year or two because they fit my relaxed retirement style. I felt they lost their way there for a while, with muddy dusty pastels, tie dye everything, twee prints and too much volume, but they are back and I’m pleased. I got a huge survey from them asking all sorts of questions about style and costs, so I think they are listening.

  17. Absolutely love how you styled the trouser jeans. Several retailers are using that term and I love the look. Not wide leg, not straight; navigating the terms has been frustrating. For me skinny and slim are only to tuck inside boots. Very happy there are leg width options now. I always looked like I was walking on sausages. I’m 5’3” and a size 12 so not an issue of obesity. For the size of my feet, hands, and chest I should be a min of 4” taller! 😆

  18. I’m going to order the blue blazer — I’m between sizes. Would you order a slightly larger or the smaller (more fitted) one? I might break down and get the dress too, only black in petites though. Thank you for reading the Comments; it is SO helpful! I love that JJill is using more eco fabrics and almost everything was able to be tumble dried (low). I line hang in spring and summer, but it’s nice not to have to ‘lay flat to dry.’

  19. Thanks Maggie…I took a look and those are not what I would call comfort shoes. My little funky feet would not be happy!

  20. Good to know on the survey, Linda. Thanks for sharing. My preference is a slim leg because it flatters me most. But, I do like an occasional wide leg for my current and creative adjectives.

  21. I remember almost 15 years ago that trouser jeans were popular and many professionals were wearing them to work…especially on Casual Fridays. I liked them then and I still like them. I will have another brand to show you tomorrow that comes in petites.

  22. I think I would go smaller, Maeve…it’s hard to recommend without me knowing your appearance but I believe you would want that smaller direction. I can see where this piece might be too oversized if you go larger.
    I love reading the comments!

  23. I really like the shorter jackets on you! You could probably roll up the sleeves in warmer weather. Might have to try the cotton and rayon pants. They look to be a nice weight for summer. Thanks for the fashion show!

  24. You are welcome, Sharon. In one of the pictures, I rolled up the sleeves to show that they look nice rolled up. This is a great jacket for our warmer climate in South Texas.

  25. They also have the pleat back tee in a 3/4 sleeve version, for those who prefer a little more arm coverage. Even in a “tall” length it’s too short for my comfort level, but the fabric is luscious and there are some great spring colors.

  26. They also have the pleat back tee in a 3/4 sleeve version, for those who prefer a little more arm coverage. Even in a “tall” length it’s too short for my comfort level, but the fabric is luscious and there are some great spring colors.

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