Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good Sunday Morning….and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Typically, these Sunday Mornings at Home posts cover my life over the past week…and plans for the week ahead.

I am a self confessed PLANNER….constantly planning my day and my blog.  

But, as you all know personally and through me, our plans often do not go as we expect.

So, stick with me as I take you through my early happenings last week and tell the story of how It all changed in an instant.

You may want to grab a warm beverage, a cozy spot, and relax as I tell this tale…or tail as it may be.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Last Monday began with an early morning walk for Tux and we both experienced a glorious sunrise on our return.

Sunrises are a HOPE INJECTION for me…I see God’s glory and receive His hope for the day…no matter what it holds.

Sunday Mornings at Home

After I returned Tux home, I quickly left for the gym and continued to enjoy the morning sun.

One thing I love about our gym, which is a YMCA, is how diverse it is…so many ages and types of people and all supporting one another.

I watched a kind young man pause and ask a senior on a walker if he could help him navigate around some equipment.  

There is an overall atmosphere of everyone supporting everyone…and as I spend so much time on the treadmill, I get to watch it all as if it were a movie happening in front of me.

Sunday Mornings at home

I am excited to share with the Sunday Mornings at Home audience that my progress with the trainer that day was significant.

The workout was tough, but I felt great afterwards.  She loaded this cart with over 450 lbs of weight and I pushed it forward and back the length of the basketball court, four times.

Then I put on the outfit at the top of the page and headed out to get an annual mammogram…make sure you are doing this, ladies…take care of yourselves.

All in all, I was pretty full of myself that day…I was wearing a leopard sleeveless top that had been too tight for a long time, and my strength was returning.

I was down another two pounds on the scale.

Only to face Tuesday…where that pride was knocked down a notch!


Sunday Mornings at Home

Leigh Ann came over on Tuesday to take outfit pictures for me at home…this look from last Thursday’s post, was the last picture for the day.

But, we kept moving about on the step to get the sun just right.

I bet you didn’t think blogging could be hazardous…did you?

Sunday Mornings at Home

Some how, my foot caught on the edge, and I tumbled into a bush and down into a deep flower bed with very hard ground.

Every time of my life I can remember, that I have been injured, the first thing I did was laugh!  I am always embarrassed first.

Leigh Ann immediately started saying, “Don’t move!  Be still!”

I knew from the pain surging in my lower back that I was in for something.

Sunday Mornings at Home

THE GOOD NEWS:  Miraculously, nothing is broken and my bone strength appears to be sound!

THE BAD NEWS:  I have a deeply bruised tailbone and left upper thigh.  After doing a lot of reading on tailbones, every site says it takes weeks (sometimes 6-8) for the pain to subside.

I faced the remainder of Tuesday and all day Wednesday hosting a pitty party about my gym training.  I was in significant pain those days.  A cloud of disappointment settled over me.

What was frustrating early on was anyone who I told about the injury laughed.  No sympathy.  Apparently hurting a tailbone really is funny!

Mr. B labeled Leigh Ann and me ….Lucy and Ethel…(there actually might be a little truth to that one)

I cancelled my training for Thursday and told the trainer I would contact her today.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I am happy to report to you on this Sunday Mornings at Home that I am mentally better.

The swelling went down over three days and though I am still in pain, I have made the decision to work through the pain and see how it goes.

I plan to be with my trainer tomorrow to focus on arms more than legs, and to be back on the treadmill at a much lower pace.

The most pain now is with stair climbing and bending over.

But, I do not want to give up…I want to see it through…think of how many athletes play through pain.  My goal is to do just that and not quit.

Of course, I am motivated to look my best for the wedding, but more motivated to be healthy and to continue with good bone strength…in case the step gets me again.

It is also important to note that my joy is not dependent on standing on that step without a fall.

My joy is built on a stronger foundation and still in tack with new hope that this will not stop me.

Of course, I am disappointed by the progress halt for now…but plan to persevere on and see progress in baby steps.

Today, I am going to attempt to get the blood and dirt stain out of my Chico’s jeggings that I love so much.  We treated them with Oxy Clean Max Force the day it happened.

Oxy Clean got my boys through high school football so I think it will handle this…I hope…just fine.

Also, I must give a plug to this Boiron Arnicare Pain Relief Cream...I believe it has helped me through nights and I have slept well.  It specifically says it relieves pain from bruising.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I just had to mention a couple of new food favorites for you.

I now make a baked salmon salad with beets, corn, and black beans.  I love the salmon with the beets…so tasty and healthy!

Sunday mornings at home

This All Purpose Season Blend is a fusion of Cajon and Mexican Spices and I love it on our salmon!

It is only available at HEB, but if you live in Texas look for it….so good.

I just brushed a little olive oil on the salmon and then sprinkled it with this…baked in oven for 25 minutes at 400.  So good, paired with the salad.

Thank you for listening to my tale (tail)…please come back tomorrow and see how this Mother-of-the-Groom persevered through pain this weekend!

I am not sure how this will affect my dressing room posts, but I plan to keep going forward.

Leave any comments or thoughts on Sunday Mornings at Home…you know I love to hear from you.


Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. Oh, dear girl, what a week and story to tell. Well, congratulations on your advancement at the gym; the comment about the young helping the old was a good Sunday story. I am always impressed with your resilience and attitude. Be careful this week and listen to your body. Heal.

  2. Oh Pam im not laughing! I’ve badly injured my SI joint in a fall right off my bed side. When it happened I was dehydrated after a night of stomach bug. I did get X rays etc Nothing broken And yes I am a firm believer in Arnicare gel too. It helped! Took a few months to be able to bend and then straighten up. Most painful. Pam, I wish you well on your recovery. And I’m so glad you “saved” your jeggings!

  3. Well, I can tell you that I would not be laughing. In December I fell backwards on a marble floor and besides a concussion, I cracked my tailbone. I was put on anti inflammatory pills and ice and had to sit on a circle pillow for weeks. As you know, lifting your leg to do stairs and even dress is torture, so please give yourself lots of time to heal. It can take a couple months. I can say now at almost 3 months I am better. Take care of yourself and don’t push it.

  4. Oh…that would be so tough to be sick on top of the fall! The jeggings are saved! Thanks to Oxyclean…wish the bruising was that easy.

  5. Bless your heart, Diane! I am so thankful it wasn’t worse…a concussion too? Oh my. Stairs are by far the worse right now.

  6. Great story, Pam! Arnica is amazing and I have used it as a pain reliever for many years. Plastic surgeons now give arnica to their patients to help with bruising and swelling. Boiron sells it in a tube filled with little pellets that you put under your tongue. If it were me, I would take it 2 to 3 times a day and I would definitely be seeing my chiropractor. PTL it wasn’t a worse fall!

  7. well, many years ago I fell out on a tall bed in a condo we were renting on vacation. Onto a marble floor! I broke my ankle and flew home on the plane 2 days later to have surgery at home! The weird thing was the ambulance drivers would not even carry me downstairs to the ambulance! they said I just sprained my ankle! My husband had to carry me! And for that privilege they charged me $75.00!!! then we got to the hospital, they took an x ray, and I had broken 3 bones surrounding my ankle! so much for JUST A SPRAIN. The surgeon at home in Boston said it was if I had tried to tear my foot off my leg! not so funny.

  8. You have my prayers and wishes for healing, Pam. You’ve stood on that step before and it was just a fluke that you fell off. And even with flat shoes. Shucks. But, could have been worse! (We always say that!) You are receiving good care and advice. Time will be your friend. Do take time off from the blog if need be – we’ll understand. <3

  9. so so sorry to hear about your fall. Arnica is amazing, also try the arnica montana pellets, they really help with the bruising and pain. when my daughter had a severe break in her ankle (plates and pins) the nurse and dr were amazed at her bruising and said her ankle bruising was one the best they’d seen after her type of injury. . (I say arnica played a huge part) Also bromelein which is in pineapple is great for inflammatin Here’s hoping you’re doing better every day.

  10. Ouch, ouch, ouch. It would be my suggestion that you don’t try to work through the pain. Unless you are a professional athlete with a stack of medical support, the healing of muscle and tissue takes time and rest to heal. Anyone who has sprained an ankle can attest to the fact that it can be more painful and can take longer to heal than an actual break. Please be kind to yourself and put your body first above all else. You want to be able to dance at that wedding.

  11. The injury is annoying but I believe recovery is going well and while there are no quick fixes, the arnica really helps!

  12. Good advice. I am going to take it slow and easy, but I do not want to stop completely. Of course, I have not discussed working with the pain with my trainer. I will see what she says later today.

  13. Goodness! My sympathies! I’ve decided that regarding my health, I’m in it for the long haul. Despite being on a scooter for months following two foot surgeries in 2021, I went back to walking and yoga, and didn’t gain any weight. During that time of forced inactivity and isolation, I felt I’d met my 95 year old self, and it was way too early for the acquaintance! Last summer, I did gain weight, which I have lost finally. Our health needs to be prioritized, because so much of what we value about a good life stems from that. So now I’m trying to just get back on the horse each time there is an issue. Sounds like you are in the same place, and I applaud you for that. It’s so much easier to give up.

  14. Every word of your comment, Linda, resonated with me and brought encouragement. Here’s to getting back on that horse again together!

  15. Oh my goodness, Pam! I’m so glad you had no broken bones or more serious injuries, and I pray you heal quickly. You sound as if you’ll be toughing it out, but don’t overdo it and give yourself time to heal.

  16. So glad you didn’t break anything and you didn’t bump your head on something hard going down. Now to focus on healing and get your body back in shape. Try not to put much pressure on yourself to exercise and lose weight. You are beautiful. Thinking of you.

  17. Pam, I’m sorry for your mishap. Your attitude is amazing. You have a beautiful spirit and are an inspiration and example to all of us. Be kind to yourself.

  18. Thanks Marcia…I will be kind to myself but with wisdom and the desire to never react like a victim.

  19. This does sounds like it could set you back a bit. But I like your attitude to keep plugging away. What a great quote from Helen Keller.
    What another great recipe idea. I’m going to look for that spice. I live in Wisconsin but am in Dallas right now visiting family hopefully there is a HEB store here.

  20. Thank you, Natalie. After reading other stories today from readers, I realize just how blessed I am.

  21. I believe there is one there, Paula. H‑E‑B has the best products. They are a brand I have trusted for years.

  22. Been there, broke my tailbone after a fall out of bed years ago, sat on the circle pillow. It hurt like heck! Then broke an arm in a fall 23 years ago. Exercise what you can. Rest the parts that hurt. Do arms, upper back, pecs, neck, shoulders. Let the rest rest as much as possible. And remember that unless you are an ultra marathon exerciser, it’s calories that count. You already do WW, so you know about that. But I have taken as much as months off exercise due to shoulder or back injury, stuck to my diet, and not gained weight. You lose some muscle, but you can get it back. Sitting around eating will get you every time!
    Chin up!

  23. Oh, goodness! Not laughing! Admiring your “get-up-and-go” attitude. 🙂 I have not heard of the arnica pain relief cream. Sounds like something I need to research. I must say, the picture that Leigh Ann caught of you laying in nature’s bounty with that gorgeous smile of yours is beautiful, despite the circumstances and the pain and resulting injuries. Falls are so scary! Amazed that you can push all that weight across the gym. You go Pam!! Best wishes for you as you work through this. Your spirit and positive attitude are so inspirational.

  24. You are so right, Susan. Sitting around eating is deadly. I did some poor me eating at first and regret that, but am back on it now! Thanks for reminding all of us!

  25. Thanks Deanna…it will most likely be awhile before I push that weight again, but it is now a goal to return to that level this summer!

  26. Oh boy you’ve had a week to remember. I feel for you though, years ago when I lived in northern Iowa I slipped on icy sidewalk and landed in my hurts so bad took lots of Tylenol, first night satin a whirlpool tub and then on Sat on heating pad. It took awhile for pain to leave but it did just left a fear of ice in me. So glad when moved away from that. Your food choice yummy. I eat salmon a lot.

  27. Oh my…a warm whirlpool sounds so nice! I am grateful I live where ice is rare. I might be on the ground often if that were the case!

  28. I’m new to your blog. Is there a link to the recipe for the salmon and salad. It looks so good.

  29. I tell you what Diane… I will try to write it up and place it in Tuesday’s post. Thank you for asking.

  30. I, too, see nothing funny in a damaged tailbone. The sight of you on your back in pain is wrenching. After my second Caesarean I had to sit on pillows for several weeks, which really helped — and, yes, some friends found it amusing. I am not a believer in working through pain: athletes are paid to do this; you are not. The last thing you want is further damage or slower healing. Trainers can help, but I would absolutely follow my doctor’s advice — which could be to get PT and use Arnica. I find Arnica helpful and am glad it’s working for you. Life throws us unexpected curve balls, but I hope that you are well on your way to recovery!

  31. Oh, dear! I’m glad Leigh was with you and told you to be still. That was great advice. Be kind to yourself. I fell a few months ago and mentally kicked myself for weeks. It was an accident- your fall and mine. Give yourself some grace and time to heal.

  32. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry to hear of your injury! Thank heavens you’re okay and didn’t break anything! I’m sure the fact that you are working out and in good shape accounts for you not being hurt even worse! Taking care of yourself really pays off!
    Take care and continue to listen to your body. Don’t overdo it!
    BTW…never heard of Arnicare before but will definitely check it out!
    Have a restful Sunday!
    Linda S

  33. A lot of readers here have agreed it helps and it does! Happy to share what works!

  34. Ouch. Glad your injuries are relatively minor. I hope you heal quickly and that every day next week will be like last Monday.

  35. I’m so sorry to read of your fall and hurt tailbone. I can so identify with your injury as my childhood polio has affected my walk and balance all my life, and I have numerous scars as well as pulled or bruised muscles often. Unfortunately, one such fall when I tripped on an uneven sidewalk ended with a hip replacement. However, like you I’m determined to keep moving so I try to walk daily as well as going to yoga fusion twice a week. I think we women though in pain tend to keep moving forward daily or else we end up bedridden as some do. We do have the ability to laugh at ourselves, but still get up and move. I surely hope your bruises and pain are soon gone as you continue to prepare for your son’s wedding. I would also recommend Voltaren which I have as a prescription, but now is available OTC. It has definitely helped the arthritis in my joints.

  36. I am so sorry you have been through all of this, Celia…but I love your determined strong attitude to persevere through and enjoy your life. What I have been through is NOTHING compared to what you are living with.

  37. I am so sorry that you injured your coccyx! It takes a while to recover, not just a week. I read your blog and enjoy it very much but have not commented until today. Please take healing time. If you still have pain then it is reminding you that you have an injury and need healing time. Hot Epsom salt baths may help with the bruising and pain. I am a retired RN and have stability issues and I am a fall risk. Arnicas gel or cream from the drugstore can really help. You looked very cute in your outfit before you fell. I’m glad you were able to salvage it.
    PS. I have not been able to do comments on Jennifer’s post. I was sorry to hear she was getting negative posts. I was not one of them. I love both of your blogs and hope the technical problem is resolved soon.

  38. Thank you, Sydney…you see so sweet and as a retired RN I will heed your warning and listen to my body. If I try to return to the gym and my body says no, I will pay close attention. I do not want to do further damage.
    I will also make sure Jennifer sees your kind comment. Enjoy your day!

  39. Pamela, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. It’s scary how life can turn on a dime, but you have a great attitude. I’m sending up prayers right now for your speedy recovery.

  40. Ouch, sorry to hear about your fall! I hope you heal fast, I admire your spunky, can do attitude.
    I slipped on ice several years ago, it was painful but thankfully I didn’t break anything. No fun though!
    Thanks for mentioning the Arnica, I don’t remember hearing about it.

  41. My Pilates teacher has mostly older clients. Her oldest is a 92 year old woman. One thing we work on is how to get up from a fall if there is no one or no thing to help us. It’s not easy, but being able to do it does increase my confidence.

  42. Dear Pam,
    Oh my goodness, hazards come with the blogging world. You were so lucky the fall was not much worse. It’s good that the Boiron Arnicare Pain Relief helped you.
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments at the YMCA. It sounds like you are doing so well. You are so strong. Give yourself a big pat on the back. You rock!
    Take care of yourself. Baby steps back at the gym right.

  43. I was doing well. It will be awhile before I get back to that level but it’s a new goal now!

  44. I’m so sorry to hear about your fall, but I am glad nothing is broken. I can sympathize about the tailbone pain. Many, many years ago, I slipped on the ice & hurt my tailbone. I was sore for weeks. That was when I was in my 20’s, so I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat that now that I am in my 60’s. I’m glad you have strong bones. Take care as you restart your gym work. The salmon looks delicious.

  45. Wishing you swift healing! I feel your pain. I fell out of our conversion van onto the driveway 4 weeks ago. My tailbone is still black and blue, and it is still causing me surprising discomfort in all kinds of places!

  46. Oh no, Dori! So sorry and really sorry to hear after a month you are still in pain. Hope it disappears soon.

  47. Oh, honey! I’m so sorry to see news of your fall, but want to also take a minute to commend your great feat of strength at the gym prior to your injury! That is absolutely incredible and I hope the feeling of accomplishment you gained will help carry you through when you are frustrated with this injury healing more slowly than you’d like. Tailbone pain is the worst, but sitting on the donut cushion usually helps a lot. Another vote here for using the oral arnica in addition to the gel; it has made a huge difference for me after two bad falls in the past year and was highly recommended by my doctor, so I felt safe trying it. I didn’t see your post before church this morning, but one of the scriptures we read during the service was “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Just wanted you to know that as it was being read I immediately thought of you. This positive post in the wake of such adversity just reinforces my appreciation for your joyful spirit. I am so thankful for your example, as I continue to care for my mother on day nine of a hospital stay. I’ll keep you on my prayer list until you report that you’re healed from this setback.

  48. Does your YMCA have a vortex pool? The one my daughter belonged to in Virginia Beach does and it saved my sanity years ago when I showed up to help my daughter with her 4 very young children under the age of 5 with a bad contusion on my elbow after slipping on the ice. While the 2 year old was taking swimming lessons I used the vortex pool and I swear it helped heal my elbow. Water does wonders to stimulate blood flow and help healing. Feel better!

  49. My best wishes for healing! So sorry you fell!
    I fell jumping rope in 5th grade, on an incline on an asphalt playground and sprained my tailbone. So I fell with full force. All the doctor recommended back then was soaking in the tub and taking Bufferin. I don’t mean to discouraged you as our falls were different. But I had pain for years afterwards, especially sitting in those hard school chairs. I’m sure there’s a lot more available now to aide in your healing! Best of luck to you.

  50. Thank you, Rose. I haven’t returned to the gym yet, but frequent ice bags and rest has helped. I am encouraged. You are sweet to share

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