Sunday Mornings at Home


Sunday morning

Good Sunday morning everyone and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home.

This is mostly a lifestyle post which covers a little bit of all that I have been pondering and experiencing the last week…and sometimes the week ahead.

This Sunday morning I want to start with an injury update…thank you to everyone I heard from with your compassionate responses.

Those who shared they had also bruised the tailbone in the past confirmed this would take time…so sad, but you were right.

I did not go to the gym this week.  Using ice bags more often does help. 

The hardest thing I do every day is go up and down our stairs, but since my office is upstairs, I must do that.

I still plan to be active and work through this…but will rejoice the day I get out of bed pain free.


Sunday morning

What better way to get a March Sunday morning going than with beautiful flowers!

This week I decided to send a friend (the Mother-of-the-Bride) a bouquet after surgery and I also decided to check out BOUQS…their beautiful social media has intrigued me for a very long time.

The arrangement called French Linen looked so elegant and chic that I said…that’s it! 

And it was not a disappointment.  She was able to get two beautiful arrangements out of the roses sent and they are lovely.

I recommend Bouqs when you want to send something special.


Sunday morning

On this Sunday morning, you may want to plan a healthy special treat.

A recipe for Flourless Peanut Butter Banana Brownies.

I was attracted to the recipe because since I began my diet, I eat bananas and peanut literally every day…it is my own special treat.

Sunday morning

I believe this would have mixed better if my bananas were a bit more ripe, but it did mix nicely.

Full Disclosure: I added a teaspoon of vanilla.  I grew up with a mother who put vanilla in almost everything, and I think I have the habit.

Sunday morning

Without an icing or sauce, they are a bit bitter.  

I could have icing on the weekends…that is most often when I use my extra points.

Since I did not work out last week, my extra points are lower than usual.  But, with icing, these would be good.

My very favorite thing to eat has been frozen bananas and peanut butter….keeps ice cream out of my mind.


Sunday morning

Leigh Ann and I went out to shop last week, and this is what I wore.

The Talbots Jeggings are the most expensive thing here…but the cost per wear is very low since I love them and wear them often.  They are on sale right now for under $70!

The Double Breasted Linen Jacket was purchased last year at Banana Republic for $28!  It is high quality and a great find.

If you watch the sales and outlet for Banana Republic, you will be amazed at the quality pieces you can get at low prices!

This JC Penney Ryegrass top was shown to you recently in navy when we went into the store, but I purchased it in a color called brown glove (really don’t like that name, but the color is lovely and more burnt orange than brown)

This is the Ryegrass Womens Split Tie Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt and I really like it…you can get it TODAY WITH THE CODE FAMILY8 for under $25!! Both the navy and blue are very nice.

Later in the morning, I ditched the jacket and just wore the top…I have no idea why they call It a T-shirt…it is not a T-shirt.

I have shared with you my Zodiac flats before that I discovered at Marshall’s.  But they have them here:

Zodiac Leather flats at Macy’s

Zodiac Leather flats at Dillard’s

Zodiac Leather flats at Nordstrom

I love a look like this when I need a jacket during this transition to warmer weather time.  But, I am super happy to have a new affordable top that I can wear without the jacket.


I truly hope what I am about to say will be well received.

I would like on this Sunday morning to encourage regular ladies to be thoughtful with your comments.

We have had some comments lately which tended to be overly negative and critical and I am not speaking about just being critical of me.

I would like to suggest that BEFORE you comment:

  1. Ask yourself: Is what I am going to say beneficial. Does it benefit the audience to know these words?
  2. Ask yourself:  Is what I am going to say on topic for the post…or am I venting for another reason?
  3. Ask yourself:  Is my comment for the whole audience to see, or should I email Pamela directly at  If you have something to say to me, email me!
  4. Ask yourself:  Do I understand Pamela’s mission for the blog to educate, encourage and inspire women over 50?  Does my comment do that?

Please understand that I watch the sales made with my links.  I look at the brands you are supporting through my links and how many of you are supporting certain brands.

Those are the places where I go most often to do dressing room posts…because I know a majority are looking for styles in those stores.

If you have an issue with a particular retailer, make sure you contact the retailer and let them know.  

I can think of brands you see here often, where I do not regularly shop for me, but I go there because I am shopping for you.

If a store is not where you shop, there Is no need to tell us.  But, I encourage an open mind. We can receive inspiration for our own style with what is in our wardrobe, just by looking at images from dressing room posts.

And you are always welcome to send me emails of content you would like to see.  I love hearing from you.

I truly want the blog to be a community where we comment to each other and encourage one another.  

I want us to grow together and develop our own unique confident style because I know from experience that will serve us well. 

Please don’t bring your anger here…bring your joy!  I love you all and you are welcome to comment on what I said today or send an email…that would be on topic.


Pamela Lutrell

I appreciate your support of this blog by shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS, and if you don’t see the retailer you need for anything, just send me an email and I will see if I have a link or if there is a sale you are looking for!

Email is

Recent requests have been for SHEEC NO-SHOW FOOTWEAR and Bombas…and Tuckernuck …just click the name and you will be there.

I am here to assist you with any gift ideas as well, and hope you will consider shopping gifts with these links!  AND your home purchases!

I know many like to make Home Depot purchases online and then drive to the store to pick them up.  You can still use my HOME DEPOT link to do that.

A special thank you to everyone who does this to offer your support of the blog!!  It makes a difference and keeps me here.

Sunday mornings



  1. Thanks, Pam, for the encouragement to keep things positive. I’ll start! I love your blog, style transformation, bravery to try new things, and openness to reevaluate from time to time!

  2. Thank you, Anne. That is very encouraging to me and I appreciate it. I hope we will also be encouraging to one another in this space. Have a glorious day!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re receiving negative comments. That goes against everything you’re trying to promote here…JOY!!! I love to read your posts each day with my morning coffee as it brings a smile to my face and a lift for the day! There’s enough negativity out in the world today. Your blog is a breath of fresh air…thank you for keeping it that way!
    Have a restful Sunday.

  4. On this beautiful Sunday, thank you for the reminder to bring joy and not hate into our everyday lives. This week I found myself involved in an extremely contentious situation amongst a volunteer group I’m involved in. Sadly the issues all begin with negative people who feel the need to vent and let their opinions be heard. You lead an easy forum for women to use their voice in an anonymous, hateful way. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but I see very privileged women who must have something missing in their lives to be so mean to others. I look forward to your blog every morning; you have given me so much inspiration and joy! Prayers for a speedy recovery with that tailbone!

  5. So sorry you faced that Linda. I try to remember when people get super angry over something small that there is more going on with them on the inside. One woman said that words I used triggered anger in her. If words trigger anger, then there is much more happening inside. I hope to always use that as a call to pray for those people.

  6. With so much negativity and thoughtlessness towards others nowadays, your blog is a wonderful respite. Thank you for keeping it that way. Sometimes even as adults we need to hear again that words can hurt others. We are all on our own life journey with its joys and difficulties. Let’s help each person we encounter by offering encouraging words and actions.

  7. I love your positive attitude and your willingness to personally adjust your thoughts and opinions on life’s ever changing journey. You have certainly opened my mind to contemplate different styles and shopping spots, embrace strength building and weight watching, cherishing family, and a myriad of other things. I love news for women and Sunday musings. If I am busy or something doesn’t grab me, I usually just skim and move on. Thank you for your love and time you dedicate to us, your readers. Your blog is ALWAYS the first that I read in the morning. My day wouldn’t be the same without you.

  8. That is so kind, Deborah! I consider the regular readers here close friends and the ones who get my main mission with this space!

  9. Pam,
    I make “nice cream” with similar ingredients to your brownies. I soften the bananas for 1 minute in the microwave then whirl the ingredients in a mini blender. Also, I have seen many people on WW Connect over the years who have lost weight without any exercise at all. You have shown such wisdom in being aware of your extra points. Like they say on WW —you got this!

  10. Thanks Linlee…I did gain back 2 pounds the first week of injury…and that was pitty eating and one night out. But, I am back on it and feeling good. Thanks for the idea…all WW ideas welcome here!

  11. Those roses are so pretty. That is such an awful surgery, flowers are a nice pick me up. I am so disheartened that you, once again, have to remind some commenters to be civil. I dont understand why some feel it is necesssary to bring down others especially in a public forum like this. I always get the urge to comment back about the rudeness, but even had that backfire on me once.
    Take it easy on trying to get the tailbone back to working order, the stairs as you mentioned are torture and sometimes just rest is the best healer.

  12. I am resting more than I want to. Tomorrow is exactly 8 weeks until wedding day and between the wedding and the blog, there is much to do. Using ice more often does seem to help. Thanks Diane.

  13. When I see something like this, I immediately try to run through what I’ve said in the past, hoping I didn’t put anything wrong!!! Hopefully, some of the naysayers are just struggling to get the words right. Most people mean well. I also think negative people might be dealing with a lot, and just need to be offered grace. I try to do this with rude clerks. I wasn’t always this way, but I’ve tried to be, especially since I am retired. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and try to give people the benefit of time. I let people go ahead of me in line, I stop and chat more, I run errands here and there for colleagues still working. While I try not to be rude, and don’t condone it in others, I’m working on myself to be kinder. We really can’t control other people, but kindness sure brings dividends, just like Pamela-style joy does.

  14. No need to run through your comments! The negativity has mostly been from other readers and are just negative in nature…not necessarily toward me. I always try to show grace, but several comments were not posted by me. If a comment is off topic, or needs to be in an email to me, I do not allow it posted for everyone.

  15. Saying a prayer for you this Sunday morning that you receive relief from your tailbone pain soon. I hope I see your smiling face again in the gym very soon. I’m finished with pt from my knee and hip replacements so I’ll be going to the gym more frequently now.

  16. That’s great Tina! I plan to be there tomorrow…we will see how it goes🤞

  17. I love your blog! It is the first thing I look at in the morning. I was sorry to hear about your tailbone, hopefully you will have a speedy recovery. Your blog radiates positivity and hope for each day. I have gotten many good ideas relating to wellness and fashion,plus some very good recipes!

  18. I really enjoy all of your posts and don’t understand why some people have to be so negative. I try to remember that they must be very unhappy with themselves. Keep up the wonderful work!

  19. How sad it is to have to remind people to be kind! I’m praying, sweet friend, for your injury to heal sooner rather than later. I injured my tailbone in college and it does take awhile to quit hurting so I do know what you are going through! I’ve been following the outfits you are choosing for mother of the groom. How fun! You are looking great – you will look beautiful on the day. Keep up the good work! Hugs!

  20. My lengthy comment on lower spine injuries disappeared here but I do hope you’re doing a bit better every week, Pam.
    I’m using heat now( ice when it first occurred) and like you, Arnica gel or Voltaren cream. Nothing is perfect but they say time heals all.

    On another topic- those flowers are gorgeous! What a great friend you are!
    Happy weekend!

  21. As several and you have said, those who have made negative comments are usually dealing with something else in their lives and are using your delightful blog to vent. As on every social media site, anonymity seems to bring out the worst in some people. I always think of your blog as a place for joy, laughter, inspiration, and aspiration. We feel as if we are talking to a friend when we respond, and I definitely do not feel that way about other blogs. We hurt when you hurt, we rejoice when you do, we anticipate your events like your son’s wedding as if it were happening to a friend’s child. You surround us with your love and positivity as friends should do.

  22. Well, I looked in the program and can’t find your comment. I am sad too, Paulette…so wish I could read your advice. Thank you for trying!

  23. You are my friends, Celia and I love sitting down each day to visit with all of you!

  24. Thank you so much for the brownie recipe! It looks so easy and good. I plan to make them for dessert tonight. I’m like your mother, in that I often add pure vanilla, or increase the amount called for in recipes. It really makes a difference in the flavour of baked goods. I will make them with almond butter as we prefer it to peanut butter and add a pinch of salt. The recipe does not say what size baking pan to use and I can’t see a place comment on their site. Did you use an 8” x 8” pan?

  25. Yes! I used an 8×8 and they grew on me without icing! But of course, much better with!

  26. I was interested in your banana ice cream recipe. Here is another idea. As a gift we received the y@nanas machine that makes soft “ice cream” with bananas and fruit. It is sold on Amazon. It is amazing.
    Thanks for your positive thoughts, so needed and helping. The best always.

  27. Thanks so much for your help! I might drizzle some melted 70% chocolate over it. 😊🇨🇦

  28. Dear Pam, I’m so sorry that some people find negativity with you because to me you are all positivity and happiness!! A huge thank you for mentioning Bougs Flowers. I never heard of this site and I will be ordering flowers for a dear dear friend who will be turning 103 next Friday…this lady is a delight and she’d enjoy reading your blog. Hope you heal soon and enjoy reading about the upcoming wedding. What a joyous time in your family’s lives……happy Sunday

  29. Thank you, Nancy!! Wow…your friend’s birthday is super special. You are so kind to send her flowers!

  30. Another Good Sunday morning with some great ideas and a really good recipe to try.
    Funny you should mention about negative comments because I was reading another blog and this person was having the same problem with negative comments. Some people just don’t think before they say things. Im just glad you enjoy blogging because of some really helpful ideas. So thank you!!

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