Spring clothing at LOFT with Leigh & Me

spring clothing at LOFT

Happy Monday, all!  I have been watching basketball most of the weekend, so I am ready to talk spring clothing at LOFT with Leigh & Me.

We always find a few items we like at LOFT whenever we stop by, and we wanted to make sure and check out the Spring clothing at LOFT now that many places are blooming along.

Now that retailers are carrying fewer options on the racks, going into stores is often difficult for sizing.

I say that to remind you that many times the pieces we select to try on are driven by the size selections.

So, please sit back and allow us to show you the spring clothing at LOFT we found last week.


spring clothing at LOFT

spring clothing at LOFT

This Floral Open Tie Back Shell in the spring clothing at LOFT  looked super cute on Leigh Ann, and we wanted you to see it coming and going…because the back is fun.

She paired it with the clover green Petite Unpicked Hem High Rise Kick Crop Jeans.

spring clothing at LOFT

She liked this cute little Petite Eyelet Flounce Shift Dress in pale banana…it comes in two other colors.

Super cute dress in spring clothing at LOFT that will carry you through the entire summer.

spring clothing at LOFT

Both of us are impressed with the Lou & Grey collection at LOFT.  The fabrics are so comfy and soft.

A couple of year ago, Leigh Ann found a similar design in a jumpsuit and looked amazing in it…so she bought it for a trip and says she wears it out to dinner often.

LOFT online says the collection has been improved…we already thought it was pretty good!

This is the Lou & Grey Sandwashed Midi Pocket Dress in a color called Mountain Rosemary. 

There was no petite sizes for the dress, and Leigh Ann wanted a small, but there was not one in store.  So, she tried on this Medium which is a little big.

However, she still loved the fabric, comfy feeling. 

Also, we did not try this pant on…but we felt it…and it was sooooo soft….the Petite Emory Wide Leg Pants in a Stripe…comes in blue and green.  SUPER comfy.

spring clothing at LOFT

She really wanted to try on these pants and was pleased with the fit of the Petite 6.

These are the Petite Stovepipe Pants in Twill and this color is Seaside Sand.

She paired them with the Petite Medium Floral Ruffle Neck Balloon Sleeve Top.

Very pretty, soft print.


spring clothing at LOFT

spring clothing at LOFT

You know if I spy colors close to my autumn palette in the new spring clothing at LOFT, I am going to gravitate toward them!

In the top photo, I am wearing the Twill Drawstring Utility Jacket in Mountain Rosemary…it also comes in a lovely whisper white.

The whisper white color is a lovely off white creamy color…I really like the color since I do not wear white/white.

I tried it on with a Floral Everyday Shirt in Warm Coral…there are several garments in this color in the spring clothing at LOFT.

spring clothing at LOFT

Here we have a very comfortable, casual top for warm weather.

This is the Stripe Oversized Everyday Shirt in cornflower blue…also comes in a yellow.

spring clothing at LOFT

I will be honest, I am not crazy about this Textured Split Neck Sweater because it is so thin…but again, the whisper white color is nice.

This top would look better on someone who could wear it tucked in.

I also wanted you to see one of the LOFT spring scarves.

spring clothing at LOFT

And if you are looking for a fun spring wristlet…they have cute ones.


I hope you enjoyed shopping Spring Clothing at Loft with Leigh & Me today.

Again, if there is nothing here for you, at least you see what is in style this year…the colors in style this year…and perhaps receive inspiration for how to style looks already in your closet.

Please ask any questions….and thank you for joining us today…….


Pamela Lutrell

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spring clothing at LOFT


  1. I too liked the whisper white. Some of my more creamy things are a little hard to pair up with other items as they can look a little dingy. This looks like a true off white neutral.

  2. I walked right over to it when I saw it, Linda. I was so drawn to the color…very pretty neutral.

  3. Nice to see your smiling faces! Thank you for the style show at Loft. I often walk by, thinking it looks too young for me, but obviously I should explore it more carefully! Leave no stone unturned! Have a great day.

  4. I’ve never been inside a Loft store but might need to make the trip down to Tallahassee to visit one after seeing the items you and Leigh Ann have modeled. You’ve shown us several lovely items today, and I’m thrilled they also have petites which I need. Thank you for introducing me to this brand. I hope you are feeling better and better from your injury.

  5. We have a LOFT close by and I never go in it either (like Deborah). I really like the green pants Leigh is wearing and think I’m going to go investigate. The warm coral color looks really lovely on you, Pam. Have a great week!

  6. It is worth visiting, Celia. And they have many styles that work for all ages…plus sign up for their email notices because they have excellent sales. The comfort wear is so soft!

  7. It is worth a trip! They have similar styles to stores we love that are. more expensive.

  8. How is the fit on the jacket? I am between an XL and XXL…is it something I could wear as a jacket at work or is more of a jacket you take off once at your destination? Our Loft does not have it

  9. Thank you and Leigh Ann for modelling. I don’t have a Loft near me. I love the floral scarf you wore. Would you consider pairing a floral like that with a navy and white checked jacket?

  10. Absolutely, Maeve! It would speak to my creative adjective. However, I would need a floral more in my color palette.

  11. I have the floral shirt in the coral! I love that color for summer. Now I’ll have to check out the jacket. I find Loft can be hit or miss these days for “mature” women, but some of their spring items are great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I completely agree that it is hit or miss for us. But that is true anywhere. They have enough hits that it is worth your time. Love that shirt too!

  13. It is so true that our decision to purchase is limited by size selection. This can lead to less than stellar looks, unfortunately. Retailers in the largest markets might carry their full size range in stores, but women elsewhere often have to go online. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

    Here in Canada, Nordstrom is closing its doors. I wonder if it’s because they didn’t realize that women here come in size 12 and up, and some have narrow feet. Who would pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes? Women with narrow feet, that’s who. Other chains, like Talbot’s in my area, also restrict the number of size 12 and up items in a market of 1.5M. Sigh. It’s futile to shop there.

  14. Wow…since size 16 is a universal size for many women it is sad that so many places would not go above a 12!

  15. I visit our nearest Loft only a few times per year but it seems that this early spring and current spring line of clothes are more interesting to me. At only 5 ft 3 I need to find and try on some truly crop pants (length). I also want to find some wide leg linen cropped pants that really fit well. No luck so far.
    I love that thin neutral sweater and gorgeous scarf Pam! The colors are beautiful! And I love that open back shirt that Leigh Ann is modeling. Very pretty!

  16. I haven’t shopped much at LOFT since you turned me into JJill a few years ago, but it looks like it could be time to revisit them. I still wear many of the tops, jeans and cardigans I hit three years ago, but their newer items didn’t seem to hold up as well. Thanks for doing the legwork for us!

  17. I wear a large at the Loft, but a Medium at Jjill. I think the Loft is cut for a different body.

    I don’t find as much difference in pants. Those cargos are cute. That mid-rise waist looks good.

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