Talbots new arrivals with Leigh & me

Talbots new arrivals

Happy Fashion Friday, friends!  Join us and go shopping for Talbots new arrivals with Leigh & Me.

Leigh Ann & I were in a spring state of mind and ready to check out the Talbots new arrivals.

So were many other people because the stores were full of shoppers and the streets crowded.

But, you can sit right there and be cozy as we show you selections we thought you might enjoy.

Here are Talbots new arrivals with Leigh & Me…selected just for you!


Talbots new arrivals

We both loved this top in the Talbots new arrivals…so we both took it to the dressing room.

Leigh Ann tried the Elbow Sleeve Pullover in a Petite 8.

She paired it with the Chatham Ankle Pant in a Petite 8 in the jute color and gave this pant high marks…as well as the comfort and fit of the top.

Talbots new arrivals

Both of us found butterflies in the Talbots new arrivals….got to love mariposas.

She is wearing the the Embroidered Butterfly Linen Dress in a Petite 6.

Those of us who live in warmer climates during the summers like easy dresses to toss on for running errands…going to lunch…doctor’s appoints….etc.

Talbots new arrivals

Another easy warm weather dress is this Linen Popover Shirtdress…which comes in two colors.

Leigh Ann is wearing a size Petite Small.

Talbots new arrivals

Since she is a tennis player, Leigh Ann loves to find athletic clothing in the Talbots new arrivals.

Here she is wearing the Everyday Stretch Skort (Petite Medium) from the T by Talbots collection and it comes in 4 colors.

She paired this one with Supersoft Jersey Tee in the Geo flower peach color…size Petite Medium.


Talbots new arrivals

I also liked this top from the Talbots new arrivals.

I am wearing the Elbow Sleeve Pullover in a Misses L.  (The big news here is that I wore Talbots Woman for years…but I am going down!)

I have it on with the Sculpt Pull On Jeggings in Empire Blue Wash and they are big time on sale!

Talbots new arrivals

This top is so cute!

It is the Fancy Stripe Tie Sleeve Top in blue and I did size up to XL, so it does run a little small.  

Talbots new arrivals

The next two tops in the Talbots new arrivals are for all of you cool color ladies.

Here is one featuring white and light blue.

This is the Woven Sleeve Crewneck Tee in an XL.

You can tell in the Talbots new arrivals that blue & white stripes are on trend.

Talbots new arrivals

Talbots new arrivals

This top and cardigan ensemble might be perfect for some of you in cooler weather climates for spring or perfect for a beach vacay.

The top is the Cotton Button Front Shirt in Playful Paisley.  Very soft and comfy.

The cardigan is the Textured Open Front Cardigan in Aqua Breeze.

Talbots new arrivals

Butterflies just make me smile and that must be the same for many women because they are fluttering all over the Talbots new arrivals.

I just had to show you the Perfect Chinos in Pretty Butterfly….size 16.

They are pretty cute.

I am wearing them here with the Button Detail Tencel Popover Top in Harbor Wash with buttons down the back….really cute and I am in an XL.

Those are our top picks in the Talbots new arrivals!  It was so much fun to once again with Leigh Ann to shop for all of you.

They have many items on sale …just click through the links to discover what the most recent offers are.

I hope you enjoyed this Friday fashion fun!  See you tomorrow to have fun with styling!  Now make sure to …….



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Talbots new arrivals


  1. I was in Talbot’s yesterday with a $20 off coupon. My local Talbot’s doesn’t carry the full color selection seen in the catalog. My color palette is autumn and though I like a flowers on accessories (shoes, bag, scarf) I can’t pull of the floral look. I found one sleeveless top in my color palette but even with $20 off it was overpriced for the quality. Talbot’s seems to be hit or miss for quality lately. I left empty handed.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience. We were pleased with the quality and selections yesterday…wish I had a $20 off coupon. They had lovely cream colored tops…perfect for autumns and a beautiful orange floral blouse. We were very happy with the new arrivals!

  3. There is definitely a lot of blue out there this season! I’m also seeing a lot of kelly green and what I call Masters’ green. I need deeper blues, and of all the greens, I like this season’s the least. The brights this season feel too “pretty” for my style, which is less feminine and more relaxed. It’s a good season to be overbought and on a bit of a shopping break. I bet those out there with preppie style are finding a lot of fun items!

  4. Almost everything shown today would slide seamlessly into my wardrobe. I think classic casual should be two of my style adjectives. Talbots is one of the few stores here in Canada that still carry petites, especially casual wear. I may have to travel the two hour trek to the one that is closest to me. Unfortunately women’s sizing is so inconsistent on line shopping doesn’t work for me.

  5. I hope you can get over there soon, Linda! Sometimes these items go quickly…I hope seeing Leigh Ann in petites has helped some.

  6. As always, thanks for braving the stores for us! I love that Tencel denim top on you, and of course Leigh Ann looks fabulous in all the casual dresses. When I started to reign in my shopping in preparation for retirement, I categorized the “mistakes” I kept making. High on the list was “anything from Talbot’s.” As much as I love their more classic pieces, something about the fit and overall vibe is always wrong for me, and at that price point I really can’t afford more mistakes.

  7. There are many women who love Talbots and shop there through these posts…those are the ladies I go to the dressing room for.

  8. I love those butterfly relaxed chino’s. They appear to be all white butterflies in your picture but when I clicked on the link I noticed they are both white and pink. I think I’d pare them with a white jean jacket.

  9. I still think my Talbots pieces are well made and launder beautifully. Occasionally an ironing touch up is needed but that’s so true for many of my summer pieces from various retailers. I must try on clothing -period. No online guessing.
    You and Leigh Ann look great! Did you go home with the matching flowered tops? ( first frame?)

  10. We did not, Paulette…but both of us loved the top! I am considering purchasing it because it goes with a lot in my wardrobe. Their clothing does launder well.

  11. Thanks so much to you and Leigh Ann for doing this! You’re right about things going fast. I put a yellow fit and flare party dress, and it’s sold out in Petites. It’s hard to find dresses like this, and I could kick myself. I’m not a butterfly person, but those pants look so cute on you. I know you were simply showing us the tops, but as it turns out, not only did we see them modelled, but also, the tops and you look terrific without a third piece. Happy Friday.

  12. Thanks Maeve…I am so excited to now be more confident without the third piece. I am only wearing it around town right now until it warms up again…which apparently will happen this afternoon!

  13. How are you recovering from your fall? Also it is good to see vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes in clothing. I love the dresses on Leigh Anne and the tencel popover top on you.Keep smiling.

  14. The t shirts I love. You both look great in them. The rest are all great not all my style but they look nice, spring and cool

  15. Wish I could give you my coupon. My local store’s selection is pretty limited. Lots of flowered prints but I just don’t wear them.

  16. It does and like you I am trying to loose my covid weight and hopefully will get down closer to her size.

  17. It does. Like you I am working on losing some covid weight and hope I might get closer to her size. You both always look good.

  18. I love The elbow sleeve sweater. It looks great on both of you. I hope Leigh Ann walked out with that linen butterfly dress! It looks perfect on her.

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