More picks from spring new arrivals

spring new arrivals

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today post is simply to inform you of more picks from spring new arrivals that I believe you may want to know about.

It seems that every day of spring break has featured more brands releasing spring new arrivals, and there are so many lovely items to see.

I understand that some of you are shopping and some are not, but if you are like me, you still like to know what is on the market and view the top picks in the items.

I am also going to inform you today of SALES HAPPENING…again…some of you will want that information.

So. let’s start with another sandal purchase for me in preparation of events ahead.

Spring new arrivals: Bronze Sandals

spring new arrivals

Since I no longer wear silver, I was shopping for sandals to add to my gold sandals, and found this wonderful bronze pair.

Andre Assous Featherweights are made in Spain and I found mine at Dillard’s.

They are, not only lightweight, but very flexible and move easily with my foot.

The sandals are made with a sole massage footbed and will give comfort all day…the comments confirmed that…so I placed an order…and LOVE THESE SANDALS.

Check out the Andre Assous Nice Stretch Thong Sandals in bronze…you will see this shoe is available in seven colors.  I might even consider a second color…they are that comfortable and stylish.

If you click through the link provided, you will also see other designs by the same brand.

Spring new arrivals: Sales Abound!

spring new arrivals

Here is what I know…and some include spring new arrivals:

JJILL’S SALE STARTS TODAY (and a new collection launched today with it)



MACY’S VIP SALE WITH CODE.  Runs today through April 2.  30% off with an extra 15% off of cosmetics and fragrances with promo code VIP.  Some exclusions apply.

ULTA 21 DAYS OF BEAUTY WITH 50% OFF STEAL DEALS…get 50% on top brands

HSN SPECIAL DEAL…$10 off $20 purchase  with code LTKXHSN

SPANX...Spring Requested colors are now on sale.. 10% off with promo code LTKXSPANX.



If I discover more after this post goes live, I will add to this list.  Of course, these sales are motivated by the season and Easter on April 9.

Spring new arrivals: Don’t Miss These Picks…ALL Price Points

There is a quick update of the retail world…I hope this informed and inspired you today!  Please ask questions or comment and above all………………………….


Pamela Lutrell

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spring new arrivals


  1. Those are the -most- gorgeous sandals! Following foot surgery and the relocation of a toe tendon, I can no longer wear anything between my toes, but if I could, I would be all over those. I loved the red ones and the raffia ones too. And the pewter is a warmer silver with a warm contrasting toe piece, which would be great for mixed metal looks. I did look through the other selections, and didn’t find anything I liked quite as much, but the minimal, hidden wedge flats would be super versatile, and I liked the braided gold sandals too. I will put this brand on my radar! How is the width? I tend to be on the wider side of medium.

  2. The width was perfect for me…not exceptionally wide and really well made. I will be spending time with their brand as well!

  3. What a pretty pair of sandals! I’m checking out for a bit as today is my final day at home before MAZATLAN! ⛱️ I will be looking for a stylish summer handbag, maybe something woven, while on vacation since you had such luck on your recent trip. Will catch all your posts on a lovely round of catch-up when I’m back. Hasta luego!

  4. Pam,
    After seeing those glittery FitFlops on you a few days ago, I ordered them for myself (hope you got credit). They arrived today and how well they fit right out of the box! Thanks for your inspiration. You are a blessing to those of us over 50 who strive to remain stylish and relevant.

  5. I would love it if you could find shoes like those worn in your sketch of the bottom half of someone in a leopard skirt. Ankle straps and a Mary Jane strap….both on the same shoe! I cannot wear flats (or any slip-on shoe because they will not stay on my feet unless they are so tight the pain is excruciating. I know you will enjoy your Fitflop sandals…..the Fitflop is about all I can wear having lost the cushioning fat pad on the bottoms of my feet.

  6. Hi Mary Frances, I will keep my eyes open for a similar shoe. Are you looking for both straps on the shoe? One on ankle and one across the foot? I just googled it and found nothing at this time…but I know I have seen it. I will keep my eyes open.

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