Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News

Hello friends!  It is Wednesday and time for Today’s News for Women Over 50.

For anyone new, this is the day I compile lifestyle news for women over 50 into one location to keep you easily informed.

I look at media around the globe from blogs to news outlets and try to select what I believe will be of interest to our age group.

This is light and fun lifestyle news…does not often include the heavy headlines.

Today’s recipes are curated with Passover and Easter celebrations in mind and any type of entertaining.

So, get your morning beverage…a cozy spot…and let’s learn together from Today’s News.


Today's News

Pure Wow: The 30 Best Haircuts for Gray Hair in 2023

People: Justine Bateman Defends Her Decision to Age Naturally: ‘My Face Represents Who I Am. I Like It’

Yahoo: Laura Geller Shares Her Top Face-Transforming Makeup Tips For Women Over 40   (Website: Laura Geller Beauty)

CNN: Customers now face a radically different tipping culture compared to a few years ago

Prevention Magazine: Christie Brinkley Gets Real About Undergoing Cosmetic Procedures at 69 in New Video

Well + Good: Nearly a Decade After Embracing My Gray Hair at 50, I Decided To Start Dyeing It Again—And That’s Just Fine

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Todays News

CNET: Keep the Weight Off With These Expert-Approved Tips

CNBC: 100-year-old sisters share 4 tips for staying mentally sharp as you age—and they don’t say crossword puzzles

Today Show: How to heal your body by nourishing with healthy foods

Eat This Not That: 6 Daily Cardio Exercises To Stay Fit as You Age

Rachel Ray: Yes, We Can Actually Change Our Metabolism

Nourish: 4 signs you’re drinking too much water

Becoming Minimalist: 100 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Life

CNET: Learn How to Sneak More Exercise Into Your Daily Routine: 7 Tips That Actually Work

Well + Good: ‘I’m an 82-Year-Old Triathlete and Longevity Expert. Here’s My Top Tip for Staying Mentally and Physically Sharp’


Today's News

My Life After Dairy: Vegan Frozen Yogurt Bark – My Life After Dairy

Southern Living:  Dolly Paton’s Mama Chocolate Caramel Cake and easy sheet pan dessert for entertaining

My French Country Home:  Pain au chocolat: A scrumptious French staple

Yahoo: 3 Sweet Beverages You Can Drink All Day Without Gaining Weight

Minnepa Orchards:  The Best Carrot Cake Recipe You’ve Ever Tasted

Stacy Lyn Harris:  Bacon Jam Recipe

Texas Real Food:  Strawberry Run Shortcake

Eating Well:  One Pot Garlicky Shrimp & Spinach


Today's News

Real Simple: The Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends of 2023, According to the Experts

Better Homes & Gardens:  It’s Official:  Backyards are the must have home feature for 2023and How Melissa Gilbert’s Lifestyle Brand Is Using the Home to Redefine Aging

Veranda Magazine:  Serena & Lily Redesigned PGA National Resort Cottages – and they are a coastal dream

Who What Wear: 14 Spring Dress Styles French Women Rely on to Look Elegant


Today's News

Southern Living: Texas Grandmother Takes Grandkids On Spring Break Road Trip To Every Buc-ee’s In The State

Yahoo:  Ontario woman ‘beyond excited’ to be reunited with accidentally-donated wedding dress and A cow with super unique markings is making everyone smile

People: Iris Apfel and Carl Apfel’s Marriage: All About Their Decades-Long Romance

NZ Herald Lifestyle: Kate spotted dancing at her brother’s wedding in new photo

Science Alert: DNA From Beethoven’s Hair Reveals a Surprise Almost 200 Years Later

I could go on with Today’s news for women over 50, but I know it is getting long.  I will save some of the other interesting headlines I discovered for next week.

If you have any thoughts on today’s news, please leave a comment.  I will see you tomorrow…and now make sure that you….


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  1. Good morning Pamela. Thank you for your blog, I start my day off looking at a very few blogs, and yours is always one of them. Today’s version of the news seemed particularly interesting, reading about Iris Apfel and her husband and career was inspiring. I also enjoyed the story of the returned wedding dress, I am a Hamilton girl but did not know this heart-warming story. I always look forward to learning something new from this curated collection of articles you provide.

  2. I truly enjoy your links to the different articles on Wednesdays. But today I chuckled a bit when I clicked on 14 Spring Dress Styles French Women Rely on to Look Elegant. I am wondering if you will be modeling all those styles for us anytime soon. LOL Have a great day!! And thanks for the smiles you created this beautiful morning.

  3. Loved two of today’s articles- the Carrot Cake story (history plus) And the story of the two sisters(each over 100 years old). Interesting!
    I’ll haveto share with my book club members!

  4. I always think it is interesting for us to see what is happening with fashion! You are right though the majority of those styles most of us would not wear. As a grandmother I like to know what younger girls are being encouraged to wear.

  5. I have been reading and enjoying this blog for a couple of years. My name somehow got taken off your mailing list. I have signed up numerous times to renew my subscription and it has failed. I have to go online and download it myself. Please help me correct this problem. Thank you.

  6. Pamela, I’m enjoying all the articles today, on yet another rainy morning in California……

  7. I’m usually so busy reading all of the “news” that I forget to comment, but I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I enjoy it every week! I know that it’s a lot of work for you but it is much appreciated!

  8. I was surprised at how many of the 100 simple things I already do. It seems that I’m on the right track. I definitely want to check out Melissa Gilbert’s Modern Prairie.

  9. I just discovered your website and I love it. And thank you for so many more links.

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