Comfort shoes for mature women at DSW

comfort shoes for mature women

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Let’s talk about comfort shoes for mature women at DSW.

Leigh Ann and I recently stopped by a local DSW to see what we could find in comfort shoes for mature women for spring.

We were pleasantly surprised in all that we discovered in brands some may not think of when thinking comfort shoes.

Also, if there are shoes on trend…they will be there in top brands.

So, please join us as we enter the doors at DSW.

And note, that I am wearing the Sheec Socks that went with the shoes I wore in the store…you see them sticking out in the pictures! They sell different fits for different types of shoes.


comfort shoes for mature women

The popularity of the Kelly & Katie brand has grown so much at DSW that they now have a whole separate department at the front of our store.

So, I wondered…could they be considered a comfort shoe for mature women?

comfort shoes for mature women

The answer is YES for at least the shoes we tried on.

We saw extra padding in several of the designs which for my funky feet takes them into acceptable comfort shoes for mature women.

Let me demonstrate with this lovely ballet flat.

comfort shoes for mature women


comfort shoes for mature women

This is the Perri Ballet Flat available in five colors. 

The padding makes it very comfortable and I walked around the area to make sure it felt that way.

comfort shoes for mature women

Both us tried on this Aerin Sport Loafer which comes in three colors.

It is stylish, a lovely taupe color and, of course, goes in the category comfort shoes for mature women!

comfort shoes for mature women

Here is another excellent example of comfort shoes for mature women.  Slips on easily too and would be perfect for travel.

This is the Estarr Slip-on Sneaker and comes in three colors including a lovely dusty rose.

comfort shoes for mature women

Of course, the Kelly & Katie brand has sandals.

Leigh Ann liked these gold Myrra Sandals which come in seven colors.

comfort shoes for mature women

I think the shoes with the “cork-type” look are great for spring and give a different look from others.

This Hiliah Medallion Ballet Flat is lovely and comes in five colors.

comfort shoes for mature women

Finally, my favorite shoe in the Kelly & Katie line for comfort shoes for mature women was this fun flat.

This is the beige/brown Jana Flat which I think has such a lovely look for spring.

I also liked the Jayde Flat which comes in seven colors and mimics a more expensive brand with a nice shoe.

comfort shoes for mature women

Side note:  We were also impressed with the cute Kelly & Katie Handbags…particularly the cross body bags.

My favorite is the Straw Bow Tote…there is no picture, so click the link to see the bag…so cute!  I would change out the bow for a fun spring scarf.


comfort shoes for mature women

We did find a few other shoes in store that we would put in the comfort shoes for mature women focus.

One is the sandal in the very first picture that Leigh Ann tried on.  Super cute and comfy…it Is the Italian Shoemakers Joya Sandal.

The shoe just says Spring and Summer here I come!

In this picture, the shoe at the forefront is the Clarks Sara Poppy Loafer which I really loved this shoe for comfort and style.

I realize it is not that “springy” but I just love this gold and it is for sure in comfort shoes for mature women.

comfort shoes for mature women


Of course, DSW carries top brands for sneakers, but I wanted to point out one with a slip on style.

This is the Gola Slip On Sneaker in white/gold. It is comfy and I love the way it looks.

We were not sure what we would uncover as we headed out to DSW, but again, we were pleasantly surprised at all of the comfort shoes for mature women we found.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with us once again and that you are getting excited for the new warm weather seasons ahead.

Please let us know if you have any questions….enjoy your day…and no matter what……


Pamela Lutrell

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comfort shoes for mature women



  1. What a lovely array of shoes at affordable price points. Thank you for the style show. I have been looking for summer bags and never thought of looking there. I may stop in this week. I wish there was a way to give you ‘credit’ while shopping in person. Although you said a while ago that Leigh Ann was very busy and may not appear as often, it has been fun to see you two together shopping. Thank you.

  2. She was so generous to do one more round of posts for me, but from now on, she may only make an occasional appearance. I am so grateful to her for her help…her friendship…the fun we have had…and will miss seeing her as often as we have the last couple of years. But as spouses retire…families grow…our lives often take different paths. She will be missed in this community…I know that for certain.

  3. Loved these! Even though I’m on a low buy, I’m looking for a versatile flat I can wear for a slightly more dressy occasion, with black or navy plants. I would wear them only occasionally, because I already have a lovely selection of fashion sneakers and loafers. The recycled bottle imitator who-shall-not-be-named looks like the perfect choice. Do you think a pair of nude flats can be worn with both black and navy?

  4. Absolutely, Linda! Nude flats give the black and blue pant a lighter, spring or summer look.

  5. First, I’m so thrilled to have found Sheec products as they are the only brand I’ve found that will stay on my smaller-heeled left foot, a result of my polio as a child. I often recommend this brand. Today you’ve shown us several attractive shoes from a brand unfamiliar to me. When I make that trip down to Tallahassee to go to Loft, I’ll have to fit in a stop by the DSW store. Shoes are again a difficult item for me to buy but I’m always on the lookout for comfort shoes that will stay on my different sized feet.

  6. I know you have a special need for your feet, Celia. Do stop in DSW…there are so many options for you…it might honestly help.

  7. It gives you so many, moderately priced options in one place. Thanks Paulette.

  8. The DSW by me is very large, clean and well organized. I stop in often to see the selection. On my last trip I couldn’t decide between so many cute sandals!

  9. Ours is always well organized and employees roam to pick up what is left behind from try on sessions…and I agree…so many cute sandals!

  10. Pam – This is a subject completely “off topic” for today’s blog….but….
    At your suggestion, I read “The Thoughtful Dresser” by Linda Grant; I had to request it from a library other than my own and I was successful and thrilled. This is one of the most interesting books to read; she said so much in the small book and certainly gave me food for thought on how/why we dress and choose the clothes and accessories we do. Her style of writing is fun, she “poked” fun at her younger fashion choices; she made me chuckle a number of times but also brought up some historical facts that made me do a “deep think.” Thank you for the suggestion; I hope other readers have considered reading this. I couldn’t find the daily blog where you had suggested the book.

  11. I always look forward to your shoe posts, since I have some similar foot issues. Thanks for another batch of great ideas! I recently found an affordable evening clutch bag at DSW for an MOG who needed help matching one to her shoes. Spring has really brought out some great new selections, and it’s always fun to see Leigh Ann shop with you. Tell her she’ll be missed!

  12. Of course, you can go off topic to get in a good review! The book was my favorite read on our recent Cabo vacation. I could not put it down! It is on Amazon.

  13. Well, she just now told me that she will be around more often than I thought! Good news for all of us!

  14. Based on your recommendation I ventured into DSW for the first time. I found an array of styles that I was interested in and purchased two. I am unable to wear flat shoes, however, due to my previous plantar fasciitis. It requires me to wear a slight heel or wedge for comfort and less strain on my plantar. So when you see any cute, casual wedges please pass it on. Thanks for your always current information!

  15. Great post! First to mention, I just finished The Thoughtful Dresser. I really related as the author and I are roughly in the same age range, our Mothers seem similar also, great book. Now to DSW, this store has great shoes. I did enjoy the selection of ballet flats that you’ve featured. I’ve never been a sandal person, so tennis shoes and flats are my go to’s. Looks like I’ll have a day trip to my closest DSW, just about 10mi away, shoes I need to try on, can’t order on-line….have a great day!!

  16. So happy you enjoyed this book, margiemi! There were so many evocative thoughts and stories. I sent a copy to one of my best ‘style’ friends (from junior high!) and we both marked it up. We will find some warm deck time this summer to get together and discuss. I just ordered Linda Grant’s THE CLOTHES ON THEIR BACKS. Looking forward to reading it.

  17. Like Sheri I can’t wear flats because of plantar fasciitis. I am most comfortable in shoes with 1 1/2″ heels or wedge/platform and good insole support. Thanks for reminding us about DSW! I’ll have to check them out. My go to shoe store is Dillards – ours has a terrific selection. When I can’t find shoes there I know I’m being too picky. Glad to hear that Leigh Ann will be able to join you a little more often than you had thought. I’m sure her company makes shopping a lot more fun for you – and us too!

  18. When it comes to our feet, Sharon, we must be picky. I think you have heard me say before that I am a huge fan of Dillards shoe department! I am here to offer many options!

  19. I just received at coupon in the mail today for DSW, so I will be heading there soon. I really like the Kelly & Katie bags, & I am in the market for a new summer bag. Of course, I am always looking for comfortable shoes.

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