Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems for security needs of mature women

Bay Alarm Medical Systems


Hello Friends.  Today, I am reviewing Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems as I personally recognize the security needs of mature women.

Most followers know I am on the doorstep of turning 70, and the recent past has opened my eyes to the security needs of mature women just like me.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

When the developers of the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System asked me to look at their SOS Mobile GPS unit, I was all in and knew this could be a helpful device to many mature women who are still active like I am.

In fact, the SOS Mobile GPS Unit was developed for those who are active but do not necessarily live alone.  We may need some protection when those we live with are away.

During an emergency, all we need do is press the help button and it will connect with the device and send a signal to the 24/7 USA-based monitoring center where a live dispatcher will come over the two-way speaker and assess our needs.


Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

One year ago in May, after walking our dog in the morning sun at 7:20 A.M., I was chased by a predator into my home.  The entire event was captured on a security camera.

Thankfully, my husband had not left for work just yet and my screaming his name apparently moved the man to stop and run away…after holding a lawn mower blade over my head.  The picture above is of his muddy feet on my entry way tile.

I worked closely with the police and agreed to do a local television interview that night.

The short version of this story ends with a successful capture from police, and since the man was a repeat offender, he was jailed.

I have played “what if” many times in my mind and know that a system such as the Bay Alarm Medical Alert SOS Mobile GPS Unit is a necessity in case my husband is not at home.  I live in a very nice neighborhood, and now know that an episode such as this can happen to anyone.

I also know women who have been approached while shopping after leaving stores with their packages.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems


On top of that in the last three years, I have fallen twice and needed assistance.  Thankfully, again, a sweet neighbor has been around to help me.  But I am well aware that the next time, no one may be around. 

It is easy to say that this has never happened to you or that you know people who get medical alert systems and never use them.  I previously said those things too.

But now I know how quickly and unexpectedly we can become victims.


Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

The SOS Mobile GPS Unit by Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems has several benefits for mature women to consider:

  1. It is so easy to set up and use. (Warning: there is a voice that speaks to you while charging, so don’t jump like I did!)
  2. I can wear it on my neck or on a clip and have quick and easy access to the button which calls for help.
  3. It works easily around the house, and while I am out…such as walking our dog, Tux. It is also easy to have with you while shopping.
  4. The unit’s unique features include: no cell phone is required to use the device (only for the app); there is a two-way speaker; built-in help button: everything comes paired and ready so no additional activation is needed; there is USA-based monitoring, long battery life with easy to charge system; and it is water resistant.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

I hope you are considering security for yourselves.  In this world today, it is an unfortunate necessity to consider, “What would I do if I fell?  What would I do if I was attacked?”

Spend some time with the answer, and then some time with information on the SOS Mobile GPS Unit.  Then consider a free quote and a 30-day risk free trial.

I want to feel as secure as possible when I leave my house every day.



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.  


  1. Today’s blog subject initially was a surprise, but, now that I’m thinking more about it, a good one. As unbalanced as I am and as many times as I stumble, I would certainly be more safe if I had such a unit. Throughout my life I’ve learned to do many things differently than others might because of my childhood polio, but I still and will continue to have mishaps, just hopefully not serious like the time I broke my hip. This seems like a reasonable aide meant especially for me.

  2. You point out many truths and thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story. Thank you also for sharing information about this device. Most older adults I know do not think of these things. We have to plan while we can, while we have the executive functioning ability to be able to plan. It’s natural to want our independence or to think it won’t happen to us. The crime wave where I live is alarming – in a nice part of town. People get assaulted coming out of banks or leave their purses unattended in shopping carts or while putting groceries in the car or house. I don’t want to be a fear monger and what I’m trying to say is good for you for being proactive especially after two prior falls and the trauma of the dude trying to assault you. That is a lot to have happened to any of us!

  3. I admit that I approach this with the stigma in mind of “this reminds me of my 98-year old mother.” I know they are using younger women in marketing campaigns and I understand that any of us, even very young women, can become victims of attacks and even falls. Falls aren’t limited to older people. Right now I feel myself pushing back because I feel much younger than my actual age (I’m your age). I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that feeling and I’m just being honest about it. On the other hand, common sense says that safety is sensible for any and all women, not just those in our age group. I have to learn to get past seeing my mother wearing one of these… just being open and honest here Pam…

  4. Sounds good. And it looks good. I like it clipped on your great walking outfit with the bright jacket that picks up the color in your shoes.

  5. It’s great to know there is a product with capabilities beyond the home. We set my folks up with pendants last year, and the range is pretty good such that they can be outside in the garden or on the patio – but not much beyond. Not a problem since they don’t take walks, but for the more mobile, it would feel quite limiting. I will share this service with my friends and keep it in mind for myself going forward. Your experience last year was an eye-opener, for sure.

  6. I’ve had a fall while walking ( winter) where I broke my hand and could not reach my phone as I was on the hard cold sidewalk lying on the very zipped pocket which held my cellphone. My forehead and eye were bleeding heavily and I was knocked out temporarily. . A passerby gently rolled me to find my phone to call 911 and she remained with me until the EMTs got me to my feet.
    This was in 2021. I’d have been fine except the broken hand and two fingers. If only I had something similar back then! A great device!

  7. We were very glad to have had a device like this for my mother this past January when she fell and it turned out broke her hip. We were not home at the time but were contacted quickly via our cell phone and got to her and then her to the hospital and in an emerge room all within an hour. I think that because she knew someone was on the way as soon as it happened she was calm and collected through the whole ordeal and has made a good recovery. Her device can be pushed at any time but also detects falls and will connect without being pushed. Not sure about your device but her original one was connected to her phone line and like someone mentioned only worked within her own home. Because her phone line was undependable she now has one that is wifi connected and works 24/7 wherever she is.

  8. Thank you for the review of Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems. I highly recommend their product to all older women who are concerned about their security. I know that many of us are still active and don’t always have the time to live alone, so I’m glad that there is a product like Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems that can help us during an emergency.

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