Eileen Fisher…simple goes with everything

Eileen Fisher

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I hope all had a glorious Easter celebration weekend.  We certainly did.

I want to thank everyone who commented on Sunday’s post…this audience is such a blessing to me.

But….let’s get back to fashion!

I could not spend so much time at Dillard’s lately without showing you how Eileen Fisher simple goes with everything.

I actually borrowed today’s headline from one of the EF emails…Eileen Fisher, simple goes with everything.

So many wear Eileen Fisher for the simple, elegant styles and sustainable fabrics.

Please allow me to share a few of those simple pieces with you so you can see that Eileen Fisher simple goes with everything.

Though I was at Dillard’s, remember you can also go to Eileen Fisher or Nordstrom to find these selections and more.


Eileen Fisher

One of the ways that Eileen Fisher’s simple goes with everything is through lovely neutrals which will build any wardrobe.

A sales associate at Dillard’s said. “I see you have been writing often about weddings.  Let me show you an outfit I sold to a grandmother of the bride for a wedding.”

This is the complete outfit and it is one of my favorite Eileen Fisher neutrals…and goes with everything.

The color is called BONE and I am wearing the Silk Georgette Crepe Elastic Waist Wide Leg Pleated Pants.

And, the Silk Georgette Crepe Notch Collar One Button Front Trench Coat  This is a large…and I believe I could easily have gone down to a Medium in this one.

The tank is the Boat Neck Sleeveless High-Low Tunic Silk Shell in bone.

Eileen Fisher

The monochromatic outfit would not fit my style adjectives…lacking the touch of creativity I like.

But, I do want to put in a word about these pants…they are the most lovely wide leg pants I have tried on…you feel luxurious in them. 

And, prove that Eileen Fisher goes with everything.

The bone color is better for those of us who wear warmer colors..it is just creamier than a white white.

I am also a big fan of the new brown…Espresso…it is so in my color palette.


Eileen Fisher

I found a few casual pieces you might like in the Eileen Fisher for spring collection.

Obviously, my arms could use some cover up, but I do like this top.  This is the Organic Cotton Slubby Rib Knit Crew Neck Short Sleeve Boxy Tunic and it comes in four colors.

I also like this beautiful ivory Stretch Linen Crepe V-Neck Long Sleeve Boxy Sweater, if I had seen it on the floor I would have tried it on.

And, this green is so nice for spring casual wear.  Look at the color Absinthe in this Organic Cotton French Terry High Crew Neck Long Sleeve Drop Shoulder Boxy Top.

I am wearing the boxy tunic with the Eileen Fisher Stretch Organic Cotton High Waisted Slim Straight Leg Jeans.  Great fit and comfort.

Eileen Fisher Goes with everything

Eileen Fisher goes with everything

Eileen Fisher goes with everything

Eileen Fisher simple does go with everything in their linen…however, many of the linen pieces are the ones that do wrinkle.

It is soft linen though, but you must not mind the wrinkle…and I know some of you do not.

The first outfit features the Coordinating Washed Organic Linen Delave Point Collar Short Sleeve Shirt in deep aqua.

I paired it with the same color in the Washed Organic Linen Delave High Waisted Ankle Straight Pants.

Finally, I decided to show you with the EF jeans this Organic Linen Stand Collar Button Front Boxy Jacket in a color called unnatural.

Here is another remind that…..

Eileen fFsher

My rehearsal dinner outfit is Eileen Fisher discovered at Dillard’s.  I am looking forward to wearing it for this very special evening.
This is the Crushed Silk Scoop Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress in the absinthe color…it comes in six colors, and I believe even more at Eileen Fisher.
For me, Eileen Fisher goes with everything…and has been in my wardrobe for years.
Thank you for joining me for one more little fashion show from Dillard’s.  
Also, on Thursday, I will feature a new brand for me that I really like a lot and, of course, tomorrow is our news headline day.
Thank you for being here and being the best audience ever!  Now, any questions or comments on the Eileen Fisher simple elegance that goes with everything….
By Pamela Lutrell

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Eileen Fisher


  1. I always check out the new offerings from EF at Dillard’s. While the loose and flowy things tend to overpower me, I have some of The System pieces, and really like the System pants. I like the new brown color, and currently have no brown in my closet but am drawn to it, especially in pants. I found a beautiful, longer ivory denim jacket on the EF website on a huge sale and got it for my sister…they do have nice sales! I have made peace with linen, and EF linen is definitely quality. It seems that all the materials they use are quality, so these garments will last a very long time. Also, it’s not trendy, more of a style unto itself, thus it will last on and on in our wardrobes.

  2. Your rehearsal dinner dress is still my favorite! So elegant. I don’t have too many pieces of EF in my wardrobe at the moment. That being said, I have two pairs of her ‘travel’ pants with me on vacation this week in an expresso and a marine blue. They are simple slim ankle pants and they can be dressed up or down. Indispensable since I packed for 6 days in a tote bag! Have a good week!

  3. I have never tried on any EF garments but have read how long-lasting and wearable their pieces are. And I’m especially pleased to realize how many items they recycle into new items, keeping those items out of the waste stream. They would be investment pieces for me, but perhaps well worth their expense if worn often as I’ve read some do. Your rehearsal dinner dress is quite beautiful and elegant.

  4. I am glad you showed the gorgeous clothes today. I loved the rehearsal dinner outfit so much I bought it in navy to wear to a college reunion function. The Bone color 3 piece outfit looks amazing on you!

  5. I absolutely love your rehearsal dinner outfit. When you showed this early on I commented how much I loved it. I also love your hairstyle with the curls. I think it really becomes you and makes you look youthful.

  6. I appreciate you featuring Eileen Fisher. The grandma must have looked fab at the wedding! Thanks for your review of the bone color, I’ve been wondering what it’s like in person. P.S. The crinkle dress is lovely on you!

  7. Wow, there were some beautiful selections here, especially the last, button tunic and the jeans. I think the monochrome outfit is actually creative, because that particular neutral is an unusual choice and the drape/line of the outfit is so interesting. With metallic and straw accessories, it could get into that creative wheelhouse. I’m on a low buy, but I want to add a linen oversized button down to my summer wardrobe. I appreciate your showing better brands, by the way. I don’t need that much any more, and I’d rather have fewer clothes that consist of pieces like these.

  8. I just love Eileen Fisher. The thinking behind this neutral dress concept is right for me. Its simply the way I try to dress most of the time. Pieces work with other pieces and there you have it– a new outfit!
    My clothes are old now (back when I was working) when I could afford her items. But they are classic and I didn’t feel dated when I wear them tho they are primarily black or grey. You truly y look beautiful in her new bone shade!

  9. I recently purchased the Eileen Fisher washable stretch crepe ankle pants in black and white after either you or Jennifer featured them and I absolutely LOVE them. They can so easily be dressed up or down and the fabric is amazing. I ordered two sizes and had to size down as they suggest. They will be perfect for traveling and I’m looking forward to wearing them on our upcoming cruise! You look beautiful in all of the outfits today. I so enjoy your blog, Pamela. It’s the first thing I read every morning!

  10. Wow! My instant reaction to the all-bone outfit was that you could be a stand-in for Diane Keaton if needed! What an elegant, refined look this is. It did, indeed, seem a bit oversized for you, but how stunning!

  11. I like the system pieces as well, Karen! And I just ordered a couple of basics in the espresso…love this brown.

  12. The pants are so great for travel…I have packed them for years. Comfortable and no wrinkles.
    Thanks Deborah.

  13. I have kept my EF pieces for years…they last and wear well. You can find the pieces on sale and in resale!

  14. Thanks Renee…right now, I am enjoying wearing my hair both ways…but I confess, the curls are super easy.

  15. That is where I am Linda…I think from now on, I will only be adding the better brands. I appreciate the quality so much.

  16. That is what is great about Eileen Fisher…there are really few trends in her collections…just great basics that all work together. I love the bone shade…such an elegant neutral for warm palettes.
    Thanks Paulette. Also, I did want to respond to your comment yesterday and say that I am so sorry that happened to you…it must have been horrific. So glad to have you here.

  17. I have seven pair of those pants in different colors for a reason…they are amazing just like you have discovered, Niki. Thanks for the encouragement!

  18. Why would the mother of a bride wear bone, a shade of white, to her daughter’s wedding? Isn’t this some kind of cardinal sin for wedding-goers?

  19. I only know what the sales associate told me…she was grandmother. I know I am not wearing white…but I would wear this bone color other places, it is lovely.

  20. I only have a few pieces of EF because I tend to fall between sizes in this brand, but I love the pieces I do own. My style tends toward classic, and I find her pieces to have staying power. My favorite of all the outfits you shared is the aqua top and jeans. You look absolutely radiant, and it’s such a flattering fit. Maybe you could wear it for some of the upcoming Fiesta events, either as separates or together? I can just see those pants with a brightly embroidered top! As always, I think your MOG rehearsal choice is spectacular, and can’t wait to see you in it for their big weekend.

  21. A few days ago you modeled Chicos clothing. The next day was Ming Wang. Oh what a difference in quality the Ming Wang was. I have been disappointed in the quality of Chicos tops lately (a simple top for 99.00 and they don’t seem to hold up after a few wears and washes) The difference clearly shows in your photos of Chicos vs Ming Wang. I also am a big EF fan and love her ankle length or crop slim leg crepe pants. They last for years. I am going to order one of her crinkle dresses and ponchos. It looked so wonderful on you.

  22. I absolutely love the bone outfit on you, but to me all the pieces looked oversized. You could have gone down one in the coat and probably pants too! Dressing this way is creative elegance- the additional creativity could be jewelry or a scarf, even shoes and clutch. Very understated and elegant. I thought the teal outfit looked nice. So many of her pieces wear me instead of the other way around I’ve never liked them because of that. My body shape needs structure to look polished. Plus, no place to wear them. I am still being extra careful and masking (immunocompromised).

  23. “Obviously my arms could use some coverup”

    Pam, I’ve noticed you making similar negative statements about other body parts.

    What’s the reasoning behind such statements? Are they valid? Or are they, to give one example, reflections of the ageism in society? Is this a way that society makes women over 40 (or 30, or 20) invisible?

  24. It wasn’t the Mother of the Bride, it was the Grandmother of the Bride, who could be anywhere from mid-50s to 90+. Probably Granny was a ‘blond’ as I don’t think Bone is usually the best color for gray hair.

    I’ve been through this with my own Mother twice in the past few years and I think that outfit is pretty good. She’s at a point in life where she hardly wears dresses or skirts, I’m not sure if she could shimmy into pantyhose, and she’s often chilly so the jacket would be nice. That flowy soft look is what she likes. For my Son’s first wedding she did the pants thing, in black, she borrowed the outfit from her sister. That didn’t bode well for the union, which didn’t last long and I think I’d have preferred bone!

    Anyway, by the time you get to the Grandmother of the Bride/Groom level they’re going to wear whatever they want.

  25. Maybe I should have phrased it….that I personally prefer the cover up. We all face aging in different ways. This has nothing to do with ageism.

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