Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Flower Girl Dresses

flower girl dresses

Welcome, friends!  Today, in my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey, we go shopping for flower girl dresses.

Shopping for flower girl dresses was fun for so many reasons…just stick with me here for all of it.

The bride, my five-year-old granddaughter, my daughter-in-law and I ventured out over the weekend for flower girl shopping.

Remember, this is a formal, evening wedding.

This granddaughter and her two-year-old sister will be the flower girls and I cannot wait to watch them walk down the aisle.

So, come along, as we head off to Dillard’s to shop for flower girl dresses.


flower girl dresses

The experience with this precious granddaughter became a special memory.

When I told her last week that we were going to the mall to shop for dresses, her response was, “They have dresses at the mall??”

I smiled and said…just wait.  

This was her first time in a large department store to take clothing into a dressing room and try on several options.

She walked into the department as if she was being treated to the closets of her favorite Disney princesses.  

She would touch a dress and tell us…this looks like Belle, this looks like Rapunzel, this is Cinderella……it was pretty cute and she was truly amazed by the experience.

However….we may have created a monster…she cried hours later when it was time to go!

flower girl dresses

Dillard’s was a perfect choice for flower girl dresses….especially around Easter time.

Let me refresh your memory…this wedding’s colors are green, coral and yellow with lots of greenery.

Since, my granddaughter’s favorite color is pink…we took in several light pink options.

There are many gorgeous ones online, but we needed to get a sense of fit and fabrics…plus it was such a fun time.

We also needed dresses with the two specific sizes for the sisters to dress alike. 

There was one she put on and immediately took off…it was too itchy!

A very good reason to shop in store…unfortunately some are itchy.

In these photos, she is standing with the bride.

flower girl dresses

It blessed me that so many families were there shopping for Easter.

I hope the tradition of dressing up for Easter never goes away. 

And, of course, I was blessed to be with three members of my own family.

These are the two women who my wonderful sons love and cherish.

flower girl dresses

Ta Da!  You are looking at the winning dress…I should have also photographed the back because it is lovely.

It will look wonderful coming and going down the aisle.

The bridesmaids will be in green, so this is a gorgeous compliment to their dresses with so many greens in the print.  Will be perfect for pictures.

My little assistant also picked out this Rare Editions Little Girls 2T-6X Cap-Sleeve Large-Dot Fit-And-Flare Dress for the rehearsal.

Why?  Because it had a pink bow and looked like something Minnie Mouse would wear!  After all, Minnie is the ultimate influencer.


flower girl dresses

I wish you could have seen this new little shopper in the shoe department.

Like girls of all ages, she went from shoe to shoe with an OH, WOW, LOOK exclamation over each one…and she loves a sparkly shoe.

Also, all of a sudden, the boots she was wearing began to hurt her feet. Go figure.  She is a smart one!

The winning shoe to accompany the flower girl dresses is the Copper Key Girls’ Blossom Chiffon Patent Floral Flats.

I know this Gigi is prejudiced, but they are seriously going to be the cutest flower girls I have ever seen.


flower girl dresses

For my personal shopping for flower girl dresses attire, I chose Chico’s.

I think for shopping and working with grandchildren that the No Stain fabrics are perfect…especially when wearing white.

These are the So Slimming No-Stain White Girlfriend Crops…and I cuffed them.  Watch the sales…I bought these during a sale at $59.

I paired them with a top I really like a lot…it is the Tier Sleeve Embroidered Tee in classic navy.  I love the sleeves…they are soft, beautiful and easy.

I planned to try on clothing after being with the girls, so I did not wear a necklace…I wore a fun Chico’s bracelet from last year.

Next time I wear this though, I will add a summery short necklace I have, also from Chico’s, that will be perfect.

I hope you are enjoying my Mother-of-the-Groom journey…I thought it would be fun to share the flower girl dresses with you…join all of us as we…..



flower girl dresses

Come join me on Thursday, April 6 in the Ming Wang Department of Dillard’s at North Star Mall for a special event.

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Attendees will be entered to win the $250 Dillard’s gift card and other prizes. Ladies who purchase a minimum of $750 will receive a free piece of Ming Wang jewelry of their choosing…while supplies last.

I will be there from 12-3 to help anyone who wants it with styling a fabulous look.  The event itself goes from 12-5.  There will be fun gift bags for the first 30 attendees.

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. What a wonderful, memorable time! That floral dress is a show-stopper! I think I’d hang that outside the closet just to have something beautiful to look at!!

  2. Oh, my, what fun you must have had! I only had boy babies, and was not invited for this particular part of the wedding planning so this adventure was new to me. Our girl grand babies are almost adults now but I well remember the little girl experiences with clothing, and our being surprised at their squeals and giggles. Your little ones will be so adorable in their rehearsal and wedding dresses, and I enjoyed our going along to select them. Also, I noticed you straightened your hair and you look very slim in your navy and white. Now I’m wishing I were close to San Antonio to attend the fashion show at Dillards!

  3. What a wonderful time with your adorable granddaughter! And I just love the pattern of the dress she selected ( no itching!) very pretty and spring-like. You will all look so beautiful on this important day!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a sweet little model, flower girl! So glad you had fun.

  5. What a lovely post. The final dress is wonderful.
    Don’t tell the Bride but the Granddaughters may steal the show.

    I have a Granddaughter coming soon and I can only hope that we’ll have similar outings as she grows up.
    It’s not just a shopping trip, it’s a memory.

    BTW – your outfit was perfect.

  6. Thanks Rose! There was work…pulling dresses and putting them away. We also shopped for my DIL a dress, so I am glad I wore the no stain white crops. No worries there!
    And congratulations on your future granddaughter!!

  7. Your granddaughter is darling! I love the choices. The flowered dress for the flower girls is perfect. Besides being lovely its a perfect complement to the bridesmaid dresses. And I adore the polka dot dress for the rehearsal. So fun that your granddaughter has learned the magic of the perfect shoes. And the pink ones for the wedding certainly fit the bill. I’m getting excited for the wedding.

    Oh, do I remember the joy of the new Easter dress. One year my dress was white pique with a red tulip bodice and the tulip stem and leaves appliqued on the full skirt. To make it even more special when my mother’s McCalls magazine arrived that month Betsy McCall paperdoll had the identical dress. Wow, did I feel special.

  8. Wow! What a beautiful splash these girls are going to make! This is an adorable post. She is a doll!
    I am so interested in Ming Wang. I would love to handle the fabrics. Can’t wait until Thursday.
    Have a lovely day.

  9. Good Morning! I love a giggle in the morning, and I got one when you said she was upset when it was time to stop shopping………..and the princess ‘s she identified the dresses with. So cute. Still laughing, I’m excited about a wedding for people I wouldn’t know if I passed them in the street…unless they were with you, of course. I’m liking taking this journey with you, thanks!

  10. What a great day. Smiles all round, perfect little girl dresses. Brings back memories of our shopping trip with my granddaughter for her uncle’s wedding. She is eleven now, they grow up so quickly.

  11. This is a good time to buy flower girl dresses off the rack. Lots of Easter and first communion dresses. My daughter was in two weddings and we were able to pickup first communion dresses since the bride had her wear white. I love the shoes.

  12. The Ming Wang fabrics have always been wonderful and incredible fit in the garments. Their jeans are incredible! Thursday will be fun.

  13. They do…hard to believe my baby is getting married. Mr. B scolds me and says to stop calling him my baby! He is a wonderful young man.

  14. I’m babysitting my 5-week old grandson right now! And I loved this article. As soon as I saw the flowered dress, I went, that’s the one!!! And it was :). I loved your outfit too, and I dress that way most of the time. Most of the Chicos “look” is embellished, so some people don’t realize that their basics are great. When working, I had Juliet pants in every color and wore them almost daily.

  15. My daughter was never a flower girl, but like Kathie, I remember the joy of picking Easter outfits for her. One year, I got the most beautiful yellow and white seersucker dress and a matching onesie suit for my son. Now, he’s the groom to be. It’s an afternoon wedding, so no flower girls. I am living your experience vicariously. Your grandaughter’s dresses are lovely — as is she, of course.

  16. Thank you for sharing this special shopping day. Your granddaughters’dresses will be a perfect accent for the wedding.

  17. What a wonderful memory you made on this trip! Your choice of childproof yet stylish outfits was perfect for a long shopping trip with a little one. As another “Gigi” who is also a wedding coordinator, I’ve launched a lot of flower girls down the aisle, and yours will definitely steal the show. That’s a fun, fancy dress, and more importantly, she feels beautiful wearing it. Can’t wait to see both your grandcuties wearing them together! Be sure to take some pictures of them “twirling” in those dresses. The shoes are like the cherry on top-so perfect! Another fun photo is to let her step into the bride’s shoes, like she’s playing dress up on the wedding day. I had an MOB who took that photo and plans to frame it as an engagement gift to her granddaughter years from now. Thanks for taking us along on another fun chapter in your MOG journey!

  18. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us! Your granddaughter looked adorable in all the dresses. The one that she picked to wear is just beautiful! There is just something about little girls wearing pretty dresses and shoes!
    I have an almost 3 year old granddaughter who will only wear dresses.

  19. What a wonderful memory making day. My granddaughters are in their late teens so this just brought a happy tear to my eyes. The floral dress is beautiful and your granddaughter will feel like a princess.

  20. Hi Pamela,
    What a memorable and treasured experience you shared.
    Your granddaughter is too adorable. The dress is really beautiful. I ❤️💗❤️it.

  21. Oh, what precious memories were made on this shopping adventure! And Minnie is a much better influencer that a lot of people. I love both dresses.

  22. This was such a lovely post to read. I love that the winning flower girl dress is of a somewhat larger though not out of proportion floral print. It is just perfect. I would have loved those pink shoes when a little girl. In fact, the smell of patent leather takes me right back to new Sunday shoes when I was growing up. I still love shiny patent leather shoes. Weddings play a very important role in our lives: they give us memories that can take care of us when times are tough. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I wish there was a Dillards where I live. They are such a good store.

  23. Love both dresses, such fun! Our boys in Eaton suits etc. were ring bearers at their aunts wedding & our 4 yr old wouldn’t walk down the aisle without his very loved bear! Can’t wait to hear how the flower girls do 😊

  24. I have two four year old grandsons and they are the ring bearers. It is going to be so much fun!

  25. I loved the first flower girl dress! You can never go wrong with no stain white girlfriend Chicos jeans. I’m sure you are getting excited about the wedding, it will be here before you know it.

  26. As the wedding coordinator for a large church in Fort Worth, I have successfully launched kids of all ages down the aisle, including my own granddaughter who nailed it one week past her first birthday. That was just dumb luck, but she made it, stopping every few steps to stick out a foot and admire her first pair of shiny shoes, a real show-stealing performance. If any of them are apprehensive or start to balk, my best advice is please don’t force them to do it. I recently saw a six year old girl have a full blown panic attack, which is not really the vibe you want for a wedding. Her two year old sister was fine with it, though, so it’s not always about their ages. Some tricks that have worked for me are making sure they attend the rehearsal so the day-of coordinator can work with them and show them exactly where to walk and where to land. I never have the kids stand through the ceremony; normally they walk the length of the aisle, turn to walk across the front of the pews and are intercepted by a parent at the side aisle. Letting them go down in pairs holding hands sometimes can coax a reluctant participant into going with a trusted sibling or cousin. I have also paired the little ones with a parent who is in the wedding party and can either carry them or hold their hand during the processional. The kids’ photos are always my favorites from weddings – can’t wait to see yours!

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