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Today's news

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50!

I hope the first week of April has been a glorious one for you.  

Today, it to honor you more with information which may be beneficial for your life.

I curate lifestyle headlines from around media world into one location so that it is easier for you to be informed and educated on what is happening in the healthy lifestyle area.

So get a morning beverage and a cozy spot and let’s read the headlines from Today’s News for Women Over 50.


Todays News

News Trader U: Warren Buffett’s 15 Smartest Frugal Living Habits You Need To Start ASAP

Local SYR: Is there a downside to keto?

Yahoo Finance: 15 Reasons Why 65 Is No Longer the Ideal Retirement Age

Vogue: 5 Benefits of Lemon Water, Explained by a Nutritionist

Fit and Well: Short on time? This dumbbell workout builds full-body strength in just 30 minutes

Technology Networks: Time To Say Goodbye to the Traditional BMI?


Today's News

Better Homes & Gardens: Danish Pastel Takes a Colorful Twist on Scandinavian Style

Apartment Therapy:  Joanna Gaines share three ways to style a coffee table for spring

This Is My Garden: 4 Simple Tips To Keep Hanging Baskets Blooming All Summer Long!

The Honeybee Suite: Bee-free hummingbird feeders: how to make hummers safe from bees

Homes and Gardens: Carrie Underwood’s country kitchen proves that monochromatic spaces can be warm and inviting


Today's News

Eating Well:  Vegan Freezer Breakfast Burrito

Sally’s Baking Recipes:  Fresh Flavors of Spring

The Pioneer Woman:  Bite into Lemon Crinkle Cookies with afternoon tea

Skinny Taste: Cuban Picadillo Recipe

30 Seconds: Faidley’s World Famous Crab Cakes Recipe: One of the Best Things on Earth

Southern Living:  100 Easter Brunch Recipes


Today's News

CNN: Scientists identify secret ingredient in Leonardo da Vinci paintings

The Ethel:  Why I couldn’t be happier with that number and my life

Parade: Helen Mirren Shocks Kelly Clarkson By Revealing Her Go-To Store While Filming ‘1923’ (At least look at Helen’s yellow dress!)


Todays News

MSN:  4 Haircuts that will accentuate your flaws as you age, according to a hair stylist

Prevention Magazine: At 64, Andie MacDowell Claps Back at Gray Hair Haters: ‘Tired of Trying to Be Young’

CNN: Dior’s landmark Mumbai show signals India’s growing luxury status

That is it ladies for Today’s News for Women over 50!  Of course, ask questions or give comments on anything here!  I will see you tomorrow with more fashion talk.  Until then…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News


  1. You always find such a great variety of stories – thank you for sifting through the noise of the internet for us! I really liked the piece on Andie McDowell, who has always been one of my favorites. She and Jamie Lee Curtis are my role models for growing older without growing OLD. Looking forward to digging into some of these others when time permits!

  2. Hi Pam
    Entertaining tonight at dinner so inky read a couple of these great sounding articles . I’ve been drinking warm lemon water for over a decade ( maybe more) before my morning coffee. I didn’t realize all the other benefits of it! Thank you.

  3. I’ve been drinking lemon water for years as well .. but apparently wrong. I drink way too much tea, so I switch to lemon water in the afternoon and evening. I guess, I’ll add the morning drink and see how I feel.
    Thanks as always, Pam, for a great roundup.

  4. Thanks for another great batch of stories. I’ll enjoy them throughout the day. I just finished the last of your posts, which I missed on vacation. I LOVED seeing the flower girl excursion and reading your joy in the lovely day out with the ladies. Also really enjoyed the piece on how your shopping focus is evolving and the many reader comments about their shopping as well. Too bad we don’t all live nearby and could attend the fashion event with you this afternoon. I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Oh, and I’m so glad you included a recipe for the Cuban Picadillo. I love picadillo and it pairs very nicely with pan-fried plantains. 😋

  5. We just bought several hummingbird feeders so was glad to see the article you found — I hadn’t thought about the issues with bees. Great advice! You always find such useful articles — thanks so much, Pam.

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