Spring Styles with Ming Wang at Dillard’s

Ming Wang at Dillard's

Happy Fashion Friday, all!  Today I am taking you shopping for spring styles with Ming Wang at Dillard’s.

During my time as a career professional, I discovered Ming Wang at Dillard’s and was impressed.

This is a high quality line of knits which are washable, beautiful and will last a lifetime.

Since, I left the professional world, I have discovered some of their more casual styles.

This Is high end dressing that will easily fit your lifestyle…and it travels perfectly.

They also have lovely dresses for weddings and special events; however, today, I am sharing mostly casual chic styles.

So, let’s get to shopping Ming Wang at Dillard’s.


Ming Wang at Dillard's


Ming Wang at Dillard's

Yesterday, I enjoyed working at a Ming Wang event at Dillard’s to highlight great travel pieces.

It was a lot of fun…though we faced bad weather here in San Antonio….a group still gathered to shop for spring styles

The outfit I am wearing was actually my favorite.  

The star is the fabulous jacket…Deco Crepe 3/4 Sleeve Zip Front Jacket with buttons on each side to make for a more flattering fit.

Throughout the morning, I wore this jacket with several different tops…here I have one the Scoop Neck Sleeveless Side Slit Knit Tank in black. In the second picture, I am wearing the white knit tank.

The jeans are a new favorite!  These are the Ming Wang Stretch Denim Slim Leg Pull-On Ankle Jeans in Limestone….and they are so comfortable!

Ming Wang at Dillard's

This same jacket goes with really anything from jeans to these nice Deco Stretch Crepe Back Slit Hem Pull-On Pants.

If you spend time on the website, you will see that many Ming Wang selections at Dillard’s are available in petites and plus sizes. 


Ming Wang at Dillard's

Ming Wang at Dillard's

Ming Wang jackets have always been show stoppers in classic styling.

This spring jacket is light and comfortable, but takes the “tweed” look from colder to warmer weather.

This is the Textured Contrast Trim Knit Jewel Neck 3/4 Sleeve Statement Jacket.

In addition to the black pants, I tried it on with the feminine Crepe De Chine Asymmetric Ruffle Neck Sleeveless Blouse.

Truly beautiful pieces.

Ming Wang at Dillard's

Ming Wang at Dillard's

Ming Wang at Dillard’s includes several skirts, dresses and pants in beautiful designs for basics.

So, the jackets will go with anything no matter how dressy or casual you want to be.

I thought I would should you this jacket with two pants…it is a lovely jacket and take your casual up a notch to casual chic.

This is the Woven Floral Lace Contrast Trim Jewel Neck 3/4 Sleeve Eyelet Statement Jacket.


Ming Wang at Dillard's

This outfit is so soft and comfortable…and a touch of creative fun.

I am wearing the Crepe De Chine Woven Floral Print No-Roll Elastic Waist Coordinating Wide Leg Pants.

Ming Wang at Dillard’s includes a top and dress in this cool fabric and print.

I am wearing it today with the Mandarin Collar 3/4 Sleeve Sheer Jacket.

Ming Wang at Dillard's

Traditional black & white becomes spring style with this light Novelty Woven Graphic Print Point Collar 3/4 Sleeve Sheer Jacket.

I love a fun graphic print.


Ming Wang at Dillard's


I wasn’t the only influencer at this event.  Meet the lovely Kelsey ….also known on Instagram as TEXAN BELLE.

Kelsey is showing us here a Ming Wang basic…the Sleeveless Scoop Neck Side Slit Tank Dress.

She paired it with the Textured Knit Braid Trim Jewel Neck 3/4 Sleeve Statement Jacket.

Ming Wang at Dillard's

She looks great in this dress, the Soft Knit Grid Striped Print Short Sleeve Contrasting Trim A-Line Midi Dress.

Ming Wang at Dillard's

If my size had been on the rack in this topper, I would have tried it on.

So fun for spring and summer style.  This is the Landscape Embroidered Mixed-Media Jewel Neck Short Sleeve Sheer Panel Topper.

I love the way it looks online over a column of white.

Ming Wang at Dillard's

It was fun to spend a day trying on Ming Wang and spending time with shoppers and Dillard’s employees.

As I said in the beginning, this jacket and jeans were my favorite pieces and I loved it with this top…Crepe de Chine Drape Tie V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse.

But, if you spend time on Ming Wang at Dillard’s online, you will see many lovely spring styles.  Just click any link in this post and it takes you to that section of the Dillard’s website.

While there…make sure you look at the Ming Wang jewelry!

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me today….and for those who acknowledge Good Friday, I hope your remembrance ceremonies will be special…Jennifer and I will be here tomorrow…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Ming Wang at Dillard's


  1. The grid knit dress looks like something we’ve seen the Princess of Wales wear. It seems like a comfortable, flattering dress that doesn’t require a lot of accessorizing, and will look good all day.

    Overall I think the black jacket with the tan pants is my favorite. I’m OK with tweed jackets and blue jeans, for some reason I don’t care for tan pants and tweed jackets. The longer black topper and slim tan pants are the winner for me.

    You’ve had some good looks with light pants and a solid top lately.

  2. I honestly have not seen this brand at our Dillard’s. Maybe I need to ask, but it’s definitely not prominently featured. Guess that gives me an excuse to go to Dillard’s to look for it!! 😉 I actually love the floral pants. I like to wear this style at home when I’m spending time on my balcony or having friends over outside. They’re beautiful and look comfortable, and would be perfect with a tank top in the summer. Really looking forward to those days…!

  3. Hi Karen, in our Dillard’s Ming Wang is located right by Eileen Fisher. See if that helps. Both of us (influencers) did not want to take off the floral pants…they were so comfy.

  4. Thanks Rose…I love that outfit and hope to wear it on my Alaskan cruise this year.

  5. I enjoyed seeing all of the lovely outfits this morning. When I lived closer to a Dillards, that was the only place I shopped. However, now that is no longer the case although when I have special needs, like being properly fitted for a bra, I travel to one because I know what help I will get. I’m old enough to remember that “Dillards” was once “Gayfers”, and I grew up going to Mobile where the first Gayfers was located…again, our preferred store to shop. Hoping you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  6. Dillards has been one of those few retailers who have been consistent with excellent, high quality brands and superior customer service. It is my go-to store above the others…it checks all of my boxes.

  7. Looks like a fun show! I love the black jacket, and the collection as a whole looks lovely for those who have occasion to wear pieces like this. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen of Dillard’s online, but without a Dillard store east of the Mississippi, it’s hard to know what clothes fit. I’d definitely shop there if it was possible.

  8. Oooo, love the fashion show! The top outfit you are wearing “chef’s kiss!”. (I zoomed down to comments to say this, now I’m going back up and read the post–ha!)

  9. There are no Dillards stores near my home Abd I wonder why? When Filenes and Filenes basement stores closed a few unknown ( to me) department stores rolled in but now they too are closed and have been for years. I guess this area doesn’t support these great department stores as we should.
    I see so many beautiful pieces you feature-from Dillards. Love today’s post!

  10. I have been shopping online at Dillards because they have such a wonderful selection-it reminds me of Marshall Fields before they were sold to Macy’s. Macy’s can’t hold a candle to Dillards! And I’ve had good luck with sizing.

  11. Stunning!! That piece of luggage in the top pic is quite nice as well – looked to be trimmed and accented in a British tan leather. What style! Glad you had a wonderful time. I’ve never seen a Dillard’s in person, but have known of their stores both through you and ads in Southern Living magazine. If your adventures in Alaska take you to Ketchikan, don’t miss the totem museum. They have not only the beautiful totems standing outside, but many laying in a preservation room so you can see them in their raw, un-restored state. They are an amazing art form and cultural legacy.

  12. I agree…I do a lot of online shopping at Dillard’s, but love to go to the stores!

  13. Thanks Paulette! One of the best kept secrets are the sales prices at Dillard’s…it is amazing what you can find on clearance!

  14. I really like the black and white sheer graphic jacket you are wearing. I would use that but it’s a little pricey. Might it ever go on sale? Nice fashion show, today. I’m trying to use what I have a try to spot trends that would make my current wardrobe updated. Do you think the sheer jackets are an update item? Weight Watchers has been a real friend for you…you look fabulous. I like WW, as well.

  15. Thank you, Mary…that is so sweet. Sign up for emails from Dillard’s and you will receive notices of sales. Also, you can occasionally check the Sales tab at the very top of their website. They do have great sales, but I have noticed that brands are making fewer pieces and some sell out faster. Something to keep in mind when you see pieces you love.

  16. check their store locations! I live in Michigan & find it worth the drive to Toledo for a wonderful Dillard’s down there!

  17. Hi Pam –
    How exciting about your Alaska trip!

    I know your focus right now is your MOG journey, but just wonder if you have any Alaska thoughts/resources you are ready to share?

    We have a (rescheduled from 2020), special occasion, Princess CruiseTour coming up in May which I suspect is before yours. I’d be interested if you are ready to share anything yet. I’ve already gotten the warm, waterproof, layers memo! 😉

  18. I am not quite ready to share my cruise outfits…just so wedding focused. But let me think about it and I will try to do something early.
    So excited for you!

  19. The tweed jackets definitely say spring with those pretty colors. You looked good in all the outfits. It must have been hard to choose a favorite.

  20. It is hard to choose a favorite, Becky. The clothes look and feel so good.

  21. You look fantastic Pam! Happy Easter to you and your family. I so enjoy your posts!

  22. Paulette, I don’t know why I think this, but I wonder if it is not because of Macy’s? There are still a lot of Macy’s stores around. They seem to have many of the same brands and clothes as Dillard’s, but I’ve seen some lovely things at Dillard’s online that I didn’t find at Macy’s. I was wrong about Dillard’s being West only as there are some stores that Dillard acquired in FL.

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