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Happy Saturday!   It is a special holiday weekend, but for those of you who are here…Jennifer and I would like your Style Tips and to know how you would style display garments we have seen.

Please remember, these new posts are NOT about would you wear it or even would you buy it…but rather your style tips on how you would style looks for others.

Of course you can tell us if you are styling the garment for you or someone else…but this is no longer themed would you wear it.

We get so many great ideas from one another that this is more fun and beneficial.

So, let’s get started this lovely April weekend with my display…..


style tips

Today, I would like your style tips for how you would style a lilac blazer for spring.

I recently found this LINEN BLAZER in lilac at one of our local Talbots locations.

Blazers remain staples in even the more casual woman’s wardrobe and this spring, they are found in a variety of colors.

So,  what are your style tips…how would you style a lilac blazer for spring.  How many different ways do you think it can be styled?

Here are more blazers for spring with perhaps some style tips to get you thinking of how you would style this lilac blazer for spring….


style tips

My flower girl shopping outfit this week had the top sales…..

These are the So Slimming No-Stain White Girlfriend Crops…and I cuffed them.  

I paired them with a top I really like a lot…it is the Tier Sleeve Embroidered Tee in classic navy.  I love the sleeves…they are soft, beautiful and easy.

Several of you ordered the top and my style tip is to wear it with a fun short necklace…which I will do when I am not trying on clothing.

Love the sleeves…I wore it this week to the doctors’ office and the nurse giving me a shot in the arm commented on the sleeves…they are so pretty.

style tips

Also, a few of you agreed that orders needed to be placed for these JJILL ESSENTIAL COTTON STRETCH PANT in the fern color.

My style tips for these include a colorful print tee…they are such a comfortable pant with great fit and are available in several colors.

ALSO, BIG NEWS…the popular shoe brand Kizik that is literally all over media, is now available at Nordstrom.  Easy sneakers to slip on and off.

Ok…it is your turn to give us style tips for the lilac blazer.  How would you like to see it styled?  I cannot wait to read your ideas!

Then head over to Jennifer’s display at A WELL STYLED LIFE and give us style tips for her garment.

I will be here tomorrow with my special Easter message and for those celebrating, I hope your day will be full of blessings and joy!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I wouldn’t wear the lilac purple blazer myself (deep Autumn) but I’d pair it with a column of teal (maybe joggers & a tank top?) + white slip-on shoes (plimsolls/ low profile trainers) for a casual/ weekend look. For work, I’d change it up to an olive blouse, slim camel trousers & gold flats. I could also see it working for a garden party with those fern green trousers you showed above (potentially for a slightly dressy Easter event?). Happy bunny weekend!

  2. If that lilac blazer was in my closet and I kept the mariner top, I would pair the pieces with white jeans or slacks, depending on the occasion. I would change out the button to a lilac one. Yarn stores have interesting choices. I would wear espadrilles, slip on sneaker, or tie sneakers depending on the look I wanted to achieve. I might push up the sleeves and wear contrasting bangles or leave them down and wear a vintage pin. If traveling I would pack a white tank and loose linen blouse. (As a deep autumn, I would love this in deep lime for spring!)

  3. I would swap out the striped top for a v-neck white tee, add a small silk scarf in pastels, and cuff the blazer sleeves. A pair of slightly lighter denim jeans would be good as well.

  4. I’d wear that blazer over the trusty ‘column of color’ and go with gray, light brown, or olive.
    If I had both a top and bottom in a brighter green I’d be trying that out too.

    There is plenty of light brown out there — and I’m ready for it to be brightened up with lilac.

  5. I’d like the blazer and striped tee shown with white jeans or white dressy linen wide leg trousers. Of course dark wash jeans (shown) are always a nice look with any pastel blazers too, but when I see this pretty spring shade I veer toward white pants rather than dark blue or black.

  6. For this gorgeous blazer, I would cuff the sleeves and push up, add a light gauzy scarf over a plain tee in grey or mid blue over grey jeans. On another day, white jeans and white gauze top with a couple of necklaces and fun bracelets. That floral top just behind the display would be great with it as well.
    Happy Easter to all.

  7. As an Autumn Lilac is out of my palette but its a lovely color for those who can wear it. I think Talbot’s has displayed it nicely with a striped top and navy pants. White pants would also look nice. It can be a good dress up look with a flowered skirt and simple solid top in cool shades. And of course a blazer with jeans is classic. The style is too oversized to appeal to me but I’m sure it suits others.

  8. Linen isn’t my friend, but to style it for someone else, I’d say either a column of white, I say that because I do have the perfect 9 west sandals that match the jacket….pair that with maybe a print scarf. Or a darker shade of lilac tank with jeans….or maybe a pair of palazzos with lilac in the print.

  9. Thanks for starting us off today…I am reading some great ideas here! Thanks to everyone for participating!

  10. I just love the new focus on these Saturday posts and enjoy imagining the combinations other ladies suggest. I especially like Zaeobi’s ideas. She seems full of fun! I have and wear a lot of lilac/lavender, but in winter weights. I’d start by styling the linen blazer as I do my winter tweed, with a column of cream. I would love a fine cream dress as the base to sub out dress slacks and crepe blouse. I could also see this over black slacks and a print blouse that is cream in background and has small lavender floral or geo print. The prominent stripe top as shown wouldn’t be my pick, though I would love more of a blouse fabric with a faint pinstripe running through. I have a beautiful lightweight scarf with pale gray, lavender, and cream that I would pair with thus jacket, adding a soft gray fluid pant and cream blouse. The taupe/khaki colored blazer in the link is equally stunning.

  11. First off as face and body shape IMHO should influence the style choice of lapels (width +type of wings); the way the mannequin is styled with a horizontal striped T-shirt is ideal for a triangle body shape (as broadens the shoulder). That being said; as the blazer doesn’t appear to be nipped at the waist the top could be softly tucked in to create a waistline point which would also give the illusion of longer legs. Also as the wrists are the slimmest part of the body, sleeves can be ruched up (just below the elbow) by exposing them. (Clear/Acrylic Spiral/Phone Cord hair ties work great for this purpose.) Plus due to the length of it I feel for our age group; straight or slim leg, full or ankle length pants would work as so would a straight cut maxi length skirt whereas younger women might pair it with trouser type shorts (loose fitted – often pleated – high waisted). Last but not least; to allow more versatility in colors or prints in both garments and accessories to wear with it, I would be changing out the blazer button to a lavender or clear one.

  12. I love this Lilac blazer! It’s in my cart! I would wear it over white jeans and a white tee, over a casual sundress or just about anything! Happy Saturday my friend.

  13. I love the color and texture of this linen blazer. However, unless it comes in petite, it would be too long for my torso. If it came in the shorter length, I would style it as others have suggested with a column of color probably soft white or pink. A broad-brimmed straw hat would be a great addition. And yes, I would wear it with pearls.

  14. SO many great ideas. GI think it would make a great Easter outfit with Talbot’s lilac-cream floral popover and a white skirt. I have a pleated white skirt that could also look lovely with the jacket and a white 3/4 sleeve woven-pattern sweater — so I’d get the column on color (neutral) with the jacket on top. I’d add silver jewelry and a bolder, darker silk scarf. I don’t own nude shoes but think a nude or white pump would be great. I’d like it with a smaller, woven bag.

  15. Lots of great styling ideas. White slacks or jeans — especially with wider leg that I’ve always loved as a tall women — would be my style with Tom’s espadrilles in white or lilac. I like the striped top but white would be my other color — white/gold hoop earrings and a Beauty in Stone pearl and gold bracelet. A shout out to an independent women owned artisan she’s great!

  16. So many great styling suggestions here! I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. One of the photos reminded me of a striped linen blazer I ought two years ago and have only worn a few times. It’s perfect for this time of year and I’m going to pull it out tonight and figure out at least three ways to wear it, using some of these suggested combos for ideas.

  17. A good blazer can be upscale casual with jeans (blue or white denim), work-appropriate or even more dressy worn over a dress. I rarely wear horizontal stripes so I’d switch the tee – maybe a graphic design for more casual wear or a solid white or even a column of color (lilac might look good over a navy tank and pants, black or white). Sleeves could be cuffed for a different look, wear with a scarf or necklace….

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