Style tips: how to style a lace tiered skirt

style tips

Hello friends…happy first day of April…no fooling around here…Jennifer and I are back with style tips…which come from the audience!

Today, I am focusing on Style Tips: How to style a lace, tiered skirt.

This is your opportunity to look a fashion display over and decide if you like the way the garment is styled or if you would do it differently.

You become the fashion stylist and offer your best style tips.

Ask yourself…what would make this garment work for me or how would you style the display to promote sales in the store?

So, put on your thinking cap and let’s get started…..


style tips

In order to get your best style tips, I thought you might want to see the entire display I discovered at Nordstrom.

Tiered skirts and dresses are one of the top spring fashion trends this year and can be tricky for styling.

So, this is our opportunity to help one another with style tips/ideas.

You can see here that the styling takes the garment to a more casual place.  Look at the entire style from the gold necklace to the skirt.

This skirt is the Farm Rio Alucina Luz Guipure Lace Midi Skirt.

If you click the link, you will also be treated to a Nordstrom stylist discussing the skirt, and if you scroll down, you can also see style tips of what to wear with the skirt.

This might be helpful to get your mind going with your own style tips.


Can’t wait to read your style tips!


Style tips

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Style tips

Finally, several readers ordered this Twill Drawstring Utility Jacket in the Whisper White and petite sizing…it is currently 30% off.

Now it is your turn …calling all fashionistas for style tips on how to style the lace tiered skirt!

Then head over to A Well Styled Life to see the style tips challenge Jennifer has for you today!  Thanks so much for joining in the fun!


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips


  1. Good morning Pam! Interesting and colorful display here! Love the shot of color. But as much as I love the colors, the pieces don’t really interest me enough to wear them. ( exception: the orange sundress).
    If I were younger and taller I’d certainly wear the lacy skirt with a simple silk cami. With lace and tiers of fabric I feel simplicity is key to the top.

  2. Although if this was in my closet I would want to team it with the simplist of tops and shoes, like a tank and strappy gold sandals, I would really admire the audacity of a gal who could carry it off with that T-shirt and necklace. If needs a certain body type and attitude! In my reality, it is the lovely orangey sundress that I love. No tiers and a dropped waist! Would love to say ‘adios’ to tiers this summer ( in my mind they are wearing out their popularity) and welcome back to dropped waists this fall. Fingers crossed! Have a nice weekend!

  3. My thought about styling that lace tiered skirt is to leave it on the rack.
    I’m short, I’m pear-shaped, I’m outdoorsy. None of those qualities seem to call out for a lace tiered skirt. If I had a band t-shirt I was dying to wear and wanted to elevate it I’d do it with a black bottom -pants,straight skirt- and a denim jacket.

    Pam had a nice dress for a wedding event that had a tiered skirt. She’s taller and has a straighter figure than I do. The dress employed the column of color design to elongate her figure and it worked well with the tiers which added excitement.

  4. Tiered skirts can be so tough to style. I find softer, drapey fabrics easier to wear in this style. Farm Rio is such a fun brand they don’t feel right on me. This lace skirt has a lot going on so perhaps a simple black tee and black ankle wrap flat sandals.

  5. The skirt might work with a jean jacket and plain low heeled black sandals? I like the lace and the length but the tiers are not my style. I can’t wait for the tier trend to end.

  6. I’m not usually a fan of tiered skirts but for some reason I like this one. If I was younger and taller I would wear it with a simple bronze colored silk tank top, a gold chain belt, and simple gold sandals. For jewelry a couple of gold toned beaded bangle bracelets and hoop earrings.

    Another vote for the orange sundress. Love the dropped waist.

    I’m not sure of the demographic Nordstrom’s is aiming for with this display. The combinations seem to target the very young but the price point is pretty high especially for items their styling recommendations.

    Looking forward to the next installment of shopping during a recession. I ordered the book Pamela mentioned on Thursday. Couldn’t get it through the library system but found it used at a very good price. I finally have my adjectives sorted out. Thanks Pamela for this tool.

  7. Well, at that price, I would be too paranoid about getting a stain of any sort on the skirt…..but putting that aside, the whole display would be cute on a young woman. I couldn’t wear the skirt, my body type and it just won’t work, however if I were to style it for someone my age, I would say let the skirt stand out by pairing it with a simple solid color tank in like a polished material, maybe some sandals in a coordinated color. I’d go with boho jewelry, either a long pendant necklace or chandelier earrings…perhaps a wrap if needed.

  8. I would wear the lace skirt with a plain white tee shirt, knotted on the side. Natural color sandals and a white jean jacket to top it off. To me it could be a fun summer piece to wear on vacation or to a party. I’m almost 72 and I could wear it if I could afford it!

  9. All the looks are very nice but not for everyone of course. I tend to look at these and picture where it would look appropriate and who would look nice wearing it. Even if the whole outfit is not for me I get ideas on similar looks and styles. It’s fun to see what’s out there.

  10. I would wear the lace skirt and top on a vacation to Mexico. Instead of the necklace I would stack colorful bracelets. During the day I would wear a large hat and walking sandals. At night I would go hatless and barefoot and dance cumbia on the beach.

  11. Interesting, the skirt is not my style at all. It does scream resort wear. I did watch the quick Nordstrom video and the skirt actually is cuter in the video. A crop top to me would be the best way to wear it, with sandals and light jewelry. The wearer of this dress needs to be tall, and have a flat stomach. Would not work on this pear shaped much older body. The orange sundress is cute. Nordstrom is still my go to store, but sometimes the stylists miss their mark. Of course they do style to the audience. Happy April 1!!

  12. Because of its style, fabric and color for a polished/monochrome look I would pair it with a sleeveless/scooped neck tank top in a soft/draping fabric (silk/satin/rayon) keeping it is the same color family (off white/ecru). Open footwear (heeled sandal) and handbag would match, but be in the taupe family and jewelry would be delicate. ( .e.: Pearl studs and stacked bangles in gold.) Whereas for a relaxed look; the top would be changed out to a bright summer color with leather/flat or low wedge sandal to match, an off-white/ecru woven/brimmed hat would be added with a similar colored tote. Jewelry would allow the introduction of a third color and in both instances I would add tortoise shell (or clear framed) statement sunglasses to their equation. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Where I am, we are still having the occasional snow flurry but at least we are out of our winter boots thanks to the sun melting a lot of it.

  13. Something this feminine calls for some tomboy touches. How about a chambray shirt knotted at the waist? Now that I think of it that way, it appeals. Chunky sandals would be my choice, to balance the volume of the skirt. I think it cries out country and western.

  14. I bought a similar skirt from the clearance rack at Gap one year for $40, less a further markdown, so never say never.

  15. I’m seeing Old Hollywood. The skirt is a starting point for “women of a certain age” to bring out their girly side. I would style it with a ballet neck tee with elbow-length or long sleeves, any deep color (but I’d probably opt for black or red), untucked to cover the waistband. For accessories, I’d forgo the necklace for chandelier earrings along with a bracelet or two. To keep it casual, I’d complete the look with Jack Rogers’ signature sandals in a metallic leather. To kick it up a notch, I’d go for a low-heel, ankle-strap design. Finishing touches would be a salon manicure & pedicure & a light spritz of a favorite scent.

  16. If I was 50 lbs lighter and maybe 40 years younger, I would wear the tiered skirt with a red or black silk blouse, short sleeved and v necked. I would add silver necklace and earrings and black patent strappy high heels. The other outfits I would never wear.

  17. I love midi skirts and also lace and textured fabrics in general. For a more casual occasion I would pair this skirt with a simple tank or tee in my color palette, add flat sandals and top it with a denim jacket. I tend to overdress for life in general, so I would probably want to take it in a more “elevated” direction. Of the styling suggestions shown on Nordstrom’s site, I like the Sandro lace detail blouse best. I’d pair that with a wedge sandal and very simple jewelry, since there’s already a lot of detail going on, between the skirt and that top. Glad to see longer skirts in the mix this spring!

  18. Lace tiered skirt just way too – girly, fussy – I’m not sure but know it’s no for me. No idea how to begin to style it. However, I have a granddaughter who would probably love it and wear it well. Love the orange sundress — big straw hat, cute sandals straw bag, chunky bracelet, gold knot earrings I wear all the time.

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