Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, everyone and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

This is the day when I focus on literally a hodge podge of topics from the past week and going forward.

First an update on my recent tailbone injury…it is still embarrassing to type the words…even now.

However, good news…it is better.  I did finally give in and order a MEDICAL DONUT PILLOW, and that made a huge comfort difference.

It was a one day delivery with my Amazon Prime, so relief began immediately!

I also returned to the gym for three days and though there was some pain and I constantly had to remind myself not to push too hard,  I also believe it helped.

I can honestly say that I am feeling progress and less pain.


Sunday Mornings at Home

When I went to the market at HEB this week, I decided I wanted to bring home flowers…and it was a very tough decision.

You can see in the top picture, I brought home those lovely tulips…the minute I saw them, I knew they would complement the breakfast area perfectly.

The next flower is our beautiful state flower in Texas…the bluebonnet.

I hope to put out some seeds in my own yard and finally grow my own next year.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Pretty soon, I am going to get my backyard blooming again.  The injury set me back, but hopefully mid-April I can do some planting.

The hanging baskets and all the blooms are just calling my name.

What are your favorite yard flowers this time of year?


Sunday Mornings at Home

The diet is slow but sure and hopefully will pick up as I begin working out more.

I have had a couple of plateau weeks, but still believe it is going well.

One thing I want to remind you of is the power of adding cinnamon …like I have done here on my cottage cheese.

From the website Good Food, here are the benefits of cinnamon in your diet:

Cinnamon health benefits may include…


1. It contains plant compounds with protective antioxidant properties.


2. It has anti-inflammatory effects.


3. It appears to be useful in defending against infection.


4. Research suggests cinnamon may be protective against colds and flu.


5. It may help regulate blood sugar.


6. It appears that cinnamon could help reduce the risk of insulin resistance.


7. Cinnamon contains compounds that appear to slow conditions like Alzheimer’s.


8. Consistent consumption of cinnamon may reduce blood pressure.


9. It helps lower cholesterol levels.


10. It may help restore the balance of bacteria in the gut, supporting good digestive health.


11. Cinnamon may provide some protection against cancer, although more studies are needed.


12. Traditionally, cinnamon has been used to promote dental hygiene.

Also, I have already mentioned to you that I like to occasionally drink chicken bone broth with rosemary and lemon.

This week I added a big helping of broccoli to my bone broth and it was really good and so filling…just one point on WW.


Sunday Mornings at Home

One of my outfits this week for errand running was my trusting wide leg ponte JJILL pants….the JJILL French Terry Full-Leg Crop is very similar to mine.

Of course, these are among the very few black pants I held on to in the color purge…as well as the shoes which I have loved every since I found them at Nordstrom Rack….

Sunday mornings at Hhme

I have been looking for the perfect creamy white for wedding week, and I really like this Essie color called Going Steady.

I found it at the grocery, but you can probably find it at most markets, pharmacies, and big stores like Walmart.

Sunday mornings at home

This is Easter/Passover week and if you are looking for a  fun in expensive accessory, I saw cute earrings at KOHLS this week. 

Most of you know I no longer wear pierced earrings, but if I did, I would be looking for something holiday fun.


Sunday Mornings at Home

We had some great fashion talks at the end of last week, and I hope to continue it tomorrow.

I was reminded of this quote when looking over Tish Jett’s book, Living Forever Chic.

She writes, “Let’s not forget too, that attitude, the mind-set a Frenchwoman takes with her dressing, is her ultimate fashion accessory.”

How does your style influence your own attitude?  Do you ever think about that?

I am going to share more tomorrow from Tish when I cover my new observations about shopping and fashion retailing.

I have made some big decisions recently and I look forward to getting your thoughts concerning them.


Sunday mornings at home

Over 45 years ago, I took my first trip to New York City.

I was so excited and just could not get enough of NYC and all the places I had dreamed of visiting.

One of those places was the original Macy’s.  At that time, there was only one Macy’s.

I read about it in fashion magazines and, of course, watched the parades. 

It was such a joy to go there and step on to each and every floor…over 30 floors.  I took in every mannequin, window display, customers attire as if it was a museum.

To honor the moment, I purchased two souvenirs. 

One was a glass Christmas bear with this message….now you know my love of Christmas has always been inside of me.

He sat in a special place in my closet for years, and this week, I accidentally knocked him off a shelf.

I was really sad about it the first day…but at least I have my coffee bean jar from the Macy’s basement.

It is funny how some things have a special place in our hearts and memories…while others mean nothing.

The monetary value of the bear was very low, but it meant an important moment in my life that (I hope) I will always remember.

I do love Christmas and that cannot be shattered on the floor.

Thank you for being here for Sunday mornings at home…you are a group of people I also cherish in my life.  Now, have a fabulous day and make sure that you….


Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. I do think a lot about how my style influences my attitude. Just getting dressed, rather than sitting around in sleepwear, gets me energized (I was stunned when I moved into my condo at how many of the retired women were still in bathrobes well into the morning). If I wear a nicer athletic outfit, I’m more inspired to take a walk or dash to the gym for some upper body work. And if I wear some of my handmade jewelry, or carefully make a shoe choice, I feel dressed for any outing and have confidence. I feel much more engaged than if I just wore any old thing. It matters what you wear, because it changes you on the inside. It tells the world, but more importantly yourself, that you matter.

  2. Just love reading your Sunday at home segments every week! I’m so gaooy to read tfstbyiyr tailbone injury is doing better! Hurray! Hearing news like this is uplifting– to be sure. I’m muddling through something similar but keep trekking onward too.
    I’m cooking up a storm right now for the week ahead. I’ve out most other Sunday activity aside to make some of his families old time recipes. I feel like it might be my last year doing this so—
    I love tulips and sweet daffodils that pop up this time if year. As for spring we are off to a slow slow start where I live. Today is as cold as January was! But its coming……

  3. Thanks for joining me on Sundays, Paulette. I am determined to return to church next week even if it is difficult to sit for that length of time. I need to decide today what to cook next week.

  4. Happy Sunday, Pam. It is funny how the ‘value’ of things often has nothing to do with price and everything to do with memories. I have some stoneware and glass animals that my grandmother gave me, and they bring more joy. This is true of clothing too. I never know when I buy something how much I’ll wear it. I have a simple blue BR sweater, and I have gravitated to it all winter. I eat cinnamon on my yogurt or oatmeal 6 days a week, but I don’t use it in the (large) amount needed to get the myriad health benefits you mention. I like it and just think every little bit helps. (It’s worth noting that people can get too much cinnamon if they take supplements.) It’s still cold here in the Northeast, but it’s a beautiful day. Enjoy your tulips!

  5. That is a good note on the cinnamon, Maeve. Thanks so much. I don’t take cinnamon supplements because I love it in food. I agree on sentimental clothing… I have a few items in my wardrobe that I hang on to for sentimental reasons.

  6. Macy’s Herald Square was a magical place 45 years ago as was Lord & Taylor’s and Saks. As a native New Yorker I still return every year but not for shopping since everything is available everywhere nowadays. There are newer memorable sites now like the Freedom Tower and the 911 Memorial. I’m hoping to treat my 2 10 year old granddaughters this year to the Rocketts and a Broadway show; NYC is certainly the place to make everlasting memories! I can still remember my red coat and white muff when my grandmother took me to see Radio City over 65 years ago!

  7. The next year after that trip I attended the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show with the Rockettes and a manager scene with live animals. My jaw dropped when a camel entered the theater. Such wonderful memories. I feel certain they no longer perform a manager scene.

  8. BTW…I just love the memory of what you wore when you went with your grandmother!

  9. What a good idea to add broccoli to your bone broth, Pam. Besides making the soup more filling, broccoli is good for bone health. I love cinnamon too, but agree with Maeve to be cautious with amounts, especially if you use Vietnamese/Saigon cinnamon (my favorite). I enjoyed reading about your first experience in the original Macy’s in New York. Our store in downtown Kansas City, MO didn’t have 30 floors but one of my favorite memories from the 50’s when I was a child was their animated Christmas window displays. I hope you’re able to patch your little bear together again!

  10. So glad to hear you are healing from the tailbone injury. Love the flowers you shared. Right now I have pansies as we still get below freezing at night but the redbud and dogwood are in full bloom so its very pretty. I love so many kinds of flowers but nasturtiums are probably my favorite lately. I’m sorry your special memento broke. The things that are precious to me would probably go unnoticed by others. Its the memories they bring back when I hold them. I’m glad you still have your coffee bean jar. Its a lovely Sunday here in North Carolina. I love spring. And now its April so its time to begin the rotation moving the winter coats out of the closet and the cropped pants in.

  11. What beautiful tulips, Pam – looks like you brought some spring sunshine into the house! I was so thankful to see that your tailbone is getting better. The donut cushion makes a huge difference, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to tote mine into church if I needed it. I love the way you made the black and ivory outfit work with your coloring by wearing black farther from your face. That top really highlights your hair and it’s a great look on you. Hoping you can glue the little bear ornament back together. Even if the cracks show, you will still love it for the memories it brings you. I’m looking forward to continuing the recession and elegance discussions and will be looking forward to your posts. Palm Sunday blessings to you and yours!

  12. Love the earrings. I put cinnamon in my coffee every morning usimg s cinnamon grinder which is gettimg harder to find . Now i dont like coffee without cinnamon !

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