Style Tips: Summer Evening Dresses

style tips

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to my new collaboration with Jennifer where we ask you to become a fashion stylist and offer style tips.

This is a more productive way of looking at fashion displays…rather than just telling us if you would or would not wear them.

So, out with the old and in with the new.

Imagine you are personal stylist and offering advice to a client of how to style a particular look.

So, grab your morning beverage and you personal stylist hat…and let’s get started.


style tips

When I saw this row of summer evening dresses at Saks Fifth Avenue, I immediately thought it would make a fun style tip challenge.

I am asking that you pick one (or more) and offer your best advice to the woman who will wear it.

What accessories do you recommend, jewelry, shoes, wrap (or no wrap)….

You can even tell us with your style tips what type of event you imagine her wearing the dress to attend. 

Think about it…have fun with it…then tell us what are your best style tips for a summer evening dress?

Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Now, here are a few more summer evening dresses to get your mind thinking about what’s in style…..


style tips

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style tips

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Also, the blog sold a few of the CHICOS BLACK FLORAL LOAFERS. (Also on sale!). I would love to hear the style tips for how you plan to wear these fun shoes.

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Now, it is your turn to style one or more of the summer dresses in the display…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and style Jennifer’s display….and then throughout the day…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips



  1. If I were younger, firmer and nearly flat chested id select the pink dress to wear to a semi (?) formal event. I envision silver accessories – small silver handbag, silver heeled sandals along with delicate silver necklace and bracelets. Aside: At first I thought chunky silver jewelry ( wrist and necklace but reconsidered. )

  2. Good morning. The pleats are so interesting. I really like the pink and orange dresses!
    For all dresses I would add a jean jacket, cute crossbody and sandals. For a dressier occasion, I would tie a colorful sequin blanket scarf to look like an airy kimono.

  3. The Talbots short sleeved jean jacket would go nicely over several of those bare shouldered dresses.
    I think the dress with the one shoulder detail is meant to be worn without a topper. Maybe just a big scarf with that.
    I think the silky pleats call for a dressier sandal, maybe thin embellished straps. The patterened dress would have me slipping into my Birks. I think a big enough to hold my phone and keys bag goes with all of them. A clutch would be chic, but a crossbody with a slim strap might be easier to manage as the night goes on.

  4. I think the aqua dress is the most visually interesting to me. I would advise silver heeled sandals, with skinny straps, a silver clutch bag, a few bracelets and some dangly earrings, all silver. A wrap would be tricky, but if one existed with a beautiful vibrant print with that shade of aqua….maybe. It would have to be a silky material to fit with the fanciness of the rest of the outfit.

  5. My first thought with the solid coloured dresses was to wear a two carat solitaire diamond necklace and a diamond tennis bracelet. The other accessory would be a beautiful tan. Of course I have none of these things, including the body to wear one, but it is nice to dream.

  6. It is always nice to dream. I also think of the style tips I would give my daughter or family members were they to ask!

  7. I would style all with pearls, nude sandals and a straw hat. I am imagining outdoor dining or outdoor wedding, garden party, etc…

  8. For a dressy event I would style the aqua one-shoulder dress with silver statement earrings and bracelets and silver block healed sandals to highlight the beautiful “S” of the shirring on the opposite side as the one shoulder. And add a silver or white wrap worn low on the arms with a silver clutch. If the event was more casual, maybe a beach party, I’m thinking light colored raffia earrings and clutch with flat strappy sandals and maybe a fishnet or loose woven off-white wrap. I’ve never worn a one-shoulder dress but styling it makes me wish I had someplace to wear it!

  9. My spaghetti strap days are long gone but of the 4, I prefer the orange because it doesn’t have pleats across the chest. I’d add a gossamer wrap, delicate jewelry and thin strappy sandals. Happy Saturday Pam!

  10. I love the aqua color, but wish it were cut like the pink or orange dresses, flowing easily over the stomach. Choosing the orange choice to style, I would keep things simple with a gold chain and tiny charm, simple gold hoops and hair pulled up loosely in back. I have an embroidered large red wrap from Mexico with orange, yellow and teal. I would wear this, a pair of red leather sandals, and have my husband carry my compact and lipstick in his jacket for me. 😊 The event is dining along your beautiful San Antonio waterfront on a balmy evening while on vacation (someday!).

  11. Due to the style of all four which read to me (like Paulette above) as semi to formal wear; I feel ALL deem: a) The proper support/coverage in their bust line (strapless bra, tape, pasties, body adhesive etc.) b) Due to their length; footwear that offers a low cut in their top-line and vamp or that of strappy sandal to visually elongate the legs balancing the overall appearance c) A structured but small in scale handbag with or without a strap that compliments the shoes. As to jewelry accessories in each case ‘less is more’ (no more than three). For example: with the exception of the blue dress where one instead could opt to wear a fabric flower statement brooch pinned high on the shoulder; a necklace chosen for the others would ‘not’ extend beyond the top of the bodice whether it be a strand or that of a single pendant. Add to that either earrings/bracelet/dress watch or rings. Last but not least and due to three having an irregular hemline; I feel a shawl/wrap or a short cropped bolero/shrug in a light-weight fabric with a draping quality would not compete with said designs or their textures of being pleated, ruched or kerchief. -Brenda-

  12. So nothing to do with pretty dress, Pam, but I made your banana bread this morning. Everyone loved it!

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