Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Welcome!  It is the last Sunday mornings at home for April, so come along and see what is on my mind today.

First off, tomorrow my youngest child will be one year older, and then 26 days later will be a husband…a big month for our entire family!

To say our cups are overflowing with joy is an understatement…we are so happy to add this lovely young woman to our family.

Today, I do have several things on my mind, so join me with a warm beverage and in a cozy spot for Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I saw this quote recently from Annie Castano, a personal stylist who has given me much great advice. 

Annie wrote, “What an investment looks like….each piece you purchase MUST be on a mission to bring your other pieces together.”

I love that.  It is a clear picture of a wardrobe that works together with no outliers.  Today, mine does this more than ever before.

I have been doing more shopping than usual….because of the wedding, vacations ahead, and weight loss.

But, I always keep in mind two things… my style adjectives, which are polished, approachable, joyful, creative, and current.

And, my autumn color palette. 

This is what I wore to shop with Leigh Ann last week and it includes all recently purchased pieces or gifted ones from brands:



EILEEN FISHER STRETCH SILK JERSEY SCOOP NECK in espresso…can you tell that I am totally into this color at EF.

EASY SPIRIT BAILY BALLET FLATS in gold leather….gifted…and I just purchased a pair in red, because I love the way they feel on my feet.

The Chico’s necklace and the Dillard’s Brahmin cross body were found on sale and are no longer available.

I love this look.  The pieces are investments into my wardrobe that are on a mission to bring the whole thing together.

I can style these pieces in sooooooo many ways and will wear them often.

I also wanted to show you the highlights I had done to my hair last week to get it wedding ready…for this mother-of-the-groom.

And in this Sunday Mornings at Home, it is a good feeling to know that my wardrobe is building in the right direction.


Sunday Mornings at home

it takes patience to get our wardrobes just right and see clothing hanging there we truly believe speaks to who we are.

I watched a beautiful lesson in patience play out at my kitchen table recently.

All that day, my five year old granddaughter had been learning to braid hair on a doll.  

She asked her 10 year old cousin, if she could braid his hair.

He very patiently sat and worked on building a Lego Set while she worked on the braids.

Sunday mornings at home

At times,  she got frustrated and he patiently kept working the Legos and allowed her to work through the frustrations as well.

How many 10 year old boys would do this?  He loves his cousins and is a special child.

It was a great reminder to me how powerful patience can be.  It is love and it is kindness.

And in the example above of wardrobe building, it is showing patience to ourselves when we learn and grow.

Learning to make positive changes in our own lives is empowering and not about mistakes, but about learning new information and application.

So often we get depressed and discouraged by clothing “mistakes.”

Chalk it up to learning…make a mental note and be patient with yourself…keep going forward.


Sunday mornings at home

Don’t forget:  April showers brings May flowers.  May is a lovely month to remind ourselves to Bloom wherever we are planted.

Face this day with hopeful anticipation, joy…. and patience.

Sunday mornings at home

I always get a bit anxious when I see storm clouds rolling in my office window.

I immediately begin to assess where family members are and do they need to know any storm alerts.

Comes from being raised in tornado alley.

Ultimately though,  God reminds me I am not in charge…and to go back to the beginning and simply whisper…I trust you Lord.

So, if there is any area where you are feeling impatient today…consider my grandson in that chair…and consider a whisper of I trust you Lord.

Thanks for joining me for Sunday mornings at home….now make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. Annie’s wise words about our wardrobe journey are so true, and can be thought about later. It is the joy, anticipation, and patience that I need to consider today. The visuals are precious and telling. Thank you for sharing an intimate moment with your family. It brings the point home.

  2. I am always blessed to see something I shared has provided words to ponder. Happy Sunday, Deborah!

  3. You are a lovely woman. Your posts are warm and welcoming. I feel that you are a friend even though I have never met you. That is the gift you share with us. Thank you.

  4. I love that look on you. Can’t go wrong with a column of neutral color. Very slimming too.

  5. I also feel like the readers are my friends. Thank you for being here, Kathy.

  6. What an uplifting Sunday morning post- on several levels. Learning to be more patient when our family member may be at loose ends; carefully organizing our wardrobes so not to waste money on senseless purchases; and trusting God in difficult situations. Thank you Pam.

  7. We are twins in the Talbot shirt jacket. One of the few things I have purchased this season because it pairs with almost everything as in your wonderful quote: MUST be on a mission to bring your other pieces together.. I recently purchased a little light weight kimono jacket in a riot of autumn colors that works for the same reason but in a different way. I loved the photos of your grandchildren. A great lesson in patience. This is a big birthday week in my family. My two middle brothers (6 in our family) have birthdays this week. My mother’s birthday is tomorrow. She would have been 98. When my parents were alive we’d have a big celebration for all 3. Now my siblings & I all live in other states so there will be many phone calls. Happy Sunday. Enjoy your day.

  8. Happy birthday week to your family as well! This Talbots jacket has turned out to be a winner for me this spring! I am so glad I added it!

  9. Pam,
    You look so pretty in this outfit today, and your highlights are gorgeous! Your precious grandchildren touched my heart. Thank you for inviting us to share a peek into their precious lives. Have a beautiful day!

  10. So sweet…thank you Linda. I knew this was a moment that would teach all of us a huge lesson on patience and the love it communicates.

  11. What a wonderful post. I agree with what Annie said and feel she really knows a lot about color and style.
    I really like your outfit In the first picture. All one color them the green. Isn’t it fun to shop after a weight loss?!
    Have a great busy month.

  12. Thanks Paula…I agree that shopping after a weight loss is fun, but the most fun has been shopping for the wedding!

  13. Speaking of May birthdays, I think I’ve got just about everyone best on that. My husband’s birthday was on May 1, he passed in 2017. Oldest son’s birthday is on the 12th, one daughter in law’s birthday in on the ninth, one daughter in law’s birthday is the 29th and her twin’s birthday is on the 24th. And then there is the tradition that I started years ago, I send flowers or fruit baskets to our three daughters in law for Mother’s Day every year. Every year I consider taking out a second mortgage, just kidding.

  14. That’s how January is for us and it starts right after a big Christmas! I understand how overwhelming it can be but I know you love the celebrations! Enjoy! I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s passing.

  15. Dear Pam and Everyone: My heart is touched by this young grandson who so patiently allowed a cousin to braid his hair. What an example to all of us, thank you for sharing that! I love the quote about what investment pieces are to do with their mission. If we consider other investments we make in life, we expect them to work very hard for their purposes. It makes sense that thoughtful, quality clothing should work hard for us. My biggest challenge with clothing is remembering those items I already own. I don’t have a huge wardrobe but enough to make me forget things. I have tried photos of stuff in my phone but wonder, Pam, if you have a solution for this. Thank you for your inspiring posts, and the equally nice comments from readers.

  16. Wow Mary…I think you have touched on something we all do…forget what we have. Let me give this some thought. I will do my best to bring a solution!

  17. As always, I so appreciate your thoughtful and joyous Sunday musings! Your grandkids’ photo was so precious, and a good reminder that if I ten year old boy can be patient with the braiding exercise, I can be more patient with my elderly mother as I care for her in mid-stage Alzheimer’s. May is a big birthday month for our family, as well, on top of all the graduations, weddings and Mothers’ Day. Can’t wait to celebrate my granddaughters turning five and eight the last week of the month, along with so many other special events. I spent some time this weekend choosing outfits for some of my May occasions, and I’m so relieved to have all the gifts and cards on hand already. Sometimes planning ahead is a gift we can give ourselves!

  18. PS – forgot to mention how great your new highlights look, as well as your outfit!

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