Eileen Fisher Summer Linen

Eileen Fisher summer linen

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today, I want to specifically show you Eileen Fisher Summer Linen.

I stopped by Dillard’s recently and the Eileen Fisher summer linen department was full…so I thought it was a great time to try on clothes for all of us seeking sustainable comfort.

Most of us know Eileen Fisher is all about sustainable fabrics and they design many pieces in linen for summer comfort.

Also, most of these pieces are designed in organic linen.

In order to show you the most availability for Eileen Fisher Summer Linen, I am going to link to both Dillard’s and Eileen Fisher  in the slide shows…and if you click through to the sites there is Eileen Fisher summer linen for plus and petite sizes.

Also, it turns out that I added a little Nordstrom to this post as well.

For example, I really wanted to see the new Picante color, but it was not located at the store where I was shopping.

So, let’s get going and see some Eileen Fisher Summer Linen designed for sustainable comfort.


Eileen Fisher summer linen

In addition to the picante color, I also desired to see the color called Nile….a lovely blue green color.

This is the Eileen Fisher Classic Washed Organic Linen Short Sleeve Side Button Slit Button Front Shirt in Nile.  I am wearing a size large.

I am wearing it with the Eileen Fisher Washed Organic Linen Delave Cross Dyed Wide Leg Pull-On Coordinating Cropped Pants in a large.

These were my favorite pants…I liked the fit and look even without the top.

Eileen Fisher summer linen

Of course, we can always use these Eileen Fisher summer linen tops as toppers too.

Underneath, I am wearing the Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Cotton Knit Crew Neck Cap Sleeve Boxy Top in a size Medium.

Now, here is additional Eileen Fisher Organic Linen in colors:

Eileen Fisher summer linen
When I saw these neutrals hanging together, I knew some of you would want to see the pieces and know more.
This jacket is the Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Stand Collar Button Front Boxy Jacket, and I sized down in this one to a Medium.
Eileen Fisher summer linen
The column of black underneath it is not in the Eileen Fisher Summer Linen, but, nevertheless, are great pieces for those of you who love black.
The leggings are great…so comfy…they are the Eileen Fisher Essentials Stretch Jersey Ankle Pull-On Leggings in a large.  (PLUS SIZE)
Though I no longer wear black, I have always loved the look of black with khaki or tan.
Eileen Fisher summer linen
Note:  The white linen top is thin for summer and I wore a dark bra this day….sorry about that!
This is a different jacket with linen pants.  It seems it was the last one on the floor and online from Dillard’s…this is a medium.
However, I located the Eileen Fisher Notch Collar Linen Jacket at Nordstrom!
Eileen Fisher summer linen
The pants are so soft and cool…of course need a pressing… they are the Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Single Pleat Straight Leg Pull-On Pants in large.
Here are more neutral selections for Eileen Fisher summer linen:
Eileen Fisher summer linen
This caftan is a great Eileen Fisher summer linen garment.
It is thin though…so remember to think about what is underneath…but it would be so cool for a hot summer.
This is another piece I tried on at Dillard’s but was only able to find online at Nordstrom…the color is called Steele and I am wearing a small/medium….it is a generous fit.
This is the Eileen Fisher Linen Caftan. I like how Nordstrom styled it with pants…but I would go with a thin leg line.
Eileen Fisher summer linen
Eileen Fisher summer linen
The next special piece has received a lot of attention in social media/blog world.
I tried it on in two colors and two sizes…and I actually like the larger size the best.
The top is a large in the natural color.  That is my favorite and if I owned it I would style it with my tank in espresso or terra cotta.
The second is the steel color in a medium.  The smaller size just looks too boxy on me.  I prefer the look of the larger one.  It is a fun special piece in the organic linen.
Those are my discoveries for you today!  What do you think of the Eileen Fisher summer linen?
Are you a linen fan?  Let me know if you have any questions…and join me this week as we…..
By Pamela Lutrell

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Eileen Fisher summer linen


  1. You look so cool and comfortable in all these pieces! EF is the best, without a doubt. This post put me in the summer mode instantly.

  2. What an interesting collection of items! I do wear much linen during our hot, hot Southern summers, but I do not own any Eileen Fisher linen. I’ve always thought of this brand as very neutral colors like the natural, white, and black so I was surprised to see the deeper, jewel-winter colors which I do like. I need to go to Dillards to try on some items to determine my size, hoping there will be petites to try. I was impressed with the large number of what must be comfortable items.

  3. They are very comfortable, Celia…cool and soft organic linen. I hope Dillard’s will have the petite pieces, but they are online.

  4. Great! Happy to get you excited for summer…arrival is soon. Thanks Susan

  5. Like Celia, I was surprised to see colors while looking at tshirts particularly. You look calm and comfortable! This is a busy week! Fun awaits!

  6. I do wear EF, love the ease and simple lines. You look fabulous in the oatmeal jacket and pants! Did you end up keeping any of these items today?

  7. I was so pleased to see a woman who is not rail thin trying a kaftan! I’ve been so curious about them, and have a summer hot weather trip planned. I’ve been wondering whether a kaftan might be the answer to what I know is going to be a sweaty time, and you look so good in that EF garment that I might try one myself! Not the EF one, but a different branded kaftan for fun. Thanks for your continued exploration for all of us!

  8. Definitely not rail thin here! I am always pleased when a post helps one of you! There are so many lovely caftans out there. Enjoy the hunt!

  9. Beautiful linen. My summer pieces are mainly neutrals-tan or beige and white with one black pant. I’m looking at this lovely blue here and thinking…….

  10. I know I’m in the minority here but I’m not an EF fan! Her clothes make you look heavier, they make me look the same as far as my artistic eye can see in photos. I worked very hard to lose 60# and I know you have been doing great work too. I can’t say a diaphanous outfit, especially on very slender women, can’t be lovely but for me as a tall women and a size 14/16 it’s just so much fabric! This is just works for me and as I said I know not many would agree 😊

  11. Like linen as it is cool in the summer, not a fan of the wide leg pants, they look terrible on short/petite women.

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