Talbots summer fun clothing continues

Talbots summer fun clothing

Summer is inching closer and closer, my friends.  So, let’s see how Talbots summer fun clothing continues.

Last Saturday, I stopped by Talbots to look over the sales racks…which were really marked down that day…but I ended up drawn to the Talbots summer fun clothing.

Talbots began introducing summer collections this month, but with the June collection the Talbots summer fun continues.

So, come along with me and see all that I discovered in this try-on session.


Talbots summer fun clothing


YEP…that is me in a white jacket and I love the styles so much.  It is the star of the Talbots summer fun clothing for me so far.

This is the white Washed Linen Jacket…which comes in four colors.

I remember that there are some of you which do not care for unlined jackets.  However, where I live, the only way we could wear it in the summer is unlined.

The design of this jacket is so chic and I really like it with linen pants.  I have it on with the Washed Linen Wide Leg Pants in the Spring Moss color.

I showed you these pants recently in the Indigo Blue and I really like the pants.

In both of these garments, I am wearing a size Large.

Talbots summer fun clothing

Here is the jacket styled with a top underneath.

The top is the Circled Shibori Smocked Yoke Shell in India Ink…basically navy blue.

The pant is the Washed Linen Wide Leg Pants in a Billy Stripe…size L.


Talbots summer fun clothing

I have wanted to try on one of these jackets and just now found one in store in my size.

This is the Short Sleeve Jean Jacket in White.

I actually sized up to XL in this one, attempting to get more length…that did not work…it is a short jacket which can be lovely on many of you.

I tossed it over this Ruffle Neck Shell from the sale.  I like the neutral print in this floral top.

On top is the Silhouette Blooms Square Scarf…another lovely summer neutral!

Talbots summer fun clothing

I see this for a cool summer evening up north in a Talbots summer fun clothing.

This is the Sail Away Scoop Neck Hoodie in a large.  As Talbots says…perfect for seaside lounging.

I decided to style it with the Belted Wide Crop Pants.

Talbots summer fun clothing

The remaining pieces are just tops I thought you might like to see.


This is a large, but this top runs a little small.  I think for the tie part of it to look best on me, I would need an XL.

I like all of these DENIM TOPS.

Talbots summer fun clothing

I tried this on for the cool weather crowd.

This is the JOHNNY COLLAR PULLOVER STRIPE.  The color is called Tiger Lily…but just think orange.

I have it on with the WASHED LINEN WIDE LEG PANTS in Indigo Blue.

Talbots Summer Fun Clothing

I honestly took this top in the dressing room because I thought the colors and design were pretty.

This color combination is called serenity blue and tiger lily.  It has been popular online and seems to only be in stores at this time.

If you go shopping, keep your eyes open for the garments.

They are really pretty.

Did you have fun today looking at Talbots Summer Fun Clothing?  I hope so…it gets us all thinking of the summer months ahead.  Let me know if you have questions, and always, always….



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Talbots summer fun clothing


  1. Happy Tuesday. Thanks for visiting Talbots. I do prefer lined jackets for New England, but that jacket is cute and appears to be selling fast. It comes in an azure color that is lovely. Talbots seems to have some nice blues this year, like the dark blue sleeveless blouse you tried on. But I don’t need either garment, so my card is staying in my wallet.

  2. I am hear for you to see the clothing and others who are shopping to enjoy!

  3. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing come from Talbots so I enjoy seeing you trying on some current items. I especially liked the sailboat hoodie and navy pants I noticed when looking online recently. I am curious about wearing the wide legged pants currently popular online although I’m not seeing anyone wearing locally. I need to try some on to see if my short, slender body feels swamped in them.

    I surely hope that your week before the wedding is progressing calmly and orderly. With such prior preparation hopefully there are no big points of stress or concern.

  4. I like a lot of these on you! Nice selections today. After a few months of a low/no buy, I have an order pending with Talbots for some of the marked down quarter zips. They are taking forever to ship, and they are charging $8.95 to do it. I love these traditional retailers, but I see why they are having the issues they are. Meanwhile, I found great quality, lovely silky thin cotton summer cardigans by Banana Republic for $12.99 at … Costco!

  5. You always look so nice in whatever your wear. I enjoy seeing how you put outfits together. Thank you for occasionally adding the size you are wearing. We all know designers size differently. I’m trying to chose clothes by fit over size. I am still trying to get used to this as I approach my 68 birthday later this year. I have started shopping more at better stores such as Talbots and Chicos and find they have a nice selection for me. I also enjoy JC Penney. Can’t wait to see your upcoming wedding looks!

  6. L–o–v–e the scoop neck hoodie on you. Maybe it is the “scoop” or the casual drawstring. I don’t know if it fits your colors/style adjectives…anyway, lots of cute looks.

  7. I was just at Talbots! They do have some nice things. Now you have tempted me to go back!! All those outfits look very nice on you.

  8. Love the jacket and pant combo…the green is gorgeous…I’m a jacket person, living in the SF Bay area, we always have layers handy, lots of micro climates…will have to check these out….enjoy your posts and countdown to wedding weekend, have a wonderful time with family and friends.

  9. You know…I am handling the stress much better and just going with the flow of it all…thanks Celia.

  10. I have been pleased with my Banana Republic purchases which were all on sale at the outlet. Thanks Linda.

  11. I like hoodies…but do not really have the weather for them right now…maybe for vacation though.

  12. I have always loved neutrals with olive greens…thanks so much Nancy.

  13. These outfits look fun and comfortable on you. I like linen, but on me I prefer only one piece at a time. So, a linen shirt with jeans, a pair of linen pants with a jersey top, a linen dress with a lightweight cardi. Thank you for the style show. We all know how busy you are!

  14. I think Talbots’ cuts run slim.
    I like the blue pants the best.
    I’ve owned short sleeved jean-style jackets before and I like them. They’re good for overly air-conditioned spaces or cool evenings. Most jean jacket sleeves are way too long on me and I usually roll them up so a jacket that skips the me rolling the sleeves up maneuver is good.
    If I’m not going to tuck your shirt in underneath that cropped length that I go with a tank the same color as the pants. I’m short and a shirt tail the same colors as the jacket throws off the proportions with the wider legged pant.
    My forearms have seen way too much sun in my lifetime and in addition to sunscreen I try to keep them covered. Those unlined linen jackets or even shirts are good for offering a little extra shade.

  15. Thanks for being here, Deborah…I think blogging keeps me from going too nuts!

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