Spring Bridal Shower: All About the Bride

spring bridal shower

Happy Tuesday!

Last weekend, I attended a lovely spring bridal shower…and it was definitely all about the bride…as it should be!

I decided to devote one whole post to her and to the event.

She was stunning, and if you love fashion, as I do, then you will enjoy seeing the bride-to-be in all of her splendor. 

One of the most amazing outfits I have seen in a long time.

This post is full of images as I take you to a spring bridal shower San Antonio-style.


spring bridal shower

spring bridal shower

spring bridal shower

This spring bridal shower was truly all about the bride.

When she walked into the yard, everyone gasped.

Her outfit was epic….stunning…memorable…every positive descriptive adjective I can write.

The dress was found early on at Neiman Marcus...and I am still amazed at how well she navigated grass, rocks, and stones in those incredible shoes.

She was runway worthy and shining.

Her entry was a WOW moment.


spring bridal shower

Decorations for this spring bridal shower began in the front yard and carried on inside this beautiful home.

There were flowers everywhere…I just could not get enough of them, and many were arranged in pottery brought in from Mexico City.

spring bridal shower

spring bridal shower

spring bridal shower

spring bridal shower


Outside there was plenty of refreshing infused water, sparkling water and rosé.

The only downside was the heat…it warmed into the 90s so many of us were happy to visit inside the home.


spring bridal shower

The star of the buffet was the artisan and I believe European cheese.  So incredibly good.

I really enjoyed sitting and visiting with her family friends and family members…so many interesting and kind women.

Every event has been a blessing and I have enjoyed each moment.


spring bridal shower

There are some events now where gifts are not opened with the guests.

I am so glad this was not one of them. It was so much fun to watch her open the lovely gifts that she and my son will enjoy.

I put together a “kitchen supply” bag  since we have already gifted off the registry.

I love doing theme gifts…one of my favorite ways to gift.  Jamie is holding the latest edition of San Antonio Cooks…it was in the bag.

The big surprise in this bag was a Mackenzie-Childs Parchment Check Tea Pot.

spring bridal shower


Now here is an idea I think I will borrow.

Decorating the package with a real bouquet!  I loved how beautiful and special just the packaging was and done with loving care.

spring bridal shower

This is how we do champagne glasses in San Antonio…the more color…the better.

spring bridal shower

The fireplace mantel included several of the lovely couple’s engagement photos.

This was a beautiful spring bridal shower and I want to thank all of the hostesses for a job well done on behalf of our family.

We will talk clothing later in the week….today it is all about the bride!!


By Pamela Lutrell

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spring bridal shower


  1. Wow! Your future daughter-in-law would have fitted in at The Met Gala.She looks sensational & I just love her smile. What a wonderful celebration.

  2. I love the shoes! I’d wear them after the wedding festivities with jeans and a lacey top for fun. Those are amazing. I had no idea that gifts aren’t opened at showers??? I wonder when that started? That’s part of the fun and actually the reason for having a shower in the first place. I have never been to one where gifts weren’t opened and would feel kind of cheated if that was the case. Those shoes though…

  3. I know…the shoes, the dress…amazing. And I love that you gave her an idea of how to style them later!!

  4. She is gorgeous! The beautiful dress and shoes were so feminine and delightful. I can’t wait to see her bridal dress. Yes, I find it so frustrating when gifts are not opened at the shower. Your bag sounds perfect. What fun you all had.

  5. The Bride to be looks absolutely stunning in this dress and shoes and gorgeous smile! What an entrance I’m sure she made!
    I’m so glad she opened gifts in front of the guests- it’s a kind and gracious practice that has been lost in some cases. I’d guess that that the last few showers I’ve attended (all types of showers) not one opened gifts before the guests. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this beautiful day.

  6. She looked gorgeous in that dress! Everything is beautiful, the food and the flowers! I would have liked to see a picture of what you wore! I hope you will share that with us in a later post!

  7. Thank you for sharing these photos! Beautiful bride and she is stunning! Remember when showers were surprise events? Your bridesmaids were in charge of getting you to your shower looking your worst? Ha! I’m probably dating myself or maybe it was just a NY thing. So happy to see that trend bite the dust!

  8. I don’t remember that one…but glad it is not around…this fabulous dress is much preferred to pajamas!

  9. The bride-to-be is the very definition of joyful! Everyone must be getting so excited.

  10. As you said this bridal shower appears to be a most memorable event. Jamie’s dress, shoes, and purse were so unique ,at least to me…unique and beautiful. The setting appears to be perfect for a bridal shower, plenty of sunshine, flowers, and lovely pottery. I have never heard of showers where gifts are not opened then and there so perhaps this is not a common practice at least in my area of the country. I enjoyed “attending” the bridal shower with you.

  11. Obviously there are two fashionistas in the family. Jamie is beautiful and WOW- that dress! Thanks for sharing the fun.
    And you should add a shopping link to the cookbook. Local cookbooks are the best.

  12. There is a link already there, Jane. Just click on the name of the book. Thank you!

  13. I agree about showers where gifts are not opened. That is the part I enjoy the most. I have noticed that the same thing is happening at children’s birthday parties. They no longer open gifts at the party. It’s a shame because it is a lost opportunity to teach young children about thanking guests maybe that is where this started. That was a fabulous shower. So beautiful. I love that the decorations started outside.

  14. Wow! What a lovely shower & lovely bride to be. I loved this post. I also like when you post stories that aren’t about fashion, like your little day trips. Always fun to read!
    Carol C

  15. A very special event The dress, the shoes and the smiles. The bride looks gorgeous. That was a wow celebration

  16. Oh, my, goodness! If this is her bridal shower dress I can not wait to see her wedding dress! Just stunning. The attention to detail is indeed inspiring.

  17. Hi Pam,
    Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like this exquisite dress, shoes, and purse. Jamie has incredible taste. The tables, flowers, food everything looked just perfect. Now for the most important thing I would like to say, Jamie looks like a lovely lady with a million dollar smile.
    The gift that was presented with the roses and eucalyptus was unique and beautiful. Loved the gift wrap too. It’s all in the presentation isn’t it?
    How fortunate both families have the gift of adding an amazing daughter-in-law and son-in-law to their family’s. They are both blessed to have you Pam and Mr. B.
    Thank you for sharing the bridal shower.
    Talk about “pure joy.”

  18. Just wanted to add my thanks for sharing this amazing bridal shower with us! Your future DIL is lovely and a real stunner in that outfit. What an incredible day for all of you!

  19. Wow!, and then Wow! some more!!! 💗 Thanks for the peek into this wonderful shower and the radiant bride-to-be. What gorgeous floral arrangements and linens, and I spied some delicious looking Greek foods. I also love to theme gifts, and for the kitchen is perfect for setting up a newlyweds home. I snagged that San Antonio cookbook off your link – looks colorful and fun.

  20. Wow, Pam, thank for sharing this! You are right, the bride looked stunning! I can hardly wait to see her wedding dress! What a lovely shower! Memories to treasure forever ❤️

  21. The dress! The shoes! The purse! The whole outfit made for a WOW all eyes on her moment for a beautiful bride. I haven’t been to a shower where gifts weren’t opened. That would so disappointing. Thank you letting us join you at this beautiful event.

  22. The bride-to-be looked so gorgeous! I bet she had so much fun getting dressed. That is a very special outfit. And I love the all the bouquets with the beautiful mix of colors and textures. Breathtakingly lovely and so feminine. Just perfect. I especially love the bouquets in the white ironstone pots on the food table. Events like this create such wonderful memories. Bless the hard work of women who make them happen.

  23. I have a feeling that you and your new DIL will have some shared Fashionista interests!

  24. L-o-v-i-l-e-e in every aspect from the new Bride-to-be, to the occasion. -Brenda-

  25. Thanks for letting us see the shower through your eyes. What a beautiful bride and what a special event to honor her! As an event coordinator, I hate the current trend of not opening gifts during a shower or birthday party. My daughter says it’s due to the trend of giving primarily gift cards – no fun to watch someone open them, I guess. Just one more reason I rarely give gift cards! But I agree with others here who have said it is much more polite and gracious to open them so the giver can be thanked in person and see the recipient’s excitement. I can’t wait to see what you wore to this very special occasion, but I’m looking even more forward to seeing Jamie’s wedding gown! It is so much fun to see the wedding events through your eyes as the proud MOG – thanks again for letting us tag along with you!

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