Style Tips: How to style wide leg jeans

style tips

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Of course, this is the day when I team up with my friend Jennifer to look for style tips from you!

We ask that you put on your fashion stylist or fashion merchandiser hats and give us your best advice for the garments we each feature on displays.

Today, I am seeking your thoughts on the current trend of wide-leg jeans for women.

So, think about it before answering…your comments are read and enjoyed by many.

Get comfy and let’s get going with our style tip challenge.


style tips

This display captured my attention recently and reminded me of the current popularity of wide-leg jeans in many lengths…however, I see them more often in crops.

I have several for you to look at, and remember that the styles from Nordstrom include little videos online with style advice…you might want to see what the professionals have to say.

I am asking you to answer with style tips even if you would not wear the style yourself.  Of course, explain why and then share what style tips you would give a friend if they purchased a pair.

Here are others for you to see with this current trend….


style tips

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Now it is your turn to tell us your style tips for the wide leg jeans…then go over to A Well Styled Life and tell us about Jennifer’s selection…and make sure that throughout the day you…..

KEEP SMILING…and be thankful!

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style tips



  1. The jeans are very wide…I would style them with a white lacy crop top, a small black crossbody and flat black sandals. The jeans are the star of the show so everything else needs to be subtle. Happy Saturday!

  2. I like wider legged pants. I haven’t ever been a skinny jean/jetting pant wearer.
    I think they look more polished.
    The pants in the display appear to be mid-rise, and are markedly exaggerated compared to some of the other wide legs you show.
    While I”m going to skip the one shoulder styles I do think that shorter slim tops/blouses go with this well. Longer loose tops tend to look haphazard with wide legged pants.
    I think short to the ankle length is about right.
    In the other styles you show I like the black pants with the belt and white sweater best.

  3. Personally I like the wide or flared jeans, but every extreme is not for me. I like the top that is featured with the wide jeans, any top must be tailored with the wide jeans.

  4. I’m enjoying my wide leg pants and find them more current it modern. I would NOT wear this top ( single sleeve (?) although I do have and wear my off the shoulder navy blouse. 3/4 loose sleeve. Very cute I think.
    Ithink any polished crop top would work with these pants. ( not too cropped)!

  5. My daughter loves wide legged pants and they look great on her. She usually wears with a striped tee or cute shirt. I think the denim skirt is quite nice and would wear it. I would like a closer look at the print dress. It might be for me!

  6. I absolutely love the wider leg style. Takes me back to my youth! I was so happy to stop fighting to successfully wear the skinny jean. However, when I saw the denim here I dismissed it out of hand. But then it hit me to look at them as culottes or a skirt. A defined waist and a jacket or cardigan that sits just at the hip will absolutely make them work. Additionally the midi/maxie denim skirts are having a moment and I feel this wide leg pair of denim pant could be a great stand in for a skirt.

  7. I’m enjoying wider leg pants these days. I find the wider the leg, the softer the fabric needs to be. I’m not a fan of one shoulder tops so I’d just style them with a soft linen blouse or lightweight tee. Happy Saturday

  8. Wide leg denim pants are more like trousers than jeans. They look good belted with a simple tee tucked. Alternatively a blouse tied at the waist or a cropped top. Any jacket should be a short length like a jean jacket or a biker style. I seem to remember wearing this style in the 70’s when I was 20-something. I wore them with a very cropped top 🙂 and platform sandals. Now its the 20’s and I’m 70-something. If I try this style the pants will be cropped rather than the top.

  9. Miss Mannequin looks fab in this combo but I think you definitely need to be able to wear some kind of form fitting top to contrast with a wide legged pant. That leaves out a lot of us ladies of a certain age who carry weight in the middle. I am perplexed as to how to make the style work for me so I am clinging to my out of fashion skinnies as well as straight legged pants with a forgiving flowing kind of top. Come to think of it, you tend to choose that kind of silhouette most often.

  10. Wide leg pants? I’m a fan! I’m also petite and haven’t yet found my perfect pair. There are two issues: VOLUME and LENGTH. The pair of pants shown on the mannequin is super cute! It’s also VERY wide at the legs, and that is likely to be out of proportion with a petite figure. I’m looking for a pair that isn’t quite so wide at the hem. Balancing the figure with a more fitted top, as shown on the mannequin, is definitely the way to go; however, I personally skip the one shoulder tops in favor of tees and other blouses, etc. As for length, the wide leg pants that are being sold this season tend to either be extra long or cropped. Even the petite sizes I’ve tried drag the floor, and sometimes by 5″ – 8″! Crazy long. Too long. Others hit mid-calf, and that presents a vertical style challenge for a petite girl. I’ve seen petite women in the dressing room walking around, asking if such pants look good, and expressing their hesitation at buying them….and then putting them back. Me included, thus far. But surely the perfect pair is out there as I continue on my quest, LOL!

  11. I wear and love skinnies the most…I do not care if they are on trend or not. I try to go with what I feel most confident in.

  12. I bought the black linen blend crops in the pictures above. Planning on styling them with a pale blue tied front blouse, or a black tshirt that fits well and a belt. I think volume on the bottom needs to be worn with fitted or short on top to look good. I also have a barely cropped dotted cotton sweater from Loft that I think will work with these pants. I’d love to try a one shoulder top, why not! If not now, when, is my motto!

  13. I would like to try one too, Susan. I almost did the other day and backed off. I think I will go ahead and try this week!

  14. I love some of these wide leg pants. Reminds me of a longer version of “gauchos” I wore in high school. I have pretty good height, legs and hips. While I’m sure I could pull off the wide leg pant, I carry most of my weight from my waist up. How would a more plus size on top balance them out? I would not be comfortable wearing a tailored, tight fitting or crop style top.

  15. I understand, Billee. They do look good with short jackets. You might try a pair on with a jacket that hits the top of your thigh and see what you think.

  16. IMHO because they appear to be a fitted low rise and a hybrid of an exaggerated bell-bottom with much more fabric I feel they deem caution to balance, taking both body type and styling into consideration. In other words perhaps best suited for a long legged and tall silhouette who also has a substantial shoulder width (i.e.: inverted triangle). As to styling them beginning with footwear; something that is open or closed and has an elevated height (heel or sole) and not a flat. For tops; if one is well toned feel they can range from tucked in fitted, to cropped with exposed arms. Whereas a semi-relaxed long sleeved type could be pushed up to the point where they at least meet the pant’s waistband. As to type of neckline, I would probably avoid a crew-neck design due to visual proportion. Last but not least; for jewelry and handbag they would be dictated by the shoes and top chosen.

  17. Really well done/styled mannequins! Being tall I like the wide leg look and have purchased crops and full length jeans and slacks. I have to say being a D cup since 16 there’s no way I’d wear the the off the shoulder knit but it’s perfect for those who can. BTW my wide leg purchases have come from Spanx which has lengths from petit to tall — yay for me at at 5’11”!

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