Look healthier with homemade skincare

homemade skincare

Happy Friday, friends!  Today I want to share with you how I look healthier with homemade skincare.

I never imagined how good this simple, easy homemade skincare could make my face, hands and arms look…younger and healthier.

I am glad I tried it and will share the process with you today.

Let’s get started in our kitchens……


homemade skincare

After reading several articles and listening to testimonies of women who use lemon and olive oil as a homemade skincare product, I decided to give it a try.

This was about six weeks ago.  

Since then, I honestly have had more people shocked at my age than ever before.

Before, the comments were occasional…lately more have asked…what are you doing to look so much younger than 69?

The only thing I have changed is using this homemade skincare, and, of course, eating healthier and losing weight…which I know is a huge contributing factor.

But, I am sold on using my homemade skincare daily…and I use it at night.

homemade skincare

First. let’s make this homemade skincare….this is all you need.

A jar, a grate,  fresh lemons, and EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil…apparently it does matter that you use EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil and not the regular, cooking olive oil.

Grate the peel of two lemons and place in the bottom of the jar.  Cover this with the EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil. 

Then place the jar in a dark place for five days.

That’s it!

At night, I cleanse my face, then I use just a little of the oil and pat it into my face and neck.

I try to do this about an hour before bedtime so that it will soak into my skin and not go on my pillow.

After about 30 minutes, I still use my Genucel Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Genucel eye cream, and Genucel Neck Cream on top of my homemade skincare.

Genucel is all natural and plant based so it blends nicely with the lemon & oil….and on sale now.

Final use at night of the homemade skincare lemon & oil, is to put it on my hands and lower arms.

It is amazing how good they look in the morning if you do this consistently.

I am a fan…and I love the fresh lemon aroma.

One note:  The olive oil bottle you are looking at in the picture is what I had on hand unopened when I decided to do this…I did not purchase this brand just for the homemade skincare.


homemade skincare

Since I am turning 70 this summer, I decided to focus on trying new experiences.

Small or large…I want to try things I have never tried before.

Making my own homemade skincare is the first one…I have never done this before.

I am not planning on bungie jumping or leaping from a plane, but I want to be purposeful to try some new things and to look for experiences I have never had before.

Of course, I will share them with you here.

homemade skincare

Another first for me is to wear silk tops more than cotton or linen going into the summer.

I have shared with you my new love of washable silk discovered at a local boutique.

These silk tops are so much cooler in the heat…and do not cling to the places where I do not want cling…they lay nicely in a flattering way.

So, I heard from a couple of you that you would like to find the washable silk tops online since this boutique does not sell online.

Here is what I discovered in my search!  There is one print top that says Dry Clean Only, but I thought it was pretty for autumns so I left it in the presentation….

This new experience has led to a big change in my wardrobe…I am a fan!  I haven’t tried Quince, but plan to at some point this summer.

So, I want to ask you two things today…have you tried a homemade skincare concoction…what was it and what were the results…then, have you tried washable silk, what do you think?

We would love to hear your thoughts…and, of course, do you plan new experiences for this summer like I do…would you share?

There is so much here, but I hope it is helpful to you…these are experiences I am living right now.


By Pamela Lutrell

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homemade skincare



  1. I have bought a cashmere sweater from Quince, but not any silk. Their free shipping and free return policy is very encouraging to me, and I found my sweater to be very soft and warm. At their prices I am tempted to try their silk tops, and also their cotton sweaters. My skin could definitely use your skincare potion so I’ll go buy some EVOO and concoct some of your suggested “ magic”. 😁 I wish I had an adventure ahead of me this summer. My first thought was zip lining which I have done twice in Costa Rico but no plans for that again. I LOVED it!

  2. I am going to attempt to create new experiences at home and away. I am beginning to see there are small things I have never done…it may not be zip lining, but I want to have fun!

  3. I am also a Quince shopper – Great Shopping Experience. Have purchased cashmere sweaters and their leather purses/bags. Quince customer service, return policy, free shipping and great prices are what makes me shop there. Thank you for the recommendations on skin care home remedies!!

  4. I always wash silk now – but on 30o C on the gentle wash in the machine . That is because I realised that I was handwashing at a fairly high temperature and far too vigorously . Dry cleaning always left an awful smell – even after airing . Another tip which also works for wool is to wash with soap (which is alkaline) and then rinse with water which is slightly acidified with white vinegar or lemon juice . This brings out the sheen .

  5. I have not tried either of these things, but want to. They sound great. I would like to hear if any readers have tried them. In the summer, I try to do a little “summery” thing every day. It could be eating an ice cream cone, walking barefoot in the grass, reading a poem about summer, running/walking under the hose, etc. Any other ideas would be welcome. I love summer!!

  6. Sadly, I have neglected my skin care for way too many years. At 78 my neglect is catching up with me. I would like to try your lemon and olive oil concoction. How many ounces of olive oil do you use for two lemons? I will let you know my results.

    Thank you for all you do for us more mature ladies!

  7. I just cover the lemon do that there is a quarter of an inch showing…I do not know how many ounces that is…so sorry.

  8. I haven’t made my own skincare products but this one I might try. What you said about your hands and arms makes me want to mix some up. I just hope it’s not too greasy. That is the feeling I really don’t like because I feel I leave a film on everything.
    I haven’t hear of Quince but will definitely look them up.

  9. I have spent a fair amount of time in Greece where olives are a major source of income. Many of the women use straight EVOO as a moisturizer. Adding lemon would add a beautiful fragrance. Many Greeks also drink 1-2 ounces of olive oil daily for their health. I’m going to buy some fresh EVOO and give it a try when my current rose oil/squalane supply is done.

    I ordered a cashmere Quince sweater for my husband as a Christmas gift and the quality was superior to a name brand sweater I looked at.

  10. Just use a little bit and rub it in good, Paula. I spend a few minutes on my arms and hands rubbing it in every night. If you use too much, it is greasy…but I just dip a finger in and rub that where I want it…a very small amount. As I wrote, I also put it on at least an hour before bedtime so that it has soaked in when I go to bed and is not on my bedding.

  11. From what I read online, the lemon does more than add fragrance…it is a key part of the skincare. I would love to have skin like some of those amazing Greek women! Thanks Kate.

  12. Thanks Anne…I have just never measured it…but I agree with you on the size.

  13. Pam, I’m intrigued by the EVOO and lemon skin treatment. But I have rosacea and pores that clog easily, so I’m always hesitant try anything new. Can I ask if your skin is dry, oily, combination, or something else? Your answer might help me decide. Thanks!

  14. I have normal skin that has a few dry places. I would not do this in your case without talking to a dermatologist.

  15. I’ve heard good things about olive oil, but I must have used too much when I tried it years ago. I’m going to try this and use just a dab, as you suggest. I hope it doesn’t stain my pillowcase or clog my pores.

  16. Hopefully you saw that I put it on an hour before bedtime and pat it in. So far…no stains! Remember to do it with the lemon!

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