The Bridal Brunch

bridal brunch

Happy Tuesday…I hope you are ready to celebrate with me as wedding weekend commenced…to get us started: The Bridal Brunch.

I hope you will enjoy diving into this Mother-of-the-Groom journey with me.  There are few direct links, and I desire that the rest will inspire you for a bridal brunch and get your creativity going.

Mr. B and I decided to stay at the lovely St. Anthony’s Hotel in downtown San Antonio and I will share more about the hotel later this week.

I kick off this journey with joy in the hotel lobby.

Let’s get going, shall we?


bridal brunch

This dress is the first short dress in ages that convinced me to show my aging legs at the bridal brunch!

I loved the dramatic sleeves the moment I met this dress…and a resounding NO…the sleeves were not in the way of the meal or people…they were perfect.

I found this FRANK LYMAN WOVEN DRESS at my favorite local boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique and knew that it was meant to be worn to a bridal brunch.

The pearl clutch is one I have owned for a long time and also discovered at a local boutique which closed around the time of the pandemic.

My necklace is the Southern Living Multi-Layer Ceramic Beaded Statement Necklace at Dillard’s…so glad I now own this piece and it is affordable.

I decided my Easy Spirit Gold Ballet Flats were a good choice for the bridal brunch, though most wore sandals.

These shoes are so pretty and super comfy.


bridal brunch

My new daughter-in-law has impressed me so much with her style and the thought and care she gave to each outfit worn.

This selection for the bridal brunch was fun and any9one would know she is the Bride!

bridal brunch

All three of my girls were gorgeous…my daughter on the left and then my DILs.

And I have to add, they all three have great SMILES!

bridal brunch

There were nine bridesmaids and they all looked lovely in spring prints and dresses. 

I am so glad I wore a dress and joined in with the others.


bridal brunch

The minute I saw the Mother-of-the-Bride (left) at the bridal brunch, I wanted this dress!  

I loved the print, color, length…so lovely.  She discovered it at another local boutique called Julian Gold.

Her necklace is a piece of artwork designed by her mother…and it is fabulous.

She is seen her talking to our lovely hostess for the bridal brunch and I learned something.

Her maxi skirt was an original creation sewed with Italian designer fabric found on Etsy.  If you click this link, you will go to DESIGNER FABRICS ON ETSY.

It was a beautiful skirt.

bridal brunch

And worn with this fun sandals she actually purchased in Italy!

bridal brunch

We made a great threesome…but I have to say these petite ladies make me look much taller than I am!!


bridal brunch

A local Italian favorite, Paesano’s, was a perfect choice of venue for this bridal brunch.

At the Lincoln Heights location, some diners can look out over The Quarry Golf Course and in the distance the shopping area.

bridal brunch

bridal brunch

Our hostess is multi-talented at making acrylic designs.

Our invitation arrived in a special package and was printed on an acrylic piece…the nameplates were her creations along with the coasters.

This was that personal special touch that can take a bridal brunch to the next level.

bridal brunch

She also had sunglasses and “Tinkerbelle” wands for the flower girls…though they could not attend.

It was the last day of school for our kinder student. So sweet and special.  Both girls brought their sunglass cases to the wedding,

bridal brunch

bridal brunch

The bridal brunch was lovely and set the tone for the rest of the weekend….and this Cappuccino Pie, OH MY…..

We were all ready to celebrate the bride and groom.  

The biggest thing I believe regular readers will notice is that for this day,  my outfits were out of my color palette: a vibrant autumn.

But, I went with the season and “garden party theme” around this wedding…I feel confident with the decisions I made.

Let me know if you have questions or thoughts to add.

Thursday,  I will cover the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Tomorrow remains the latest news for women over 50.  Hope to see you back…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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bridal brunch

The talented hostess also has a baker daughter!  These cookies were from the bridal shower.


  1. I have never commented before, but I just had to this time to let you know how beautiful you look in that dress! I’m so glad you took the risk because it really paid off.

  2. I believe a deep coral/ watermelon pink still counts in an Autumn palette, no? Or at least, my consultant put it in my Deep Autumn palette fan! Either way, it’s a fab colour on you.

  3. You look happy and comfortable in that amazing outfit. It reflects how wonderful it is to dress in a wow color and style that suits your personality. I enjoyed looking at the details of the shower. Everything is a thoughtful work of art. What fun to have a peek at what the other women were wearing. Your daughter and daughters-in-law are beautiful. Your family is complete! Looking forward to Thursday.

  4. Pam, you look like a butterfly in that 1st photo. You can see how good you feel in your outfit. I’m glad you’re enjoying this time so much.

    As an aside, I came across a great IG post by slaidinfullofficial that I’ve been meaning to share because it resonated with me & might with others in this community. She posted about 4 things women over 40 need to stop wearing: other people’s insecurities; our assumptions; other people’s validations; and other people’s opinions.

  5. I agree- you look stunning in this shorter dress! The color suits you well and you glow with happiness. Everyone featured here remind me of springtime! Looking forward to reading further. As always, thank you for sharing.

  6. Sigrid, Thank you for commenting! I hope to see you here more often…and thank you for the kind words.

  7. I have been told that coral is a universal color and looks good on all. It was perfect for this wedding and I do love this dress. Thanks Zaeobi!

  8. Thanks Deborah…so glad you enjoyed the post. We are blessed with an amazing family and extended families!

  9. I like the way she phased that! And I always encourage to be uniquely you…no matter what!

  10. The bride desired to celebrate her wedding as a garden party…and it was!! I have so much to share with you this week.

  11. Your choice of dress for the bridal brunch was perfect! You looked so happy & beautiful! What a lovely affair!

  12. How lovely! You were perfectly gorgeous, and what a beautiful presentation. Does the hostess have a website for her acrylics business? That salad looked delicious, too.

  13. I so love your gorgeous dress, and as others have said, you look like you feel wonderful in your stunner of a dress. The bridal brunch appears to be very unique and memorable with all the interesting details, and lovely-dressed ladies. Your daughter has your beautiful smile, and she too appears taller than your two DIL’s. You have been in my thoughts throughout the weekend as I wondered how the wedding plans were progressing. The weather appeared to be clear at least at the golf course, but I hope it was not too hot yet. We had a very comfortable, if a bit cooler than usual weekend. Looking forward to other wedding pictures. Personally, I’d still struggle with bare legs, but I’m older with more ugly veins and very white legs.

  14. I think those are the prettiest cookies I’ve ever seen! Everyone looked bright and cheerful.

  15. I have the veins too…I used the Jergens Tinted Lotion…and just decided to go for it and not worry about them. I am glad I did…this wedding has taken me out of my style box and the journey was fun and important. The weather was a gift from God…absolutely perfect…and everyone was commenting on how perfect it was…rare this time of year to be so cool and lovely.

  16. Pamela, you are stunning!! This dress suits you perfectly, and your confident and joyful smile is your best accessory. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this day with us.

  17. Oh Pam, you are beaming and look so beautiful! Everything and everyone looked happy- the bride, her Mom, your daughter, and daughter-in-love, looked gorgeous! The talents on display were perfectly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this joyous occasion!

  18. So glad to see you step out of your comfort zone with this dress. The color is beautiful and looks perfect in you. Your hair was gorgeous. Your choice of shoes was perfect. A perfect Bridal shower and how wonderful the bride has such talented friends to put it over the top. Excited to see more.

  19. The entire weekend was joyous…though I ran out of energy…I really did not want it to end!

  20. Thank you Cathy! Her friends and family are so talented in many ways.

  21. You look amazing, Pamela, and that first joyful photo of you just started my day off right. You are beaming! Your choice of dress was perfect and you look great in that color. What amazingly talented women, and everyone looked so fashionable. And those cookies are incredible! Thank you so much for taking us along on your journey. I’m excited to see the rest of wedding weekend!

  22. I’m so excited to see this first wedding weekend installment! Your dress was amazing-every one of your adjectives plus “fashion forward!” You looked absolutely joyful and radiant, and the solid color was so flattering and eye-catching in a sea of prints. I can see you wearing that to special occasions for years with so many different accessories. Perfect for this time of year in Texas! I love that these posts will become a sort of journal for your family to read many years from now, much the same way we would read the diary of a previous generation found in an old trunk or attic. I’m so glad your kids agreed to let you share their special day with your readers!

  23. Thank you for sharing the pictures. You looked so elegant in your outfit. What a beautiful choice.

  24. One of my adjectives is “current” so that is my fashion forward nod…thanks so much for the encouragement. That is such a fun dress to wear. Well, I don’t know that I asked if I could share…they know after 12 years that I will share…and I hope anyone who doesn’t want to see it will say!

  25. Thank you, Miss Pamela, for sharing your beautiful and precious family moments. I surely feel blessed to be included in your days.

  26. Oh, my yes! That dress was the perfect style & color for the bridal brunch. You look vibrant & classy. Your new daughter-in-law & her mother both have a unique sense of style, & they always are true to it. Such an elegant occasion. The cookies look almost too beautiful to eat. Thank you for including us for these events.

  27. I have to agree with everyone else that you looked fabulous Pamela. As to those amazing sandals am not surprised they were purchased in Italy as IMO they do have the most unique footwear on the planet with many being a reasonable cost. In regards to the cookies; absolutely delectable requiring such patience to decorate them and know I would feel guilty to even eat one …. lol! Last but not least; acrylic designs is something I have only dabbled in (using a Circuit Maker) so know such creations can be time consuming. -Brenda-

  28. Dear Pam and all, such a lovely event. Everyone, including, you, Pam looks terrific. Thanks for the Etsy link for designer fabrics. I did not know about that category. The hotel also looks fabulous. Smart to stay somewhere other than home especially if it means less driving at the end of the day. Your posts are truly filled with joy and this one especially captures the magic of a joyful event. Kudos!

  29. That dress is perfection on you, Pam! The whole outfit is just gorgeous – you really nailed it. It sounds like a wonderful bridal luncheon!

  30. You look fabulous, and the event looks wonderful You are the perfect foil for the spring prints — and the dress is so dramatic! What a kickoff to the weekend.

  31. You look so pretty and confident in your lovely dress. I also like your lovely smile.

  32. Your family is blessed to have you and your genuine interest in their lives. Continue to enjoy the flood of happiness. Take care!

  33. I think both Mothers look great.
    Your dress is fresh and just perfect – nice sleeve/shoulder design, classic lines elsewhere. It looked great with the shoes and necklace. Were the sleeves faced with something stiff to give them that nice arch? It’s almost like a hoop skirt for your sleeves.

    MOB’s dress is also striking in a different way. I love dresses with a band collar. The fabric has a festive design and the design of the dress does well with necklace. I think the self-belt is perfect for giving the dress more shape but not distracting from the print/necklace combination. Given the proximity of Memorial Day I think the outfit with the necklace that the Grandmother designed is very meaningful. I also LOVE the bag in the first photo of MOB.

    Both of you look like you’re doing well despite a string an engagements. I hope you’re both headed for at least of week of rest after this event!

  34. Yes! The sleeves were faced with something stiff…not sure what to call it!

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