How to style linen for a special occasion

linen for a special occasion

Happy Memorial Day Monday, all!  Today I am sharing how to style linen for a special occasion.

First, I would like to acknowledge all those on this day who gave their lives for our American freedoms and values.

May we always take time to be thankful and willing to remember that those lives lost go all the way back to the American Revolution.

It matters and it is worth fighting for to preserve.

Back to the blog, last Thursday, before wedding festivities began, we had a special occasion to attend.

So, I decided to see if I could make this dress work for that special occasion and I believe I did.

At least, I felt very confident in it!


linen for a special occasion

Typically, linen for a special occasion is not how I go.

However, this special occasion was a granddaughter’s kindergarten graduation in the morning, so a nice casual look would work.

When I recently purchased this CRUZ LINEN MAXI SHIRTDRESS at Banana Republic, it was for these types of events…special occasions when I desire a more elevated casual look.

I decided to try it after reading the description:

  • Luxurious linen, with its incredible ability to stay cool and fresh, even in heat and humidity, comes together in this beautiful maxi dress with beautiful trapunto detailing and a side slit to show a little leg

AndI do love this dress…it easily makes wearing linen for a special occasion possible.

The dress speaks my style adjectives of polished and current.


linen for a special occasions

Now, the accessories come in to speak my style adjectives of creative, approachable, joyful and current.

The linen scarf, colorful gold statement bracelet, and though you cannot see them, gold shoes…oh yes, and orange handbag worked together to take this linen to special occasion style.

This is be a go to outfit for the summer…I am so glad I purchased the dress!

I am very impressed with the quality of this linen, so I wanted to show you more linen for a special occasion from Banana Republic.

Also, through today, if you have a credit account with the group that owns Banana Republic, GAP, and Old Navy, you can get 40% off with the code BRCARDPERK.


special occasion

I have so much to share with you this week.

The wedding weekend was one special occasion after another…there is so much beauty and joy to share, so I hope you will join me.

This Mother-of-the-Groom was blessed beyond all measure and is exhausted!!.

So, I will see you tomorrow with more fun to experience and lots of fashions to enjoy.

Now, please tell us if you wear linen for a special occasion and how do you make it work for you.

See you tomorrow with Special Occasion #1…the Bridesmaid Luncheon!


By Pamela Lutrell

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special occasion


  1. Pam, you look lovely, cool, and confident in the linen dress. May I ask what size you purchased? Can’t wait to see and hear all about the wedding!

  2. That dress, scarf and purse are absolutely lovely on you! I steer clear of linen because the wrinkles offend my sensibilities but you look great! Do you have to wear something under it (what?) or is it thick enough alone?

  3. Your casual linen dress with accessories is perfect. I for one love linen, especially when I learned it was ok for it to wrinkle. I look for linen blouses and pants any summer.

  4. Banana Republic has always been small on me, Tess…this is an XL and it just fits my size 16 figure.

  5. It is thick enough on it’s own, Janette. I wore some little Jockey shorts for comfort. This linen is lovely and wrinkles are less evident.

  6. I have more purchased more for this summer than I ever have, Cathy. The quality of linen carried by my favorite retailers has really improved. I am enjoying my purchases.

  7. Yes I do wear linen every summer and several of my tunics are quite old but still comfortable. To a family cook out yesterday I wore all linen! Yes it wrinkles, but didn’t care- I was comfortable.
    And to my 4 year old twin “grandchildrens ” pre-school graduations I will wear linen.
    Its the fabric of summer!

  8. Now this one is a big win! Very polished, very put together, and comfortable! Congrats on all the special events!

  9. The outfit looks elegant! Your height with the maxi dress and long scarf combine for a look that is tall, slim, and polished. Love it on you. I would like to try it, but wonder if this 5-3 size 16 body could pull it off!

  10. I don’t wear linen any more here in Florida. I find it too hot and scratchy when it is humid. I wear cotton whenever I can.

  11. I think you look absolutely stunning, and this is one of my very favorite looks on you. This dress could work for many daytime special occasions. Golden yellow is also a great color on you, though I think your signature color is green. It looks to be an investment piece because of the quality, the simple but lovely silhouette, and the vastly different ways it could be accessorized. I love BR quality and am buying more there because of that and because it fits my style adjectives well, though I also have to size up. That’s ok; it’s just a number. Recently, I purchased at Costco online BR “Capri” (not … they are cropped or ankle) pants for $19.99, and they are some of the best quality pants I own. I often do a search at for BR, as both my husband and myself have purchased several good pieces. Crazy! Do you have a code for them?

  12. One thing not well known about San Antonio is that it is a big military town and there are two national cemeteries there. Many of our freedoms came at a heavy sacrifice. Thank you for your acknowledgment this morning, Pam.

  13. I have finally accepted it as a fabric of summer…and loving it. Thanks Paulette!

  14. I have not checked to see if it is offered in petites…but it may be!

  15. You would be amazed at this linen…the higher quality is mot scratchy at all. But softer than many of my cotton pieces. It all has to do with the type of linen. Thanks Linda.

  16. It is easy to find deals doe BR garments…I shop there outlet often…thanks Linda!

  17. You are right, Linlee! This is Military City and my husband works for an organization that serves the military…we always want to acknowledge their sacrifices.

  18. Pam your styling of this dress is perfect. Oh my. 👌🏻 Never would have thought to drape that scarf over the dress. The purse, the bracelet……. 🤩 Again, if I saw you across a room I would want to talk to you. I’m pulling out my linen scarves and rummage thru my closet to duplicate you look.
    My summer closet is linen (at least 5 dresses), cotton gauze and cotton poplin.

  19. You look fabulous in tis dress. It’s easy to imagine it being dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The best dressed grandmother at the graduation.

  20. Oh, oh, oh, and the littles…… 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I hope there will be lots of pics of the littles. The clothes, the bare feet, those glasses. 💕

  21. This is your best outfit I’ve seen you in! You look just gorgeous! I love how you accessorized with a bright yellow scarf and an orange bag in the same color palette. Your hair is looking so nice, too. I love the lighter shade on you. Can you show us what shoes you wore with this linen dress? I’m guessing flats work best with a long dress?

  22. I am so glad I have kept this linen scarf through several closet purges…it was meant to go with this dress! Thanks Suzi!

  23. The littles were highlights of this wedding and I have so many pics!

  24. Amazing look on you, Pam! I cannot wait to hear more about the wedding weekend. Wishing your son and daughter-in-law much happiness and love!

  25. I love this natural color linen paired with the bright yellow print of the scarf. I had this combo on with capris and a blouse last week and felt very summery, even though it was not linen. I have had a number of linen jackets, which I enjoyed. For me, a jacket seems less prone to wrinkles than pants or a skirt. Nonetheless, I purchased a gorgeous aqua colored linen tank dress last month and plan to wear it primarily with my favorite white summer cardigan and a variety of pretty summer scarves. I also thought it would be nice under a print kimono. Went to a baseball game yesterday, and going to neighbor’s for a hot dog roast tonight – both too casual for the linen dress, but soon, I hope!! Wish I also had it in your natural color, which I have always loved.

  26. I was so excited to see the sneak peek of the little ones at the wedding! You look fabulous in that linen dress, as you always do. I am wearing a few linen pieces now, after avoiding it for years due to the higher quality of linen available now. I have had particularly good luck with pieces from J Jill. I hope you are getting a lot of rest on this holiday Monday, and I can’t wait to see your posts from the wedding weekend. Congratulations again to the happy couple, and to you and Mr. B on your new “daughter-in-love!”

  27. Looking fabulous in this dress Pamela and liking your choice of accessories. As to the Grandchildren; how cute and handsome all decked out in their finest. -Brenda-

  28. I love all your outfits! I wish you would try something different with your hair. I want ideas on hair too!

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