A perfect “garden party” wedding


garden party wedding

What perfect way to celebrate Fashion Friday than with a perfect “garden party” wedding.

The evening of the wedding could not have been more perfect…and the weather was shocking to all of us…cool and low humidity.

This post does not contain the quality of images I typically like, because I was so busy and also being respectful of the hired professional photographer.

But, I still have many wonderful moments to share.

I opened today with a picture of me and my friend Karen…who often appears on the blog.

The wedding was a formal evening garden-party wedding.

My KAY UNGER COCO GOWN is available again at Nordstrom.  I did not lose as much weight as I wanted to, but I believe I pulled it off and it is a beautiful dress…a garden party gown.

Karen purchased her SLNY gown at Macy’s.  I cannot find it online, but they do have lovely gowns. 

You cannot see the bow on Karen’s shoulder…but it is a lovely addition to this gown and this is her color.

Now, let’s dive into a perfect garden party wedding.


garden party wedding

I shared the bride’s vision board for her wedding with you early on as I used it for shopping.

But, when I first saw it, I thought…this is a garden party wedding.  The reception needed to be outdoors and that is why it is important the weather cooperated.

And the bride and her creative father cooperated together to bring this to fruition.  He was amazing with creating the garden party atmosphere.

garden party wedding

garden party wedding

Each table featured unique pottery and fresh plants with vintage touches…I was taken with the decor.

garden party wedding

garden party wedding

This last table was the sign in table and include polaroid cameras to take pictures and leave messages for my son and his bride.

garden party wedding

garden party wedding

The talented bride designed a logo for her new family and it appeared on napkins, matches, programs…and I love the idea of doing this…I now want to do it for Mr. B and me.

garden party wedding


This picture was sent to me.  Sadly I did not lay eyes on this incredible cake until after it was being cut. (Oh yes, I did taste it and it was delicious: almond cake, strawberry filling, buttercream icing)

The flowers are edible and you can see how closely it matches up to her vision board.

Her garden party wedding reception was visualized in so many lovely ways.


garden party wedding

The wedding party ladies all prepared together with some receiving assistance from make up and hair professionals.

But, my granddaughter received extra special treatment as her new aunt, the bride, did her French braids for her.

She followed the bride every where she went throughout the garden party.

garden party wedding

My daughter and DIL were stunning in their wedding attire.  I am so proud of all my girls…and guys too!

The blue dress was found at Neiman Marcus and the peach shimmering one was found at Dillard’s...with the bride’s approval!

They both looked lovely all evening long.

garden party wedding

I was on Gigi-duty while mom got ready.

I am wearing my new linen from Talbots.


garden party wedding

I so wish I had a better picture of the Mother-of-the-bride dress.

This was the best one to see the entire dress….gorgeous, I would wear it in a heartbeat.  It was lovely for this garden party wedding.

She found it at a trunk show early on at Julian Gold, and the seamstress added the sleeves.  She looked incredible.

When I looked back over photos…I wondered where my mind was…but it did hop all over the place.

garden party wedding

I also do not have a great shot right now of the beautiful nine bridesmaids.

Each one selected their own garden party wedding dress in the colors selected by the bride.  

With each one being unique, floral and colorful, they enhanced the garden party theme.

My granddaughter could not get enough of being around these women.  Now, she is desiring to dress like this every day!

I need to hit the children’s consignment shops soon.

You can also see that the bride on the right changed into a fun white jumpsuit for the reception!


garden party wedding

I wasn’t sure how our dance would go, but my son made it fun.

All of the little grandchildren came up to the dance floor, and sat on the grass to watch us dance.

That is who I am pointing to…our dance’s end was the invitation for all to dance.

You can see that I changed into sandals for the reception.

I had wonderful shiny sneakers I planned to wear, but the hem was dragging more than I anticipated.

So, my gold Fit Flops gave come height, comfort and for the most part were hidden.

garden party theme

The band was incredible and we danced for hours…”all night long.”

They had wonderful Tina Turner and Selena tributes which were favorites of the night….as well as lots of boy band songs for the bridal party to sing to.

My grandchildren are into Taylor Swift so sang and danced loud to that round.

garden party wedding

I was so proud of my son…and of course, had off and on tears.


garden party wedding

The ceremony was wonderful…reverent, personal and meaningful.

Her veil was found in Mexico City…perhaps her favorite place to shop.  

garden party weddings

The happy couple is off on a whirlwind honeymoon.

I know there is lots of family fun ahead.

This was a garden party wedding that I did not want to end…so many memories made and enjoyed.

Thank you to those of you who have been here from the beginning of my Mother-of-the-Groom journey…and encouraged me to share the event with you…I appreciate all the help you gave.

I will be here tomorrow with Jennifer and until then………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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garden party wedding


  1. Oh Pam I got teary reading this blog about the wedding and seeing all the wonderful photos.What a journey it has been for the couple and both families! I see such joy and love in the photos and I wish the newlyweds all the best for their life ahead. Your dress is perfect and I hope you can get to wear it again.Thank you for taking your readers on this special time in your family’s life.Sending best wishes from afar.

  2. WOW is the word that comes to
    mind first! You looked absolutely gorgeous in your garden party inspired dress what an incredible celebration of love this was – it is evident in every picture 🥰 thank you for allowing us to share in the many festivities with your family it has been so much fun!

  3. Wow, I’m so impressed with the details and beauty of the wedding! Such unusual, but beautiful setting, the table decor, the cake, the fashionable dresses and I’m sure, tuxedo-clad menfolk…all so unique and memorable. I well understand your wanting the night to never end. It has been great fun to be in this journey with you, and you must now feel somewhat let down as all the planning and wedding are in the past. But what wonderful memories.

  4. Thanks for the account of the wedding.
    I think your dress and the MOB’s dress went well together. Seems like you both went for a sweetheart neckline.
    I imagine you’re all taking it easy this week.

  5. What a beautiful wedding! Thank you for sharing. So glad the weather cooperated which really made it a garden wedding.

  6. Thank you for joining me on the journey, Julie. Wonderful memories were made.

  7. I suppose there is a little letdown…but we plunged right back into our lives with incredible memories.

  8. I also believe our dresses complemented each other…I love the pockets on hers! I am finally feeling like myself again..after rest, additional vitamins, and homemade chicken soup!

  9. Such a beautiful event, clearly filled with joy! Congratulations to everyone! P.S. The photo of you and your son is precious and even extra with your granddaughter peeking from the side.

  10. Thanks Kim…the kids were so much fun…they enjoyed every moment and the only one that crashed at the reception was that little one.

  11. I must agree-Wow! This was an absolutely incredible wedding! Beautiful in every way. I just love the table scapes created by your Dils dad. Such attention to detail. And the gowns and dresses are so very lovely! You look fabulous in the photo of your mother/son dance! You chose the perfect dress!
    What memories!❤️

  12. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful! Now you have inspired me to create a family logo with my two granddaughters who I will have for a week in July and hopefully teach them a little embroidery at the same time.

  13. So beautiful!! So much joy and love. What a blessing. You look gorgeous, by the way…..slim and pretty and joyful!!

  14. Pam, I have just loved following along on your wedding posts! Your family looks wonderful and you absolutely nailed it with your choices and looked beautiful! Many happy wishes to your son and daughter in law and thank you for sharing!

  15. Pam- this blog was so delightful! I feel like a part of the wedding!
    Thank ypu so much for sharing!

  16. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

    What a wonderful wedding

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks

  17. Thank you, Paulette. I love those tablescapes so much…want to do one on my patio table now.

  18. Thank you for being here, Marysue…so happy to have all of you on this journey with me.

  19. Loved your dress – just perfect for a garden wedding. Thank you for sharing your journey preparing for this beautiful wedding. Everyone looks so happy.

  20. Everyone was so happy…both families love these two so much. Thanks Janet

  21. Such a wonderful ending to all the fun getting ready for this beautiful day. You look so gorgeous in your perfect dress. A lot of work went into making this perfection, and the venue looks like someplace I would love to celebrate in too. Your granddaughter made me smile, and brought back memories of when my cousin got married and I was the junior bridesmade, I was in awe of all the girls and what they wore and where they went, etc. so she will have wonderful memories of this day for the rest of her life. Thank you for taking us along on this very personal journey, and enjoy a bit of a break before you have to think of your cruise…. yay!

  22. What a beautiful wedding! Everything is lovely, from the flowers/plants on the tables (very unique), to the gorgeous wedding cake, to you in your lovely dress (I loved that one from the beginning!) just everything was so lovely. And so glad it did not rain! So glad it all turned out so nicely.

  23. The Joy in the blog reflects so much of you and your family. I smiled the whole time I was reading it. The love of your family and friends is so clear. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. Thank you Linda…as Mary Poppins says…it was practically perfect in every way.

  25. I can see why you didn’t want the wedding to end; I’m feeling the same way about your wedding posts! It has been such a treat to share these special moments in your family’s lives. So many exquisite details, each so beautiful and unique. Your dress was my favorite of all the outfits, but it was fun to see so many special looks. I love that your daughter and granddaughters share your passion for fashion. They all looked beautiful. What a legacy you are building for them, and these wedding memories will be an important part of your family’s history. Congratulations to your newlyweds and best wishes for a fun and relaxing summer!

  26. Lovely wedding. Usually I’m all about the fashion, which was beautiful (you looked like yourself, but celebratory, which is -exactly- how you should look :)), but the cake! The centerpieces! The bridal bouquet! The monograms!

  27. I share the same sentiments as Paulette but shall add, I extend the newly wed couple a future of happiness together as Mr. and Mrs. and thank you Pam for taking me along on your journey as Mother of The Groom. -Brenda-

  28. Thank you for inviting us to the wedding! I could see the beauty, feel the love and joy, and almost hear the band. What a wonderful celebration to relive over and over in your mind and through photos! A true garden party.

  29. Thank you so much…it blesses me that you feel that way about the posts.

  30. I agree with everyone’s WOW! This was an unforgettable event. The bride’s vail looks like an heirloom. I like the current way of doing the bridesmaid’s dresses. It lets each lady express their own style. Back in the day, all the dresses matched, & there was rarely one style or color that was good for everyone. What a lovely garden party, & I’m so glad the weather cooperated.

  31. Oh my! Perfection: your dress, the bride and groom, decorations , the atmosphere, the children. How wonderful to get a glimpse of the journey that we all took with you. What I keep thinking about is the example your family you set for the grandchildren of family values and memories!

  32. I liked the bridesmaid dresses done this way as well…it really further spoke the lovely garden theme. Thanks Becky!

  33. Thank you Deborah…leaving family legacies of events like this is important to me and I am honored the bride’s family honored us this way!

  34. Oh, my goodness, what a perfect wedding and reception! Such a beautiful couple and you look amazing! Thank you for sharing this milestone day!!

  35. Like several other, thank you for including us in this journey it has been fun. Your dress was perfect and you looked wonderful from your hairstyle to your footwear. I don’t think we saw the gorgeous blue shoes but you were right sandles didn’t show. Love everything the bride did. So many young girls think it has be dramatic and over the top. The tables were a bold choice, very creative. Congrats!

  36. Know this is a fashion blog but a cook who has hosted more large gatherings than I can count would love to hear about the food and wine.
    The wedding was gorgeous and the fabric in those indoor chairs was so lovely.
    Thanks for letting us all be a part of such a momentous family celebration 🎉

  37. Thank you for sharing your journey of the mother of the groom. The fashion photos, the locations, your precious family and memories made. Blessings to you.

  38. Hi Pamela,
    The wedding needs to be in a magazine. I loved seeing all the pictures. The endless attention to detail to everything did not go unnoticed. You looked so lovely and so happy. You have an amazing family.
    The cake was gorgeous.
    Your son and DIL make a perfect couple.
    A day of “pure joy,” and total perfection.
    Thank you for sharing.

  39. I loved being a fly on the wall for all of the planning and actual wedding activities. This was the best planned wedding I have ever seen! You looked lovely Pam! Good choice of the dresses you were looking at, this was the best! Congratulations to your son and DIL. I smiled and teared up looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event with all of us readers!

  40. Oh, I agree with everyone. What a beautiful wedding. Thank you for sharing your journey on the way to the wedding. I so appreciate that you shared pictures of the wedding and guests. Sharon

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