Wedding Rehearsal Day Highlights

wedding rehearsal

Happy June 1!  Let’s continue the wedding report with Wedding Rehearsal Day Highlights.

As one of my grandchildren asked…is today the real wedding or the fake wedding?

He finally learned the wedding rehearsal day is the practice wedding.

I was honored and blessed the bride’s family wanted all six grandchildren, ages 10-2, in the wedding.

Considering how young they are…it went pretty well.

The assignments included two groomsmen (ages 10 & 8), two ring bearers (both 4 years old); and two flower girls (ages 6 & 2).

Yes…we needed practice….here are the highlights from wedding rehearsal day.


wedding rehearsal day

My wonderful new DIL honored her mother and grandmother by wearing their wedding dress for wedding rehearsal day.

It was amazing and the touch of history which ran throughout this wedding that I loved.

wedding rehearsal day

wedding rehearsal day

Here are the two photos side-by-side of the look…so sweet and honoring…I love that this young bride appreciates her family history so much.


wedding rehearsal day

Here I am with one of my granddaughter-flower-girls and we both are dressed in Dillard’s styles.

This Eileen Fisher Crushed Silk Scoop Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress in the soft green called Absinthe is hands down the most comfortable, cool garment I have ever owned.

I wore it with the Eileen Fisher Sheer Silk Georgette Boat Neck Short Sleeve Side Drape Cropped Poncho for arm coverage.

This dress will be perfect for travel this summer because it doesn’t wrinkle no matter what I do to it.  It was perfect for a long wedding rehearsal day…remained lovely throughout.

I styled it with another Southern Living necklace from Dillard’s and with matching Anthropologie sandals I found at a consignment shop.

The intention was to take the outfit to a more casual level since the wedding rehearsal day dinner was a touch more casual…in retrospect, I did not need to do that…everyone dressed up.

My granddaughter picked out this dress for wedding rehearsal day because it reminded her of Minnie Mouse. 

A good reason, however, she grew up a little over this wedding (in a good way) ….I will explain more tomorrow.

wedding rehearsal day

The two-year-old flower girl also wore a dress we picked out at Dillard’s…but she, of course, did not care as much as her sister.

She was there for fun with her siblings and cousins.

wedding rehearsal day

At every event, I was drawn to different women and what they were wearing.

This is one of the church wedding coordinators, and her skirt was fabulous.

She told me she was gifted the material after a family member returned from an adventure in Africa, and that she had the skirt made.

This print is in my wheelhouse…and I was immediately drawn to it.

wedding rehearsal day

Also in my wheelhouse are statement accessories.

I loved how a family member styled an eyelet dress with two necklaces worn together…so chic, modern and fashion forward.

Her Tory Burch clutch was a standout color and nice accessory addition to the navy outfit.


wedding rehearsal day

wedding rehearsal day

Wedding rehearsal day highlights must include mentions of the venues for the rehearsal (and wedding) and the dinner.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is breathtaking with European charm.  

The bride’s heritage includes family who were founding members of this church in the 1800s.

wedding rehearsal day

This is the family stained glass window at the front of the church.

I looked up the date it was gifted and displayed on the window, June 19, 1873, and here is a bit of trivia.

This was the same day that Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting…and her mission to have women vote was in full swing.

I love that, because this family is full of strong, talented women ….including my new daughter-In-law.

It just seems to be perfect that the two dates coincide.

wedding rehearsal day

Wedding rehearsal day ends with a wedding rehearsal dinner, and it was excellent.

The bride and groom selected their favorite San Antonio restaurant for the location….Southerleigh at The Pearl.

It was a lovely time of good food, good fellowship, and lots of laughs.

With family style serving dishes, we felt even more like one big happy family.

wedding rehearsal day

Wedding rehearsal day was a perfect precursor to one of the best weddings I have ever attended.

That will be your highlights for tomorrow.


wedding rehearsal day

I know some of you were disappointed that this dress in this color sold out so quickly in the recent BR sale.

GREAT NEWS…Banana Republic has re-introduced the CRUZ LINEN MAXI SHIRTDRESS in two new colors…I have my eye on the Potter’s Clay…the New Washed Stone is similar to this flax color.

Of course, ask any questions you like…and I will return tomorrow with the big event…until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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wedding rehearsal day



  1. What a lovely bride and rehearsal; her inclusion of both families and traditions speaks volumes about her. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Pam, I wish I had time to comment on every aspect of this post. Exquisite, deeply personal and fun are the words that comes to mind. I loved every thing that you posted, from your DIL wearing her mother/grandmother’s dress, the church, your outfit and the grandkids, especially the last picture where we get a glimpse of the wedding day. I will have to look this over again when I get home from work tonight. Just one question, how did your son and DIL meet? Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  3. How thrilling to see the honor and appreciation that your new daughter-in-law holds, not only for those around her, but also for those who came before her: the beautiful vintage dress, the historical church, including your grandchildren…You look happy and fabulous in that perfect dress choice. The children are adorable. Thank you for showing us a snippet of what other women wore. As a fellow autumn, I am so drawn to that skirt fabric from Africa!

  4. They met through friends, Betty. I am glad you enjoyed the post before work.

  5. So beautiful! Your daughter in law is a special young woman to honor her family on her wedding day. Thank you for sharing these photos!

  6. Like you your new daughter in law appreciates and honors her family here. It certainly shows a grateful heart. You are indeed now one larger wonderful family.
    I’m buzzing out too, but also just loved the double necklace over navy blue eye let dress and you look stunning! So pretty!

  7. Thank you, April. This dress is so great to have for summer special occasions!

  8. My heart is singing…such a great way to say that, Marcia. And it will be singing for a very long time.

  9. I love to watch what other women are doing around me that makes a style statement…that outfit did! So glad you appreciated it, Paulette.

  10. This was a special and truly beautiful day. I too really enjoyed my son’s rehearsal dinner. It was more relaxed than the wedding itself, and my son cried through his -rehearsal- vows to our wonderful daughter-in-law. I think you can safely add mint green to your particular palette, because you looked stunning, and in my opinion, all greens (except maybe neon) flatter you. I loved the accessories on show … the orange bag and double necklace really made that outfit a standout.

  11. Your dress was beautiful on you and the color is gorgeous. Although, I love most of your new color palette l question it as these new pieces look so nice on you. Perhaps your a blend of the color palette. Loved the sandles with the dress and can’t believe you got them on consignment. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  12. Thank you, Cathy. The sandals were an amazing find! The color plus gold weaved through them went with this outfit perfectly.

  13. What wonderful attention to details and history! I immediately noticed how your shoes match your beautiful dress. I’ve not heard of a bride wearing her mother and grandmother’s wedding attire during the rehearsal but it is an idea that I love. The church is so spectacular and no doubt the six nieces and nephews of the groom will enjoy memories of participating in their uncle’s and new aunts wedding as they grow up. I know your immediate family was already close-knitted, but your new DIL certainly seems to have made wonderful and appreciated gestures to easily become part of your family too. You are blessed indeed!

  14. What a fun and festive rehearsal day! Your outfit was absolutely perfect for the occasion, and you absolutely radiated joy and excitement. I loved getting to see what others wore, along with the beautiful, historic church. Your new DIL was so thoughtful and intentional in her wedding planning, which made for a strong foundation upon which their new family will be built. Wearing an heirloom dress for rehearsal was extra-special and I can only imagine how her mother and grandmother felt seeing her in it! Getting all six grands dressed up and standing still for a photo was epic! I’ll bet that’s one you’ll be framing. Can’t wait to see their wedding day unfold!

  15. The framing of that picture is already in process…I ordered it online to match another frame I have one a picture of my three children. I also have a wall ready for wedding photos taken by the photographer.

  16. I love EVERYTHING here, and am so enjoying your sharing of it all this week. You were exceptionally kind to bring us along over these past months, and now to experience vicariously your joy. I wanted to say that what struck me the most about today’s post was seeing your son with his head bowed, seeming so reverent at the altar with his bride. This is what every family hopes for – that their children not only find their life partner, but that they enter into the covenant of marriage with a sincerity of heart which will help them through the whole of their union.

  17. Absolutely Connie! Last weekend blessed me in so many ways…and moments like that brought on the tears.

  18. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Every bit of it is just lovely and I enjoy reading about it and seeing all of the photos. You are blessed with a wonderful (growing) family.

  19. Thank you again for sharing! Everything was beautiful from the bride’s dress to the awesome church. Your new daughter-in-law was so gracious to honor mother & grandmother. All the grand’s looked so cute. Your granddaughter knows her fashion icons. Minnie surely is one. What joyous memories you have made over the past few weeks.

  20. We have made memories and that is so important for the children. Thanks Becky!

  21. Lovely! As born and raised Episcopalian I must say loved seeing the beautiful windows! Of course the wedding vows, Book of Common Prayer, bring back memories of my wedding many yrs ago — I just love the ceremony — wonderful thoughts! Thank you, Pam.

  22. So glad you enjoyed it, Lois. I also was raised Episcopalian. The service was lovely.

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