JJILL Summer Outfits for June

summer outfits

Happy fashion Friday, ladies!  Welcome back to the dressing room to see JJILL summer outfits for June.

When I go to a store for you to find summer outfits, I am walking in and wondering what you might want to see come off the website and on to a body.

That is the reason I try on so many different types of garments that would speak to a variety of style adjectives.

JJILL summer outfits for June cover a wide variety of color and strong neutrals.

I also want to add that while I was there, on one side was a petite shopper, and on the other side was a plus size. 

JJILL is a place that offers all sizing in lots of options.

So, let’s get our morning beverage and go forward to see JJILL summer outfits.


summer outfits

I had to begin with this linen dress because summer outfits for me always include orange!

This is the LINEN A-LINE SHIRTDRESS in navigator orange, and if I needed a dress, I would navigate right to the store.

It is available in four bright colors for your summer outfits.  Yes, it needs to be steamed but I do like the dress.

summer outfits

Here we have different summer colors but still vibrant!

These two pieces are perfect for summer outfits.

I am wearing the SHIRRED VOILE BLOUSE with the HIGH-RISE PULL-ON CROPPED JEAN in the color called cyan, and in a size 16.


summer outfits

For those looking for a fun neutral for your summer outfits, try a fun trim.

I am wearing the EMBROIDERED A-LINE TOP.

This top is a Tencel blend.

summer outfits

Here we have more linen for your summer outfits.

This is the LINEN TWO-TONED POPOVER in the colors called light orangeaid/raspberry sorbet.

summer outfits

I have been a fan of the Luxe Supima tees for a long time…the fabric just feels so comfortable to wear.

The LUXE SUPIMA PLEAT-BACK TEE comes in seven colors…I am wearing pomegranate.  

The tee does fit larger, but I like it a little larger for the sleeves. 

summer outfits

Here is a color for the summer outfits of autumn palette ladies!

The color is called Roasted Tomato and it is a great warm color.

But, this V-NECK HENLEY TEE also comes in a black, white, and light blue.


summer outfits

A lightweight summer jacket can really pop your summer outfits and make them special. 

This is a cute little jacket and perfect for those in cooler summer climates.

It is the LIGHTWEIGHT MIXED-PRINT QUILTED JACKET.  The print is called a strawberry floral print.

summer outfits

If you like the print, then also check out this fun caftan.

This is the CINCHED CAFTAN.  

I personally feel it is a bit sheer to wear as a dress, but works great as a swimsuit coverup.

summer outfits

I tried this on for those of you who like a cute sleeveless dress as a summer outfit.

South Texas heat right now is excessive due to really high humidity, so there will be many women who wear dresses.

This dress has awesome pockets…love them.

This is the SLEEVELESS V-NECK KNIT DRESS which is very comfortable.

I tried on the navy print, but it does come in two other prints and one green called sprout (which I really like).

summer outfits

I agree with all of you who love black, that. it can be chic for summer outfits.

I am actually going to show you two versions of this monochromatic summer outfit.

These are the COTTON-GAUZE STRAIGHT LEG CROPS in black and paired with COTTON-GAUZE CAP-SLEEVE TOP (available in several options).

summer outfits

But I also tried on the roasted tomato color for the warm palette lovers!

That is it for this fashion Friday, friends.  Did you get any ideas for your summer outfits.

How was your visit to see JJILL Summer Outfits for June?  Share any thoughts you have…and make sure you join us tomorrow to actually become a fashion stylist for the day….and always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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summer outfits


  1. That navy sleeveless dress is so cute on you, and I love seeing your curls again! You really shine in the orange one, as well. Thanks for showing us some new JJill – my personal favorite for clothing these days because they offer tall sizing. Like most retailers, their things look so different in the catalog and on-line, versus in person. It helps so much to see how things fit you, as I have a very similar build and coloring to yours. Hope you have a great weekend coming up, in spite of the heat that has finally hit Texas!

  2. I also appreciate seeing how the clothes look on a real person. No offense to the models in catalogs, but they have the advantage of pinning and pulling to alter a look and you don’t get the same effect in person! I haven’t been to J Jill in awhile because of leaning more toward tailored styling, but they really are a fantastic source for comfort when the temperatures rise! I think that quilted jacket would be cute with dark jeans too, and lighten up the jeans for summer. I love linen and can definitely live with the wrinkles! You have encouraged me to go to the store and look at the new things. Is it just me, or are they cutting way back on the frequency of printing a catalog? Maybe I just need to shop there more!?

  3. I love little dresses like the navy one…it is so hot here…that dresses are a good way to go right now. Happy Weekend!

  4. I know more and more women who are shopping JJILL. Many tell me that they want to elevate their casual style and JJILL offers many ways to do that. It seems I always see something I like when I go on for the dressing room posts. Keep an eye on it Karen!

  5. I love seeing you at Jjill! Somehow the colors don’t translate correctly to my eye from the catalog. I go into the store and wonder if they use a filter in their photos. Could be my eyes! Plus, you add life. I can’t imagine how long it takes you to do this for us. Thank you. It has been so cool along the Maine coast this summer. Crazy as it sounds, I am looking forward to seeing what they bring in to transition to autumn.

  6. I love that bright orange on you! I can vouch for the gauze top. I purchased it in tomato red (gorgeous color for autumns and some springs). I’ve worn it twice and it washes beautifully. J Jill is my favorite place to shop even though they don’t usually have much in my color palette–and that’s probably good for my bank account. I fall between petite and misses sizes and appreciate that everything comes in both sizes though not always in all colors. I don’t buy much now. I’m waiting for them to switch back from the A-line tops. Thanks for featuring the new items.

  7. Did you purchase any items? I liked the orange gauze on you along with orange top. He palm print top with blue crops was attractive on you. I am considering the quilted jacket. The linen is not for me since I can’t get past the wrinkles but love the orange and pink. I purchased two tops from JJill in those colors.

  8. I wish that I lived near a JJill store as I would love to be able to try on their clothes. I have ordered a few items from them online but they were larger than my normal size so I hesitate to order online. You did email me several years ago to try their Ponte and Pima leggings as you felt they would be a good fit for my smaller polio leg, but I have yet to wear any leggings except at yoga. As others have said, I appreciate seeing these clothes on your body. I’m on the lookout for more linen tops in particular so even though items from JJill might be big on me, that fit would be good in the hot summer.

  9. I always look forward to autumn transition…by the time the new releases hit, I am super tired of the heat and summer.

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience with the gauze top, Kathie. I love that color for autumns.

  11. I did not purchase on this trip, but there were many temptations to do so.

  12. JJILL sizing often runs large, I find myself sizing down on many pieces when I shop. However, on the pants which have number sizes, I am a true size 16. Thanks Celia.

  13. Love all the fruit colors – tangerine, orange, tomato – on you. You look so sunny and happy. The strawberry print jacket and the solid black outfit ring my bells. I don’t need either though, and there are some things that I do need (like a light weight black or gray cardi). But I’ll have to watch for that jacket being marked down …

  14. It is a cute jacket, Maeve…keep it on your radar…July sales are just around the corner.

  15. I too love the navy blue dress on you! And your hair is so very beautiful!
    I’d gave to try on the orange dress but find myself drawn to orange this summer – why is that?
    Happy weekend! Stay cool.

  16. There are lots of stores carrying orange clothing this year, Paulette…perhaps that is why you are drawn to it. They have issued a heat alert for the weekend…I am looking for things to do inside with my grandsons! Have fun!

  17. Love that orange dress…I would take it in any color! I’m waiting for a sale. Would you consider wearing closed-toe shoes with that? I know that everything is now worn with an open-toe sandal but I’m not comfortable with open toes…sorry, that’s my Catholic school upbringing….nuns, nuns, nuns!

  18. I love my Easy Spirit gold ballet flats and my espadrilles…either would go well with that dress! I often look for ways to cover my toes…no nuns…the toes are just ugly!

  19. You look great in the orange version of the dress I bought in blue, my color! I’m finding JJill after spending many years at Talbots. Because I’m tall, JJill shirts always work better but Talbots has such better quality sweaters. Think I said once before, Spanx is my new store for jeans. I’ve never bought pull ups before but finding that Spanx is helping with a little tummy I developed during my Covid stress indulgence plus the varied lengths that include me. I’m feeling very under represented as a 5’11” women but so happy for petites having many more options!

  20. Love JJill, However the store in my area is very small. You look so good in that black gauze top and cropped pants. It is so slimming and chic looking on you.

  21. Thanks for sharing your shopping experience. Love the orange outfits on you, the linen dress, popover top with pink peekaboo & the two piece outfit. The strawberry jacket is adorable too. Love JJILL & I’d love to share my experience too.

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