Chico’s tropical styles for summer

Chico's tropical styles

Happy Thursday, friends! For all practical purposes, it is summer…so let’s look at Chico’s tropical styles for summer.

I walked into the Chico’s in the Quarry Market in San Antonio and was immediately taken away to tropical places.

Chico’s tropical styles are throughout every area of the store and just speak vacation, getaway, fun, relaxation and tropical breezes.

So, join me and let me show you some of Chico’s tropical styles for summer that I discovered for you.


Chico's tropical styles

I wish the lighting was better for photos in the dressing room area, but still I believe I can give you a good look at Chico’s tropical styles.

Chico’s has many options for tropical prints in different color combinations.

Today, I am starting with the PIMA FLORAL TIERED MAXI DRESS…and it is currently on sale through the end of today.

In fact, all dresses are 25% off through the end of today.

Chico's tropical style

I tried on tops more than anything and there were many excellent options for summer.

This is the NO IRON STRETCH TROPICAL SHIRT with a white foundation.

The pants are mine…the ones I wore in.

Chico's tropical styles

These capri pants are fun!

This is the BRIGITTE FLORAL CAPRIS with the PLEATED SLEEVE TOP in flame scarlett.

Chico’s has begun to offer several designs for tops with rounded hemlines.  Since that is a slimming detail, I am thankful to see more offered than every before.

Chico's tropical styles

I like the fit of this top, though in store it was quite wrinkled….if ironed, I think it would be a keeper.

This is the FLORAL COTTON BLOUSE in botanic berry.  

I am wearing it with DOUBLE STITCH WIDE LEG CROPS…in flame scarlet and very comfy.

Chico's tropical styles

I said that there are many prints and color combinations that I would call Chico’s tropical styles.

Here is another one in a different color palette.


If this was in a different color base other than pink, I would probably purchase it.  The fit is great and it is not a sweater….at least not how I think of sweaters.

I also like the more graphic tropical print.

Great top.

Chico's tropical print

Now, this color scheme for a tropical print is very different and void of the brighter pinks, reds or oranges.

This is the LINEN FLORAL 3/4 SLEEVE TEE.  Very linen pretty and another rounded hemline.

Chico's tropical styles

There are also ruanas in Chico’s tropical styles…many that I desired to try-on were featured in displays but sold out on the racks.

This one is the GUAZE EMBROIDERED RUANA in the green and black.  I wanted to try on the navy, but it was sold out in store.


Chico's tropical styles

For those of you who want to speak Chico’s tropical styles but in more subtle ways, there are many options.

This is a beautiful white top.

Chico's tropical styles

Chico's tropical styles

The sleeves are a really lovely white on white print.

If you wear white, it is worthy of your consideration.

This is the ZENERGY UPF NEEMA FLUTTER SLEEVE top with sleeves that are a little stiffer than others are and give the appearance of a beautiful, high end garment.

I like the feminine, youthful touch of this garment…meant for a lovely tropical evening.

I can even envision it with a maxi skirt.

Chico's tropical style

This vibrant purple can go to the tropics or any where…and I love this Traveler’s top.

The fit and feel of it is wonderful and typical of the Traveler’s line.

This is the TRAVELERS CLASSIC TWIST FRONT TOP…online it looks pink, I called it more purple.  The name of the color is botanic berry.

It would look wonderful with the tropical prints on the bottom and is an excellent subtle top.

IF ANYONE FROM CHICO’S IS READING…I would love to see this design, with a V-neck, offered in several colors…including navy and tan.

Chico's tropical styles

If you wear autumn palettes, then this top is the one for you in a subtle neutral …with a V neck and round hemline.

This is the RIB MIX V-NECK TOP in Pale Neutral Heather.

For a tropical style, I would wear it with the BRIGITTE SLIM CROPS in the banana leaf color and top it with the FLORAL SINGLE STRAND NECKLACE….which is on sale through end of today.

Chico's tropical style

All jewelry is 25% off through end of today.

Another subtle way to say tropical would be the FLORAL PRINT OBLONG SCARF.

Chico's tropical styles

This handbag just speaks tropical style for summer to me.

It is on sale…the only one in store…and looks like it is sold out online.

But check out this cute BEAD HANDLE BAG…also, on sale.

Chico's tropical styles

Now, it is time to come back off the island!

If you have any questions about Chico’s tropical styles for summer, then let me know.  I hope to see you tomorrow!



By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's tropical styles


  1. I’m not a Chico’s shopper, but I do really like the rib mix v-neck top, especially in the purple prism color. My question is about the sleeves. Are they difficult to keep pushed up above the elbow? I know some sleeves are wider at the “band” and tend to droop down. I could really use this color and it’s subtle enough for my personal style. I’d be interested to hear what you think. I like to push sleeves up and have them be tight enough to stay in place!

  2. Hi Karen, These sleeves were loose on me. I see in the pictures online, that the sleeves are tight. The sleeves felt nice and I did not think about pushing them up, but on the top I have on they would not have stayed above the elbow on their own. I hope that helps. I do like the top.

  3. Thank you Pam. I’ll go check it out in the store that’s nearby… it’s such a pretty color that I’d like to see how it looks on me.

  4. I like the Travelers top, and the abstract print sweater top. But all the tropical florals are a no for me, big prints like that wear me, not the other way around. Not in my style adjectives. I also like the flare leg crops, I have a pair of black linen ones and am still struggling with finding the right silhouette top..I think it needs to be tucked, or to fit more closely, but haven’t found a combo I like yet!

  5. So many beautiful, tropical prints that definitely need a tropical vacation to go with them! But sadly, we have nothing tropical planned. I’m like you…would rather head to Alaska than tropical. These pieces you have shown us as so pretty and fun though even if not traveling to tropical climes! And your weight loss looks good on you!

  6. Hi Susan, purchased the Traveler’s top and wore it yesterday with wide leg blue pants. I loved how it looked with the wide legs.
    Thanks so much!

  7. What fun looks! I especially like the red pants with white top on you. I’m about shopped out for myself right now, but decided to check out Lands End for their Father’s Day sale through your shopping link yesterday and scored a beautiful pair of men’s dress slacks and three work shirts all for under $140. I was thrilled! Not a F.D. gift, but a Congrats on job promotion, for my youngest son. 💖

  8. Connie, thank you so much for shopping with my links! I hope he loves his new clothes!

  9. Pamela, you look fabulous in all of these beautiful clothes & seeing your joyful smile makes me happy – what a great way to start my day! Chico’s new tropical prints are definitely my jam as I love to wear this type of print. I have to laugh at myself sometimes because my mom & dad loved wearing tropical prints and my dad even had Hawaiian shirts that matched my mom’s dresses! Like me, Hawaii was their favorite place in the world, so I guess I’m just carrying on the tradition, if only my Mr. B would cooperate LOL. It must work for me, though, as I always get compliments, maybe because they just make me happy!

  10. And if you are happy…tell him, he will be happier!! Sounds like this is a style you love and own! Have fun with it, Niki!

  11. A couple of days ago on your blog, you recommended Diane Von Furstenberg’s book “The Woman I Wanted To Be”. I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Diane’s memoir is very thought provoking. I’m not looking forward to turning 70 this year and I think this book will help.

  12. So many of these pieces look great on you! My favorites on you are the no-iron print shirt and that green/black palm tree ruana, but so many fun summer looks. I don’t normally shop Chico’s anymore, but you’ve inspired me to swing by next time I’m in the neighborhood. JJill seems to be the only place I consistently find things that work, mostly because they offer tall sizing.

  13. You are always so positive Pam! I truly appreciate that. I just had a hip replacement, a week ago. Yin and Yang of life. I’m sure grateful for medical advancements that hopefully will improve my life but become very depressed in that I will have to have another knee replacement in the future. Such is the blessing of bad joints. Great looks today!

    Also, will you be posting some wedding pictures? It was so much fun to follow along with you as plans were being made and parties attended.


  14. You are looking so trim and fit … congrats ..
    you glow in all these . I love chicos quality , fit, long lasting durability and most styles but i wait for sales and discounts . .. i also find good buys on chicos gently used in “thred up “online …. Because i know wast size fits

  15. Let’s turn 70 together, Judy and experience the best year yet! Glad you are enjoying the book.

  16. I am a sizec W 8 andcI would b ot purchase any of the items that have large grapic prints. Many other plus sizecwomen feel the same..You are missing out on a large segment of American consume ls about 60%. Reconsider this in the next seasons offerings
    Thank you f or considering my feed back..

  17. I really like the look of all the Chico’s prints and am a faithful Chico’s shopper and most of my summer shirts are Chico’s linens…but….not sure about wearing prints; I’ve never been a “print” kind of girl and feel everyone will be looking at me; guess I like to fade into the background. Thanks, Pam, for showcasing some pretty clothes; you look great in them.

  18. Wonderful pieces. I’m going on a cruise next month. There are at least 4 outfits I will be purchasing for my trip. Thanks for sharing!

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