My typical morning routine over 60

typical morning routine

Good Monday morning, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  As per a reader request, I am going to share with you my typical morning routine over 60.

I have written often that I am a creature of habit and believe in routine, and consistency.   I am healthier when I am true to the routine.

Therefore, my morning routine is the same unless we are traveling or experienced a late night.

Please let me add that this is the routine best for me, and anything I do that you might want to add should be discussed with your personal physician first….just to make sure it is good for you.

Most mornings I am up around 5-6 AM,  but there are three days a week that I get up at 4:30 to make Mr. B coffee before he heads out for an early morning trail run with his group.

A cool night this time of year is better for me when I wear a SOMA COOL NIGHTS SLEEP SHIRT...I own four of them and wear one every night….they really are cooler to sleep in.

So, after the alarm goes off…here is how things go….


typical morning routine

My typical morning routine begins the night before when I set about 10 oz of water in a glass in the refrigerator so it is cold first thing.

Right after I leave the bedroom, I grab that glass of water and drink it first.   Right before the end of the water, I take a probiotic, and a dropper of Vitamin B 12, then finish it.

I have taken many varieties of the B-12, but this is the probiotic I like best at the moment….ENDOMUNE ADVANCED PROBIOTIC. 

Water and these two supplements are the first things in my system during a typical morning routine.


typical morning routine

Next, I grind the coffee bean and get the coffee brewing.   A typical morning is met with our favorite coffee which we both have liked for years…..STARBUCKS FRENCH ROAST WHOLE COFFEE BEANS.

I like to reach for my JOY cup when it is clean just to begin early that Joy is a Choice for the day.

typical morning routine

In the bottom of my first cup, I place a scoop of COLLAGEN FOR HER PEPTIDE POWDER…dissolves completely and has not added taste.

I do have the travel packets in this collagen so that it goes with me when I travel.

Currently, I am experimenting with my second cup of coffee and adding a dash of EVOO.  It adds to a richer taste and is said to be very healthy.

I have only done this for two weeks, and I am using an EVOO out of Africa.

Both cups of coffee are my favorite part a typical morning routine.


typical morning routine

When I sit down with my first cup of coffee, I always check the blog to make sure that it posted on time and see if there are any issues to deal with.

Mr. B and I often turn on local news at this point, mostly for the weather…especially if it is a running day.  He also likes to know if there are any traffic issues to be aware of.

By the end of the second cup, I begin my quite time and prayer time for the day….very important for a day full of joy.


typical morning routine

After prayer, I rise and boil my water for green tea.

I leave this steeping while I am at the gym.

My preference for green tea is  BIGELOW BENEFITS REFRESH TUMERIC CHILI MATCHA GREEN TEA, and I always steep two bags.

I purchase it at my local grocery, HEB.

typical morning routine

I try to eat a little something at this time.  I find if I eat a little breakfast before the gym then I have more energy.

Lately, my favorites are different versions of avocado toast on sprouted grain bread. 

I love to mix 1/2 small avocado with a teaspoon of huumus, or mix it with fresh mango pico de gallo.

Then I feed the dog and cat.

typical morning routine

Next…hope you guys are not bored to tears…I brush my teeth, and cleanse my face. in a typical morning routine.

I have used the same products for about five years now and still believe they are my favorites….plant based, natural, Genucel….currently on sale.

The first thing on my face after cleansing is the DEEP FIRMING SERUM by Genucel.

I pat my eyes with the EYE BAGS & PUFFINESS TREATMENT.


A great package to start with is actually on sale and is the MOST POPULAR PACKAGE of products.

A really great deal for six products.

After this, I put on my workout clothing…walk Tux…and then go to the gym!

typical morning routine

A typical morning routine includes a view of the neighborhood flowers…such a lovely way to begin summer mornings.

And, the crepe myrtles right now are glorious…even the young grandsons remarked about their beauty. 

When I return from the gym, I might eat some fruit and then take my supplements of Zinc, C, D, and B complex.

That is my typical morning routine.  The rest of the day depends on what the calendar holds.


typical morning routine

Often, when I am sent products to review, family members may “borrow” what they see.

Mr. B was in need of a new pillow experience, so when I was sent a pillow to review…it became his.

He has slept better with it for almost three weeks now.

typical morning routine

This is the BLUE DOTT ULTRA BUTTON PILLOW by Zamat Home. 

It conforms to your head and neck and molds to their shape, and he sleeps on it just like you see here…no pillow case.

He really likes the improved comfort in his neck with this pillow, so though it looks funky, he doesn’t mind as long as his sleep is improved.

If you order one, and use the code Over50 you receive 15%OFF, minimum purchase of $35.

Mr. B is very happy with his…I have got to keep an eye on these things…there is another product this week to share that he opened and began to use before me! Sheesh!

I am so sorry that I do not remember who asked me to share my typical morning routine…I so hope they see this post.

Please ask any questions you want….and have a day full of JOY…and make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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typical morning routine



















  1. How did you determine what supplements to take? Did your Dr recommend them all including the probiotics and the collagen?

  2. Hi Arlene, I get an annual checkup with blood tests every year and that has always been the time we discuss supplements and if she sees any additions are needed or subtractions. I began the collagen on my own and discussed it with her about six months later at the annual and she agreed it was a good choice for me. She actually prefers me on calcium for bone strength, but my body has never responded well to calcium, so if I am not going to take calcium she agrees the collagen is a good choice. She talked to me about probiotics a long time ago and I was off and on with them, but once I got consistent, I did see that I needed them every day. This is an annual discussion with my doctor.

  3. I’ve just recently found your blog and am enjoying reading along. I also live in the SATX area, and with this heat! I jumped on the link to SOMA. I was happy to find they were having a great sale and I was able to pick up 4 summer gowns for less than $100 including tax and shipping! What a bargain! Thank you so much for the recommendations! Stay cool out there!

  4. This was interesting. I agree that a routine is the best way to stay healthy and not fall into bad habits. I supplement very little (vitamin D because I’m deficient, and B12 because I’m vegetarian, and many older people don’t process their B12 efficiently), and totally agree with your decision to discuss them with your doctor before taking them. I was surprised you did your skin care before the gym. I perspire so much that all I do is my sunscreen before heading off for a power walk or the gym.

  5. How interesting. I have my own morning routine. It’s interesting to see yours and compare it to mine.
    I get up around 7:00 and the very first thing I do is to throw on some clothes and take my dogs out. I have two that will not go outside without me. lol
    Then I brew a cup of real coffee, and take my blood pressure.
    Check my emails, feed my dogs and then have my own system of supplements, then breakfast. After breakfast I immediately take my blood pressure medication.
    After that it all depends on what I have in my schedule/list for the day.
    After seeing yours, I can see how I could better utilize my time after breakfast. I’m going to re-examine this area and make some changes in.
    Thank you for a very timely post and a gentle swift kick😊

  6. Like you, I have a much better day with a routine. After more than 4 decades in the workforce, it is a blessing to ease into the day. I still get up very early, being a morning person! Routines aren’t for everyone, I know, but it adds stability, direction and peace for me!

  7. Love the night shirts…they are my go to this time of year….and welcome Dixie!

  8. I confess that there are times I refresh the skincare in the shower after the gym…but there is something about doing my face before I head out anywhere that just wakes me up and helps me to start the day.

  9. Does to me too, Karen…I am completely off my game when out of routine.

  10. Pam, great morning routine, I feel like such a slacker..I hate/don’t exercise….I wake up either 6:30-7ish, no supplements, (maybe I should) watch GMA, feed the cat, let her out on my deck , coffee…read emails, your blog , water plants if needed, take a shower around 9ish…after my shower, i use either crepe erase or bioscience for my eyes, a copper serum that seems to be working, bioscience rose oil, a moisturizer and sunscreen.. I use a lot of different products so i just listed my current favorites..until I’ve showered and dressed I don’t feel like I can do anything useful. Then breakfast..usually scrambled eggs with veggies,,, or oatmeal with fruit……but I agree a daily routine, no matter what it is, really helps kick start your day..have a great week…….

  11. Thanks for sharing your routine, Nancy…I hate exercise too, but it is a necessary evil for me. I wish I was more like my friend, Leigh Ann, who loves and thrives on exercise.

  12. Thanks for sharing your morning routine with us – no wonder you look so young, vital and healthy! My morning routine starts much later than yours, but I am usually up until around midnight taking care of my mom so my retirement timeframe is a lot different. I floundered the first few months of retirement because I didn’t have a routine. I didn’t really think I wanted or needed one but like so many others here, my days are much calmer and organized when I follow a morning routine. As soon as I’m up I head to the kitchen to brew a pitcher of tea. (Plain old regular tea, southern sweet tea style.) I’m in Texas also, so I try to get outside early to water plants, fill the birdbath and feed the birds and squirrels. My dog doesn’t like the heat so he waits patiently inside until I take care of the outside critters, but he always knows when it’s time for his breakfast. The vitamins and supplements I take are hard on my stomach, so I take them after I eat breakfast. I have my morning devotional and prayer time after I’ve eaten and again at bedtime. I usually put my moisturizer on when I brush my teeth after breakfast, but I don’t normally put on my makeup until closer to the time I am leaving the house. Something that has really helped keep my face fresh during these hot summer days is using MAC’s Prep+Prime spray as a last step so that my make up lasts 12 hours or more. I also had my eyebrows tinted last week when I got a haircut, which has saved me 5 to 10 minutes a day, as all I have to do is fill in a couple of little thin spots instead of my entire brows. It only cost $10 and will definitely be a part of my haircut routine going forward. I really enjoyed reading about all your readers’ morning routines, and I’ve gotten a couple of good ideas to add to mine. Thanks for giving us a peek into your mornings!

  13. I have always functioned better having a routine & schedule. In this season of my life, it is a bit slower & a little more relaxed, but it still sets the tone for my day. Thanks for sharing yours.

  14. I bet we are all a little slower, Becky and some days I want to slow it down just for the rest!

  15. Well, now I do feel like a slacker! I was a night shift RN for almost 30 years so I have trouble getting to sleep before about 1:00am! I get up when I wake up about 9:30am. I am disabled and limited to walking on my less pain days with my rollator CHARLIE! My one large cup of black sweet tea and a blueberry bagel wake me up. I read your post and all comments during my leisure breakfast. Then up and clean up. My husband gets up a little earlier than I do and he feeds our two elder cats. He also goes to bed two hours ahead of me. He may like that pillow Mr. B likes!

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