Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Father’s Day and welcome to Sunday mornings at home…a weekly lifestyle post.

We are blessed to have several wonderful fathers in our family…young and…well, seasoned.

Men who are tender warriors…they lead and love completely with tender, compassionate hearts and determination to be present.

We know, and do not take for granted, that these men are a blessing in our family.

I pray each one feels appreciated and loved today…Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday Mornings at Home

Right after the wedding, Mr. B ran a trail run in Colorado and snapped this picture.

I really liked it and the fact it so beautifully depicts the trails he loves to run so much… as if this one is waiting just for him.

So, I had this framed for his office as a Father’s Day gift.

I have used the site Smallwoods often for framing pictures and really like the results.

The quality and service has been excellent so far….hopefully, Mr. B will like this gift.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Last week, I made this salad and it was delicious….but I do not have a recipe, so bear with me as I try to tell you what I did.

First, I purchased a small pork tenderloin…poked it with a fork…rubbed olive oil all over it…and rubbed it with fresh chopped thyme, three minced garlic cloves, and a sprinkling of sea salt and pepper.

Then I covered it and put it in the refrigerator to have a good night marinating there.

Sunday mornings at home

When I was ready to prepare the meal the next day, I browned the tenderloin in a skillet with olive oil.

Then roasted it covered in the oven at 350 for 35 minutes.  When the pork was done, I let it set for about 20 minutes and then sliced it…so good.

While it was cooking, I sliced apples in circles, about five small apples… (what I had on hand)…two large of your favorite variety would work.

Then I cooked the apple slices in a skillet with melted butter (about 6 tablespoons), lightly covered them in a local raw honey, and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

I flipped the slices and did more honey and cinnamon.  Then set the slices aside after they were soft and tender.

Sunday mornings at home

Underneath this goodness, I put a mix of salad greens including kale.

The dressing I made was a 1/2 cup of EVOO, a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of your favorite mustard (I had Grey Poupon in the refrigerator).

I whisked that together and put over the salad greens, then added the meat and apples.

It was really good for the two of us…and there were no leftovers.

Sunday morning at home

Summertime is such a great time for fruit and we are eating a lot right now.

Especially, melons and remember that melons are a great way to hydrate and actually good for your complexion!


Sunday mornings at home

We have already entered into heat advisories and excessive humidity.

Since I am born and bred Texan, I am accustomed to it, but have never really been a fan.

By late September….I am really, really not a fan.

One day I was feeling grumbly after walking Tux in the morning humidity…and then these photos came into my phone.

Sunday mornings at home

Looking at the joy on my young fishing grandsons’ faces, I snapped out of my discontentment to remember what fun summer can be.

I was reminded of how much I loved summer as a child and the special blessings that come with fishing or just laying in the grass and being home.

For about ten weeks, families can enjoy life and relish in all God’s creation offers us.

I encourage you to keep before your eyes pictures of summer moments like this, so we have a different focus when the doldrums of heat set in.

Summer is actually a very special time that I hope will never change.


Sunday mornings at home

I tend to get very comfortable in my world, and when friends say, let’s go to lunch, I just select an old favorite.

This week one of my friends suggested a new place, that I believe is a chain, Seasons 52.

They feature fresh, seasonal foods with entrees all under 592 calories.  I had this tuna salad that was delicious.

I would recommend it for the food and for the atmosphere and decor.

It is a good thing to step out of our comfort zones and try new places!  Join me in doing this more often.


Sunday mornings at home

Tux likes to dress up for Sundays!  Here is his latest tie.

And speaking of dressing up, I hope to get out and about this week and have some more ideas for you.

Why do I write so much about clothing?  Because the numbers on those posts continue to say that Is what you want to see the most.

However, if there are other topics that you would like to read about, please let me know.  I love to hear from you and know how to serve you best in this space.

I watch carefully what the majority reads and what the majority does not read….but it does help to actually hear from you.

I hope you have a fabulous Father’s Day and that it is full of blessings whether you are celebrating together or not.

Thank you for joining me today for Sunday Mornings at Home and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. Good morning Pam! Will you consider hosting an online seasonal recipe exchange? I am always looking for tried-and-true yet simple (and healthy) recipes. Perhaps summer salads? Autumn soups or casseroles? Also, how is the Jones Road balm working for you? Were you able to get a good color match on the website and do you like the product? It’s certainly enticing but I am hesitant about spending the money and ending up with a less than favorable color for my skin. Thank you for providing me with my entertainment and temporary escape from the dreaded national and international news.

  2. Hi Pam! My favs are dressing room try-ons, Sunday mornings at home, and recipe sharing. Also I love it when you mention random things, such as Pahla B workouts, Jones Road and Boom cosmetics, all of which I am now doing/using, thanks to you! I enjoy very much when you share about family time as well, it feels like I know you personally.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hi, Pam, such a nice column, and the boys look as if they are having a great time.
    We are just enjoying Spring in New England. The peonies have just come and gone, but we have lilies to look forward too. Everything is saturated and green this morning after yesterday’s rain.
    Love Mr. B’s trail photo. Your skies are so large in Texas. Happy father’s day.

  4. I love the fashion but I also love when you share pictures and history of where you live. I’ve been to San Antonio once, but was there less than 48 hours. We drove from Indiana, so I saw a lot of the state through the windshield. Unfortunately we weren’t able to really experience Texas. So please continue to share your lovely city with us and any surrounding areas of the state. My husband and I do very little traveling so I would love to live vicariously through any posts involving your area of the country.

  5. Pam, I enjoy all the topics you cover, and the ideas mentioned here are great, too. The variety is wonderful! A few ideas: book and reading recommendations, hobby ideas to boost creativity. Have a blessed Sunday.

  6. Thank you, as always, for the uplifting Sunday post. As for favorites, I love it when you try on clothing and I always enjoyed discussion of seasons and style personalities. I wrote a long post yesterday about styling the mannequin but it seemed that the blog refreshed and it was gone. That happens to me several times a week now. I just didn’t have the time to try again. I noticed someone else mentioning it. Is there anything that can be done about it? Have a great day! Love the photo of the trail!

  7. Your grandchildren always look so happy that their joyful faces can’t help but make one smile. And the running trail picture Mr. B took is so beautiful. It was very thoughtful of you to have it framed for him. The remarks above have offered several good suggestions that I like. One time suggestions were made and I specifically asked about how we “ more seasoned” ladies ( I like your terminology) should make our eyebrows and eyelashes more evident on our faces. I’m always on the lookout for mascara that does not flake or leave black smudges under my eyes where I always wear concealer for my dark circles. And I do nothing on my eyebrows because I do not like the appearance of obviously drawn eyebrows. I think my big eyes are my best facial feature so that is where I concentrate my attention with makeup. No idea how you might help in this area, but just a thought this morning.

  8. Oh my. You must have been in my mind. I have been craving pork loin and this salad can easily be converted into a lower carb version for my eating habits. 😋💕

  9. Yes to our grandchildren! They do make summer special! ❤️ love that your kitt Mk he hit us already fishing and hauling those bass in!
    And your pork with apples salad is a keeper! Will make that soon. It looks fabulous.
    Happy Sunday! We sure had one. We went strawberry picking with our tiniest grandchildren today then baked biscuits and made our own shortcakes with whipped cream. So cute! But messy!

  10. Celia, like so many women in mid-life, my brows are skimpy and what I have left are getting lighter. My hairdresser has been urging me to let her tint my brows for years and I finally did it this week. She used a soft light brown that is very close to my natural brow color, so that the brow hair I still have is visible. I still need to fill in a few sparse spots, but waking up with eyebrows is nice. It only cost $10 when combined with my usual cut and style. If you still have brows but can’t see them you might consider this. It doesn’t have that heavy look of the microbladed or tattooed brows. As for products to fill in, my favorite is discontinued but I still buy it on eBay – Tarte’s Amazonian Brow Clay. Best I’ve ever used for staying power, and when I take the time to do it correctly it looks pretty natural. I didn’t like the Bobbi Brown brow pencil I paid $35 for, but found pretty good results in the ones by ELF at Walmart for less than $5. Brows create a frame for our eyes, and I’m so glad I found something that works with mine. I’ll need to have them redone every 8 – 10 weeks, but that’s about how often I get a trim, so maintenance will be easy. Hope that helps!

  11. That pork and apples looks so delicious! I will definitely give that a try. My sons are fishermen, having begun about the age of your grandsons. I love that it is an outdoorsy pursuit they enjoy mostly year round, and mostly 😉 with success!
    Of course we love your fashion features, but I read all your content and am absolutely looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming trip to Alaska. Just like your day trips, the months leading up to the wedding events, and special stories around San Antonio, I think we all enjoy following along. I have always been curious about fellow readers and would enjoy occasionally learning more about them, too. For instance, where they live, favorite hobbies, books, movies.

  12. Hi Nancy, our family event just came to a close, so I am late checking in with everyone here. I would love to host a recipe exchange…let me figure it out and I will try to make it happen. YES! I still like my Jones Road products and the foundation and balm are both a good match from the website. I know it is a risk, but for me, it has been a good experience. I haven’t checked the news today, but I am happy to be a respite from it.

  13. Thanks Michele…it is always helpful to hear what everyone enjoys the most.

  14. Thanks Maeve…today Texas is almost unbearable with heat, but the skies are always amazing.

  15. Always happy to share the city with readers…it is so much fun to bring you into this world. Thanks Michele.

  16. It has happened to Celia as well and I just do not know why…I wish I did and I hate that your comments are lost…I want everyone to read what you have to say. If I ever find an answer, I will let you know.

  17. I can share with you what I do to my eyes and see if that is helpful, Celia. I do put product on my brows, but my bangs help to keep it from being to evident.

  18. WOW…your house sounded delicious, Paulette! I made homemade cookies which disappeared quickly and one grandson said, “Gigi, always make a double batch!”

  19. Thanks for the ideas, Connie. I will reach out soon to readers and see if they are open. So, many people like to remain private these days that I will need to see if there are several who are interested!

  20. Thanks for the lovely post and a reminder that summer heat can also mean summer fun. I have a different idea for recipes: why not a sharing of fast and furious “fixes”, e.g. sauces, rubs, pre-mades, that are really good and help in a pinch. For example, what is a great barbecue sauce that all of us could access. What about a review of ready made dinners. I realize that all of it would not be for everyone, but it might also be great for the occasional quick meal. I don’t always want to cook. I love the fashion posts but also love your travel posts and love your San Antonio posts. Wouldn’t it be fun if all we ladies could go on a trip or a cruise together. I feel like we might all be really good friends.

  21. I agree, Mary! I believe we would be awesome friends and talk into the night! This is certainly and idea to ponder.

  22. I enjoy reading about fashion, different takes on it for location and weather. But I loved reading about all of the preparations for the wedding as well. Thank you for sharing such a personal event in your life. It is fun to hear about trips as I no longer can travel without a lot of difficulty and pain. Vicarious trips are still wonderful. I don’t cook anymore but you made that pork and apple salad sound easy and tasty. I read a lot, watch movies streamed and spend time everyday reading your blog and comments as well as Jennifer Connelly, A Well Styled Life. My size and coloring are more like hers than yours but I have gotten great ides from you and just translate the color.

  23. Pam, I changed my default browser from Chrome to Safari and it stopped jumping around and dropping my comments. It seems to work fine now.

  24. Thank you for the suggestion! And that price is certainly very reasonable. However, I live in a small town and have never heard of anyone locally who does this procedure, but I will certainly ask around among my friends. This, to me, is one of the lovely things about Pam’s blog…we feel connected to each other across the miles, and are helpful with ideas and suggestions, as is Pam daily.

  25. Fried apples and pork loin or stuffed chops have been a staple for my family in the NE for more years than I like to remember — so delicious! Serving them over mixed greens for summer is a great idea!
    Because you’re taller, more my age range and size, I do enjoy your dressing room posts best of all. I’m much more a spring/summer type pallet but it’s so helpful to see a real person in the clothes — many of the brands I buy!
    Pam, God bless you dealing with that heat! I’d be a puddle on the ground

  26. I loved your posts about elegance and also the adjectives to describe our style. I think revisiting these adjectives always gets me thinking. I also love seeing you out and about in SanAntonio and I love the variety of articles you come up with for your mid-week news collection. The best part of your blog is your smile, positivity and your ability to connect with your readers.

  27. Since I had lots of university conference organizing experience, I actually organized the first “meet up” for the readers of another blog I used to follow in July of 2016. We had over 30 women from four different countries attend and spent several fun days together in Fort Worth. Our orignal agenda was fairly structured, with speakers from within the group hosting various sessions, and the blog author as our somewhat informal “keynote speaker.” That plan proved too structured, and it evolved into smaller groups doing their own things – wine bars, shopping, and just hanging out were all popular options. I felt bad for our designated speakers who had prepared their sessions, but in the end a lot of new friendships were forged, and they were still doing an annual meetup every year til COVID. As the organizer, I was really hoping to get to go out of town, but the FtW hotel I used for my daughter’s wedding made us such an amazing deal it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else. All the cooler summer destinations (San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Lake Tahoe, etc.) were offering room rates at more than twice what we paid here for a nice downtown hotel with a skyline view. We also needed to be near an international airport, so DFW worked well. I would be happy to help you organize something similar in San Antonio if you ever want to have a get-together for your readers! I think we all have enough in common that it would be fun to meet in person. We could visit some of your favorite shops, have some structured discussion groups as well as informal social activities. We did a welcome reception as an icebreaker at the hotel that really helped put faces with names and got the week off to a great start. San Antonio is universally popular. and I have always found your airport to be an easy one to navigate. Perhaps it might be worth a poll to see if others might be interested? I love your videos and could listen to you talk about style and aging gracefully for days!

  28. What a thoughtful and personal gift you chose for Mr. B! I’ll bet he smiles every time he sees it in his office. I loved the reminder to find joy in summer, which is easier now that I have grandkids. Their mom always loved summer and I finally learned to see it through her eyes by the time she was a teen. I love your positive takes on almost any topic, but I enjoy your style tips and family updates most. I live alone and I don’t really cook anymore, so I tend to skip over food related posts, but I know they are very popular with most of your readers. I really loved your posts on elegance and style as you were preparing for the wedding, and would enjoy going farther down that rabbit hole. All that to say it’s YOUR blog, and your platform. I think you have a very good sense of your audience, and you should write about whatever moves you in a given week. It’s unlikely all your readers will love every post equally, but there are a lot of us, and someone will benefit from any topic you choose to share. Some of my other on-line groups will occasionally do a “get to know you better” post where we are asked to answer a set of questions about what we’re reading, eating, wearing, etc. I’m always up for something like that, in spite of how boring my life is lately.

  29. I’m late to the party because I spent yesterday with family, & thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love you Sunday Mornings at Home feature. I am not a fan of summer either, but I’m trying my best to find the good in it as I wait for Fall. Summer in the Midwest usually hot & humid, certainly not as hot as Texas though, but so far this year, it has been pleasant & very dry. One of the best parts of summer for me is visiting the local farmers market for garden fresh produce, so without the heat of summer there would be no red ripe Indiana tomatoes, peaches fresh from the orchard or sweet watermelon. The pork tenderloin & apple salad looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing how you prepared the pork & the apples.

  30. There is nothing quite like a good Farmer’s market…I wish we had more of them near where I am.

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