Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home is back!  I took a couple of weeks off from these posts during wedding time, but I am honored that many requested the return.

On this day, I have created lifestyle posts called Sunday Mornings at Home as I reflect on the past week and look to the week ahead.

I often take this time for lessons learned, and for a snippet of my world.

A family member, rented this fun Mustang Convertible for wedding weekend, and I rode in it the day after the wedding last Sunday.

This was actually a nostalgic moment for me.  My very first car in my teens was a 1968 jade green Mustang with a white top.

Oh, how I wish I still had that car…I loved it and many memories were made in it with my high school friends….a couple of them read the blog…hopefully they have fond memories as well.

I don’t think anyone wanted to give the white one back to the rental company…but we did and enjoyed the fun for a time.

I hope you are in a cozy spot and will join me for more Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I made a decision this week and I so hope I do not regret it.

A little background for the audience here on Sunday Mornings at Home:

To prepare for the wedding, I hired a trainer at our gym, and made a commitment to faithfully use the Weight Watcher App and program for eating.

The results were so encouraging…I did lose 17 pounds.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Following the WW app completely changed my way of eating….logging the food was exactly what I needed.

I eat smaller portions now (and did throughout wedding events)…I eat cleaner…and I am content without having sweets in the house.

I am also content not to clean my plate!

Living without ice cream was a challenge at first, but I did it and rewarded myself about three times since January.

Last week was a test of celebrating without logging all of it and I believe I passed.  I did not go wild or even desire to.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Also, during this time I made significant changes to speed up my metabolism at 69 years of age.

I have been faithful to add Collagen for Her Peptide Powder to my coffee every morning.  (My daughter likes the Collagen for Her Marine Collagen Beauty Blend)

I have been faithful to take ProBiotics every day, and after testing three brands, I like the Endomune Advanced Multi-Strain ProBiotic by a San Antonio Doctor. 

I drink green tea mid-morning every day…my favorite is a Bigelow Green Tea called REFRESH with tumeric and matcha included and I buy it at our local HEB store.

I have also been faithful with my Juice Plus veggie and fruit whole food tablets, vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin B Complex and extra B 12.

This has worked for me…my doctor even said after recent blood tests…whatever you are doing keep doing it.

Three days prior to the wedding I also went to the doctor and got a Vitamin B-12 shot…for additional energy.

I have been surprised at how this has lowered my hunger and taken food from being a major part of my day.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I also add cinnamon and cayenne more as spices.

So, because I am trying to cut down my spending, I have made a big decision to cancel Weight Watchers and not hire the trainer.

I am still at my gym but believe I know enough to go it alone.  I also believe I know enough to not return to unhealthy eating habits.

I will be honest with you and still share how this part of the healthy lifestyle journey is going…I still need to lose weight for health reasons and hope I can continue on the same path.

Sunday Mornings at Home is a good time for me to write this and reflect on my decisions, because I will always need God’s help to go forward….all prayers welcome!


Sunday Mornings at Home

Walking Tux this week has been glorious…the weather in the morning is cooler than last year…but we have to follow this lady’s rules.

She did the same thing last year when she had her babies.

Sunday Mornings at Home

She stalks us…to let Tux know she has boundaries.

I always talk sweetly to her and assure her we will obey.

Sunday Mornings at Home

At first I thought she was only protecting one, but yesterday, I saw there were twins.

So cute…and Tux knows to not even bark at them…she freaks him out a little.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I have loved so much learning the history of my new DIL’s family.

Her grandmother was an artist and woodcarver…she carved this amazing Noah’s Ark which hangs in the church her family helped to found.

Isn’t it incredible?

Sunday Mornings at Home

She also had a sense of humor.

This little unicorn is in a box to the side.

She would tell others that the reason we have no unicorns today is that he didn’t make the boat!


Sunday Mornings at Home

I wrote recently that a summer goal of mine is to try as many new things as possible…this is the summer I turn 70 so…if not now, when?

I have always had healthy nails and they grow well, but last week, I had about half that were very short.

For the wedding, I really wanted them to look lovely and all the same length, so my nail technician talked me into tips…which I have never done on a large scale like this.

They looked great and still look great today almost two weeks later.

However, tomorrow I will have them taken off because it is too hard to type with them on and I have cleaning out I need to start doing….so goodbye to these nails tomorrow.

I hope to share with you every Sunday a new experience this summer…will do my best!


Sunday Mornings at Home

I am going to talk more about lessons from my Mother-of-the-Groom journey soon, but for now….

The biggest lesson learned is the importance of CONSISTENCY.

If I am consistent with my eating and workouts, it pays off.  I look at the silly picture above that was taken in January, and that is not the woman I am today.

If I am consistent to dress with my five style adjectives, then I am more confident, spend less, and look uniquely me.

Consistency makes a huge difference in our health, beauty and style journey.

I will write more later.

Also, here is the podcast link for those who still want to listen: The Midlife Project Podcast with Giselle and Serena of the Teacup Community.  REDISCOVERING YOUR STYLE AND CONFIDENCE.

Thank you for joining me today on Sunday Mornings at Home.  I hope you found something here that inspires and encourages you…ask any questions or make comments…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. Pam, I truly appreciate you and the time and thought you put into your articles for us. You inspire me to keep going with things that matter most. You treat your readers like family. God bless you.

  2. Hi Pam, This post really resonated with me. I , too, just cancelled WW after losing what I wanted (I was very pleased with the program). My mantra now is “Proteins, Plants, Portion”. Your remarks about consistency echo what worked for me. For inspiration I used this quote by Tony Robbins: “If we want to direct our lives we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives but what we do consistently”. I really enjoy your blog!

  3. I love hearing all about your journey of reflection and growth. I am pursuing the same. I am a WW member but have been loath to track. But I have managed to lose 23 pounds. The word consistency speaks loudly to me because I have such a hard time with it. I also started using collagen recently. I can already tell a bit of a difference in the way I look and feel.
    Happy Sunday

  4. Good morning, Pam. Loved this post. Three times now I have tried to comment but have been “refreshed” and my comment disappears. It has happened to me all week. Usually it is when I am at the end. I may start just saying hello and write a sentence or two so you know I have been here. Loved the mustang. We had 4 when I was in HS and college over many years. Sorry you are no longer a WW member. I was going to ask you to focus on food choices once in a while. I love my app. I have been lifetime for almost 40 years, after the birth of my 2nd child. But, if all started with à pamphlet. Have a great week. (Loved the wood sculptures)

  5. Great Quote, Laurel! I so agree with this quote…consistency will lead to results…good and bad. I want to make sure I am being consistent with the right decisions.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Mari. I was pleasantly surprised at what I experienced after adding collagen to my morning coffee. It really made a big difference for me.

  7. First off, Deborah…I love your comments, so I hope you will continue to persevere and get them on the site. I do not know why that happens, but please keep trying…this one came through for a reason. Secondly, I might be quitting the WW app, but I am still applying all of the lessons learned and will be eating the way the app taught me. If I do not continue to lose weight, I will be back to the app. I also will continue to share with you what I eat that is share worthy. Started today with fresh melon, blueberries and yogurt. About to enjoy my green tea. Since you are a lifetime member, I highly encourage you to download the app on your phone and use it. It helps so much and has changed my eating habits.

  8. I think WW is quite expensive, but health is worth it. However, I also agree that there is no reason you can’t go it alone. I was curious if you felt the vitamin B12 shot specifically curtailed your hunger, or if it was the other things you are doing. I agree about consistency. One of the things that I’m doing now is just picking myself up after making a poor eating choice, and getting right back to my healthy pattern. I say to myself to get back up on that horse. As a result, while I’ve lost less than you have, I have been able to fit in all my clothes this spring for the first time in a couple of years. Looking forward to needing new ones!

  9. Good for you, Linda. Years ago, when I first joined a WW group the biggest lesson I took away then, was to get up and get back in the saddle as soon as I strayed from the plan. So, many of us think…oh well, I couldn’t do it…and go right back to bad eating habits. If I am faithful, to get right back to healthy eating, I still see results. The shot was very helpful for energy…which is why I did it and why Mr. B encouraged me to do it. Wedding day was a sunrise to midnight day…and I made it through! There is a very good chance it helped me with my eating over the weekend, but I have been encouraged before without it…so I am going to give this a go. What is critical for me is to go to the gym…when I am consistent to do even a small workout, I see results.

  10. Thanks for such a pleasant start to this Sunday. 💕 I’m certain you have the tools to continue on with your quest for optimal health. A fine trip each spring and summer Saturday morning to our Farmer’s Market sets me up for success. It’s fall and winter I seek the comfort foods and sit and read much more than I should! Your manicure looks very nice. For me, a painted nail only occurs once or twice a year, and even then it’s always on my very short nails. I keep them clipped and buffed as an example to my students and for practicality sake at the piano, working in the garden or kitchen, and at ceramics. What fun with the Mustang! I miss my VW convertible. My favorite was to drive home very slowly with the top down after a park concert, enjoying the cool air after the warmth of a summer day.

  11. Thanks for your always uplifting posts! I have now turned 70 and am trying to make some positive changes to continue to be active and healthy. I did WW many years ago and had great results, so I’m hoping to apply some of those lessons to my current eating habits (haven’t had ice cream in 3 weeks!). I walk often and hope to add some stretching exercises to help tone the tummy! I am very interested in the Collagen powder. I’m encouraged to read that you think it has helped you feel better. Is there a taste to it when you add it to your coffee?
    Thanks again for inspiring me and have a lovely Sunday.

  12. Yes. I try to use my app every day! It helps me keep what K eat in perspective. As far as my comments being refreshed and losing them, I am not the only one in the world of internet. There are many complaining about it on other sites, too. I googled it. Some seem to think it is an iPhone problem. It took me almost 20 minutes to post my paragraph this morning. I finally copied it half way through and was at least able to finish it off on last try. If you ever hear of a fix, please let me know!

  13. I wanted to add that I would like to know more about the collagen, too! If you could one day discuss that, and what the differences are between yours and your daughter’s, that would be helpful.

  14. I am removing the longer nail so I can type…if I were teaching piano, I would be just like you. You always leave us with such lovely word pictures, Connie. Love this one of the VW going along a drive home from a park concert on warm summer days. I love park concerts and do not have the opportunity to participate enough.

  15. Hi Deborah, the best way to read about the difference is online at Collagen for Her. Both versions dissolve quickly in warm liquids like coffee or tea…we both drink it in our morning coffee. But, the best descriptions are on their website.

  16. Pam, I love your blog and all that you share with us! Years ago when our daughters were teenagers we took them to Hawaii for a family vacation. We thought it would be cool to surprise them by renting a yellow mustang convertible. The problem was that not all of our suitcases fit in the trunk. Half of us had to carry our suitcases on our lap 😂 We still had fun. Loved all the photos of the wedding this week. You looked stunning! Have a blessed Sunday!

  17. Thank you, Cyndy. And thank you for sharing one of your own memories!

  18. I’ve been thinking about adding collagen to my diet. Now you (and Mari) have convinced me to give it a try. I don’t drink coffee, but I’ll add it to my morning green tea.

    The Noah’s ark carving is amazing! And how delightful that she added the unicorn.

  19. Pam, I always look forward to your Sunday posts they are full of many useful suggestions for a healthy lifestyle. I agree that consistency is extremely important for any thing we do if we want to make a lifestyle change. I am terrible at that but need to concentrate harder. I know that in the long run I will feel better.
    I also appreciate the suggestions you post about what your eating for your weight loss. It gives me ideas.
    Do you have a particular place where you get your vitamins? I take the Collagen For Her and am consistent about that but would like to look into the vitamins.

  20. Thanks for your post today. Truly appreciate your honest look at consistency and willingness to put a check on your budget. I know you will be successful. Blessings to you.

  21. I love that touch of whimsy! I hope you like the collagen, Elaine. I definitely saw a difference…especially in my complexion.

  22. Thank you Pam. Today’s blog was so heartfelt I really connected. I always lived Mustangs and convertibles- the best! What a great memory of your first car. Yes, you can go it alone with healthy eating and exercise but remember we are here with you. We are all cheering for you as you reach your goals.
    You are lovely as you are today but if good health requires more weight loss, you’ll get it done; I just know you will.
    It seems you are taking all the right steps!

  23. I’ve been using the WW app since you first talked about it, but I struggle with the numerical values. I cook most of our food as we rarely go out to eat, but so many food points are for restaurant/ fast food items. I am usually very faithful staying within my 23 points per day, but I’ve only lost 7 pounds in almost 7 months…much less than you! Your new DIL’s grandmother was certainly very talented and her granddaughter, your DIL, seems to have inherited some artistic talents…thinking of her design you showed us on the napkins at the reception. Your convertible picture reminds me of my older brother’s green Ford convertible he had during high school back in the late 50’s. What great fun to ride with the top down riding down country dirt roads! I too have had some problems with my responses disappearing if I hesitate too long thinking how to word something. Frustrating, but I start again.

  24. Celia, It helped me so much to concentrate on boosting my metabolism. That is why I mentioned what I was doing to boost it. I was going slow until I began to focus on that and at my age that made a big difference.

  25. Thanks Paulette…you guys are the best cheerleaders anyone could ask for.

  26. Kudos on your decision to move forward with a professional assistance in your ongoing fitness and weight loss journey. I am particularly inspired by your commitment to try one new thing every week, so now you’ve got me thinking about ways to do that in spite of the current constraints on my time. I love your Sunday musings and always find inspiration here. I especially loved seeing the deer and fawns you shared with us – what a great reminder of the natural beauty God puts all around us! I hate to see your wedding posts come to a close, and hope you will circle back to share the pro pics with us once they are available. As the wedding coordinator for a large church in Fort Worth I see a LOT of weddings, and this was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, with such exquisite attention to details. I hope this summer brings you many new reasons to be joyful!

  27. My husband’s family had a Spitfire — I just loved riding in it when I visited from college. One day we took it on the highway and got a speeding ticket for going 63 in a 60-mile and hour zone. To this day, I feel as if the officer must have been having a bad day! The ticket was real money to us in those days. Anyway, love your pix with the boys! I bet they’ll be telling their friends about it this coming week and what a cool Gigi they have.

  28. Hello Pam!

    I have been a reader of your blog for a while now…and today I was inspired to comment on your blog!

    You are one of my heroes…I love the way you inspire each of us to achieve her best…

    I just turned 60 (but I feel too young to be that old) and have decided that if I ever grow up, I want to be like you!!!

    Keep writing your blog…it informs, inspires, and teaches women like me how to get the most out of life while keeping kindness and compassion in our hearts and minds. God bless you!

  29. Pam, I enjoy reading your blog and Sunday Mornings at Home is my favorite. I am tracking with your mother of the groom story since my 3 sons are married and my daughter is newly engaged. I also relate to your health journey as I have been on one myself for the last several years. When I was in a similar place to where you are now, I found the podcast Grace and Grit with Courtney Townley and I listened to it as I walked. She greatly added to my toolbox and I eventually became a member of her community. Thank you for sharing with us all these aspects of your life with us!

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