Clara Sunwoo Travel Clothes: No Fuss, Fashion Forward

travel clothes

Happy Monday, everyone.  I am excited to share with you today Clara Sunwoo Travel Clothes: No fuss, fashion forward.

Discovering Clara Sunwoo travel clothes has been a huge revelation, because I look for clothing like this that still is current and helps me to dress with confidence on a trip.

Clara Sunwoo travel clothes are perfect when I take them out of the suitcase…and that is what I want.  No fuss, great looking travel clothes.

And…if you shop these clothes using my links provided, you will receive 10% off!  Every little bit helps….right?

Allow me, please, to tell you about the Clara Sunwoo travel clothes.


travel clothes

I have put this to the test with the Clara Sunwoo travel clothing I own…pieces that are truly no fuss travel clothes.

You can roll them up into your suitcase and take them out wrinkle free…or wear them for the initial travel and they remain looking perfect.

This is the link for overall shopping of the site that gives you 10% off:  Clara Sunwoo Travel Clothing Discount.

After you see what I am wearing, you can use the link above to find the pieces and receive the savings.

Today, I am wearing: Signature Modern Gaucho Pant and Crossover Faux Wrap Top in Navy.  Their sizing does run a little small.  I am wearing a very fit size 16.

travel clothes

I love these navy blue garments because they will go with anything and make a great addition to my summer travel clothes.

I can put the column of navy with a fun topper or kimono.  Or I can break the pieces up for other looks.  The top is very flattering….would look great under a blazer with denim.

Also, important for travel clothes is that they be comfortable and Clara Sunwoo travel clothes are exceptionally comfortable.

Finally, travel clothes which are no fuss are ones that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and I believe these pieces answer the call. 


travel clothes

Recently, Mr. B and I took a little trip to the beautiful St. Anthony’s Luxury Hotel in downtown San Antonio.

I chose to wear my Clara Sunwoo black pants for a more fashion forward look with a little travel in mind and to have them on all day.

I really love the slit in these pants.  About as close as something “sexy” I go these days.

travel clothes

I wanted travel clothes for this little trip that were fashion forward, no fuss, confidence building style.

These are the KICK FRONT HIGH SLIT PANTS in black…remember this link gives you 10% off…. Clara Sunwoo Travel Clothing Discount.

I have worn them often since they arrived in my closet…they washed at home very well after our wedding weekend closed.

travel clothes

The pants remained looking lovely all day for walking downtown San Antonio, riding in a car, and for a special dinner at Rebelle, an award winning upscale restaurant. 

When I took them out of the suitcase four days later, they looked the same….travel clothes that are no fuss and fashion forward!

I highly recommend Clara Sunwoo travel clothes for your trips this summer…they are so easy and no fuss, fashion forward fun.

 If you have questions, or comments on this post: Clara Sunwoo Travel Clothes: No fuss, fashion forward, and for those of you already heading out on adventures, have fun and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, and am an affiliate for the brand.  The words are completely my own.

travel clothes



  1. I must say the outfits are perfect for you and your style aesthetic. You look stylish and fabulous and I love the blue on you. Are the fabrics breathable?

  2. Happy Monday, Julie. Yes, the fabric is breathable and the styles feel so cool and comfy.

  3. Good morning, Pam. I forgot about her brand! Love the liquid leather jacket in classic style. Perhaps there will be a dark brown one for autumn. Thank you got the reminder. You look stunning, particularly in the blue outfit! It is very flattering. You wear it well and we see you first. You are collecting great outfits for upcoming travel. Hoping to see more autumn color choices later in the summer!

  4. My goodness, those are really classy options! Travel clothes that perform so well and look good right out of a suitcase are definitely worth the expense. I love that first outfit on you especially!

  5. Me too, Deborah…I am always excited for fall collections. But, my autumn pieces go so well with this navy blue look.

  6. On my monitor, the navy looks very bright, almost cobalt. Is this the case? I always like good navy basics, but tend to look for the darker or inky navy. Good tip to size up. I will take a look at this brand again.

  7. It is a lovely navy, but not cobalt. I also like it because it is not too dark…but definitely navy. Thanks Linda…I know computer screens can often be deceiving on color.

  8. You look fabulous in that outfit Pam !
    I have a hard time wearing Polyester I find that it doesn’t breathe and is hot. Fo you find that outfit hot to wear outdoors in the warm weather ?

  9. Who is this sexy lady in your blog today?!?! Love these looks on you. I’m curious about the weight of this fabric. I stopped buying Chicos travelers pieces years ago due to the weight and thickness of the material. Just not compatible with international travel.

  10. Woo!! I love the shot of you showing some leg in the black slacks. What fun! I would love to hear about your packing plans for the upcoming Alaska trip.

  11. That blue outfit looks fantastic on you! I especially like the shape of the top. It will be fun to travel with you vicariously this summer, and I look forward to your travel posts. Happy Monday!

  12. The navy top is certainly a flattering fit on you, & I can see that it would be very versatile. It could be worn under jackets in the cooler months.

  13. I purchased 2 pair of Clara Sunwoo pants and a top (at you suggestion & through your shopping links) in April, to take on a cruise this past May. They were the most worn items in my suitcase! I can attest that they are perfect for travel. They take up very little space in your suitcase and ,even better, no wrinkles!

  14. This material is so soft, cool and perfect for warm weather. Believe, I like in a hot and humid climate and have been comfortable wearing these pieces out and about. We are already in the 90s and headed to close to 100 this coming weekend.

  15. Much more comfortable than that, Suzi. This material is so light and comfy.

  16. When I have the plans, I will let you know…still researching with others who have gone what to take. Thanks Connie.

  17. Thank you, Donna! That is my experience and it is so good to hear from someone else who knows!!

  18. Although I’m supposedly doing a “no buy” June, I couldn’t resist trying a pair of the Clara Sunwoo palazzo pants using your discount code. Hoping their sizing chart is accurate; if not, it looks like they make returns and exchanges easy. Although it’s unlikely I’ll be traveling any time soon, these look like something dressy that will travel well, but can still be worn in my everyday life. Thanks for the discount!

  19. Those pants are lovely…and so easy! I hope you like them as much as I do.

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