Think kimonos for fun, cool summer outfits

Happy Thursday!  Today, we are covering to think kimonos for fun, cool summer outfits.

Summertime is really kimono time for me….and though I have tweaked my style, kimonos are still a major component in the closet.

I have made a few changes in how I shop for kimonos and will mention those today.

But, think kimonos not only for summer outfits, but also as swimsuit coverups or even robes when traveling.

Think kimonos for versatility…I do that often.

So, let’s go forward with my thoughts to help you…think kimonos.


think kimonos

I have told you before that San Antonio is a colorful, artistic community.  This downtown mural is a perfect example.

One of my style adjectives is to always look creative.  This would be the same as looking artistic or dramatic with your style.

We are the ones most likely to think kimonos…though there are beautiful ones in neutral designs.

The kimono I am wearing today is from Soft Surroundings.  This is the Curacao Topper in an XL, and currently is on sale for $39!

I do not make a dime off of Soft Surroundings and am not their affiliate, but it is such a colorful, fun topper that I wanted to share it with you…especially when I saw the markdown.

My grandson who loves parrots was the first in my family to say they liked it!  

Also, this one goes great in my autumn wardrobe….I love the burnt orange long tank under it and the trim detail.

Of course, you will notice how many kimonos are called ruanas, toppers, long cardigans…there are many categories to think kimono as you look over them.


think kimonos

Most kimonos are designed for warmer weather and are perfect to cover arms for us stylish over 50 ladies.

I think kimonos, and have for years, when things begin to heat up and I am looking to elevate a casual look.

They are perfect to wear to pool parties or outdoor barbecues and be one of the ones in the coolest summer outfits there.

I have changed how I shop for kimonos since I began to lose weight and desire a better fit.

I look for more design that alleviates some of the boxy feel, and I usually size down when shopping for them.

I also look mostly now for mid to shorter lengths…and not as many long ones.  I own a few and currently prefer the fit of the shorter lengths on me.

But, I still love a flowy romantic feel of many kimonos.

Here are some kimonos I recently found available…these may help you to think kimonos for your own style:


think kimonos

Some of the prettiest kimonos I have seen are neutrals…I know not everyone goes for this type of color explosion.

But, any woman can think kimonos for unique style…it just depends are what your style adjectives are and what you want to tell those you meet this summer about you with what you wear.

A fabulous kimono can enhance your wardrobe and make your summer outfits uniquely you. 

Do any of you think kimonos for summer?  Please share your questions or comments…and make sure that throughout this day, you …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Think Kimonos


  1. Seeing this makes me wonder why mine languish in the closet!? A kimono is really a nice piece for summer, especially the way A/C seems to be blasting away! Like you, I have gone with shorter tops overall…tunic lengths really chopped me up being petite so I eliminated them, but with a kimono as a third piece, you can more easily adjust proportions underneath. For women with the artsy, creative aspect in their style, this is definitely a winner. But even for the rest, the more subdued or solid options can add a lot of interest to an outfit!

  2. For some reason, I have always liked flowy garments and kimonos are a way I can continue that enjoyment if I just take care to watch the fit. I hope you are doing OK in all the smoke up there, Karen.

  3. I have several kimonos, ruanas, whatever we call them, now, and I think you are the one who first made me aware of them several years ago. I do enjoy wearing mine especially because I always cover my old, wrinkled arms. Your parrot kimono is beautiful and certainly fits your autumn colors. There are certainly many lovely ones available now as you have shown. Thank you for introducing me to this accessory years ago!

  4. How fabulous Pam! Love the bright colors and happy parrots! I too enjoy wearing kimonos for something extra, but still cool and comfy. Beautiful choices you’ve shared! You look gorgeous! Beautiful pics!

  5. You wear them so beautifully! I have never bought one because they seem too busy on me. I think when the right short one comes along and I pair it with a slim and trim column of color, I will experiment. There was a luscious one for sale at the Downton Abbey exhibit in NYC a few years back, but it was for a winter. I am looking forward to your slide show and see the offerings. It takes a while to come through to me. Have a lovely day. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Pam, that kimono is fabulous on you. Its such a happy & creative piece. I like the shorter style too. I think kimonos are a wonderful solution to dealing the A/C. I found a very lightweight one that features many of my autumn colors at my local boutique. Since I wear mostly solid pants & tops I can throw it over just about everything when I need a little something more. I agree with today’s quote. Yesterday was one of those draining days so this morning I grabbed a bright red tee shirt for an energy boost.

  7. I bet that one was pretty! But, those winter colors do not work for you and me. I am much much pickier about my kimonos now…in color and fit.

  8. Good for you, Kathie…sometimes I go for that type of energy boost as well. I am pleased to see more kimonos for autumn palettes than I have seen before…there is hope to find what you are looking for.
    Have a day full of sunshine and color!

  9. You look great in your kimonos as do lots of other people. Unfortunately every time I try one on, and I’ve tried many, I look like I’ve just jumped out of bed and brought the sheets with me. Being 5 feet with a short torso and short arms it is a style I just have to admire on others.

  10. I like them but can rarely find them in natural fibres & in a Deep Autumn palette (even many of the ones you linked still have a lot of white in the prints). The best styles for me are belted (to stop me looking like a box), which adds an additional constraint – though I have successfully found some that tick all my boxes on Etsy! PS – Part of the reason for the many names is that I think people are trying to steer away from calling them Kimonos anymore, since they’re not the traditional Japanese style of sleeve & status symbol etc. I think of a ruana being shorter & a poncho being closed at the front, but the terms Duster & Topper work well in lieu. To be fair, my cotton belted ones look like Bathrobes or Dressing Gowns – so I don’t mind those terms either haha!

  11. I understand there are challenges with certain garments. There are a few I am happy to admire from afar.

  12. This is such a fun piece! And it suits you perfectly!

    I just want to say I absolutely love your naturally curly hair and cut. I know your hubs likes it straight (like here…) , but I I’m a fan of the curls and how it frames your face. As a tall woman myself, I like the volume balance/bounce that curly hair allows 😘

  13. The Macy’s kimono is the perfect style for anyone on the petite side, or who wants to elongate the body. The V-shape of the hem lets more of the garments underneath peek through. Sticking to the same color palette helps to create a nice column. I have a couple of lightweight, semi-sheer ponchos with a V-hemline that work well this way. My motto is to go light and avoid a horizontal hemline (my hips don’t like those lines).

  14. You look great, Pam!
    I just don’t feel comfortable perhaps my rather preppy in style is part of it but love color—think Lilly Pulitzer. As tall as I am it seems like I’m just become overwhelming with all that fabric volume! I do wear some lovely cashmere shawls in cool restaurants but that’s about it. Also I live in New England and it doesn’t seem a popular fashion choice here.
    Again you were them so well!

  15. You wear kimonos well and I can see how well they work in your climate as a stylish and creative thirdpiece. I also appreciate them on others, however I have a short torso and narrow shoulders and I have never found one that is flattering on my body. One day something might pop up and thanks for showcasing your stunning kimono against the backdrop of your town.

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