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Today's news

Happy summer Wednesday, friends!  It is time for your personal weekly newsletter…Today’s News for Women Over 50.

I curate lifestyle news for women over 50 in one place so it is easier and you can access information that may be helpful.

All of my categories are meant to keep this optimistic and encouraging.

But, occasionally I run across information that is not so optimistic, but may be information you need to know.

Please tell me…would you like a NEED TO KNOW category added even if the information is not necessarily “good news.”

I run across articles like this often and think we all need to know what is in it, but it doesn’t fit in my current divisions.

Let me know…do you want to see a NEED TO KNOW category in Today’s News??

For now, let’s get started with what I have found for you today…….lots pf summer recipes…so we begin there….


Today's news

Plant Powered:  Burrata Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach is the perfect summer dinner

LA Times: ‘Vegetarian Salad for Dinner’ has your summer cooking covered

Sally’s Baking Recipes:  6 ingredient Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie and Fireworks Celebration Cookies

Magnolia:  Roasted Cherry Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart

Texas Real Food:  How to make cheesy egg in a basket

Southern Living:  15 of Grandma’s favorite summer sides

Eating Well:  Summer Corn Tortilla Soup

I Am a Baker:  Blueberry Cruffins

30 Seconds: Simple Pound Cake Lemon Muffins Recipe: Take a Bite of Summer


today's news

USA Today: Leave the sweatpants at home. Why we need a dress code for flying.

Yahoo Lifestyle: The Surprising Kitchen Staple That Brightens Gray Hair Naturally — For Less!




Today's news

Better Homes & Gardens:  Hydrangeas Not Blooming?  Here are 7 reasons why and how to fix it

My French Country Home:  How to use color at home with interior designer Marianne Evennou and French Chateau for Sale

MSN: 10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Use


Today's news

The Discoverer Blog:  5 of the coolest art hotels in the U.S.

Texas Real Food:  Local food and drink events in the Lone Star State through June 29

The Travel: Beyond Paris: Leave The City Of Love For These 10 French Destinations

CNBC: 32-year-old spent $2,000 setting up an Airbnb in her neighbor’s barn—now her rentals bring in $2.88 million a year


Today's news

Eating Well:  The #1 habit you break to lose weight

Yahoo: Can You ‘Walk Off’ Belly Fat? We Asked A Personal Trainer

CNET:  10 Daily Habits to Keep Your Eyes in Top Shape

Study Finds: Best Jobs For Seniors: Top 5 Late-Life Careers, According To Experts

Thank you so much for joining me today for Today’s News for Women Over 50…I truly hope you found something useful here.  

Please let me know about that new category….I will follow the majority….


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. Good morning Pamela – yes, a NEED T KNOW category would be helpful. Thank-you for curating the news for us. Very helpful.

  2. Well, now I want to find a neighbor with a barn :). I’m ok with (not excited about) a Need to Know if it’s more health-related and non-political, and if the health news is from a reliable source (not the supplement industry). I do hope it’s infrequent, as I read daily and find that information on my “travels” through other sources. I’m here for fashion, like-minded women, and fun. Thanks for asking; I appreciate that.

  3. I’m definitely in favor of “need to know” articles in your Wednesday news. I always enjoy your articles, and realize it must take a good bit of your time to curate what you send us. But, we certainly may also need articles you think are appropriate. I always end up going down one rabbit hole or another, and spend hours reading over different subjects…some I enjoy, and others I need to know. Thank you for what you do.

  4. And thanks for telling me what you think…I always want to provide some fun!

  5. I would enjoy a ‘need to know’ section, particularly about health, safety, travel issues. You do such a fantastic job curating for us; I trust your judgement for non-controversial and timely topics. Since you label your content groupings. It would be easy for those not interested to skip over. Thank you!

  6. I’d love to see information on books – new releases and reviews. There are many bloggers who focus a great deal on travel topics. I don’t think we need another one. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your Alaska cruise. That’s an entirely different thing as you’ll be sharing your personal experiences which for an armchair traveler like me is a lot more interesting than reading about what to pack for a month in Europe. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Hi Kathie, I don’t travel often, but I do cover the few trips I take. Today, I was just talking about in regards to this post with the news articles. Thank you for joining in…your comment is interesting because so many do write about travel.

  8. Just a note: when I added in travel, I didn’t mean for you to become a travel blogger. I only meant if there are safety issues or changes in airline or other travel policies. I am, however, interested in your personal travel experiences. You don’t ever overdo your info. You give us just enough.

  9. Hi, Pam, thank you for asking about Need to Know. I have to say I am on the fence about it. I hate to see you do more work and then decide to skip it every week. I read a lot of news sources and am currently doing an online wellness thing and some online classes, so I don’t know yet if I’d read something new. Maybe once a month vs once a week?

  10. I love Today’s News for Women and think a “Need To Know” category is a wonderful idea!

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