How to enjoy summer over 60

enjoy summer over 60

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I want to share with you how I enjoy summer over 60!

I live in such a high heat location and friends have fled to cooler states during summer months.

But, with intention I find ways to enjoy summer over 60, and thought you might like to see how its done.

So, get your iced coffee or tea and sit down with me to enjoy summer over 60!


enjoy summer over 60

Summer for me is always hot, humid, and more casual…but that does not mean I cannot have fun with what I wear.

Here is an outfit I wore to a dinner a couple of evenings ago.

I knew the dinner would be inside (heat index with humidity was 112) so wearing ankle jeans was not a problem.

I love a sleeveless tank with a kimono especially during the summer.  This is a great way for me to speak my creative adjective and I love this shade of green.

Last week, I joined a friend for lunch and we stopped by one of my favorite home decor boutiques that, sadly, is closing.

They had just put out these kimonos and there was a long and short version of this one….both just $17!

I tried on both for my friend and we agreed that this short one was more flattering…the longer one might be good around a pool.

Last week, a woman on another social platform told me she did not like me in the shorter ORGANIC COTTON PUCKER SHIRT JACKET.

But, right now I feel more confident in the shorter jackets and have wanted to add more to my wardrobe…I have plenty of long ones, but feel l look larger in the kimono versions.

We all must wear what we believe is our confident best style, and that is the first way that we enjoy summer over 60.

The tank is an old travelers tank from way back, and these are my new favorite jeans… Ming Wang Stretch Denim Slim Leg Pull-On Ankle Jeans.

I will be wearing these jeans often on my cruise this summer.

enjoy summer over 60

I also enjoy summer over 60 when we go out for summer nights.

This past weekend we attended two dinner parties.

It was fun to get dressed in casual chic attire, and go experience friends and the sounds of summer.

Summer days can be oppressive where I live, but summer nights are always fun and slightly cooler.

Speaking of sounds, make sure you listen to your favorite summer music.

Perhaps because I am Texan, for some reason, I love country music in the summer…it always makes me smile.

I have so many memories of country music playing loud over a swimming pool.

What is your favorite summer music?


enjoy summer over 60


enjoy summer over 60

Another way to enjoy summer over 60 is to prepare seasonal foods.

Whether you discover them at a farmer’s market or your favorite grocer, find ways to enjoy summer favorites.

I eat more melon in the summer. Our local grocer, HEB, introduced me to these sweet melons last summer…so good.

And I eat more watermelon.  I am a big proponent of eating foods that go with the season to help us enjoy those seasons more.

BTW, try this.  Cut up a little watermelon and put in the bottom of a glass.  Add a sprig of either fresh rosemary or fresh basil.  Pour whine wine over the fruit and top off with ginger ale.  So good!!

Yesterday, I roasted veggies including summer squash to go with baked salmon.

And remember to read SUNDAY MORNING AT HOME about our healthy recipe share….hope to receive recipes with pictures from many of you…send to


enjoy summer over 60

Naturally I enjoy summer over 60 because I see my grandchildren more often.

Whether it is grandchildren, family or friends you love, make sure you spend time with them during the summer.

Then you will enjoy summer over 60 more.  Plan a trip or get out of the house with friends….move toward relationships.

Summer joy is an attitude choice just like everything else….even in the heat.

We can choose to look for the silver linings….no matter how small.

enjoy summer over 60

When I heard that the grandsons were on their way for a stop-over at Gigi’s on the way to the coast, I desired to quickly make some cookies.

A summer perk?  Butter softens quickly on the patio table!  The dough was ready in time.

enjoy summer over 60

Live in the moment, one day at a time, and enjoy summer over 60.

Now, it is your turn…how do you enjoy summer over 60?  What are your favorites related to summer?  We would all love to know….


By Pamela Lutrell

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enjoy summer over 60


  1. Thank you for these tips, Pam. We “winter” in San Antonio, but still summer in our Wisconsin home. This summer, though, we are in SA for a few weeks for grandparent camp. I agree with you: I just have to find that summer state of mind! BTW, the shorter jackets look great on you, and you look happy in them.

  2. You’ve got it! Yes summer weather might be oppressive but spending time with the kids is easier and a lot of fun. We own a small summer house on Cape Cod (MA)which we all use- the kids with their young families abd with us too. Crowded but fun!
    Dining Al fresco with hubby or friends is a delight since, as you mention, it cools off a bit at night. We can manage outside fining until early November then our winter takes over.

  3. Second try. When I saw your opening picture, I thought how much this short kimono suits your artistic side…so pretty and unique. I recently bought a short one on final sale from Chico’s Off the Rack but have not worn it yet. I always enjoy pictures of those precious grandchildren, and cooking for them is such a joy. And the butter outside is a smart idea! I made a blueberry pie and muffins Saturday so needed soft butter for the muffins, but cold butter for the crust. I’m determined to learn how to make a good, flaky piecrust, old as I am! Hope you have a “cool” day!

  4. Delightful post! Love the grandsons’ picture. Great tip about quickly softening butter. I stopped at Talbots yesterday and saw all the delightful clothing. Everything is 40% off today! Stay cool.

  5. I love the shorter jackets on you. They allow you to shine vs so much fabric. Here we get pretty crazy weather, with temperatures varying from the mid seventies to mid nineties, with almost always very high humidity. On cooler days I take walks and on hotter days I go to the pool at our condo, where we use one table so much it’s referred to as our “second home.” Pool days are my favorite; we read our kindles, enjoy the landscaping, and when I’m done with my laps we float in the pool. We take dinner down there too. My favorite summer activity is to sit on the pool steps in the water at sunset, sipping a beverage. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July, and we rent a table for our suburban fireworks and invite friends to listen to the live band and then watch the show over the water (the venue is an old stone quarry). Summer is not my favorite season for clothes, but it’s right up there with autumn as a fave overall.

  6. One of the “checks” for me in how I approach summer is to remember how brutal winter can be for some of you…we all face our challenges. Thanks Paulette.

  7. One of our challenges for the fluffy pie crust is the humidity. High humidity makes pie crusts more difficult…outdoors here is a quick way to soften the butter! One weather guy fried hot dogs on his dashboard last weekend.

  8. Fourth of July is such a fun family time. I think we are scattered this year, but past celebrations are great memories.

  9. Love this shorter kimono on you, Pam. The colors are great and how you put it together looks very stylish and reads your style adjectives! You sure got a deal on it. Since I live here in SA, could you share the boutique that is closing so that I could get in on the sales?

  10. You look beautiful in that outfit! Summer is magical. Birdsong at sunrise, ice cream and a dash through the sprinkler with the Beach Boys playing, a twilight stroll with some classical music.

  11. It is a home decor boutique and very rare for me to see clothing in there. It is called Rustic Modern and is in the Alley at Bitters. I love this store…so sad to see them close, but they are going to have an online store.

  12. I love the Beach Boys too in the summer. Remember one year when I camped outside with friends to be first in line for a Beach Boys concert…we danced on the chairs…it was great!

  13. I think shorter jacket styles are much more flattering on you. You don’t need the volume of fabric in a long jacket. The problem with short jackets in general is that they tend to be boxy, and that look isn’t good on anyone. So, a short jacket that maybe had a bit of shape, a princess seam, or a dart, or some other way to call attention to the high natural waistline would be good. I’m tall and straight, mostly, and boxy jackets don’t do a thing for me.

  14. That jacket looks great on you! I love the color! I’ve found myself getting rid of the longer jackets in my closet now that I’ve lost some weight! I bought a shorter white denim jacket this spring that I’ve worn a number of times. Every time I wear it, someone asks where I got it! (eBay!) My sister has borrowed it twice!
    Good for you! You look great and confident!

  15. Linda’s description of summer days spent at the condo pool sound wonderful. Here in southern Oregon, the main draw locally is our beautiful Umpqua River. Our home backs up to this, so I am very fortunate to enjoy the natural beauty even though we live in town. Requiring a bit more effort, the coast is about an hour and a half away, but always refreshing come August. I am currently listening to a heavy rotation of Latin favorites, rather diverse: Gonzalo Bergara, “The Mavericks en español” album, and Bad Bunny’s latest. The Beatles make me feel like summer, too, and of course I see as much live music outdoors as possible.

  16. Bought that same kimono over a year ago in a local boutique in the colors orange, cream and black. I DID NOT pay $17! Good job. 👏🏻. I too prefer the shorter jackets that help show and define our waist.

  17. Hi Pamela….I’m just curious….what is the name of your favorite home decor boutique that is closing? I live part-time in San Antonio and frequently shop boutiques there. Also, I own your short green crane kimono; I love it! I bought it last year at Sunset & Co, and they have more in a variety of colors. Thank you for your delightful blog.

  18. I was excited to find it at this price, but the bigger price paid is to say goodbye to a small business I really love. It is sad to see this store close.
    But I do love this kimono.

  19. I agree that boxy can be challenging…I do have a few boxy ones I like in my closet.

  20. We have so much Latin music around us here and it always gets residents moving. The workers will blast it while working on a roof, or yard, or house…and I just smile when I walk by and they are working to the music. Whatever it takes to work in this heat is good!

  21. Pamela, I just had to share my Beach Boys story…I went to Hawthorne High right behind them – Carl Wilson, the youngest, had graduated the year before I started – and our whole culture was centered around the beach and their wonderful music. One Friday during assembly, the principal said that they had a surprise for us, and in walked four guys with instruments wearing Pendletons – it was the Beach Boys! That was the best h9gh school assembly ever and my absolute best high school memory! I still love their music.

  22. My favorite part of summer is the availability of farm fresh produce. That includes tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries & peaches. When it’s hot & humid, as Midwest summers tend to be, dinner is often a nice salad of fresh veggies with whatever protein I might have on hand. Iced tea is always my drink of choice year-round. Summer here in Indiana has been cooler & drier than normal so far, but I’m sure we will have some of that heat & humidity in July & August. Of course, it usually is nothing like the brutal heat you see in Texas. Stay cool & enjoy those special times with the grands!

  23. Kudos on your summer wardrobe creativity from a fellow Texan trying to survive summer! I’m in the throes of cleaning out my mom‘s house and my dad‘s huge shop. It’s been a hot, dirty job, but I find myself planning outfits in my head for the days ahead when I can clean up, look like a lady again and go places that do not involve heavy cleaning duties. You’ve given me some great ideas, as usual. I wish people on the Internet would follow Thumpers rule:”If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.” I am continually baffled as to why readers choose to criticize your outfit choices. Isn’t it a lot easier just to pass by that post without a comment? I so admire the way you deal with negative comments, and I hope you don’t let them dim your joy!

  24. Hi Tina, It is called Rustic Modern and their last day is Sunday. Everything is 40% off and it is all home decor.

  25. I usually laugh because I would never do that. But after 13 years, I am accustomed to it. And the negatives have become fewer.

  26. Pam you look great in the outfit but how you could wear it in that heat is beyond me! Once humidity hits Ma. It’s linen shirts for me with a pashmina for restaurant visits. I have a heart valve issue that makes it difficult to spend time outside in excess heat so I happily go from ac to ac. Surely limits my outside time but so glad you manage it so well — great suggestions

  27. Like Lois, I have a chronic illness that really limits me to inside year round. What I love about spring and summer is all of the shades nature gives us of green! I have big windows and have great mountain views but the trees here in our valley turn such beautiful green colors after months of skeletons of grey trees. I open all of our windows in the morning to get the fresh cool air. Colorado has gotten much hotter but 94 with 13% humidity is not like what you live in there Pamela! I love your outfit and especially your look of joy on your face. I am in shorts and fluttery tops for the next 4 months!

  28. I wish I could open my windows more. I am able to in fall and spring. Enjoy those beautiful breezes!

  29. That kimono is so light, it is easy to wear in the heat. I am so glad I found it!

  30. Another advantage of shopping inseason ingredients is that it’s more ecologically friendly (& economically)!

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