Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors


Chico's new summer arrivals

And, just like that…it is Fashion Friday!  Welcome to a discussion about Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors.

I stopped by Chico’s on July 4th to check out the Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors, and clearance racks…and there were markdowns on the entire store that day.

I thought I would walk in and walk directly to the clearance racks, but my eye fell upon Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors!

Since the new summer arrivals feature a color story I love and wear often…I walked right over there to the racks of new arrivals.

So, let’s begin today with these Chico’s new arrivals in a color story which begins a gentle nod toward autumn.

Then, I will show you what I found on the clearance rack.


Chico's new summer arrivals

You can see here that my dressing room was full of colors, however, leaned heavily in one direction.

Chico’s new summer arrival color in burnished clay and amber spice is right up my alley…of course, it looks like burnt orange and this University of Texas grad loves that!  Hook’em!

The new summer arrival color, burnished clay, is lovely for autumn palettes, and the color story includes mixing it with colors worn by cooler palettes, such as white and black.

These two colors do have me thinking of fall…love it!

Chico's new summer arrivals

The first outfit I tried on is the POPLIN EMBROIDERED SHIRT with the Brigitte Basic Slit Ankle Pants in Amber Spice…Now, Amber Spice appears to be basically the same color story and very similar to burnished clay.

I like the pants a lot and will tell you in a moment why I decided to wait on them.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I like this topper in for new summer arrivals and colors at Chico’s….perfect for the heat.

This is the Summer Romance Abstract Cardigan…lightweight for summer heat and in burnished clay.

Underneath is the Every Day Cotton Tee in burnished clay.

Chico's new summer arrivals

Of course, Chico’s new summer arrival colors shows up in kimonos and toppers.

This is the Embroidered Kimono, and I was not able to size down to a smaller fit.  The size L/XL was the only one in store.

I like the way they have it styled on the website.

Chico's new summer arrivals

There are several different garments with Chico’s new colors, burnished clay and amber spice paired with black for summer.

For those who wear black, I believe this linen topper in the Amber Spice color would look stunning with a column of black underneath.

This is the Linen Blend Applique Jacket and it is a little heavy for very warm climates.  I wish I could have tried it in a smaller size as well.

You can also see how similar the Amber Spice color is to the Burnished Clay color in this outfit.

Chico's new summer arrivals


Finally, I tried on this No Iron Pullover Top in the burnished clay.

I wish I could’ve tried on this topper….Summer Romance Button Topper in burnished clay…but it was not in the location I stopped by.

I love the look of it online and it does come in other summer colors.

When I commented how much I love the color, the sales associate told me that next month there is another similar, but darker color coming.

I believe that is the one this autumn-lady will want more… but I do like the pants!

Chico's new summer arrivals


Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors include a new color in jewelry called Carnelian….and I do love it.

My only purchase this day was the Convertible Agate Necklace in Carnelian…I have so many ways I can wear this necklace.

The one I purchased looks exactly like the one on their website…I do not know why that did not happen for a couple of shoppers who bought it and commented there.

This is a purchase that I was excited about…my creative side!


Chico's new summer arrivals

After I had fun with Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors, I decided to finally go to Clearance.

There were a few items I tried on…and I realize this will differ from store to store.

Chico's new arrivals

This is the High Neck Stripe Shirt in the green banana leaf color. 

It is a nice, cool summer top.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I think this top is very cute and stands out in an understated way.

This is the Linen Sequin Parrot Tee It is linen and has a round hemline.

Chico's new arrivals

Here is a colorful kimono on clearance…and it does run large.

This is the Sheer Mid Length Ruana.  I considered it to go over a sleeveless dress, but they did not have a smaller size for me to try.  They do have it online.

I tried it over the Travelers Button Sleeve Top in Travelers Harbor Green.  Pretty colors and on sale in all sizes.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I was hoping to find pants just like this in the new summer arrivals to try on.

I like these, but do not have many different ways to wear them.  Maybe I will find them in that new burnt orange color coming…can hope.

I could not locate these on the website, so maybe there are just a few remaining in store.

Chico's new summer arrivals

When you stop by to check out Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors, make sure you always look at the jewelry clearance as well.

Aren’t these earrings great….I always find something for me or a gift in Chico’s jewelry clearance.

I know we are going to see more enter this category as we go forward into August….I will do my best to flag fabulous finds.

For now, I am really looking forward to that new color I heard about for next month!

If you have any questions on Chico’s new summer arrivals and colors, just let me know.  So sorry the dressing room pictures are not that great…I really miss Leigh Ann…she is on vacay.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's new summer arrivals

See you tomorrow!



  1. I love Chicos. I went to the store a week ago and bought 4 tops, 3 of them linen! Now I just have to wait until it gets a little bit cooler here in Florida to wear them!

  2. I like the linen offerings at Chico’s and they feel great. Sounds like you did some good shopping, Linda.

  3. I’m also an autumn and in love with burnished clay & amber spice. They are fabulous on you. And thanks for the heads up on the new color. Can’t wait to see it. I’m seeing this burnt orange to sienna color range around now and I’m snapping it up whenever I see it in a style I can wear. BTW I had to size down in the everyday cotton tee.

  4. Good to know, Kathie…thanks. Of course, as a fellow autumn, I love these colors as well.

  5. Those autumn colors you are wearing are beautiful on you! This shows what wearing the right colors can do sir someone. Lucky you for finding these items.

  6. I am pleased to see the colors for autumn this year…and hoping to see more of the burnt orange and terra cotta reds. For autumns that is amazing. However, cool color ladies never fear, there is always something for all of us in the new arrivals. Thanks Paula

  7. I love amber, but want a more brown version … the new color coming soon might be just the thing! I know these colors don’t come around in the fashion cycle too often. I’ve decided my retirement wardrobe would be best served by tabletop dressing, with my core navy, olive or camel on the bottom. That means I need some more interesting tops. Chicos can be over the top for my more sporty and restrained style, but I always appreciate what they’re trying to do. I have friend who is tall and loves very flowy styles, and Chicos clothes look fabulous on her.

  8. I am very excited about that new color to come next month and hope it meets our expectations, Linda. If you dress with style adjectives, then the women who want to speak creative and dramatic are perfect for Chico’s. It would not be over the top for many ladies…only those who want to say something else with their style…sounds like your friend likes to speak creative, fun, dramatic and joyful. Thanks Linda.

  9. That spice color is so good on you, it’s your color. Look I liked best was the pants with the white shirt with appliqué . Not a puffy sleeve person. Yes love Chicos but some of their styles are not attractive on short women, 5’1”, and short waisted, as no hour glass shape. I wear a 0 bottom and a 0 or 1 in tops. That’s Chicos sizes.

  10. You are looking fabulous, Pam! Great colors on you. I am hoping as a deep autumn that the new color will hit my sweet spot. Thank you for posting!

  11. As always, thanks for braving the stores and letting us tag along with you! I’m so glad our autumn colors are having a moment, even if they do feel somewhat out of season in mid-summer. I can’t wait to check out the carnelian items at Chico’s and I may get that same necklace if the length works for me. My birthday is next week and I’m pushing hard to get my mother’s house completely finished so I can do some fun things like lunches and shopping instead of packing, painting and cleaning to celebrate. I’ll be adding Chico’s to my list for that shopping excursion, but will order pieces through your links once I’ve checked them out in person. Hope your weekend is a good one, and I’ll look forward to your Sunday morning musings.

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