Remember Marshall’s has clearance sales too

Remember Marshall's

July is speeding right along…so Happy Final Thursday in July!   Today, I want to say…remember Marshall’s has clearance sales too.

To say remember Marshall’s is to tell you that this already affordable retailer does go even lower with their prices at times.

And there are several big positives with Marshall’s clearance sales.

So, let’s get started today as I remind you to stop by one of my favorite places to shop.


remember Marshall's

It is important to remember Marshall’s for fashion.

They carry many of the same pieces you will find in higher end fashion retailers, and always have some fun fashion for us.

Remember Marshall’s for the trends….if your style adjectives allow for trends.  This is a very affordable way to stay current.

remember Marshall's

Remember Marshall’s for color and for print.

I am a big fan of the dressing rooms at our local Marshall’s…good light and mirrors.

remember Marshall's

Also, remember Marshall’s clearance racks are clearly marked and will include styles across several seasons.

Also, online check to see if there is a code for further savings when you check out.

I think some forget Marshall’s has clearance sales too because they are already reasonably priced…ah, but the clearance can get super fun.

I saw the cutest fall jackets during my recent visit to the store.

Sometimes the Marshall’s clearance racks are incredibly reasonable…even better than thrift….you find new clothes at very low prices.

And they carry sizes for all women…really for all people…I always find something cute for the grandchildren in the children’s department.

I have even found clearance toys for our dog, Tux.


remember Marshall's

You see that red tag…that is a reminder to remember Marshall’s clearance sales.

And like the clothing, you can find real steals in the accessories.

remember Marshall's

I saw a full rack of clearance on straw handbags.

This is the perfect time to pick one up for the end of this summer and into the future.

Check Marshall’s handbags online for those savings…amazing what you can get a cute summer bag for.

remember Marshall's

As we get closer to fall fashion releases, you will find more high end bags at Marshall’s…and they sometimes go very quickly.

In the fall, I stop by often…so remember Marshall’s going forward into fall…it is a fun place.


remember Marshalls

Most of the Marshall’s locations now include Home Goods, and that just makes shopping there more fun.

Remember Marshall’s with Home Goods also has Clearance sales.

The day I was there, one mom was shopping with her son for his first apartment and one mom was shopping with a daughter for her dorm room.

It is that time to jump on the deals so it is good that they remember Marshall’s….I know we did when our family faced those milestones.

Don’t you wish we could have one more personal shower later in life to replace the earlier one when we married?

How fun would that be at age 50?  A replacement and reinvention shower!

remember Marshall's

Also, remember Marshall’s for gifts…wedding and even early Christmas shopping.

I purchased one Christmas gift while there…but I can’t share…family reads the blog!

remember Marshall's

Of course, remember Marshall’s for a little inspiration!

Though I may not purchase the quotes…I love to read them as I shop.

I hope I have given you reasons today to remember Marshall’s has clearance sales too!

Sometimes Marshall’s can be the affordable answer to a need.

So, remember Marshall’s today…….thank you for being here…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Pam – Oh what fun it would be to shop with you! I wish I lived in San Antonio! You’ve selected some really nice looking items.

  2. Marshall’s in not located along my usual shopping corridor, so I do tend to forget about it. I am in need of a couple of new bags, so when the weather is cooler, I will have to see what I can find there. I love the idea of having a shower for those of us who are entering a new phase of our lives. I could certainly use a refresh on some of my things. In fact, when the daughters asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I put drinking glasses & towels on my list.

  3. Thanks so much for the reminder that a good Marshall’s can be a treasure trove! The store closest to me is a hot mess, but I need to check out some of the nicer ones as fall gets closer. The thing that really resonated with me today were the words on the “one day at a time” plaque. The timing couldn’t have been better, as I struggle with the final stages of getting my mother’s house on the market. Thank you for making the very words I needed available so I would see them at the right time. God uses you through your posts in ways you cannot even imagine! Looking forward to your cruise debriefing posts so that I can enjoy a cooler climate vicariously from north Texas.

  4. Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are my favorite stores! I buy most of my casual and workout clothes there. Great prices on kid’s clothes and pet supplies too! They have a good selection online as well. I’m anxious to see their fall selections. Thanks, and hope you are having a fantastic time on your trip!

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