Sunday Mornings at Home


Sunday mornings at home

Happy beautiful morning, all!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home.

That pesky heat high has returned to south Texas, so I am determined to face it with optimism…and, of course, air conditioning!

Today, I have another recipe to share with you from one of our fabulous readers of the blog.

I hope more will participate and send your recipes and pictures to my email:…with the subject line RECIPE SHARE.

It is so much fun to get these from you.

Let’s start today with a little affordable fashion inspiration….


Sunday Mornings at Home

I think most of you know that I really enjoy consignment and thrift shopping.

Today’s outfit features a DKNY top I paid $9.00 for a couple of years ago at a consignment store.  It is a lovely summer top.

I also paid $2 for the bracelet at Goodwill San Antonio…I love the orange and gold touches in It and it compliments this top perfectly.

Consignment shopping is a fun way to get out of the heat and do some treasure hunting.

Sunday mornings at Home

I already shared with you that one grandson likes to shop Goodwill with me.

Well, my oldest granddaughter and I go shopping at a children’s resale shop together…with a treat afterwards.

She is quiet the shopper and always wants to pick out something for her siblings.  It is lots of fun.

BTW…she didn’t eat all of that frozen yogurt, but I let her pile it up with whatever she liked.

Has anyone had consignment success recently?



Sunday Mornings at Home

Marcia sent along this recipe and I just might make it today for Mr. B.

Bakes Parmesan Lemon Fish
  A healthy recipe
Serves 2
Two fish fillets, about 6-8 oz. each  (I use swai, but any white fish will work well)
A drizzle of olive oil
Lemon pepper
Dried thyme
Garlic powder
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup seasoned bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 tbls fresh lemon juice
2 tbls white wine  (or water)
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Line a baking pan with foil or parchment paper.  Rub both sides of fish fillets with a drizzle of olive oil and place in pan.   Sprinkle liberally with lemon pepper, thyme, garlic powder and salt and pepper.   Sprinkle fish evenly with half of the bread crumbs and the parmesan cheese.
Turn fish fillets over gently, and repeat the sprinkling of spices, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese on the other side.   Lightly drizzle olive oil over fish.   
Add the lemon juice and wine/water to the pan and cover with foil.   Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.
Set the oven to “Broil” — uncover the fish and broil for 2-3 minutes or until coating is brown and crispy  (watch carefully).   Remove fish from oven and serve, garnishing with lemon slices.
Serve with rice and a tossed salad for a healthy and delicious meal.
    Note From Marcia:  You can vary the spices in this recipe to your liking.   Dill is a nice addition.   Also, Italian seasoning, basil and oregano are very good.   
Sounds delicious…what would you serve with this?
Sunday mornings at home
I understand that some of you are annoyed by brands that promote CHRISTMAS IN JULY SPECIALS.
However, since I do love the season so much, and because this year, I very likely may have a boot on my foot during the holidays, I so take advantage of a few specials.
One of my traditions is to give personalized family Christmas ornaments at the end of the Thanksgiving meal…my way of officially kicking off Christmas.
I have done this ever since grandchildren hit the scene…so I guess for 10 years.
The brand I order these from is called Personal Creations and they run July specials every year.  My grandchildren love having these to decorate their tree and look forward to them.
The order has already been placed for 2023…and I was excited to add in a new family member…the recent bride!
I also look over Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July just to see if I want to update any decorations.  They currently have some markdowns at 50%.
I have a few Balsam Hill pieces that I love…you know I take this quite seriously.
I have even been known (I say with sarcasm) to watch a Christmas movie or two…in July.
Always makes me smile. 
And, I have already told you that July specials are often included in my Christmas shopping for gifts.
Also, July is a great time to think about those gifts that need to “sit” for awhile.
I am going to make vanilla extract for me and family this year and it has to sit and steep (so to speak) for 6 months….so now is the time.
I ordered my vanilla and bottles through Amazon:
VANILLA BEANS (I saw these recommended online by a woman who does the same thing and she loves the flavor and cost of these)
Then all I need is bourbon …which Mr. B always has around…
Sunday mornings at home
A couple of times recently, I was hot and struggling with morning exercise.
On this day,  Tux and I were out for a morning stroll after I returned from the gym….and I was tired.
But, I took a moment to look up and saw acorns beginning to grown on a neighborhood oak tree.
Acorns to me are a sign of hope that autumn will come.
This was the little boost I needed to breathe deep and continue on.
Sunday Mornings at Home
This is the only week I can even remember that I have gone to the gym every morning.   
I am attempting to be in my best shape for the remainder of the year…especially with vacation and foot surgery on the calendar.
One day, I left there struggling for energy and encouragement only to sigh…look up and see this sky.
It was a beautiful message from God to me…to keep on keeping on…and the inspiration I needed to walk out with a spring in my step.
Sometimes all we need to do is look up!
Thank you for joining me today for Sunday mornings at home….please leave any thoughts you have today…and tomorrow I return with a visit to the Talbot’s Red Door Sale.  Hope to see you then!


By Pamela Lutrell


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Sunday Mornings at HomeOne of my grandsons at the beach!

Sunday Mornings at HomeSunday Mornings at HomeSunday Mornings at Home


  1. Thanks for the encouragement Pam re looking up, which is such a great way to keep going and take in what is around. You are such a positive role model. Thank you.

  2. I am looking up metaphorically because the sky is kind of leaden. -Wow, as I wrote this, the sun came out and lightened things up. Have a lovely day.

  3. Good morning, Julie! I love to see you comment from Australia! Thank you for being here.

  4. I was intrigued by your vanilla extracting and would like to see your bottles when you get everything set up and “working”. The description of Grade B beans naturally made me wonder the difference in vanilla bean grades so I’ve been reading. I saw vanilla beans growing down in Costa Rica and the beautiful vanilla bean orchid which is the only orchid in the world to produce fruit. Every day when I’m walking I look at the sky and talk to God. Recently, our early morning sky has been clear but late afternoon walks bring the beautiful colors of the sunset and God saying “ Have a good night, my Child.” or so I always think. Thank you for the good thoughts this morning and the fish recipe.

  5. I promise to share a photo of the bottles…hoping to get them done by the end of the week. Thanks Celia.

  6. Good morning. I make something very similar to that recipe with haddock, cod, or scallops, but without the Parmesan cheese. A great addition!
    I am now contemplating the vanilla extract.
    Your granddaughter is adorable.
    We live in a beach town. Looking up and out is therapeutic. It is a reminder that life is good and joy is freely around us.

  7. Hi, Pam. Hope everyone likes the fish. Your granddaughter is beautiful. Lightens my spirits seeing her enjoy ice cream. I recently got a Talbots sweater top for $1 at my thrift store. It was originally $5 and was marked down. (Smile). Love thrifting. Happy Sunday!

  8. I so appreciate the new fish recipe! We started receiving the Alaska Fish Company boxes about a year and a half ago, so have a lovely variety on hand all the time, but not always a new recipe.
    I’m with you on sneaking a little Christmas joy in during July! This is my favorite time of year to pull out the holiday sheet music for a few weeks. Then I tuck it away again until mid October when I start pulling pieces for my students.🎄🎼🎄

  9. Loved everything about this post. Before I read it, I did a little shopping with your links :). Your granddaughter is adorable, and I’m glad you let her pile on the toppings. Life is in the toppings! I’m wondering if she is also a vibrant autumn, like her Gigi?

  10. Sunday blog and reader comments kick start the week with vitality and positivity – thank you. Every day is an adventure, and we can choose joy over other adjectives. I love the sharing and caring model, including new Need to Know section. Also I’m putting into practice yesterday’s tips for sale shopping: First, studying my curated closet, then determining needs vs wants (ooh, tough)…and cost per wear. Enjoy a day with loved ones!

  11. Good morning, enjoyed your post this morning, I have also been giving christmas ornaments to my grandchildren they receive theirs from hallmark collections my 21 year old grandson still looks forward to his , my 18 year old granddaughter is getting her 17th fairy ornament this year along with my 13 year old getting her 12th cookie cutter ornament so much fun also looking forward to trying the fish recipe

  12. I hope to post an update on the vanilla process next Sunday…after I get the bottles done. A beach town home…how glorious…enjoy!

  13. Score on the Talbots top, Marcia! I made the fish last night and it was delicious…thanks for sending your recipe.

  14. I do the same, Connie. I celebrate in July and get excited for the next Christmas, but put it away in August.

  15. She may be…I had not thought about it. Her mom is a summer. Her dad is definitely autumn. Thank you so much for shopping with my links, Linda…I appreciate it immensely.

  16. So glad the tips are helpful…I do believe these tips help us not to overspend or return as often. Thanks for sharing that you are using them, Char.

  17. Since we too live near beaches, bay and fishing communities all around we eat a kit if fish and other seafood. I’ll try your recipe definitely- sounds tasty! I’ll be using gf panko! Love the idea of parmesan added.
    Pam I love your consignnent bracelet – so pretty!

  18. I made it last night and it was one we will do again…very good. I love sharing the ornaments with family and I love that they look forward to it. Thanks for sharing what you do, Janet.

  19. Beautiful picture of the sky! Love that it uplifted you. I look out at my mountains and talk to God. It gets me through the hard days with my chronic illness. My closet looks totally different since I started reading your posts. Im a summer so our color choices are different but I keep you words in mind about sale buying. The fish recipe sounds really good!

  20. My daughter-in-law makes vanilla and gives small bottles with personalized labels as gifts. She has tried several kinds of vanilla beans. The Madagascar and Sri Lacken vanilla are wonderful for baking and have so much better flavor than supermarket brands of pure vanilla. They are great in French toast and waffle batter, too. The Indonesian variety has a bit of a smoky flavor. I haven’t opened the Papua New Guinea vanilla yet. She uses vodka as the base. The UPS driver commented on how good the van smelled when she delivered the beans!

  21. Looking toward the sky and nature always uplifts me …no matter what is going on in my life…and, Sydney, I am going to add you to my prayer list.

  22. Hmmmm…you have me thinking about vodka vs. bourbon. I am going to research that. Thanks for sharing. Good vanilla is so important and I read recently that it is very healthy. I guess because it smells so good, I never thought of it as healthy…but now I will.

  23. Hello All: Can’t wait to try the fish recipe. Thank you. I also love thrifting and was blessed in a special way. I sew doll clothing for 18 inch dolls. These either go to granddaughters (who now have quite a supply) or I send them to a charity that gifts refurbished dolls and wardrobe to children in foster care. (Research indicates that having a doll to play with is a very good thing). I was using my daughter’s vintage 18 inch doll as my fit model but really wanted to obtain another doll to save wear and tear on this beloved doll. I walked into Good Will and found a beautiful American Girl doll in great shape and for $18. This was a fantastic and rare find, much better than dolls I saw on Ebay and a much better price. Our Father in Heaven, who watches over all, was not too busy to help me with a very minor need because it was important to me. I cannot look at the doll without thinking of that blessing.

  24. I am always impressed with your Goodwill finds. The store closest to me is not all that great, but there are a couple of locations near me that I may need to check out. I am eagerly awaiting both fall & the Christmas season. The last few years have not been all the festive for me, but I have high hopes for this year. I may even put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. I have been enjoying those Christmas in July movies as well.

  25. You’re a good reminder for me. I have a photo book project I wanted to make last year. I started thinking about it in December and needless to say, I did not give that gift for Christmas. Now would be a good think to go back to thinking about that for this Christmas.

  26. Pam – The Christmas before we were married, my husband-to-be and I bought an ornament that had the year on it surround by holly. Ever since, we have bought an “ornament collection” ornament. The ornament has to have the date on it; more than a copyright date. Most of them are Hallmark; so, the date is on the license plate or the door or wherever. As a result, I have 48 ornaments; one for each year. In addition, we have baby’s 1st Christmases, the year we went to St John’s, etc. I didn’t put them up last year; we moved. Last count, (2021}, we had 68 and counting. It’s a treasured reminder of our life together.

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