My Talbots Red Door Sale Haul

Talbots Red Door Sale

Happy Monday, everyone.  Today, I am going to share my Talbots Red Door Sale haul.

I do not think I have ever used the word “haul” in a post, but when it came to shopping the Talbots Red Door Sale, I did come home with a haul.

The reasons came down to my need for clothing that fits me better now, clothing for the cruise, and one with a specific need in mind.

In the last two years, coming out of the pandemic, I have felt very frumpy and during my wedding shopping trips, I realized It was due mostly to fit.  The right fit is another way to tell the world we are current.

There are some beautiful clothes in the Talbots Red Door Sale including clothes from winter and spring.

At these prices (and my birthday coupon), I had a lot to look over.

So, allow me to share with you my Talbots Red Door Sale haul, including some extra try-on pieces for the audience.


Talbots Red Door Sale

I have accepted two speaking engagements for early fall, so when I saw this tweed jacket, I immediately thought…this was the look I wanted for that type of event.

This is a beautiful blazer in a creamy ivory and, sadly, it looks like it is gone.  I love it with my EMPIRE WASH JEGGINGS, espresso tank, and gold ballet flats.

You can still find the TIPPED TWEED BLAZER in the Talbots Red Door Sale, and it would also look great with black denim.

The necklace I am wearing is one I purchased for the rehearsal dinner dress.  It is the Southern Living Multi-Layer Ceramic Beaded Statement Necklace.

I love this outfit and especially the blazer.

By the way, I do speak for no charge locally and love to meet with different groups.  Just email me at

Talbots Red Door Sale

I picked this up at the Talbots Red Door sale for the Alaska cruise and life at home in the fall…so it became part of the haul.

I realize the top is not really my colors, but I like the fit enough and feel that I did want this type of look for the cruise.

This is the COZY CRUSH HALF ZIP PULLOVERand I really like the fit on this one.  It is just the right length.

The pants are not on sale, but I bought them because they are so comfy and feel amazing…great for a trip.

These are the OUT & ABOUT STRETCH JOGGER pant in indigo blue and I also like the fit.

Talbots Red Door Sale

You can tell when we took this picture that it is super humid…my glasses were fogging over!

I liked this top for the fit and color.  This will step up my dog walking game quite a bit…when the cooler breezes finally blow.

This is the SOFT WASH TERRY HALF ZIP PULLOVER in bright tangerine.  I am not sure if it will go to Alaska, but it will be worn here.

Talbots Red Door Sale

I like both of these pieces and both came home with me in the haul…mostly to just enjoy this coming fall.

The majority of my long cardigans are boxy and oversized and just do not flatter.

This one is fun.  It is the ARGYLE TEXTURE CARDIGAN in a lovely ivory and I can see me wearing this often….but not necessarily with this striped top.

I have been shopping for a striped top to wear with blazers, and the Talbots Red Door Sale had several worth considering.

But, I liked the fit and feel of the LINEN BLEND TANK in the Indigo stripe.  Where I live, I will be able to wear this one all year with blazers and jeans…love that look.


Talbots Red Door Sale

The very helpful sales associate kept bringing me black items, though I told her I do not wear black.

So, I finally thought…what the heck…I will just try these on for those of you lovely winter palette ladies and show you some of the black in the Talbots Red Door Sale.

This is a cute top from T by Talbots….the TIE-DYE STRIPE HALF-ZIP PULLOVER.

Talbots Red Door Sale

Here is another from T by Talbots.


Talbots Red Door Sale

Remember, Haven Loungewear is also on sale at 40% off during the Talbots Red Door Sale.

These are the ORGANIC COTTON INTERLOCK LOUNGE JOGGERS in Ochre…and if you have never felt the fabrics…they are scrumptious. 


See all HAVEN ON SALE here.  It was not a part of my haul…but I do love the fabrics.

Talbots Red Door Sale

This Is another item from my visit to the Talbots Red Door Sale that seems to be sold out on line.

But, this black sweater is super cute and has the long sleeves with thumb hole for those of you who have super cold weather…it is a heavy sweater.

We often have heavy garments on the store sales racks because unless we are going north, we do not need them here.

If you are looking for cute black and white sweaters….then click BLACK AND WHITE SWEATERS IN TALBOTS RED DOOR SALE.

Talbots Red Door Sale

I cannot think of the last time that I came home with a true “haul” from a shopping trip.

But, the Talbots Red Door Sale truly offered some pieces I was happy to discover and met my needs at this time.

So that is My Talbots Red Door Sale Haul….has anyone else shopped the sale yet.  Please share any treasures you discovered.

I will be back tomorrow with. more shopping fun…until then….



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Talbots Red Door Sale



  1. The tie-dye stripe top looks great on you! And it meets all your key words requirement. Thanks for showing us a variety of colors, styles, and sources in your posts.

  2. You made what looks like some good selections. I’m certainly wishing I lived closer to a Talbots store to try on several of the cute items you’ve purchased in your haul. I’m like you…I cannot remember the last time my purchases would be considered a “ haul”. Normally, I’m a buy one item at a time shopper, but admit to being influenced by sale prices especially! I’m glad you found some items you think you need for your cruise. Have a good Monday, hot as it is!

  3. So many useful and pretty pieces and you look slender and happy–even in the black or black/ white which I know you avoid.
    I’ll try to get into our Talbots tomorrow for some try-ons. You are the inspiration.

  4. Wow, you hit my wheelhouse today! I have been considering the tropical print quarter zip, but decided to wait as I tried on all of mine and, while they are big, they may get me through one more season. In general, I totally agree on fit … it’s what, for example, makes Scandi chic … well, chic :). Though I have veered away from that, my deep dive into researching it left me with a new appreciation for fit and also led me to add “polished” back into my adjectives. Pieces by the T by Talbots line are worn often … they do -not- get shoved to the back of my closet. You look absolutely amazing in that blazer, and I also really love that look with a striped shirt and jeans. Congrats on a lovely haul. Knowing your best colors (I think the turquoise and coral in the print are warming you enough) and adjectives really help guide us through a huge sale.

  5. I cannot even remember when I brought home a haul! But I am happy with all the selections. Thanks Celia.

  6. Shopping with my adjectives and colors in mind keep me from making mistakes and taking time for returns. Summer and spring are challenging for autumns, but I really think that top works. I have a new appreciation and love of a beautiful ivory color that is not white/white.

  7. Glad you found some great pieces, Pam. You are so right that the updated fit looks so much nicer on you. When I saw your post, I thought–“she never uses the term “haul”.” Haha!

  8. I haven’t made a true haul in about three years, but it sure was fun and beefed up my spring and summer wardrobe. In your link to the sale I see my favorite girlfriend cardigan at a great price. I do wish their yellow were of the soft, butter shade, but the white and pink are calling my name. The shoulders are done just the way I prefer on these which gives them a nice classic look.
    Happy Monday! I’m off to pick blueberries 🫐 – first of the season!! 😁

  9. I don’t…however I see it used often online. I just don’t want to say it unless it is true, Thanks Kim

  10. Take the orange. The Alaska cruise is more casual than others. On the ship areas are cool and arm coverage is needed. Agree fit is important. Both tops with half zip look great. The jacket looks wonderful and I can see you feel it.

  11. Great choices, Pamela! As to shopping ‘a haul’ I think the only time that I have is with a Xmas Gift List in hand otherwise for myself I am normally ‘on a mission for a specific item’. -Brenda-

  12. That is most often me as well, Brenda. This was the first time I would call this trip a “haul”. But the sale was worth it to me. Thanks for being here.

  13. I shop Talbots all the time. I did hit the sale last week as we were not working. I got that same blazer and the tropical zip jacket as well. I bought white jeans. They are so cute with copper rivets. I also bought some T shirts in pinks and blues. I was trying to score pants, but I’m a plus petite and need navy. I snagged a white top that is sold out all over. I found it in a size down and it fit perfectly. It’s the white linen with toast colored embroidery. It was featured on the front of their catalog and sold out quickly. We can only use your code when we shop online, right? I was in 3 different stores.

  14. Pam you look gorgeous in that red dinner dress that you are wearing with your arms out like angels wings! The print half zip works because it has some of your colors in the print. I love tweed but have not a single place to wear it. Enjoy your haul on your trip and at home in the fall and winter. It doesn’t cool down here in Colorado until the end of October.

  15. Clothes that don’t fit certainly can make you feel frumpy. I’m sure all the pieces you added to your wardrobe will get worn many times. The blazer is lovely & will work with so many things. Thanks for showing some pieces for those of us who wear the cool colors.

  16. We sail out of Seattle. Visit Vancouver on the return. It is coming up this summer.

  17. You can use my links…just find Talbots under shopping links, or click through to their site with any of the links in this post. Sounds like you also made a haul, Mari. How fun…

  18. It will be a long time until South Texas cools down, but these are lighter pieces I can wear into March. Thank you on that dress…that was my rehearsal dinner outfit.

  19. Lovely purchases, Pam. You must be thrilled to be sizing down, and you have your trip to shop for. Beautiful blazer for speaking engagements ; that is a good excuse for a classic purchase. You will find lots of ways to add your personality. Thanks for the fantastic style show.

  20. Fit matters and your new slender self deserves a reward .
    I am replacing clothes that are too big now too , using vintage thrift stores and sales Because a whole new wardrobe is pricey but its fun to slowly get new .
    . You look great. I loved the first blazer too. wearing baggy clothes makes us look bigger but most of us think it hides our flaws but it really doesnt . Jennifer on well styled life convinced me to wear a belt and tuck my shirt in more for my short frame .styling tips help and fit helps . I still want your gold ballet flats for fall too.
    And a fee for your speaking is also deserved if the grp has funds .

  21. Thanks Susan….I love to speak and would love to do more. Happy to have some on the books.

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