Would You Wear It – Light Green Suit

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Here is something we have not done in a long time…let’s play WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Here are the guidelines for this Would You Wear It discussion…..

  1. This is not Would You Buy It?  So there is no need to tell us about how much it cost.  If it is not affordable to you…pretend that it is.
  2.  Please do not simply say Yes or No, but, rather, explain your answers so others will understand and learn from them.
  3. Keep this civil…there might be someone who feels differently so remember that.
  4. If you would wear it, please share how you would style it…always fun to read those thoughts.

Would You Wear It is another way to share with peers how you see different outfits and why they do or do not work for you.

So, get comfy…and let’s do a WOULD YOU WEAR IT – LIGHT GREEN SUIT?


Would you wear it

I realize that many women in this audience are retired and may think this look is too young.

I, for one, see women of all ages wearing high end suits for weddings, showers, gatherings, etc.  Many women over 60 feel more comfortable in a suit than a dress.

I also see many women in politics who wear suits…so suits are for more than office buildings.

With that in mind, look over this Alice + Olivia Denny Boyfriend Jacket in a color called Green Tea, and Alice + Olivia Deanna Stretch Cotton Satin Bootcut Pants in Green Tea.

Would You Wear It

One more thought…would you wear the blazer without the pants.

If so, how would you style it?

There are many shades of green on the market right now. I was interested that this blazer was a new release coming out now for summer.

The majority of jackets we see on the market right now are in darker shades of green. 

It is now your turn…who will get this party started and tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT?? 

I hope to join in the conversation and some point, but really do not know what all is going on today…I will though look forward to reading your ideas….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Nope! The suit would look like pajamas on me. I might wear the blazer with straight leg jeans in dark navy or white.

  2. There are a lot of reasons why I would not wear this. The shape of the jacket and the pants is too much for my rather short and chunky body. I never wear full leg pants. Ever! And the jacket is too long for me. I also hate the color. I never wear any shade of green.

  3. I would absolutely wear it. To a wedding with strappy gold sandals and silk cami in off white, black or that same color if available . Out do dinner with black shoes and cami. The pants with a silky white blouse and pearls or I would try them with a wide brown belt and denim jacket with tank top. And the jacket would be good alone

  4. I would wear it though I don’t need suits anymore. I wore suits for my career. This would be pretty with a scarf under it draped for color. Or a pretty soft cream blouse no buttons. I would wear the jacket with cream slacks ( maybe a column of cream underneath) and definitely heels. Would be very pretty with pearls. I miss dressing up as now even churches are casual. Thanks for showing this suit!

  5. It would be suitable for Spring or Summer and ideal for a wedding. I would wear neutral shoes with a heel and pastel jewelry.

  6. Like MP3said, I am afraid it might look like pjs on me. I love a pantsuit though, and I would love to try it on. I haven’t had that style pant since I was much younger. It seems as if it would need heels, which I cannot do anymore, but then there are those who would rock it with sneakers and look great. I would love to see a corset top peeking through on a younger person. I would go for a tailored vest that has a modest cut. As a deep autumn, I need contrast so the vest would be in a deeper color. I would bring that color out in a bag, shoes, bracelets. I would wear the jacket in its own with slim pants. I would wear the pants on its own with a fitted top. I would be happy to find this suit in the correct green and pared back a bit in the blousey fabric.

  7. I would wear this, though it’s hard to tell the shade of green on my monitor, and if it were too pale or cool, I would have to pass. I think the drape is elegant, just the thing for an evening look. Because I struggle to wear pastels, I would ground this with a dark shell. Pearls or soft, hammered metallics would be great, as would crystal jewelry if worn for a festive occasion.

  8. I was a part of the generation pushing to wear pants in the work place and finally loved wearing pant suits. However, these days I reach for dresses for the ease, comfort and freedom of movement. If the jacket was shorter and had a more curvy fit I would have to at least try it on. This beautiful suit deserves pearls and metallics (shoes, bag, cami).

  9. As MP3 said, I would not wear this pant suit. I am at least half -to- one inch shorter than I was 7 yrs ago when I retired, and did not wear this type of suit orcolor ever as I am a winter (and use to be dk haired, )&as I am too short and “solid”. For those who can wear this pretty color even if I cannot, it would be fun to try the jacket over a column of white or black with the suit pants as pieces split up. Pamela you are lucky to be tall!

  10. Oh I love this ! Almost any shade of green suits me and this is a lovely sharp design of trouser/pants suit . I could wear the jacket with other summer weight trousers (I no longer wear skirts) – except perhaps jeans . A blouse , shirt or even poloneck would look good under the jacket and would change the degree of formality of the outfit as well as the possible season . I agree that metallics would look good with it but it could also dress down to professional office work level .

  11. If I still wore suits, I would try thoe one on. I like a minty green (if that’s the true color). As others have said, it would be good for a wedding or event and, I think, for a multi-day work meeting. I did a lot of those meetings, and suits get you through so easily. I’m not sure about the jacket drape, though. Also, I’d probably pass because of the lapels, which are very wide and could go out of style soon. Of course, as they are so wide, a good tailor could slim them down when styles change.

  12. This is a gorgeous suit on the right person, some height is needed. I’d look like a stalk of wilted celery. But if I felt like pushing my boundaries, I’d purchase the jacket only, wear with white jeans, and a silky cami in a blush tone. Layer some delicate necklaces in gold, along with small hoops and bracelet. Heels are no longer in my wheelhouse, but a pair of point toe flats could work…

  13. My first impression was pajamas, as in the lounging pajamas you see in 1930s movies. Can be stylish on some personality types. But, no, I would not wear this. The outfit is too unstructured for my style. I couldn’t wear the jacket with something else as its too long for my 5’3″ petite frame. As far as the color, I’m unsure because it looks different in each photo and different again on the store site. I know that’s due to lighting but I can’t tell if its a warm or cool green. I’ve read that matched pant suits are back in style. Not sure how I feel about that. It may need to grow on me if the trend sticks around long.

  14. Hard to tell exactly what color green this is, but I’d probably split the set apart. The blazer is a boxy shape, so not for me even though I’m tall. I prefer more structure. If I wore the suit, I like Nancy D’s suggestion of a blush pink shell, and I’d put rose gold jewelry and pearls with it. Maybe a small clutch in rose gold metallic. Heels for sure..
    It’d be great for a wedding or dressy night out to the theatre or something like that. I got rid of all my work suits 15 years ago, but they were trusty partners for a long time. I wouldn’t mind the trend staying around,

  15. What a beautiful suit these separates make! I am seeing a lot of monochrome suits in non-traditional colors lately, so this must be a trend. Although I would need a darker, blue-er green, this would be a very elegant “dressy pants” look for those who dislike wearing dresses. As a wedding coordinator, I might wear this to run a rehearsal for a very formal wedding, but it would also be perfect for pre-wedding events like showers, brunches or the rehearsal dinner. Perhaps I’m thinking in that direction because it’s a similar color to the beautiful dress you wore for your recent family wedding. I agree with other readers that the best look for these pieces would be a silky top, metallic heels/bag and dressier jewelry, such as pearls. I have a jade pendant that I would wear with this and I would probably do an ivory silky top with a V or cowl neckline. Thanks for this fun exercise and for continuing to provide content even from a distance. Hope you are having a wonderful trip!

  16. If this came in petite sizing I would definitely wear it to a spring or summer wedding or dressy event. I think a lovely suit is the perfect option for those of us who don’t wear dresses or skirts. I’d wear a neutral or metallic sandal, a cream silky top, and simple jewelry. The jacket could be worn with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual but elevated look with off-white or dark jeans.

  17. My first message disappeared but I probably won’t be wearing this suit. Thecutwoukd be wrong for me I feel. The idea of a pastel suit doesn’t appeal to me as I avoid most pastels.
    It just is not me at all.

  18. Lots of thought provoking comments today. Right off the bat, this breaks my style rule of “Just one piece”. In this case, it’s too much color, green. The fabric appears to have a sheen. I prefer matte. With my casual lifestyle I don’t have a need for a suit. The overall look, at least on the mannequin, is over sized which would not flatter my petite frame. I’m a hard no today.

  19. on the right person this could be stunning. Not for my body type. I would go with silver accessories and shoes. Ivory or off white lace cami.

  20. Lots of good ideas for wearing this suit. As a petite, this wouldn’t work. But on a tall woman this would work for a wedding or special event. I have a floral silky top that would go with this suit. Nude heels and clutch, gold jewelry , earrings only.

  21. I like the style of the jacket & would wear if it were the right shade of green. As Susan noted it is hard to tell from a computer screen whether the shade is cool or warm in tone. Since the fabric seems to be dressy, I would add a lace or satin tank in white. Since I prefer understated jewelry, I would settle for small to medium rhinestone hoop earrings & a silver bangle & go with black shoes & bag. To wear the pants, I would have them altered a bit to slim down the legs & definitely hem them. I think it would make a lovely outfit to wear to a wedding.

  22. I have two jackets from the 90’s in my closet. They are the same cut, shoulder pads and all. They are black and hunter green, perhaps I’ll be in style in the fall or seeing I haven’t worn them in years perhaps it’s time to donate them.

  23. I think this is beautiful. I don’t have occasion to dress up this much unless its a wedding. I would wear a white or cream cami or tank and strappy silver heels. I’m only 5’3″ so would need the extra length. would also break them up and wear for other outfits. Maybe with black for we evening event.

  24. I love green, and I could definitely see myself wearing this suit to a wedding or garden party in the spring. I’m not much of a dress gal, so a pretty pastel suit is my go to for spring occasions!

  25. Funny how the look differs so on the mannequin and the hanger. Different lighting I guess. I totally agree with Darlene’s comments as to how to wear this lovely suit. Definitely would wear with a blouse or camisole. The color reminds me of Princess Kate at Wimbledon this year! Lovely!

  26. I really enjoyed reading the different viewpoints on this outfit…thanks to all who participated.

  27. Just saw someone wear a very similar pantsuit to this one (mint green, longer blazer jacket) over a black satin cami & gold heels to read at a countryside, daytime wedding.

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