Clara Sunwoo: how to dress cool, comfy, style in July heat

Clara Sunwoo cool, comfy, style

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope your weekend was super fun…today let’s discuss Clara Sunwoo: how to dress with cool, comfy style in July heat.

I have rapidly become a fan of Clara Sunwoo and definitely packed pieces for the trip since they do not wrinkle at all and take up little room.

When I write that Clara Sunwoo give us cool clothing options…it is with dual meanings of the word “cool” in mind and great style.

The designs all have a cool vibe going and I believe that is why you often find them in the best boutiques.

The pieces are cool, comfy, style for all ages.

So, let’s discuss the cool, comfy style I am wearing today.  (and as always, I have a code and discount for you below)


Clara Sunwoo cool, comfy style

Most of you are aware that South Texas has been through a pretty intense heat wave in July…on the level of the one we had last year.

So, I was so happy when this outfit from Clara Sunwoo arrived to help me dress with cool, comfy style as the temps go up.

The fabric really is not hot at all and feels so good against my skin when I wear it.

That is the key to comfy for me…when it is 105 outside, I do not want to be aware of what I am wearing.

And still feel that I look confident and communicate my style…though a few drops of sweat may roll down the face.

Clara Sunwoo cool comfy style

This outfit was easy to roll up and pack…and, as I have said before, does not wrinkle.

Clara Sunwoo cool, comfy style

This one also packed easily and all of the navy goes with many pieces in my wardrobe.

The feature outfit I am wearing today includes:

Loose Cut Hi-Low Top – Splash Stroke

Signature Jogger Pocket Capri in Navy – great pant so glad I have them now

I featured the other outfit in this post:  ClaraSun Woo Travel Clothes

Update:  The Signature Modern Gaucho Pant is sold out in navy, but still there in black and gray

The Crossover Faux Wrap Top is still available in navy.  I love the whole look with a kimono or topper….

Clara Sunwoo

Anytime you shop for cool, comfy style…just click on CLARA SUNWOO, and use the code PAM50 for 10% off the entire sight.

I love having a brand that I know will not wrinkle and feels good…and provides cool, comfy, style in the July heat.


Clara Sun woo cool, comfy style

The July heat will probably still be hanging around when I get back to it and become August heat.

Sometimes it is nice to just add a fan!

I will be watching to see if you have any questions!  Thanks for joining me today…remember I do have content for you this week…now go forth and….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  Product was provided to me for this post, but the words are my own.

well over 50 and feeling so good




  1. Seeing your fan reminds me of my Mama. She had numerous silk fans that she always had in church on hot Sunday mornings. Growing up when there was no air conditioning at home, school, or church made for an uncomfortable situation but we were used to it, I suppose. Thankful in today’s world for AC almost everywhere. Your Clara Sunwoo clothing looks so cool, neat and comfortable. The small and large sizes still show as available for the navy pants on my iPad. I will investigate their site.

  2. Heat or just a tad of heat you always look cool and comfy! I hope you’re enjoying your vacation. You work hard and though I believe you love what you do, a nice change of scenery is always nice! You look great!

  3. Such a beautiful line! We used to have local stores that carried it, but , alas, they are shuttered. I have owned many pieces, but I gave several to a friend who was still teaching at the time. I wish they didn’t concentrate on black and white ; perhaps this fall they will bring in some deep browns and olives. The pieces are so packable and flattering. I only have one top left. I would love to try on a liquid jacket. Thank you for the brand reminder.

  4. I bought my first pair of pants from this brand using your discount right after you ran the first post earlier this year. I have been looking for a dressy evening type of pants to match a particular top, and they filled that need perfectly. For your readers who are interested in trying this brand but find it cost prohibitive even with your discount, I also found several coordinating pieces on eBay at a fraction of retail prices. Although I don’t like that type of fabric for every day wear, if I do need to plan a trip on short notice I now have a coordinated travel wardrobe that will roll up and go in a very small bag on a moments notice. Thanks for introducing me to an American made brand I was previously unfamiliar with.

  5. You look beautiful in the Clara Sunwoo pieces! I will definitely give this brand a try, as it is new to me. I have been looking for something dressier to wear for special occasions in this Austin heat. I hope you have the happiest of holidays!

  6. Pamela, you look lovely in your Sunwoo outfits! Hope you are enjoying your trip.

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