How I dress to slim my style

dress to slim

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today, I would like to re-visit how I dress to slim my style.

I thought about this during the Kohls visit, when I called attention to the legging waistband on the WOMEN’S SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG HIGH RISE FAUX LEATHER MOTO LEGGINGS.  

Yes, I have lost a some weight and hope to lose more, but I still prefer to dress to slim my style when I am going out and about.

I do not always get it right, but I do my best to follow my own advice.

I have a couple of videos to share with you today that I believe are helpful.

So, for those of you looking for some tips on how to dress to slim your looks, I have much for you to consider today.


dress to slim

I have become much better about keeping how to dress to slim at the top of my mind when I shop.

I shared with you this summer the story of this little kimono.  It was brought out to the floor of a clearance sale (sadly one of my favorite local shops closed).

There was a long version and a short version of the kimono…and fortunately I was shopping with a friend since no dressing room existed.

I tried them both on for her and she quickly said…if you are going to dress to slim…go with the short one…much more flattering. 

She was right…and I love to wear it over my espresso colored Eileen Fisher tank.

Many of you know I have had a love of long kimonos and toppers for years…but I do believe I was often hiding and seeking ways to feel confident. 

Sometimes we just need to try on the different lengths at the same time to see the stark difference.

During pandemic years, I tried to get back into making videos for you.  I haven’t continued because I must have help to do it, and haven’t had that help to keep it going.

But if you haven’t seen my video on 7 TIPS TO LOOK SLIMMER THAN YOU ARE, then it is worth your time.  I discuss all the tips I have learned in order to dress slim.

I think this is one of the most helpful videos I have ever made.

dress to slim

My new Eileen Fisher outfit from Nordstrom followed these rules in the video in order for me to dress to slim.

I am still overweight, and desire to dress to slim for confidence and comfort.

I so look forward to wearing this outfit more when the weather cools down.  I feel very confident wearing it.

When I find an outfit that is magic and helps me dress to slim, I know I will wear it more often and the cost per wear will be lower.

Again, this is the Eileen Fisher Notched Lapel Ponte Blazer and Eileen Fisher Slim Knit Ankle Pant .

Another video you may enjoy is the most recent one from Trinny London.  Her current season includes helping this woman, EMMA.

Now, you may be interested to know that EILEEN FISHER FALL is out on their website. I know many of you love the brand as I do.

However, many of these styles need you to practice the dress to slim tips I mentioned in the video.

I have seen several jackets and shirts for fall that have huge pockets on either side of the front.  Be careful of that design…it will add the appearance of weight to your chest and overall style.

When I try on EF pieces at Dillard’s or Nordstrom, I size down in order to dress to slim and always use that three way mirror….(I talk about it in the video).

As we begin to shop for fall and winter, I hope re-visiting the tips of how to dress to slim is helpful.

Of course, offer any advice you may have in addition to what I included in the video. 

I bet some of you have your own dress to slim techniques…so please share if different from what I offer in the video.  Then make sure on this lovely Thursday that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. That kimono is a spectacular piece. I love that you have embraced the short kimonos, as they are flattering on you but still hit your adjectives. I too try to dress to look slimmer. Much as I tell myself that it doesn’t matter and to wear what I want, the things I buy in that sort of “defiance mood” stay in my closet (ex rugby striped sweater). I finally bought white jeans a few years back, and though I wear them on occasion, I don’t feel as confident as I do in my other pairs. On the other hand, I think the “slimming factor” can be taken too far. I’ve seen older women trying so hard to hide “flaws” like floppy arms that they look out of step with the season and actually call attention to what they’re trying to hide.

  2. It does take balance, Linda…and being aware of seasons and trends. I laughed when I read your “defiance mood” comment…I too have done that in the past and I too sent those pieces on their merry way without wearing them outside of the house. I want confidence when I leave the house…keeping in mind my colors, my style adjectives, and my tips for looking my best always results in confidence and then I enjoy the day and the outing more.

  3. A lot of good information in your video! I have followed a lot of this advice already since I have broad shoulders for my height and v necks are the way to go for me. Or really any kind of slit at the neck. Crew necks always make me look broad. If I do wear a crewneck, I add a long necklace to bring the eye down. I honestly do not like kimonos, too flowy for me. I do tend to wear capris here in hot steamy Florida and shorts in the summer. But I now shy away from tunic tops. they make my hips look huge!

  4. That outfit is a great look on you, and very flattering. I just saw yesterday’s News Over 50 segment, via this link as recent feeds. Yesterday was the second time this week I didn’t directly receive the blog, but later found it through the next day’s link. Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed “0 comments” for the news, and that makes me wonder if others also missed the day-of publication. 🤷‍♀️ Happy Thursday!

  5. With kimonos and tunics, it is all about fit, Linda. I have sized down on both and it makes such a difference, but like you, I am shying away from tunics more and more. I do like my kimonos for a cool way to cover my arms. I like your suggestion with crewnecks of wearing a long necklace to draw the eye down. Eyeline is so important.

  6. Love the short kimono! Very attractive and you look slim and modern! Do you have advice for a person whose waist is thicker than it should be. I’m fairly thin (5 ft 3/126 lbs) but straight with a thick waist so belts that fit theoretically don’t do a thing for me- not flattering! I’ve been wearing pants without a belt abd long tunics, which I should belt, look terrible when I do. Thank you for any advice!
    Aside: I prefer shorter tops now for balance as I’m short in stature.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Eileen Fisher outfit. Flattering, confident, approachable and looks comfortably casual. 💗

  8. You look great, Pam, because you always include a smile! Thank you for finding and including the Trinny makeover show with Emma! Reminds me a bit of Stacy London shows. I will definitely be checking out more of her videos.

  9. Nice for the video refresh. Love that short kimono ! Consider shortening your long ones as a way to go to for look. I am going to be shortening many of my Talbots and Jjill tops this autumn after discussing evolving style with à professional lately. I am ready for a change. I would love to see more topics on style personalities. We can have more than one.
    I, too, in the last week have had to go to your site. The blog hasn’t come through as email. Have a great day.

  10. Wonderful video…!! Great tips, and was good to hear your voice. I love dusters and I do need them shortened, and fortunately there is a great tailor at a local dry cleaners. Amazing how a few inches off makes such a difference in fit and looks….thanks!!

  11. Paulette, though I have lost some weight, I still have a “fluffy” middle. I have learned that my best looks are shorter tops that hit at the bottom of my hip (top of thigh) and float away from my middle. I tend to size down on those, but size up on the ones that cling. I am wearing tunics less and less, but still wear them. I like a tunic with leggings more than anything.

  12. That one came home with me…I also love it..and plan to wear it soon to a special luncheon meeting. Though I no longer work in an office building, I believe I can get a lot of mileage out of that outfit. Thanks Suzi.

  13. There is always something. I get so frustrated with technology. But, everyone, for right now, I have new content here every day and you can go right to the blog.

  14. I have already used a seamstress to shorter one long topper and hope to take in a few more. But, from now on I am buying smaller/shorter ones. Thanks Nancy.

  15. @Pamela: Wonderful video! As to other tips (since you asked) IMHO creating an ‘hour glass’ figure vie style of garment will also make you appear slimmer (not to be confused with taller). i.e.: Tops that are slighly nipped at the waist or ruched to hide a tummy. Also when shopping, consider the fit/cut of your clothing as sizes are a guideline and not the ‘holy grail’ . In other words experiment. i.e.: An L to XL Petite might apply rather than a Regular in the same sizing.
    @Paulette: You could try a skinny belt on bottoms whereas for tunics, reposition a similar belt higher than the waistline.

  16. A question for you: having a large tummy, how can I tuck in shirts and still look “slim”? some things look better tucked in.

  17. It is a personal preference, Linda. The tops I tuck in a very few…maybe two. It is a preferred look, but does not flatter my current figure and often makes me look larger. But I am going shorter on the tops I wear. I have so many in my wardrobe that are too long and it is going to take a while for me to build up the better lengths. But, if you like the look and feel confident in it…then, of course, wear it. I have no idea how to tuck in and look slim if you are not slim. I am not a huge fan of the half tuck, but you might try it and see what you think.

  18. I too have missed two days of your newsletter! I will go back and read them but I love your voice in my head to start my day. My reading page is often self refreshed and I have to find my place again. I use Chrome, have tried Safari but it cuts off the comments and I love our little community of ladies. Their voices are impeccable too. Your tips are great! Thank you for being confident and smiling!

  19. I am still there! All you have to do every day is go straight to the website and you will see the daily post. I apologize for tech issues, but do not know what the problems are…but you can find me every day without the link in the email. Just go straight to my blog

  20. This is a video I need to watch. I always thought longer is better but you look so nice in that first picture I have to rethink this.

  21. I had to re-think it too, Paula. But, I am glad I finally made the switch. I will have another garment for you to see tomorrow that some like long and some like short.

  22. So glad you have found confidence in the shorter toppers! I know so many are fans of Eileen Fisher but since I’m retired and don’t need that “tailored look” anymore I don’t find it working for me. I really don’t follow my “summer” classification but do find lighter colors so much more flattering than my suit uniform that I wore for so many years. I may not be able to pull off your vibrant color pallet which you look so good in but I can sure rock pastels! Thank you for all your inspiration!

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