Favorite fall arrivals at JJill

fall arrivals at JJill

Happy fashion Friday, everyone!  There is no better day for me to share my favorite fall arrivals at JJill.

I love this time of year when fall arrivals are flooding the retailers…keeps my mind off the heat and focused on the cooler future.

I really enjoyed the fall arrivals at JJill and found several favorites to share with you today.

I was pleased to see several fall arrivals at JJill that are good for transition pieces for those of us in warmer climates. 

I hope you will enjoy shopping with me…so let’s get started.


fall arrivals at JJill

This was my number on outfit in the favorite fall arrivals at JJill.

I think it is youthful, current, casual fun.

For years, I have been a fan of JJILL jeans and own several different pair.

I selected this one to show you and they were so comfortable that I wore them for several outfits.

These are the High-Rise Boot-Cut Jeans in a darker wash called highland wash.

fall arrivals at JJill

Then I went for this striped top in a navy/brown offering…it is a great top. and comes in seven options.

My “favorite fall arrival at JJill” outfit has a topper, but this top is very nice on its own, so I wanted you to see it that way.

This is the Essential Forward-Seam Tee, and it is very comfortable and soft.

fall arrivals at JJill

I love this topper, and I took four sizes and two colors into the dressing room to get the best fit.

Both the knit top and the topper I liked the best are Petite size L!  True!

This is the Ribbed Gilet Cardi in the burnished brass color.

What was interesting was that the sales associate was surprised that I was seeking a shorter fit.

She said the majority of customers (including petite women) have gone for the longer fit.

Even this stylish, tall woman helping me preferred it longer.

I looked at it closely and still liked the shorter one best…but, if you want it long you are among many others who do as well.


fall arrivals at JJill

fall arrivals at JJill

This outfit was styled together in the fall arrivals at JJill and I wanted you to see it.

These are the Bi-Stretch Boot-Cut Pants in neutral heather…and I recommend it for a nice casual pant.

fall arrivals at JJill

On the website, this cardigan is called an ONLINE only option…but I found it in-store.

I like it and liked the shorter sleeve option.

This is the Mixed Tweed Cardi in black multi.

I tried it on over the Pima Rounded V-Neck Tank in black.



fall arrivals at JJill

We have already looked at sweater jackets as they become a big fall trend this year.

I like JJill’s fall sweater jacket a lot…it feels wonderful and I liked the fit.

fall arrivals at JJill

This is the Textured Sweater-Jacket in navy, and I am holding up the bottom of it.

I do believe this design does help the fit of this jacket which is available in misses, petite and tall.

I am wearing it with the Pima Rounded V-Neck Tank in navy, and the Whimsical Printed Square Scarf, in the misty blue color.


fall arrivals at JJill

I have a few favorite fall arrivals at JJill that are not styled in outfits.

I like this top and would recommend it for a nice casual option in your fall wardrobe.

This is the Soft Luxe Button-Front Shirt in intense rust…but the evergreen is stunning (they did not have it in my size).

This is a a great slimming top…the buttons draw the eyeline down and it fits like a blouse and not a tunic.  Feels wonderful.

fall arrivals at JJill

I put over it the Water-repellant Utility Jacket in a brown color called cafe.

For those in need of a light jacket for the rain, you may want to consider this one…comes in two colors.

fall arrivals at JJill

I do not need a fall casual dress, but if I did…this one would go home with me.

It is a really nice dress, so soft, and screaming for fun accessories.

This is the Pintucked A-line Shirtdress in a green called boxwood.

fall arrivals at JJill

This is a favorite top for those of you who wear lighter colors for fall.

It is soft and flattering…I am wearing a medium here.  I wish it was available in solid colors.

It is a long sleeved top, but because I went shorter, the sleeves look shorter.

This is the Perched Birds Printed Popover in a lovely bird print.  I know it is wrinkled here, but it is a lovely top.

fall arrivals at JJill

Finally, I thought some of you might be interested in a little jacket like this one…looks great with jeans.

This is the Mendocino Plaid Blazer…and it is a lighter shade of color than you see online.

I would prefer it darker, but it is a good blazer to toss on to upgrade your casual looks for fall.

That is it shopping buddies.  These are my favorite fall arrivals at JJill so far.  I am sure I will return in a couple of week.s

Now ask any questions you have or make any comments…I hope to see you tomorrow for the weekly styling challenge!


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall arrivals at JJill


  1. I’ve been looking for a navy long sleeve cardigan and I think you have found it for me. I really like the sweater jacket you’ve tried on as well as the button front blouse which also comes in a beautiful purple. I wish I lived close to a store but the closest is almost 200 miles away so I’ve never been inside a JJill store. However, I’ve been very pleased with the items I’ve ordered from there, and will be ordering more now.

  2. I really like the selections you showed today. Totally my style of clothes. I’m glad you show selections from different retailers. So helpful.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Kathy. I do my best to visit a variety and let readers know what is on the market.

  4. I was looking at jeans, and if you click to the Boyfriend jeans, there’s a photo of the Gilet Cardi over a tank (or short-sleeved tee). I was surprised how modern the look was. It seems odd to have a cardi with bare arms, but I ate outside by the water for lunch yesterday. It was a warm day, but I could have used a third layer like this with the breeze off the water. That blue 1-button cardi was really calling my name, though. BTW the petite jeans were 29″ long, which is really on me, and I’m 5′ 2″, so I am not sure what Petites, they are designed for.

  5. I think this fall collection at JJill has options for several different climates…including my warm one. The jeans are on sale right now at 25% off. I wear their petite tops, but no way could I wear the petite bottoms.
    Happy Friday, Maeve.

  6. I do like how the petit top looks on you in the first picture. Anything any longer would definitely add pounds and I think make you look shorter. I have to go shopping and try on some shorter tops and sweaters.
    I did check most of the links but most of the colors look best for the autumn palette. That’s why you looked great in all your choices. But I’m cool, considered a summer and the only shirt that might fit for me is the printed shirt with the birds. But I may have to find a JJill and shop because that shirt would be a good one to try for something shorter.

  7. So happy to see you visiting the stores that I shop in and giving us a fall preview. Thank you, Pam. The luxurious blouse in green, was it an autumn green? You looked wonderful in many outfits!

  8. These look nice! I’ve had my eye on the navy and amber striped tee. My sweater blazer from Macys (On 34th) arrived and it’s nice quality for the money and the fit was super. I ordered the navy, and after it arrived I used your link to order the fire red. I’m loving this sweater jacket trend for fall. Much better on me than the shacket.

  9. Thanks for the modeling from J.Jill. I have glanced through the early fall catalogs and dog-eared many items, but your assessments really help me narrow down the wishlist. That blue sweater jacket is perfect for me, and the cute bird scarf as well. Happy Weekend! 😊

  10. A suggestion for fit posts: perhaps show side by side the different sizes you tried on? That way we might be able to see the differences between the Regular and Petite sizes? That would be so helpful. Thank you for your lovely conversational posts and delightful thoughts.

  11. As a petite cool summer, the jeans and the blue sweater jacket would be of interest. The jeans would be a little long at 29” inseam but I wear jeans that puddle over my shoes at 5’2” tall. You really look great in the jeans and the tan trousers! I agree side by side pictures with short and long styles would be helpful. You can’t go wrong with most of your try ons. The color palette makes you shine!

  12. Some very nice items! Could you remind us how tall you are? That would help me to better visualize how something might look on me.

  13. They do have some colors for other palettes, but I grabbed what looked like autumn most. Thanks Paula

  14. The sweater jackets are more flattering than the shackets…at least I think so. Glad you are happy with what you purchased, Linda. The striped tee would look great with the navy sweater jacket.

  15. I really like the fit of their sweater jacket, Connie..and it does go great with that scarf. Thanks!

  16. I prefer the petite Gilet Cardi on you and I thought it looked great on you. This is my birthday month and I was hoping to find some treasures at J Jill. I could not find much in the autumn palette. For those reading who are petite: I’m 5’3″ and usually wear a PS at J Jill. The Gilet Cardi runs large. The petite extra small positively swamped me. The same with the gorgeous rust button front top–the shoulder seams were way past my shoulders and the sleeves way too long. Your photo of the blazer shows the true colors. It looked so good in the catalog but in person its pale and kind of bright. The fit in this one was right. I have last years model and agree its a well made piece. Thanks for the try-on. I always enjoy seeing these.

  17. You look fabulous in everything you modeled today! Youthful is a term you used and I agree! I really like the dark wash jeans too!
    It’s true about trying on different sizes!

  18. I think as pant waists have risen (thank goodness!) that tops have gotten shorter.

    Not every retailer does shorter tops in the right length for me. I still want the hem to fall below my pant waist. If you shop at Urban Outfitters or American Eagle their short tops was too short. JJill has done a good job of designing this for it’s target client.

  19. I love the striped top and the sweater jacket. Both outfits illustrate the concepts from your “dress to look slimmer” post from yesterday. What size are you wearing in the jacket? I love the fit.

  20. I agree with Maeve about Petite pants. Just returned a pair to Chicos, and I l9ve J Jill’s style, but in my world, 29 inches is not petite. So frustrating. Everything looked great on you tho!

  21. Love your JJill try-ons. I worked for J.Jill for 12 years, and even though I’m retired, I still purchase from my local store and on-line! I like the tweed black cardigan. What size are you wearing? I decided to size down for me. I love the shorter length and v-neck and the sleeves are fun!

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