On 34th at Macy’s Fall Trends

On 34th at Macy's

Happy Monday!  Thank goodness August is marching right along…so today, as promised, let’s look at the On 34th at Macy’s Fall Trends.

On 34th at Macy’s is their new line of clothing advertised for all women, and to be pieces easily mixed and matched together.

A few of you asked me to go check out the quality and designs, so I did that very thing last week.

The On 34th at Macy’s fall trends are many and in line with what I see in other stores.

For those of you who live in colder climates, there are several items you may want to check out.

First let me say, I did find some items that are exceptional quality, and the overall sizing does run a little small.

In most stores, I am now a large (size 16), but in the On 34th at Macy’s collection, I was a solid XL.

Let’s get started and look closely at On 34th at Macy’s.


On 34th at Macy's

On 34th at Macy’s fall trends definitely include leopard prints…which are back in big ways this fall.

The star of this outfit is the On 34th Women’s Suede Moto Jacket in Starlight Taupe…it also comes in a lovely navy (intrepid blue).

This jacket is very high quality, fits well, and is very heavy.  Where I live, I might get to wear it once.  But some of you would get a lot of wear out of it.

The skirt, however, could be worn in any climate.  It is lightweight and is the On 34th Leopard Slip Skirt.

It is a great transition to fall skirt and also looks good with the orange sweater I tried on.

On 34th at Macy's

This is the sweater and it is also a good transition to fall piece from On 34th at Macy’s for your wardrobe.

It is available in other colors including a leopard print for the fall trend.

This is the On 34th Women’s Crewneck Sweater.

Though it is lightweight, I believe the quality is good.  It is also available in plus sizes.  Most of the on 34th collection does have plus size options.

On 34th at Macy's

This top is not the highest quality item I tried on, however, I like it and I like the fit.

This is a fun way to participate in a fall trend in a casual way.

The On 34th Women’s Button-Front Crepe Shirt is another lightweight way to transition to fall.  For some reason, this print is called Sunset Nude Combo?

I am wearing it with the highest quality garment I tried on last week…these ponte leggings.

The fabric weight, feel and fit are very impressive.

These are the On 34th Ponte Knit Skinny Leggings in deep black.  I tried them on in an XL so I think they fit me more like a pant and I liked it.

I do not need any black leggings or pants…but if I did I would purchase these.


On 34th at Macy's


On 34th at Macy's

The On 34th at Macy’s fall trends are going to keep us warm this year with many options.

Sweater blazers are on trend for fall.  I have tried on others and think I like this one best.

It is has a nice fit…was the only garment true to size (I am wearing a large here), is very warm, and comes in five lovely colors.

I like the length of this one.  Some others (in other retailers) I have tried were too long.

This is the On 34th Sweater Blazer in intrepid blue…there is also one in Plus Size.  I saw the Alabaster and it is a lovely, cream off white.

The other garment which impressed me with quality is the long sleeve turtleneck knit top I am wearing…talk about soft…so soft.

It is lighter, so can be a good layering piece for any climate….and comes in five colors.

This is the On 34th Modal Turtleneck.

I would size up on this one.

On 34th at Macy's

Long cardigans are in the On 34th at Macy’s fall trends.  They have been on trend for about three seasons now.

I like this one…the quality is good and it is for sure warm.  I also like this color called Pecan Roast.

This is the On 34th Women’s Oversized Long Patch Pocket Cardigan….which is also in other colors.



On 34th at Macy's

For those of you looking for athleisure styles, I wanted to try the hoodie at On 34th at Macy’s 

This is the On 34th Woman’s Pullover Hoodie which comes in two colors.  Felt good and comfortable. Not exceptional quality, but not bad either.

Also comes in Plus Size.

At this point, I had to stop.  I was trying on heavy garments and Macy’s had the AC very high.  

I wanted to try jeans and a couple of coats, but was getting overheated.

On 34th at Macy's

I did not try this on, but I touched it and looked at it closely.  This is a great blazer and I love it with the denim.  The quality feels excellent.

This is the On 34th Solid One Button Boyfriend Blazer, and it also comes in pink and a light plaid.

It looks like pink is going to be a trend that carries over into fall. 


On 34th at Macy's

Don’t worry about not finding On 34th in Macy’s locations.

On 34th at Macy's

The displays are throughout the women’s departments.  They are prominent, clean and well displayed.

It was nice to see clothing displayed without wrinkles and with forethought.

I will return and look again.  It is also nice to have a reason to go back to Macy’s and see improvement.

On 34th at Macy's

One more thing…as I was leaving I saw this gorgeous Patricia Nash print for fall.

The print is called Le Fleur, and this is the Patricia Nash Ferrara Large Leather Frame Bag…but there are other bags in this print.

They had scarves in the same print in store…could not find them online.

Thank you for joining me today to look over On 34th at Macy’s fall trends.  If you have comments or questions, just leave them here.

They impressed me and gave me a reason to come back!


By Pamela Lutrell

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On 34th at Macy's


  1. Well, this is exciting, Pam. My Macy’s has looked desperate for years. I can’t wait to take a look. That first outfit on you, the suede and leopard, looks stunning! You wear it well.

  2. Did you happen to see petite sizes in this new line of clothing at Macy’s? I’m always on the lookout for stores that carry petites since regular sizes are too long on our short bodies. I certainly hope that Macy’s makes some kind of recovery as they have seemed very tired and unorganized of late. I’ve noticed they no longer advertise in the paper which seems strange, but I suppose in our more technological world, others would not consider that unusual. However, since I read a literal newspaper daily, I am aware of this.

  3. I think introducing this collection has given the motivation to straighten up the stores. This one looked the best I have seen it look in a very long time and the employees were very helpful. I enjoyed being there.

  4. Macy’s has petites in many collections, but I did not see it in this one, Celia. Newspaper advertising is very expensive and since numbers are dropping for newspapers, I can understand why they would limit those ads. Many retailers are relying more these days on social media marketing, and Macy’s does a lot of television advertising. Like everyone else their target audience skews younger, and the younger ones do not read the newspaper.

  5. Well, this clinches it. That navy sweater blazer looked great. I agree most I’ve tried on (besides last year’s JCrew Factory model) are too long. I’m only very judiciously adding things to my closet due to continuing weight loss, but I’m hitting your link :). Good to see Macys doing something positive. Ours is so pathetic that they haven’t remodeled their restrooms in decades, and one of their front doors has been broken for at least ten years.

  6. Wow…those are serious problems…hope they take care of it soon. I really like the sweater blazer…good choice.

  7. Our Macys is on again/ off again with clothing organization. Sometimes very messy. That’s a turnoff for me. (The makeup and perfumeries areas are lovely! )
    I’ll have to check out this new line!
    Your hair and your bangs look especially beautiful in these photos! Are you doing anything differently?

  8. No…nothing different. My hair just looks different from day to day! Stop by your Macy’s….it looks like they have improved their game. Deborah went by her locations yesterday after my post, and things were much better. See what you think now.

  9. My local Macy’s has not been a great shopping experience for five years. I only go for cosmetics or Intake a chance online. I will have to see if this line is online too. I am looking forward to the sweater blazer trend. I purchased a navy one from Quince and I am quite impressed. Have you ever tried their products?

  10. Quince looks good online. I do not own any of their pieces, but I am open to trying it at some point. I was very impressed with this sweater blazer.

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