Would You Wear It: Black & Brown Mix

would you wear it

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s put on our thinking caps and consider another Would You Wear It: Black & Brown Mix.

I am sure you can tell that I have been out and about lately.  That is good to see what is on trend for fall clothing, and to communicate with other shoppers…which I love to do.

Mixing brown and brown together is definitely a fall trend…so I thought…that is perfect for Would You Wear It.

I have told you before that the reason I pay attention to trends each season is so I can dress current….current is one of my style adjectives.

Dressing appropriately current helps me to be vibrant, youthful, and confident with my style.

It also helps me to have fun with my wardrobe and combine what is there now in new ways.

So, let’s look at this trend closely as I ask…would you wear it: black & brown mix. 


would you wear it

I stood and looked at this display in Kohl’s for awhile.

There was a women (maybe in her 60s) nearby also looking at the pieces.

I simply asked…do you like what you see here for fall?

She said, “I am trying to wrap my head around wearing black and brown together.  I have never thought the colors should be worn together, but I am trying to be more open.”

I told her that I have worn and loved the combination for a very long time.

I see a black & brown mix as being very chic, and handled in many different ways…the browns seem to be all over the map with this one.

I have garments from past seasons in my current wardrobe which feature black & browns mixed together.


would you wear it

Recently, I showed you these new pants at Chico’s…one retailer that has fully embraced black & brown as a fall trend.

Here are more mixes for you to consider why you consider if you are in the camp with the other woman or with me….

You can see the blacks & browns are often mixed in prints…animal prints and plaids.  

So, what do you think? Black & Brown Mixes…WOULD YOU WEAR IT??

The styles on the main display?  WOULD YOU WEAR IT??

If you wear black & brown mixes in ways I did not show here…please share how you like to mix these.

Thanks for joining in…we have had some great ideas and discussions on Would You Wear It posts, as well as the style tips posts on Saturdays.  

You ideas help others do new things with their wardrobes and that is fun!


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it


  1. I won’t wear this combo because I no longer wear any black since deciding to remain “true” to my autumn colors. I do think the combination is very sophisticated and I love the look on others. I used to wear black with camel and tan, but not anymore.

  2. Although I do not wear black anymore, I love with combination with a variety of browns. I used to wear it often when I worked. Renee Russo had a terrific outfit in The Thomas Crown Affair in brown and black. It is a rich and luscious combination, but I think it works only on specific seasonal types. By the way, I stopped to explore my previously desperate Macy’s yesterday and it has improved! It looked clean, organized, and I can see how that new brand On 34th is extremely promising! Thank you for posting that! I never would have gone in!

  3. Black and brown is a great combo. So many brown tones to choose from that look chic with black pants, jeans or skirts. Endless options. Count me in!

  4. I still wear black and often with camel or pale beige color family. It’s always been a favorite of mine ( navy/white too!). So I find these displays just fine!
    I have a friend who looks great in a cinnamon shade she pairs with black too. Her coloring is a bit deeper than mine but she looks stunning in this combo.

  5. Although I’m an autumn, I bought the black, front-tie blouse at Kohl’s this week, thinking that I’ll top it with a more autumn-hued cardigan. Black and brown has long been a favorite of mine – I’d definitely wear everything in this group!

  6. Since I’m a classic “winter”, black is a staple in my wardrobe. I guess I’ve never thought about wearing black & brown combo, but I do wear it every time I wear a leopard print (usually shoes or scarves). I think I actually have one outfit (which I love) that is brown. It’s about 15 years old and I’ve probably worn it twice, yet I hang on to it through every closet purge. I’ll definitely pull it out for fall, and maybe even wear it a couple of times! I’ve got a nice, wide, black belt and some really cute leopard mules I’ll add to it! Inspiration! Thank you Pam!

  7. You are so welcome on the Macy’s issue, Deborah. It was nice to see Macy’s looking like they looked in the past…I do hope this will help them stay alive!

  8. There are endless options! Just researching for this post, I saw so many different shades of brown.

  9. Thanks for sharing Tess! The sweater cardigan I featured yesterday in the Macy’s post comes in a lovely autumn color. That is a great cardigan…you might check it out. It would look great with this top.

  10. Pull it out for fall, Dixie, and look to mix it up with some black. Since you are a winter, wearing the black with the brown would look very chic and on trend!

  11. As a blue autumn, I think it’s a great way for me to wear black, especially if the brown is near my face. I love amber and black, caramel with black, tan with black, camel and black, and chocolate with black. In the right outfit, I can’t think of a brown that wouldn’t go. As with navy blue and black, I try to have one of the colors dominate, but the supporting color is also repeated at least once, usually in jewelry but often in shoes. My grandmother, who was very stylish and worked as a district manager for a major cosmetics firm at a time when women were not usually in jobs like that, restricted her entire color palette to camel, black and ivory. It was quite striking, especially in the Fifties and Sixties when colors were sweet and then loud.

  12. What a wonderful role model you had, Linda, with your grandmother. I love to hear legacy stories. Thanks for sharing about how you wear black and brown.

  13. I love brown but am a winter, and it really doesn’t do me any favors. I like the combo in prints but may be the only person here who does not like animal prints, so that’s out for me. I can envision wearing a black or print top with dark brown pants, and I do like black with tan. I just would not put the brown shades near my face.

  14. One of my favorite combos has always been black and tan; a camel skirt with a black sweater or a casual, tan skirt with a black shirt. I think it is a classic, elevated look. I love the orange dress you are wearing in the photo with the quote. Somehow I missed that posting; can you share?

  15. Black and brown and animal prints are just not my cup of tea. They’ve been revived too many times in my life time. They wouldn’t make me feel current or classic if I tried to wear them.

  16. I just bought ivory, tan, and sable brown jeans from the Kohls sale! I’m a cool summer with very fair skin so black or brown next to my face is out. I will wear one of my navy print floaty tops with them when cool enough for jeans. I don’t wear animal prints but a lighter print in my pallet would work. I love those colors on you Pamela!

  17. Black and brown has never been my favorite color combo. Maybe camel and black. Brown does me no favors colorwise, so I have to be very careful of the shade. I do have a pair of Tory Burch woven flats in brown with black trim that I love and some leapard print flats. This combo is better away from my face, but in theory its cute. I probably would go more black and maybe some tortoise shell jewelry….I never did get my colors done, so I just wing it when shopping…..thanks for another wonderful post….

  18. I love black and brown, have worn it for years. Even if you don’t wear black near your face, everyone surely owns black pants or a skirt? Put the more flattering color near your face. I love the combo of black, deep brown, and crisp white. It’s very striking, and works for me since I can’t wear any creamy tone near my face.

  19. Because I am a winter, wearing brown near my face is not a good idea. I have worn a black top with tan or khaki on the bottom. It is a combination I like. I’m not fond of dark brown & black. I just don’t care for the look.

  20. I will always wear black and brown mixed!!! I adore the black top outfit with the rust straight skirt!! I would wear out with husband or to church with little black sweater for Fall!!!

  21. The orange dress is what I wore to my new daughter-in-law’s bridal brunch last May. I blogged about all of my wedding related choices during that time. I found this dress at at San Antonio boutique so I do not have a link, but it is a fun dress and I am glad to have it in my wardrobe for future events. Thanks Linda.

  22. Good points, Susan…especially good reminders for all of us to consider what is closest to our faces.

  23. I seek out brown and black leather goods – handbags and shoes. So versatile! You can style with either black or brown.

  24. I love black and brown together and wear it often in winter. I feel it is very sophisticated.

  25. Yes I’d wear black and brown together, it’s a rich look like black and tan is. Loved your outfits from Chico’s. We don’t have a Macys where I live, they closed it up.

  26. As an autumn who does not wear black well, this is a trend I will probably sit out, but for decades when I have wanted to combine black and brown I did so by wearing tortoiseshell accessories with black. It all started with a pair of earrings that had a black center and a tortoiseshell room. They looked so classy that I switched out the buttons on a black dress to tortoiseshell and started looking for other ways to incorporate tortiseshell. I have a black belt with a tortoiseshell buckle, several different necklaces, sunglasses and several pairs of earrings. For anyone who wants to dabble in this trend without wearing actual black and brown clothing together perhaps this might be a solution.

  27. I like brown and black together…I think it’s a classy look. I also like navy with brown and wear that frequently. When I wear these combinations, I choose to wear gold jewelry because I think it gives the outfit a “warmer” look.

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